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Author Topic: Weapon Scale?  (Read 347 times)


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Weapon Scale?
« on: February 18, 2018, 05:14:49 PM »

Talking about vehicle weaponry.

I have determined that the weight and volume of vehicle weapons does scale with the size of the weapon.

What I have not determined is if the damage output of a given weapon scales with the size of the weapon.

The attack power measures in ### /s does not change with the scale of the weapon.
I might assume then that the damage of the weapon does not scale, but not certain of this.

Has any one else played around with differant vehicle weapons?


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Re: Weapon Scale?
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2018, 05:19:59 AM »

I can understand, but the input the dmg will be hard on people for its the way how we been always doing, stacking much weapons that is make it powerful.  We can't scale it because the weapon are scaled already depending what type weapon it is, if we scaled it by energy consumption, then it be very pointless to have many weapons on the vehicles and everyone will boost the speed and power dmg which making it the pointless from the outcome.  Back in the old update before we got customized bow, we were stacking barrels and it was our only rapid fire gun which make it too easy because the players are able do 800 dmg from making a junk item, for it got scaled down and nerf down half way as we got AR and other weapons parts which the maxnium weapon person could have is really up to 500-800 dmg still, but due of lack type weapons.

Now getting the point why discuss about the old version, is because the vehicles like our boat, ships, and ground vehicles hardly change, but the bad time what did change hard was the ships which the air carrier which people design massive carriers, it block the whole screens and which you only see a little bit people, now they nerf the giant thruster, no heavy carriers are unable lift themselves off the ground no more, which lots nerfing on the vehicles was really rough for people with art with talents which made it even harder how much they can build.  So, if we scaled the weapons now, it would even make the players go insane because the chances the regular gun turret could go super OP I mean 1 machine gun will do 1,000 dmg because its using diamond and its using a car version which making it stupidly powerful for one gun and now imagine if we can add all gun turrets on our vehicle for your making total of 16 machine gun turret doing 16k dmg then again the explosive get scaled even higher probably doing its 60k dmg, then we got the tank barrel probably doing 20k dmg which make it even more worst added.


As, explaining, the scaling the players and people what they doing in their creation is depending type weapon use either cannon, turret or missles, they are scaled already to be by the dev already and they have cap for it, but when it comes to how many guns, it will just another increasing fire power guns which the bigger the gun = pointless, and more the guns = higher dmg in short terms because you are nailing the same gun on enemy.

Its better not scale it because there will be no control on its energy consumption.
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