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Author Topic: Missing blueprint and lost recipes  (Read 319 times)


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Missing blueprint and lost recipes
« on: December 15, 2017, 05:34:55 AM »

The last blueprint (Drying Rack) is not available.  The items that it creates are used in the game, but the blueprint is not available for making the rack so that you can make them yourself.  I have a feeling that some of these items are "favored" items for gifting, so it is frustrating to not have them available for crafting.

I have all of the other blueprints unlocked and carrying 20+ data disks, so I know it's not me, it's just not showing up to give any more disks for research.  Is this a bug, or is it not implemented yet?

EDIT:  <sorry this next is a suggestion, not really a bug, except that I can't retrieve a recipe that I was given from Dawa, and I can't remember it, so yeah, that's gone>

Also, can you have a recipe book or a recipe tab in the journal for cooking?  As far as I can tell, you are told how to make something once, and if you forget then you have lost that recipe.  It would be nice if it were recorded somewhere that is retrievable.  For instance, when you click on an item in the item list, have the recipe show up on the adjacent page <if you have learned that recipe>.  This includes any successful random combination that you come up with yourself.

Also, have new recipes appear on the list as you learn them, that may have been "hidden," so that experimenting with cooking might actually produce something that was not on the list before.

EDIT2:  In the same line regarding recipes... there are 5 items listed in the handbook, item query tab, that are food items shown as being crafted at the Worktable.  These items are not available from the worktable at any level.  I think they were all moved to the cooking pot (which again has no recipe book).  If these items were supposed to be available at level 1 and level 2, please make the recipes available in the game somehow, so that we can still craft them.  I have an inventory full of bannerfish and no recipe to use for them.

To be clear, there is only one of each item necessary for any given recipe, correct?  You used to have to use 2 bannerfish for the spicy soup.  The cookpot only needs one of each ingredient, right?  If there are multiples needed, it will take forever to get a recipe figured out.  Since you have to buy most of the ingredients, this could be very expensive and time consuming using only guesswork.  Can you at least say that there are a maximum of 4 ingredients in any recipe, even if multiples exist?

This is very reminiscent of Dark Cloud's cook pot.  At least with that you know that there are only 3 spaces in the pot (or was it 4?).  Can you give a pop-up that says no more ingredients can fit, so that we know what the limit is?
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Re: Missing blueprint and lost recipes
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 10:58:24 AM »

Ah, you got me, our item designer forgot to put the Drying Rack in the game.  :'( I was so mad at him and he promise it will be in game in our next version. And most of those items will be food, like dry fish, dry meat, you have no idea how much ppl love dry food here in China.

And thank you so much for the suggestion, I talked with our designers and he thinks it's a good idea for the recipe book and limit how many items you can put in the cooking pot at one time.
He will try to make those suggestions happen as soon as possible, thank you once again.