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Planet Explorers Released!

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 on: September 14, 2017, 09:20:40 PM 
Started by LuminousCity - Last post by LuminousCity
It always was really fun to have my male character wearing a skirt on Animal Crossing xD
Are you thinking about adding something like that in My Time At Portia?

 on: September 14, 2017, 12:56:08 PM 
Started by Thundercraft - Last post by Thundercraft
I've spent the last 2 or 3 days working on some large airships that I created from scratch. And I know for a fact that I created them from scratch. And I know for a fact that I have never released these models anywhere, nor shared them with anyone.

And I tried to upload them to the Workshop. However, I get this:
This file has been uploaded by others
Account cloud disabled

I've tried again and again, but it's the same every time. I've tried all three of my airships (variations of my basic model), but it's the same for each.

Keep in mind: I've never uploaded to the Workshop before. Pondering this situation, I have to wonder if the reason might be because I inserted "Thundercraft" in the Author field when saving the ISO. Could it be that the Author field must be left blank in order to upload to the workshop? Or, if there is a name in the Author field, must it match the name of the character that I'm logged in with? I tried to create a multiplayer character named "Thundercraft"... However, I am prevented from doing so as I get a "Character name already exists" error...

I understand that you've added a 'copy protection' scheme to the Workshop as a way of preventing countless duplicates from appearing. However, I was never a fan of the idea. (I voiced my disapproval at the time.) And it's bad enough that this stupid scheme prevents anyone but the author from uploading a derivative - even a wildly different derivative. However, for some reason, it seems that this scheme is so broken that it prevents me from uploading anything I create from scratch. :(


Okay... I've tried to upload several different ISOs of mine, but they all fail with the stupid "This file has been uploaded by others" false error message. And while I have inserted "Thundercraft" in the Author field for most of them, I did manage to find one without. But, again, it fails to upload.  >:(

Either the system is buggy or broken or the fact that I'm using the Beta v1.1.0 prevents this from working.

 on: September 13, 2017, 04:10:32 PM 
Started by SnailobsterLv99 - Last post by Iron Newt
Some further information on 2 comments

21.  Starting day 1 month 2, sparring and gift options are greyed out when talking to people.  I have tried loading save from Day 28 Month 1 and sleep.  Then on Day 1 Month 2, those options are still greyed out.  On Day 28 Month 1, sparring and gifting still work fine.

If you have gifted or sparred with someone once in a month you'll never be able to gift or spar with them in following months. Also once you have chatted with someone you'll not gain any relationship points for chatting in following months.

22.  On Sundays, when trees respawn, sometimes the trees don't have blue life bars.  Swinging an axe on these trees is like hitting air.  Loading a save from previous day and sleep seems to fix this probem.  I try to reproduce invincible trees by loading my save on day 28 month 1.  One in several tries these trees appear lol.

For me once a tree can't be chopped then I never can chop it down again. This happens on day 2.1 for the trees a stone axe can chop down, then the following Sunday, day 2.8, then some trees which require the bronze axe can't be chopped down. I think that I can only chop down the trees with lighter foliage. For your information here are all the trees that can't be chopped down around my house.

 on: September 13, 2017, 12:09:23 PM 
Started by xfx1Ay - Last post by xfx1Ay
i am  a   chinese  player poor english     i    love   PE      l  love   pathea      !!!!!!!!!
我爱你pathea      没事和我说中文
我steam有120款付费游戏平均价格都在50rmb      我有许多游戏点子想实现就是自己什么也不会     你们需要吗

 on: September 13, 2017, 08:28:40 AM 
Started by Thundercraft - Last post by Thundercraft
To clarify: I'm talking in particular about flying aircraft in Adventure Mode, where game behavior is particularly bad. I haven't flown around much in Story Mode lately, but I can already tell that it is better (not much waiting for terrain to load) than it is in Adventure Mode, where one can only fly for a few seconds at a time.

Also, it may be noteworthy that, originally, I had PE installed on a SSD, but I now have it installed on a (rather high performance) hard drive. I may try to reinstall on a SSD to see if it makes a difference. However, I distinctly remember having to wait for the terrain to load many versions ago when the game was new to me. Though, we were not frozen in time while waiting for the terrain to load, so it was not a big deal back then.

 on: September 13, 2017, 01:04:27 AM 
Started by Thundercraft - Last post by Thundercraft
FYI: If you want to copy and backup, share, or otherwise manipulate the files that Planet Explorer uses for Decals and Materials:



Many versions (several years) ago, the format Planet Explorers used for saving Decals and Materials was such that I was able to open most of them with an ordinary paint program. (I believe it was Paint.Net, as that is what I usually use.) However, the formats must have been changed as this is no longer the case. At least, I am no longer able to open them with either Paint.Net or GIMP.

However, I knew that the image data was still there. And I just assumed that PE inserts it's own game data - such as a material's ore type, specular settings, and specular and emissive colors - in front of the actual image data in .PNG format. It's just that most image editing software won't know how to skip this extra game data to find the image data and won't even try.

I've searched for "image recovery" solutions and I did find several. However, most of those cost money. I tried a supposedly "free" demo online solution. But, while it did seem to successfully recover a decal image from a decal, it covered up 90% of it with a demo watermark (asking to purchase their software) that made it unusable.

Finally, I tried the freeware IrfanView, as it was mentioned on an article reviewing image recovery solutions. It got low marks because, in their tests, it did not succeed at recovering their test image. However, when I tried it to recover PE Decals and Materials, it worked! Actually, it recovered all the Decals in my folder, but it could not recover all the Material textures. Though, it did recover most of them (about 70 to 75%).

Anyway, I wanted to share this for the benefit of other ISO creators as this may help in their endeavors. And if IrfanView can recover all Decals and most Material Textures, I'm sure there are other solutions, likely even some that work better.

Edit: The latest download on the IrfanView site requires Windows 10, meaning that it won't run on anything earlier. However, search the internet and you will find older versions that run on earlier Windows. I found one that works on Windows 8, anyway.

 on: September 12, 2017, 08:37:42 AM 
Started by Thundercraft - Last post by Thundercraft
Of course my question is rhetorical. Yet, the spirit of the question is sincere: Flying is no longer fun in PE. Why? Because of how it has changed: Every few seconds, over and over... having one's helicopter or airship suddenly stop in mid-air - as if it hit a brick wall - and waiting 1 or 2 minutes for the terrain to load and cache is not only completely immersion-breaking, it is downright boring. Indeed, I get the impression that I could travel faster by ground vehicle, by boat, or even by foot. At least by ground vehicle or boat I don't have to wait for several kilometers of land to load because one can't see that far on the ground or at sea level.

This mid-air pause while the terrain loads happens so frequently that I had a hard time verifying the maximum speed of airship. It almost never reached 100 KPH because it almost always paused and spooled before it got that high. (Usually, it barely reached 80 KPH.)

I do understand that PE can be a hardware-intensive game. But, come on! It's been over 3 years since I bought PE and I half-expected some optimizations to make the experience a bit better. If nothing else, I expected flying to be about the same as it was. What I did not expect was flight performance to drop so much as to be all but unplayable.

What was wrong with the old system, whereby we could fly faster than the terrain could load? At least flying was smooth and the experience less immersion-breaking. At least we could get from point A to point B much faster than by ground vehicle or by boat.

To add insult to injury though: Our aircraft's FUEL continues to deplete even when it is stuck in midair while the terrain loads! Why should our fuel deplete if we are not moving?

And, for heaven's sake, if you must hold our aircraft in midair like that while continuing to burn fuel, why can't we at least turn to face a different direction?

If nothing else, please give us an option in the Options Menu to disable "Pause while terrain is loading". I BEG YOU! I want flying in PE to be fun again. But that will never happen as long as I have to keep hitting a brick wall while the terrain loads.

To be fair, I realize that the game is still under development. And I do appreciate that flying mechanics is being worked on. I suppose I was mildly annoyed that some of my older aircraft designs no longer fly correctly or very well. But, I understand that things must change to get improved. Seeing continued development and systems like flight mechanics get some love makes it worthwhile... in theory.

 on: September 12, 2017, 08:14:58 AM 
Started by wuping - Last post by Thundercraft
Aluminum is just about the highest tier material, so of course it's going to be one of the toughest to mine. The only material higher tier or tougher is Diamond. You would not expect to mine Diamond with a Wood Pickaxe, would you? Being able to mine Aluminum with a Wood Pickaxe would defeat the purpose of having tiered materials or a progression system, as you'd be able to jump from Wood straight to one of the best materials. It would take the fun out of it and remove the satisfaction in getting there. (If I had my way, mining Aluminum or Diamond would be impossible without building some sort of powered mining tool or mining vehicle, like a Jackhammer, Drill, or Bulldozer.)

I don't think that there is much excuse not to upgrade from Wood Pickaxe to something better as soon as possible. Just use your Wood Pickaxe to mine regular rock and you will get small amounts of Iron and Copper a bonus in getting stone. A few minutes of that and you'll have enough for an Iron or Copper Pickaxe.

 on: September 11, 2017, 02:29:39 PM 
Started by Zifei - Last post by Zifei
Please support us in any way you can, spread the word anywhere and everywhere, be it on Reddit, gaming boards, news media, Twitter, Facebook, whatever, we need all the help we can get!   :)

 on: September 10, 2017, 08:33:28 AM 
Started by Iron Newt - Last post by Iron Newt
I assume that's output_log.txt (I don't have an output.txt).
As the file upload failed I've pastebined it  -

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