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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: My Time at Portia - Praise, Improvements and Suggestions after 40 hours  (Read 206 times)


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Below you will find a lot of thoughts, ideas and suggestions regarding further developing My Time at Portia.
I have been trying to summarize everything as much as possible so that it will be easy to access any information.

Overall I just want to let you know that I absolutely love the current build of My Time at Portia and obviously enjoyed those 42 hours I played so far.

This is why I wanted to report where I see improvements for the game which could make it even more unique in comparison with similar games.

Bugs / Various Improvements:
  • Pinky sort of teleports behind you rather than running after you once you feed Pinky with fish
  • No penalties when the player doesn't go to bed until 3am?
    • It might be nice if the player wakes up in the Clinic instead of home with a fee to pay.
  • When marrying someone, there was neither music nor any voice acting for the entire (very cute) cut scene
  • There's generally a lack of music and voice acting yet
    • Although I don't think that everything needs voice acting
    • Make it a priority to mostly voice cut scenes
    • More Casual conversations do not necessarily have to be voiced at all
    • (Still would be nice to hear more from your fellow neighbors than how it is right now)
Life Quality Improvement:
  • Allow players to move their Wooden Storage or Metal Storage without using the Axe to dismantle it
    • Saves the player a lot of time and nerves when they have many storages
    • Right now the player always needs to dismantle the storage with an axe which moves all items into inventory
    • This forces the player to rename their storages again, and to move all items from their inventory back to the storage
  • Allow players to select multiple items
    • Makes it easier for players to move items from and into storages
Suggestions - Quests
  • Civil Corps specific quests (side and main) which could be placed on the board inside the Civil Coprs HQ
    • Monster Hunting
    • Rescue Missions
    • Collecting Missions
    • Generally more story driven missions alone or with a member from Civil Corps, similar to the King Rat misson with Sam
  • Farming (i.e. planting seeds and/or tending to animals)
    • More incentives for the player to actually consider this option of the game with specific quests (side and main)
    • After 40 hours I didn't see any reason to actually plant seeds or tend to animals since most commissions require logging and quarrying materials only
These suggestions might help to further encourage players who are very quick about their daily commissions for the commerce

Suggestions - NPCs & Relationships
  • Create variations what NPCs will tell you when you choose to talk to them
  • Variations could be:
    • Month (do they like the current season, dislike the current season, which festival are they looking forward to, ...)
    • Current weather
    • Current time
      • Are they currently at work?
      • Are they on lunch break?
      • Are they currently on their way to another activity?
    • Relationship Status
      • Whether your level with them is low or high, their behaviour towards the player should change, too
  • When the player develops their relationship with a NPC, make the NPC more pro-active as well
    • Right now it's the player who must initiate everything (Conversations, Plays, Love Confession, Proposal, ...)
    • Allow the NPC to mail or even talk to the Player e.g. for situations like:
      • Upcoming Festivals they are looking forward to
      • Their thoughts on current developments (alongside the main story, side quests, after festivals, ...)
      • When your relationship status changes with them
      • Inviting the player for a play / date
      • Asking the player to pay them a visit when the player didn't talk to them for a while
  • Allow the player to gradually receive more insight on the NPCs the further they develop their relationship
    • Small, easy and fun questions similar to Emily and her chickens
    • Create stories / missions, especially for bachelors and bachelorettes, which the player can pursue whether for friendship or romancing intentions
  • Finally married and soulmates! What now?
    • Further quests concerning the player's spouse (e.g. craft specific furniture they would like, help them to feel home in your home, ...)
    • Your spouse as a companion / follower for monster hunting (e.g. Rat King quest with Sam,) for logging, for quarrying
    • They could either actively help or they just give the player some bonus stats (attack, defense, stamina, better drop rates, ...)
My general wishlist (because I love RPG elements):
  • More clothing options
  • More weapon options
  • More festivals and events
    • Could be dependent on how far the player progresses with the story
    • Additional and new festivals which celebrates the improvements Portia did during the player's time e.g.
      • new museum anniversary
      • the landing of Altair to remember the passed crew of Ack
  • More blueprints for furniture to make home more homely
  • If you marry a NPC, that the NPC gets a room in the player's house (a second floor maybe) which is similarily furnished than their old room (minus bed)
Praises - What do I love about My Time at Portia?
  • The journey is the reward
    • The player always gets some help and suggestions from the game but not too much
    • There's always an inspiration to explore, hoping you will find new materials to loot and grind for again
  • It's a grind, but not too much of a grind regarding most resources
    • Although grinding for money can be challenging if the player wants to upgrade all things possible and use store offerings
  • Very lovely NPCs who have all unique looks and are overall very intriguing
  • Beautiful story progression
  • Overall a gorgeous looking game
  • Potential for gradual growth, so much potential!
  • All the RPG elements of which I hope that there will be more!
  • I made many suggestions about NPC relationships, but I am impressed about the systems (play, date, interact, ...) which are available regardless
Congratulations if you made it this far.
Many apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes. May I use an excuse that I am German?

I imagine that many of my suggestions are already discussed or known one way or another, but maybe I could add some further inspirations with my ideas and examples how to approach these things. I think that the game play is already amazingly done and I didn't run into any crashes or similar problems at all so far. Which is why my suggestions are basically about the RPG and Relationship elements only because I consider these elements my favorites on My Time at Portia specifically and believe, that they will make this game more unique in comparison to similar games.

Have a great time and best wishes to you all!

Kind regards



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