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Author Topic: Tips for Quarrying  (Read 121 times)


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Tips for Quarrying
« on: December 17, 2017, 07:29:20 PM »

Quarrying can be an effective source of extra income, as the ratio of drops is very conducive to making stone tables.  Stone Tables have one of the best return values with regard to the value of the resources vs the value of the crafted item, and requires no resources that are not gained from quarrying itself.  That makes quarrying and crafting stone tables a very easy and lucrative side business.

There are 6 areas that I have found for quarrying.  These are:
Between the main gate and tree farm, along the wall (large deposit)
Inside the tree farm near the church mound (small deposit)
Inside the town around the Abandoned Ruins #1 (small deposit)
Along the wall NE of Papa Bear's house (large deposit)
Amber Island (medium deposit with crystals)
Hazardous Zone (huge deposit, crystals sparsely placed)

Quarried stone and crystals take a little while to regenerate.  So, especially with crystals, you want to quarry them as soon as you see them appear, so that the next batch can get started generating.  You will need a lot of crystal to fulfill higher level requests.  You will also get power stones from quarrying the crystal.  Crystal requires an Iron Pick.  You should try to have an iron pick before doing the Haunted Cave quest, as there are crystals inside that can be quarried.  Don't forget to break the jars and crates along the way, if that is your first dungeon.  ;)

I quarry and gather the stone to make stone tables on a regular basis.  A stack of Stone Tables is worth around 4500 gols, and you are only limited by the regeneration rate of the stone.  The rest of the quarried items can be used for crafting and to replenish your bronze and copper bars (you don't really need to do Ruins#1 once you can quarry with a decent pick).  That enables you to spend your time in Ruins #2 collecting iron.  I presume that at some point, you will be able to quarry iron from another area so that you can focus on Ruins #3 (looking ahead to titanium).

In any case, make sure you have about 10 inventory slots available before you start quarrying, so that you can pick everything up.  Quarry from the time you finish your commission until you pass out, and do pick up the piles of stone that you can gather.  You will have extra marble and will need more stone to make extra tables.  Quickly craft stone tables before heading into town in the morning, sell them at Paulie's Furniture Store after picking up your commission at 8:00AM.  You should be able to craft 5-7 Tables (more if you have extra stone from the ruins) and make upwards of 400 extra gols each time you do this.  It will go a long way toward paying for your upgrades, and doesn't really detract from other activities.

If you run out of stone to quarry, take a stab at fishing !!  It is just as lucrative, and the grilled catfish are excellent for replenishing stamina.  (Tips are in Blubberguts thread on fishing.)
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