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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: My suggestions  (Read 249 times)


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My suggestions
« on: April 27, 2018, 06:16:29 PM »

I love this game, but I believe it could be even better.

I think farming should be apart of the game, albeit an optional part for players who don't like it. I have ideas for plants we could grow and animals we could care for.


Roses - that grow in different colors depending on how you take care of them or the season. Example: Pink Roses and red roses for spring, orange, and purple for summer, black and gold for autumn, and for winter, blue and white. Rare variant: Rainbow Rose (for advanced crafting and a gift for all NPCs).

Berries - Honey berry, Cocoa berry (for making chocolate for gifts), Joy berry, etc.

Herbs - Parsley, basil, rosemary, and thyme.

Fruit - Grapes, watermelon, pears, etc.


Peacocks (Please this one) Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons never allowed me to care for or farm peacocks, something I've always wanted. We could use feathers for new clothing and crafts and we could use peahen eggs in dishes.

Pigs could be used to hunt for truffles and mushrooms.

Deer could shed fur/hair as an alternative to killing mobs. The males could drop antlers for crafting.

Gathering suggestions:

I've noticed that foraged items like ginger and the patches they come from are either rare or uncommon, perhaps there should be more variety which differs area to area.





Could we customize clothes colors too, please?

Maybe we could raise butterflies to farm caterpillars for bait with different kinds of caterpillars more likely to attract rare fish.


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Re: My suggestions
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2018, 12:27:03 AM »

I like all of these, but keep in mind the more you add to the game the more complex things become.  Sometimes simpler is better.  I would like to see some of these added, but maybe a selection of favorites instead of all.

Also as far as cooking recipes go: I believe most of the herbs are interchangeable in recipes that use them.  It is not intuitive, but you could use (I believe) something like mustard instead of ginger in whatever dish calls for spice.  Most vegetables are also interchangeable in dishes that use a vegetable.  That makes the addition of plants more or less cosmetic, rather than really adding anything.  The interchangeability of items makes "rare" items a little less of an obstacle.  I may be wrong, and the dishes' complexity may have changed since the last time I looked.

I like your idea of being able to farm the furs/wools/feathers especially.  That would make a lot of items easier to craft once you have a farm.