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Author Topic: Farming improvements  (Read 265 times)


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Farming improvements
« on: January 30, 2018, 06:35:56 PM »

Hi all, first I want to thank you for making such a healthy and entertaining game, you are the best.
Here I will write some things about farming that I think could greatly improve this beautiful game.

1. Farming System: No need to invent the wheel, please note what they developed in farm ville 2, the farm system is close to perfection. It is easy to handle, simple and attractive (without including the system of friends requests)
I do not think that copy & paste is the right thing to do, but maybe take some ideas to improve the system, because I repeat it again, it makes the game very attractive, and lots of us, including my wife  ;D, (yes i have a wife), love to farm.

2. Secondary Skill Tree: Maybe a new secondary skill tree that have incorporated levels of farm, kitchen, forge, etc. And so, as we carry out a "creation" activity (not harvest, battle or social), we can go up from levels as we develop our activity that we enjoy the most (all activities increase level constantly as we use them). This could bring new missions or secondary requests in addition to the requests of the locals, and much more personalization of our character

3. Increase farm levels: This will bring as a consequence, to give an example:
level 1: farm, water, fertilize, harvest
level 2: increased chances of obtaining more harvest, small chance of finding seeds.
level 3: water efficiency, more harvest, chance of finding seeds, you can build a composter, creation of low level fertilizer.
level 4: Plant 2 seeds per plantation box, high water efficiency, higher value crops, more seeds
level 5: create greenhouse, faster crops, compost of medium quality, possibility of obtaining sub products from harvest (aromatic flowers, decorative items, honey, new seeds, high quality worms etc)
level 6: ..............anything.

4. Improve farm skills: By working on the farm and raising levels your house and surroundings could begin to experience a different environment, more fruit in the trees, faster tree growth, sounds of birds, visit of insects and animals, sprouting of decorative flowers on the garden (that can be moved from place), beautiful vines climbing the house, nests of birds, etc.

In my opinion, if you make the farming system easier and friendlier you will be very close to perfection, in this wonderfull game that you are developing.

Thank you all !!!, and good luck.