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Author Topic: (3.72) Quarrying piles  (Read 329 times)


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(3.72) Quarrying piles
« on: January 19, 2018, 05:41:26 AM »

I have noticed several of the quarry piles on Amber Isle are disabled (they may have been added in 3.7).  I appreciate that the crystal seems to generate a little faster, but most of my income is from quarrying and manufacturing/selling stone tables, glass, gems, talismans, and bronze items from the quarry stone.  I can actually make over 2000 gols on a good day, but there is regeneration time, so the more piles that are working, the better it is for me.  I have given up on most of the commissions for now... I check daily and take them if they are bronze or something I can complete quickly.  That leaves the rest of the day for socializing, farming and quarrying.  I don't know what the rubies are good for, but Higgins will keep the #1 spot until resources are more developed.  I haven't seen them requested or used for anything yet.  I hope I'm not missing out on something super valuable... maybe they are just something to sell for bonus income?
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