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Author Topic: *Spoilers* The Black Book: Associate and Buddy-Level Socializing in Portia  (Read 85 times)


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I am putting this info in a thread separate from the general Tips on Socializing, which is now mostly spoiler-free.  This is info that normally you get at Associate and Buddy level with the residents of Portia.


Black Book v3.71
This is a work in progress.

People whom you may marry are listed in RED.

With a few exceptions: Bouquets of Wildflowers +4, of Asteria +6, of Roses +8
 :D Day of Bright Sun :D:  All gifts are 3x normal value.

Aadit:  (Aadit is a pacifist, and will not spar without Fair Fight skill.)
Albert:  jewelry (unspecified), crafting materials (unspecified)
Alice:  Dislikes Snake Berry.
Antoine:  Perfume (untested)
Arlo:  food (unspecified, see food preferences)
Dr. Xu:  Herbal Mixture +6, Simple Ointment +6
Emily:  sweets (unspecified), Pumpkin Pie +10, wants a telescope.  Dislikes blades.
Ginger:  None
Higgins:  None
Lucy:  things that the school children would like, Balloon +8
Mars:  crafting parts (unspecified)
Martha:  different kinds of bread (unspecified), Baked Bread +8. Dislikes herbal medicine (unspecified), Herbs -5.
Mei:  flowers (unspecified). Dislikes wildflowers -2.
Merlin: sturdy crafting materials (unspecified). Dislikes clocks.
Nora:  fruit (unspecified), exquisite things with fine details (unspecified)
Oaks:  crafting materials (unspecified), Snake Berry +4, Apple Juice +6
Papa Bear:  Aroma Apples +10
Paulie:  Dislikes clocks.
Petra:  Relics (unspecified)
Phyllis:  things related to her work (unspecified), Herbal Mixture +4, Simple Ointment +6.
Presley:  hot tea (unspecified)
Qiwa:  Any raw fish +4, Grilled Catfish +6
Remington:  exceptional weapons and shoes (unspecified)
Sam: adventuring gear (unspecified). Dislikes girly things.
Sonia:  money, rich guys (has a crush on Gust), beautiful bags, expensive jewelry (unspecified, but definitely got a laugh out of me), Power Stone +6
Toby:  Apple Juice +6
Tody:  Dislikes Pot of Flowers

Note:  for food descriptions, the wording is specific -- "smoked" is not the same as "grilled", and "spicy" is not the same as "hot" in regard to preferences or dislikes.  The menu changes, and I don't know the frequency.  There may be a specific menu for each day of the week, or it may be a random daily selection.  Portia Hot Pot is both Hot and Spicy.  If they say they want a particular dish, that takes precedence over their normal likes/dislikes. Use preferences to fill out unspecified portions of the meal.  6 items seems to be optimal, and you may order more than one thing from a section to "add in favorites."
Albert:  Likes hot and spicy only.  Dislikes ice cream.
Alice:  Likes Bamboo Papaya w/ Egg-on-Top.  Dislikes sweets.
Antoine:  Likes Bamboo Papaya w/ Egg-on-Top, likes veggies.
Arlo:  Likes Spaghetti w/ Hot Sauce, likes noodles.  Dislikes sweets (any dessert), dislikes Steamed Potato Fruit.
Emily:  Likes Pumpkin Steamed Rice, Highwind Fried Rice, Stewed Rice Meat Supreme, Potato Fruit Cake, likes vegetables, likes rice, loves salads, loves Pumpkin Pie. Dislikes any fish, dislikes coffee, dislikes noodles.
Lucy:  Likes Coffee.  Dislikes meat (vegetarian)
Mars:  Dislikes spicy.
Martha:  Likes Baked Rice w/ Coconut Chicken.  Dislikes Red Tea.
Mei:  Likes ice cream. Dislikes raw veggies.
Merlin:  Dislikes rice.
Nora:  Likes Sauteed Sweet and Sour Tenderloin, likes Rainbow Lemonade.  Dislikes Holly Tea, dislikes coffee, dislikes any fish.
Oaks:  Dislikes Holly Tea, dislikes bitter.
Paulie:  Likes hot and spicy.  Dislikes tea.
Petra:  Likes Rainbow Lemonade.  Dislikes meat, dislikes salty.
Phyllis:  Likes Milk Scented Tea, likes dessert.  Dislikes smoked food, dislikes spicy food, dislikes rice.
Presley:  Likes Red Tea, likes seafood.  Disikes smoked food.
Remington:  Likes Sauteed Sweet and Sour Tenderloin, likes hot, likes spicy.  Dislikes sweets (any dessert).
Sam:  Likes rice.  Dislikes noodles, dislikes bitter, dislikes coffee.
Sonia:  Dislikes rice, dislikes tea.
Tody:  Likes fish and seafood.  Dislikes spicy food.

BIRTHDAYS:  Many birthdays were changed in update 3.70.  After checking other plays, it seems to be a consistent change, and not random.  I am only including the ones that I have uncovered in v3.71.
Month One          Month Two          Month Three        Month Four         
1/10 Antoine2/8 Oaks3/1 Alice4/5 Nora
1/17 Emily2/10 Albert3/5 Arlo4/8 Tody
1/20 Gale2/15 Sonia3/7 Lucy4/11 Petra
1/23 Martha2/18 Mars3/11 Mei4/16 Isaac
2/20 Phyllis3/17 Qiwa4/21 Merlin
2/23 Presley3/23 Sam4/26 Paulie
2/26 Remington
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Wow~that's very detailed! :o