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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: My Time at Portia changelog (Current A 4.0809)  (Read 6243 times)


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My Time at Portia changelog (Current A 4.0809)
« on: January 26, 2018, 03:58:13 AM »

Current Version: A 4.0809

Adjusted camera sensitivity
Fixed some text errors
Added settings to on turn camera inertia on/off

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Re: My Time at Portia changelog
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2018, 04:00:43 AM »

A 3.50

Added High Land
Added New Mission: The Rat King. New Dungeon. New boss:Rat King.
Tweaked starting time for some main missions.
Added you will recive benefit as your relationship impove with a NPC. Benefit includes: extra orders from NPCs, discounts at NPCs'stores, receive gifts,extra stats and etc. (still working on UI)
Added level requirement to Equipments.
Added new furniture: fish tank added. Players can farm fish. The blueprint costs 5 data discs.
Added Dr Xu's clinic (inside)
Added hat can show up on player model.
Added player can rotate avatar around in the charater creation interface by hold right mouse button.
Added new NPC greetings.
Added four new hairstyles, two for each gender.
Added Drawing mini-game is available during dating.
Added Swinging minigame (tweaking) is availabe during dating NPCs.
Added players can recover some stamina by sitting on chairs.
Added Civil Corps now would attack mobs.
Added punishments to overdue or give-up on commissions
Added NPCs'levels are now shown during sparring.
Added NPCs can sprint during sparring.
Added locked areas will be covered by mist on world map.
Added target quest locations on the Worldmap, showing both quest and target NPC' names, when clicked by mouse or gamesticks.
Added NPC photos with a task sign appear when viewing tasks.
Added a Bakery and a Flower Shop added.
Added jeoulsy Feature.
Added three new fish.
Added a list of new acssesories and furnitures.
Added new quarry spot added near Oaks'.
Added interactions with NPCs during dating: Hold hands, Hold by the wist.
Added a dating location : in front of the workshop.
Added Players can kick tree when hold items with both hands.

Tweaked mobs respawning area, so they are easier to find.
Tweaked mobs' behaviour so they are harder to fight with.
Tweaked two trees without tree trunks and stumps.
Tweaked stone falling trap in the old dungeon.
Tweaked requested items and rewards in the Django's sword quest.
Tweaked mobs' locations in the cave on Amber Island.
Tweaked Sophie's basket mission.
Tweaked special effects when acquiring items in the tree farm commission.
Tweaked some scripts.
Tweaked how NPCs receive gifts.
Added exit dating or playing when attacked by mobs .
Tweaked confess button is unclickable if players don't have necessary items.
Tweaked some assemble items require blueprints.
Tweaked Petra's behaviour so she mostly stays in Research Centre.
Tweaked Pinky's behaviour so it stays under eaves when raining.
Tweaked Dating spots are now separated from playing ground.

Fixed 7HOM for 7:00 on one of the dating UI.
Added "Draw" to spar
Added restrictions on restarts for the old dungeon.

Fixed sometimes zoom-out on worldmap will deviate.
Fixed when accessories are chosen, no decriptions.
Fixed Can't RPS when holding stuff in hands.
Fixed game crushes when calculating mood of play-buddy.
Fixed tree on the right-hand side in Hazardous Ruin.
Fixed sometimes game crashes when place a item at the border of your house yard.
Fixed sometimes interactive icon show up but can't interact.
Fixed can't chose to view Commerce Guild Handbook using gamepads.
Fixed game crashes when pressing Y on gamepads during crafting.
Fixed can't chose to view Commissions using gamepads.
Fixed sometimes player got stucked when fight the snaillob.
Fixed no animation for cutting bush in winter.
Fixed game crashes when clicking Petra's location on the Worldmap during "De de transport" commission.
Fixed NPC in sleep will teleport to player when activate quests at night.
Fixed UI "items unplacable" won't dissapear.
Fixed collectable stones in the field won't respawn.
Fixed loot on trees won't respawn.
Fixed trees no longer respawn in house yard.
Fixed some inaccessible levels become accesssible once the previous one were passed.
Fixed skill trees can now be renewed when starting new games.
Fixed sometimes game crashes after upgrading assembly station.
Fixed sometimes ores were identified as rare drops in ruins.
Fixed players can not sell things worth a max of 9999 gols.
Fixed certain NPCs are invincible during sparring.
Fixed Li's donation box bug.
Fixed player can not collect more than 99 items in one drop.
Fixed sometimes antidote desen't work.
Fixed stones won't respawn after season 2.
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Re: My Time at Portia changelog
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2018, 04:04:34 AM »

A 3.51

Fixed the version number from 3.0 to 3.51
Fixed the game icon in the windows system
Fixed the bug when interacting with the Mysterious Man
Fixed the wrong icon of fish tank and three-wheel Dee-Dee showing in the diagram

A 3.52

Fixed the crash bug when taking over the mission of Saving the Tree Farm.
Fixed the crash bug when holding fishrods.
Fixed the displaying issue in podium's diagram .
Fixed issues with Grinding Blade and Industrial Core diagram.
Fixed the font issue in mini-game fishing.
Added 4 dynamic hair for the male character.

A 3.53

Added the new output - the ring from the fishing, and the ring will trigger a new mission.
Added the fence and the tips before the hazardous dungeon go alive.
Fixed the crash bug when load the save files with the fish tank.
Fixed the initialization error of fish tank data.
Fixed the bug while playing with the controller.
Fixed the crash bug while continue the game without choosing one existed hairstyle.
Fixed the recount bug when get the new material after you got the full inventory.
Edited the scripts in English and Chinese.
Fixed the crash bug when place the cooking set indoor and then load the save files.
Fixed the crash bug when trees re-grow.
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Re: My Time at Portia changelog
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2018, 04:09:26 AM »

A 3.7

After this update, skills will be reset, players can change their skill paths.
Saves can now have at maximum of 10 back-ups which will not be replaced by new saves.
Two new quests which will unlock Farming.
Farming is avalible now (8 plantable species, more on the way)
Can hide the hat in system settings.
More detailed NPCs info will shown on the Social UI.
New character models for Alice and Sonia.
Experience bar is now shown on character interface.
Items can now be sorted according to category.
Different tools now cost varying amounts of stamina.
Commissions at the Commerce Guild now displays experiences gained after commissions done.
Now finished quests will have a timestamp.
A bunch of new furnitures and a large storage box.
Sound effects for Chemical Dropout.
Right-click items in inventory will stack them up.
Chairs are now sittable.
Nora sells seeds.
Break-up options is now available.
A reminder of wedding ceremony will now be shown to players the day before.
A high-five between the NPC and the player after each round of the swing mini-game.
More item types in abandoned ruin, and a new secret room in the abandoned ruin.
New special effects for the WOW industry dungeon.
Completed special effects for the rat king's attacks.
UI "acquire planter box" and "place planter box".
UI "acquire fish tank" and "place fish tank".
A new waterfall background for the High Land.
A message will pop up when try to add more than 5 ingredients into the Cooking Set.

Gifting now gives 1 Relationship Point instead of 2.
Optimised "Trading" feature for stores:
Store UI optimised.
Can buy back sold items at the selling price within that day.
Merchandise prices will change depending on seasons as well as weathers.
Stores now only buy a limited amount of certain merchandise per day.
A new Church Store, from which players can exchange seeds using old parts.
The tags in Assembly Handbook
Now the Giver and Smooth Talk works correctly.
Blueprints of Umbrella and Drying Rack.
Tody would deliver fishes to Django's restaurant every day.
NPCs would occasionally go mining in abandoned ruin too.
Players will get discounts at Sophie's farm store after marrying Emily.
Female main charactor dating animation like holding hands, hugging, swinging, and fishing.
Ginger now wears Umbrella Hat instead of holding Umbrella.
Item counting bug when inventry is full.
Rat king's attack behaviours.
When Sparring, Rolling will be interrupted when take damage.
Tweaked Amber Island bridge's model.
NPCs now would end dating/playing if they are needed somewhere else.
Some in-game texts.
Water wheel quest no longer gives civil furnace blueprint.
Players need to go finding Arlo to finish The Bassanio Lift quest.

Player getting stuck when try to open UI during cutting or mining action.
Bug of diplaying locked area when holding axe.
Gamepad is not responding after having read emails.
Sound effect volumn when machines in production.
Some skills' bug.
charactor's stats is not showing correctly after place furniture
Trees no longer drop items.
Fixed the display error of the farmland in autumn

A 3.71

Fixed: bug tree under waterfall.
Fixed: mobs' ranged attacks miss the target.
Fixed: Sometimes can't talk to Mysterious Man after load from save.
Fixed: Apricot Tree gives unlimited loots.
Fixed: Sometimes player is getting stuck after sit on a chair.
Fixed: Rat King is floating in the air.
Fixed: Sometimes eating in abandoned ruin will make player stuck.
Fixed: Sometimes player gets stuck while placing sofa.
Tweaked: Plant names displayed above Planter Boxes.
Tweaked: Increased the drop rate of Spines.
Tweaked: LOD of the building.
Fixed: Treasure Chest mislocated in dungeon.
Tweaked: The script of the Hardwood Sofa, now use Hardwood Plank instead of Wood Plank.
Fixed: Drying Rack's script crafts Xylophone instead of Drying Rack.
Fixed: Fur is displaying in food production page in Workshop Handbook.
Tweaked: Changed some of NPCs height and weight.
Fixed: Bug report cannot be sent.

A 3.72

Fixed bug when harvest Sisal.
Added new diagram drawing for Advanced Skiver.
Tweaked bug report UI.
Fixed stew Mix is not showing correctly.
Fixed some in-game texts.
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Re: My Time at Portia changelog
« Reply #4 on: January 26, 2018, 04:11:32 AM »

A 4.0

New additions
- New dynamic scene for main menu
- 3 new faces for male character customization
- 3 new faces for female character customization
- English voice over, more will be added in later version
- Chinese voice over, more will be added in later version
- New mission: Ack
- New mission: Build the Portia bridge
- New mission: Street light
- New mission: Barbershop
- Teleport point before boss fight, you can teleport back later if the fight is too difficult
- News paper bulletin
- New IK system, sometimes NPCs will look at player when passing by
- More NPC behavior on Saturday
- Talk to Phyllis to reset skill points
- NPC background description
- New behaviors for Emily after marriage
- New NPC facial expression system
- Mini game: Shoot air balloon
- Mini game: Slots machine
- Players can activate dating events
- If players didn't get any gift during "the day of bright sun", Gale will mail you a gift the next day.
- Two new levels in Dangerous Ruins
- You can check house bonus on a panel
- More placeable furniture
- More sound effect for machines
- You can steal items from Higgins' workshop
- 3 new fish types
- 2 new fishing spots
- 4 different tree types
- Dynamic effect for tree leaves
- 3 new monster types
- Cemetery
- Waterfall at the desert's edge
- New level of detail for buildings
- New behaviour for Ginger during play events
- More NPC sound effects

- Dinning event now ends at 22:00
- Apple Tree can't be targeted during autumn
- Shorter time for making Dough
- Fixed some commissions
- No longer getting Flour from harvest Wheat
- Entry fee for Abandoned Ruins now weekly
- Monsters in Dangerous Ruins
- Increased time spend when enter Dangerous Ruins
- NPC attacks
- Hidden room in the Abandoned Ruins
- Camera sensitivity
- Gamepad compatibility
- Some player not able to pick up gifts during the day of the bright sun
- Some NPC is not picking up gifts during the day of the bright sun event
- Relationship drops to Adversary if not chatted with for too long
- Mastery of Pickaxe and Mastery of Axe changed to increase by percentage
- Crystal harvest points increased
- Increased the sale limit for store, now shows how much money each store has
- Item can sale in groups.
- Increased the drop rate for some items
- Rat King's AI and attack
- Numbers of Snaillob in the Cave
- Jump Dancer's attack animation
- Panbat's attack animation
- Interior of Civil Corp
- Interior of Round Table
- Interior renovation for Amber Island Cave
- Interior ligts changed according to time
- Fishing mechanism
- Emily mission
- NPC model
- Increased Maximum
- New Character customization scene
- New UI for the mail box

- NPC daily behaviour
- NPC following mechanism
- Level of detail for buildings
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Re: My Time at Portia changelog
« Reply #5 on: January 26, 2018, 04:12:18 AM »

A 4.07

Fixed the crash bug when naming your character
Fixed the crash bug while loading the game
Added the controller button layout to the help section
Added the feather animation when holding chickens or ducks
Added a voice option for characters – voice is now optional
Changed the default resolution – the resolution will not go higher than 1920 x 1080
Fixed the disappearing icon when operating a machine
Fixed the bug where the waterfall disappears
Fixed crafting recipes
Increased the drop rate of simple circuits in Abandoned Ruins #2
Fixed the crash bug when moving the level 3 worktable in A & G Construction
Fixed the bug limiting cursor movement area after changing the game resolution
Fixed the bug preventing the help section from being closed when using a controller
Fixed the issues with the relationship UI
Fixed the crash bug in interactive UI
Fixed the crash bug when dragging an item out of the shortcut bar
Fixed the bug with the panbat animation
Adjusted the difficulty level of balloon shooting
Fixed the crash bug when turning in a quest
Fixed the bug where players cannot interact with Sam when doing ‘The Crashed Station’ quest
Fixed the crash when turning in commissions

A 4.08

Fixed Quality Leather recipe not unlocking
Fixed issue with competitive workshops gaining too many points
Fixed issue with the Portia bridge commission
Fixed the Ack cutscene not playing correctly
Fixed old saves not having voice over sometimes
Fixed crash when cutting autumn trees on the highlands
Fixed crash from skill effects
Fixed crash from exiting date
Fixed cost of entering the second Abandoned Ruins to 300
Temporarily removed player and Paulie seesaw and swing due to animation issues
Temporarily removed upgrade to Assembly Station level 2 due to some issues
Tweaked Arlo and Remington fighting monsters
Tweaked animal bones drop rate for Llamas
Added simple circuits as a loot for clearing level 1 in the Sewage Ruins
Tweaked water storage receipe
Added reputation for player when completing the Portia bridge mission

A 4.0802

Added new item in mysterious businessman's shop.
Fixed the bug that the players' handbook & relationship will reset (but we cannot guarantee it will not happen again, so if you still have this issue, please keep contacting us).
Fixed the bug that some items' icons were missing
Fixed the bug that the Steel Beam cannot be assembled
Added the Street Light and the Planter Box Craft Recipe into the store
Fixed the bug that skill tree reset from Phyllis cannot be saved
Shortened the cool down time of dating/playing
Changed the timing of the date/play icon display, the icon will only show up while the date/play has been triggered
Added the playing time of the save files
Optimized the UI consumption of Planter Box and the machine
Fixed the bug that players cannot get the letter the letter Day of the Bright Sun
Fixed several script content
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Re: My Time at Portia changelog
« Reply #6 on: February 02, 2018, 04:48:32 AM »

A 4.0807

Fixed the bug that entering/leaving the abandoned ruins will freeze the game. But cannot guarantee, if you still have this issue, please keep contact us.
Added more conversation after Phyllis get married, Phyllis shall not say "Dr. Xu is a great doctor!". And added more conversation for Ginger, Emily, and Gust.
Fixed the bug that the Tree Farm cannot produce wood. But the production setting will reset to quantity, you can change the setting to quality if you want.
Optimized the animation when players cutting trees, mining, and attacking, and the action will be more smooth.
Added more options for setting up the camera sensitivity and optimized the move of the camera. But need to reset first.
Removed the stamina consumption when waving an axe or pickaxe but hit on nothing.
Adjusted the drop rate for some items (Copper Wire, Silicon Chipset, Colourful Fur and Bat's Wing).
Adjusted the maximin number per one pack for several items, changed the number to 500.
Removed the setting that NPC' favour will drop if players haven't talked to them in a long time period.
Added the controller button layout to the favour interface.
Adjusted the sorting rules. The item will go directly to your bag if you already have it, but it will be added to the shortcut if you don't have any.
Adjusted the sorting rule of emails. Emails are sorted by time.
Fixed the crash when players deleting the save.
Added options for the frame rate lock.
Fixed the bug when resetting the vertical sync failed.
Adjusted the CG.
Fixed the crash when using the cooking set.
Added the setting that characters will be undefeated once they are in the conversation.
Optimized the lighting in abandoned ruins.
Added the setting that characters will not be poisoned to death when opening the chest.
Adjusted the favour increase when donating in Temple
Added the reputation increase in the next day when the player advertise the workshop.
Changed the setting that the portal in the WOW Industries' dungeon will not close after The Mouse King's death.
Fixed the bug that the waiting before the dating/playing time cannot be interrupted if there's any interaction with other NPCs.
Adjusted the dating/playing place in My Workshop.
Blocked the dating event that cannot be triggered.
Added more Chinese voice acting for Mei. Deleted Chinese voice acting for Nora, Sonia, Oaks, Mars, Albert.
Added one dating event, has changed Rest on the Lap into in the dating event.
Adjusted NPCs' path-finding in the cemetery.
Fixed the bug that players can have multiple dates everyday after loading saves.
Adjusted the favour increase from each dating/playing events.
Adjusted the social skills of Fair Fight and Happy Camper.
Adjusted the favour increase after sending the items to NPCs, those items include Power Stones, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, rose, Journey from the East, Cooking Master, Farming Guide.
Fixed the bug that the dating/player partner might disappear after having sparring with other NPCs.
Fixed the bug that NPC cannot leave church.
Adjusted the required level for players get
Increased length of time Sanwa's stays in town.
Added the outline of the item name for the wooden storage.
Added seasonal effect for three buildings.
The stones that closed to Amber Island cannot be break.
Fixed the result number display error when making dough.
The sofa that players get from the mission can be placed in house.
Increased the buff for Massage Chair.
Changed the coin consumption for playing the dart, players will only need to spend 20 coins on it. Adjusted the reward of mini games.
Deleted the commission that requires the loudspeaker. But will add this commission in the later version.
Added the statue Armor of a Knight. It can be redeemed in the game centre in The Round Table.
Updated the UI for NPC
Added one fish into Pinky's favourite food list.
Adjusted the required heart for confession.
Adjusted the displaying error while introducing the NPCs.
Added two NPCs.
Fixed the bug that Ginger will choose spicy food and seafood which she doesn't like at all when ordering menu.
Adjusted the favour increase when sending those books to NPCs which redeemed from the game centre.

A 4.0808

Added cutscenes for the acupuncture.
Increased the maximum camera sensitivity value.
Increased the quality of the gifts for the Day of Bright Sun.
Fixed abnormal behavior for some NPCs.
Fixed the crash of ordering menu during dating.
Fixed some text errors.
Fixed the bug that the dating/player partner will not follow the player after sparring with other NPCs.
Fixed the bug of NPC's path finding.
Added the save for the market price.
Fixed the bug that several items cannot be sold to the store (including the venom).
Added the level options when entering the hazardous dungeon.
Removed the stamina consumption when waving the fist but hit on nothing.

A 4.0809

Adjusted camera sensitivity
Fixed some text errors
Added settings to on turn camera inertia on/off
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