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Author Topic: Co-op and some other suggestions  (Read 184 times)


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Co-op and some other suggestions
« on: March 18, 2018, 11:09:54 AM »

1. I've been reading a lot of suggestions about the farming and grinding materials and I see a lot of married couples/parents.
I have some friends who also love where this game is heading and I was just thinking, what if co-op were to be implemented to make it possible for two people build their dream-house together and help each other out?
(I read about the jealousy-system topic and thought this could be funny for married couples in RL if they get married in-game, haha!)

2. I've read a topic about scanning and I think it should be a pair of goggles wich uses batteries to work (these could be crafted with 1 tin and 2 copper wires(?). Also when I was mining last time I was finding the areas a bit dark, maybe you could add an upgradable hardhat? Level one is just simple hardhat, level 2 has a candle, level 3 has a lightbulb, level 4 has a powerful led-light (which require a battery-pack). As for candles, the blueprint could be rewarded from a quest (maybe getting some beewax for Sonia who loves to make birthday-cakes and knows how to make candles in different colors).

3. As I watched a couple of youtube videos of other players I've noticed everyone have the same issue like me. Thousands of storages boxes everywhere. What if you could craft an epic chest with several tabs inside with categories like; metals, "farmingstuff", parts, electrics, equipments, clothes, etc?

4. Will we be able to power up our machines with other types of generators like windmill, water wheel and/or solar panels?

5. We have a Tree Farm outside Portia, how about a quarry in the desert? And later on, giving citizens jobs as couriers for a fixed salary every week? This could be a reward from a huge questline.

6. Building too many furnaces will cause the enviroment take damage because of the polluted air? Opens up a quest-line to make some kind of air-filter or new technology.

7. Personally I think wooden flooring is a bit unrealistic, maybe we could have insulated copper wires, electrical fences and pillars to maintain our machinery (it would be easier to move the machines without doing the unnecessary two steps by removing both machine and floor?)

8. It snowing a lot during winter, maybe this could open up a nice quest-line making it difficult for the Dee-Dee transports moving around Portia? The mayor may want the builder to build several plows or even a smaller handheld engine-based plow to prevent the streets from being filled with snow? (And another quest could open up by collecting all the snow for the kids in the school?)
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