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Author Topic: Suggestions for new clothes sets  (Read 396 times)


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Suggestions for new clothes sets
« on: March 14, 2018, 05:37:21 AM »

Since this is a game about workshops and crafting, maybe you could include a few more costumes of skilled trades (such as carpenters) from all over the world. For now, I would like to suggest the addition of a ew type of work clothes - I might post more suggestions later.

1) Tobipants, from Japan.

These pants were traditionally worn by scaffold constructors, but are quite popular among constructor workers and many other manual laborers working in construction nowadays. Due to their unique style, they have become somewhat of a niche fashion icon, and there is a huge variety of different styles to choose from.

The pants usually come as part of a uniform, with a matching jacket in the same style. The more fashionable ones can come with all kinds of patterns and adornments. I tried to find some examples of female wearers, but as there are not that many women in the skilled trades in Japan, that was a bit difficult. They do exist, however!

Shoes are either regular steel-capped work boots, or split-toe tabi boots (with individual steel toe caps) for better traction on scaffolding and rooftops.


And here are a few shots for the women:

Appendix - Resources

Here is a selection of makers and further images and resources for this particular style:

I uploaded all pictures in a single Imgur gallery here:

Related search terms:

- 鳶パンツ
- ニッカズボン
- tobi trousers
- japanese construction worker fashion

P.S.: You really, really don't want people to sign up to this forum, do you? A CAPTCHA, a math question, a letter question and two fact questions, really? Not that I am angry, it's just a bit over the top.