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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: Improve scanner and calendar for minning  (Read 352 times)


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Improve scanner and calendar for minning
« on: February 11, 2018, 08:03:25 PM »

First post here, got the demo and loved it. Backed the Kickstarter the minute it came up and I'm loving every minute of this game!

Some suggestions on mining in the abandoned ruins.

Make the week long pass to the ruins show up in the calendar. Each day could have a maker for either or both ruins for each day paid for.

Get rid of the current scanner mechanic.  The press F, find a ball, wait to scan and press F to close is slow and more tedious then it is fun. It's sometimes hard to move the camera and really doesn't add much to the game.

Instead I suggest, make the scanner send the pulse, but have it highlight stuff in a certain radius. There would be no "cannot move" mode for this, it would just be pulse and go.  Power stones and Artifacts would be the yellow ball we see now (or maybe a blue ball for power stones), and mineral deposits would be a luminous version of the current tile, but that can be seen through rock/sand/dirt. You could have levels of scanner and make it an equip-able item you build for yourself, instead of a loan while in the mine.   Duration of the highlighting could be until the next pulse is sent,  or fade in two minutes or even be permanent while in the ruin.

Something like...
Lv1 Old world artifacts
Lv2 Copper, Tin and abandoned ruins 1 metals
Lv3 Power stones
Lvl4 Iron, manganese and abandoned ruins 2 metals
Lvl5 Bigger radius.

or maybe more simply...
Lv1 Old world artifacts - small radius
Lv2 Power stones - Medium radius
Lvl3 All metals - large radius
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Re: Improve scanner and calendar for minning
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 09:38:38 AM »

I agree, the scanner should be a blueprint and upgradeable using batteries (batteries crafted by 1 tin and 2 copper wires?)
The signal strength could be dynamic but using more power. One more thing I would like to add is an upgradeable hardhat (can add headlight or candle) to make the digging  a bit easier in the dark and to make it feel a bit more realistic 😊
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