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Author Topic: Add a 2- & 1-Hour notice to Important Firesides (similar to Play Date notices)  (Read 196 times)


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Since it's storyline content (even if a non-critical cutscene), I would love to see there be a 2-hour notice for the Important Fireside events similar to the 2-hour notices that Play Dates have.

I find myself constantly forgetting about the Important Fireside meetings between getting the mail and the Fireside actually happening. I'm generally involved in some other activity that's keeping my attention and not keeping close track of the time, only to remember that there was the fireside event after the day is done and I'm passing back through town well after it ends.

I realize that they aren't critical to be viewed for the storyline (or else I'd be stuck pretty early in the game, still), but they are still story content, and the notices for Play Dates are unobtrusive enough (and Firesides infrequent enough) that it hopefully wouldn't be a nuisance to players who don't need the reminders, while being a big boon for those who do need reminders.