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Author Topic: Tips for Socializing (no spoilers)  (Read 1830 times)


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Tips for Socializing (no spoilers)
« on: December 14, 2017, 12:31:42 AM »

This is as of Alpha 3.70, and is subject to change in future versions.

1)  General Strategy:
  • Negativity/Attrition: (Update 3.70) It is difficult to tell if attrition is weekly, monthly, or if it is by some event, such as not seeing someone for a period of time.  The attrition rate does seem to be not as severe as in previous versions, so this does make up for the lowered base gifting value (down from +2 to +1 for an okay item).  It may now also be safe to greet everyone as you please, without a large risk of making an enemy from neglect.  In any case, I did not notice any attrition in the first two months -- it may not kick in until the third or fourth month.
  • Greet & Gift: Almost everyone will accept herbs and/or snake berries as a gift (+1 points), even if they say "it's the thought that counts" or "bring something better next time".  These are basically free and easy to pick up.  Try to greet everyone you have "met" every day, and give them an herb or berry at the same time (unless you have figured out a gift that they like better).
  • Sparring/RPS: Once you have enough stamina and skill, you can add sparring to the people you want to level up more quickly.  Most will spar with you three times.  Men will tend to give more points, and some ladies will get upset (lose points) if you spar more than twice without Fair Fight skill.  Fair Fight skill will allow you to fight 3 times with point gain.  Sparring costs 15 stamina.  If you win at sparring, they often will drop items that they are carrying.  You can also RPS for 1-2 points, and this costs 5 stamina.  This is more difficult, but I believe some of the villagers uses a specific strategy, and if you learn their strategy you can beat them fairly often.  Ginger will award points just for playing, but most of the time you must win in order to gain points from RPS.
2) The hearts and stars on the social table take around 100 points to fill up each one.  This is twice what it was in earlier versions, so it is important to do tip#1(all) if you want to make real progress.  Hearts indicate that the person can be Dated and Proposed Marriage, Stars indicate that they are not available as more than a friend.  Dating/Marriage does not differentiate by gender.  Some of the starred residents do not offer Play Dates.

3)  Everyone likes flowers, everyone loves roses, as far as I can tell.  They are expensive, so just give berries to everyone and focus on one or two people at a time to really impress with flowers.

4)  Birthdays: Associates and higher will show up on your calendar with their birthday.  If you gift someone on their birthday, you will get double the bonus.  This is a good time to spend a little to get something that they really like (roses if nothing else).

5)  Everyone has a set of likes/dislikes and personal preferences.  You have to figure out what each person likes.  These things are usually cheaper to gift than flowers.

6)  If you like socializing, you will probably want to take the skill that gives you extra date actions.  8) More actions basically means higher score.  I also think the skill bonus for greeting is better than the skill bonus for gifting, since there are several characters who do not respond at all to gifting, but everyone responds to greeting (Smooth Talk vs. Giver). 

7)  Play Dates
  • Once you get someone to the point that you can have a play time with them (normally 2 hearts), you can increase your relationship quickly.  Playing can net you up to 50 social points if you do well (without additional social skills), but you can only play with each resident once per week, and you may only make one date for each day.  You must finish your current date before you can make another one, so early dates are better than late ones.  I.e., pick someone and make your next date as soon as you finish the date you are on, to keep them moving.  You should have 7 or more people that you can make dates with by the end of the 3rd month, if you are diligent in socializing.  For the location, you will want to meet in Central Plaza.  That is where the bulk of the activities currently are, and there is little to do at the other locations at this point in development.
  • Conversation gains 4-6 mood points per action. Mini-games can increase your score around 8-9 mood points per action, and cost 3 actions.  Dinner can increase your score up to around 16-18 mood points per action, costs 3 actions plus cost of dinner, and can only be done once per date.  Doing well at any event may also give you 1-2 bonus actions.  I don't gift on dates, so I don't have figures for that.  In my opinion, it would need to give 4x the normal bonus in order to make it worthwhile, since it costs 2 actions and is measured in mood points rather than in social points -- that's my guess anyway.  It does give you the chance to gift more than once for that day, and if it is their birthday it may be a considerable gain.
  • Your social increase will be half of the mood points that you end up with on the play time.  Pick mini-games that you are good at.  (The see-saw in Central Plaza works well for me.)  To get the person to tell you their gifting preferences, you have to pick the rest spot where you can sit and talk (bench in Central Plaza).  Select <lay head in lap> and you will be given the option to ask what gifts they like.  You can only do this once per time sitting, but you can come back later in the date and do it again, possibly getting a different response.
  • If you choose to go to dinner, the first time you go you may want to spend a point or three and ask them their preferences.  (You can ask twice per dinner, but many have more than two responses.  Continue to ask on future dates until you think you know them well.)  When you select <order from the menu> they will tell you everything on the menu that they want to eat.  Write this down.  They will only tell you once.  Order from this list to impress them (even if it seems to contradict what their normal preference is), order everything on their list for max points (around 100 gols).  There are 6 categories on the menu, and usually they will tell you 5 things that they want (sometimes less).  You can possibly pick up extra points by ordering things from the remaining tabs that are known favorites.  Keep in mind you may lose points if you order too much, so limit one item from each tab -- that seems to be optimal.  You do also regain stamina from the meal, based on what you order.  You can only dine once per date, but it does give the highest mood increase if done well (about 40-50 mood).  In other words, it has 3x the effect of a bouquet of roses, and costs half as much.
8 ) When you make a confession (of interest), have a bouquet of roses in your inventory.  Don't bother making a confession until you have 3+ hearts (I was successful at around 3.5 hearts).  At this point you can start dating.  Do not make a confession to more than one person.  You can play with everyone, but if you have more than one girlfriend/boyfriend and they find out about each other, it is very bad for both relationships.  You may want to do this to see what happens, but other than for curiosity, just pick one and stick with them.  Be friends with everyone else.

9) Ginger: Does not give bonus for any gifts, and does not spar - you have to play RPS with her if you want to advance.  She can become adversarial (prior to update 3.7), so do not "meet" her if you do not intend to pursue her.  She will RPS with you in Central Plaza if she is not accompanied by her brother. You have to figure out her schedule and meet her daily when she is available.  Marrying her would be a real feat of dedication.  If you become buddies (2 hearts), you can enter her room at Gale's home, and may be able to RPS there (I would assume so) as well as be able to make the buddy-level weekly play date with her.  It shouldn't be difficult to advance from that point on.  She will give you points for RPS whether you win or lose, just for playing (that's 5 points per day with Smooth Talk and RPS).  You need 200 points, or a minimum of 40 days to become buddies with her.  Longer if there is attrition or if you miss days with her.

10)  If you focus your skill leveling on the social table, you should be able to get to the highest skill in a reasonable amount of time (level 22-27 - I took 5 points in exp skill bonus first, to level up faster in general.)  This will unlock the skill to Play Date at the Associate level (1 heart) instead of Buddy (2 hearts).  The advantage of this should be clear, especially regarding Ginger.

11) Getting Married:  hopefully by the time you are ready to get married, you will have already found the mysterious merchant wandering around Peach Plaza.  You will need to spend 2000 gols to purchase a wedding ring from him.  I recommend getting it when you see him, even if you are not ready to marry yet -- you don't really know when he will come around again.  The day after you propose, you will automatically marry.  Congrats!  I suggest proposing on a Saturday, so that you are not rushed with anything on Sunday.
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Re: Tips for socializing
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 07:16:17 AM »

Woooo, that helps a lot! Thx,it bothers me too to figure out what Pinky like...