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Planet Explorers Released!

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 on: November 16, 2017, 05:34:51 PM 
Started by wuping - Last post by Omidawn
Once you are able to place voxels (which I think is automatic in story mode), you can place voxels of limestone, marble, sand, rock, and grass (don't choose plain dirt, as it may not give you anything but dirt).  When you mine these voxels, even with a wooden pick, you will get back more material than it takes to create the voxel.

In addition, there will be traces of other elements in the voxels.  Limestone and Marble will give traces of copper, iron, and stone, which can be used to make better picks.  Better picks are not just faster, they give higher yields from each voxel, and can mine more voxels at a time.  I will not even start mining rare resources like titanium unless I am maxed out on my mining skills and using an energy pick (adventure mode), so that I do not waste any possible resource.

Limestone has a large component of copper, if you need quick copper for materials.  I.e. you don't have to travel to a copper mine, even in the early game, if you have found even one shovelful of limestone you can create more, as much as you need.

Also, since I don't like destroying the terrain, I prefer to build and mine from my own resource piles whenever I can.  Additionally, it is faster because you can stand on top of the pile, sized for your pick, and let gravity carry you down to the next chunk so you don't have to stop to move.  With a jetpack, I'll place 2x2 (or 3x3 depending on the pick) x40 voxels high (limit).  With ladders, I'll usually only go 12 voxels high (5 ladder segments).  When you mine the stack, go to build mode and recreate the voxel stack, climb up, mine down, and start again until you have all you need.

I like to build with limestone (nice off-white color) so that's a plus too.

Edit: Two more things... never use a shovel, always use a pick.  Shovels will clear a larger area, but will always give fewer resources than a pick...  so, if you want resources, use a pick.  If you are clearing space, go ahead and use a shovel.  Second, I have not tested the different voxel types of each element to see if there are higher levels of, for instance, iron in one selection of marble vs a different selection of marble.  I won't comment on that except to say that it might be useful to experiment.

 on: November 16, 2017, 05:08:24 PM 
Started by Thundercraft - Last post by Omidawn
Most ores can be gathered by the processor now, with the exception of titanium and lithium.  I don't think they are used in story mode, but in adventure mode, these can usually only be found below the deep caves, and so are invisible from surface scans.  I usually find a useful mine that is close to a deep cave, and dig down to the cave and then scan the length of the cave for other useful deposits.  If you're lucky, there will be titanium somewhere below the length of the cavern.  I have seen caverns that spanned a quarter of the map, and they are fun to explore.  You may need to leave "bread crumbs" to keep from getting lost in the bigger ones.  Many are a single stretch, but some can branch out multiple times and go on seemingly endlessly.

You can also follow the path of the caves from the surface, but you will only find the closer ores, not the deep ones... it may help you decide where to put your access point though.

Build your colony near the titanium.  :D  Lithium can sometimes be seen from the surface, but I don't think it was added to the formula for any scripts... so while rare, I don't think it is actually used for anything.  There may have been some use for it in story mode... I don't really remember... I usually just play adventure with skill tree now... that's the one for me!!

This info is mainly for adventure mode... story mode has different requirements, and will actually point you to the deposits that you need along the way.  You only need to scan to pinpoint your quest target.  Also, scan at all of the quest markers, colonies, etc in story mode.  Most if not all of the resources you need can be found close to where you will be working.  There is no real need to explore in story mode, except to satisfy your curiosity.  Exploration is mainly needed for adventure mode, to get the resources for the high level gear.

 on: November 16, 2017, 04:43:23 PM 
Started by Thundercraft - Last post by Omidawn
I guess I approach colonies a little differently.  If you want to RP adapting to the planet, then your choice of sites is really good.  By the time you get to the point in the story where you are building a colony, most of the story will point you north, so building a colony in the south means a lot more travel for completing the quests.  North is rougher terrain though.  Even for RP purposes, your goal is to head to the north continent... so building in the south is anti-progress, unless you just want a fast, easy build.

You can clear cut most foliage, so forest/rainforest isn't a problem.  Many places in the forest area offer flat expanses similar to the Martian camp.  Also, it's kind of nice to leave some of the trees inside the camp. Clear as needed. 

As far as colonists... they do sometimes fall through the floor when the area is loading, but if they are assigned to tasks, the will rebound back to their station.  Colonists do not take damage from falling.

My third story play-through I put the colony on top of the Puja wall.  That was really fun and gave an endless supply of food and bullets (puja scouts spawned in the middle of the camp whenever the colony loaded).  However I had to move the colony when diplomacy started, because it was messing up my relations with the Puja.  In story mode you don't want automatic aggression.

Also, any colony built on top of water will be safe from wandering land animals.  If you want to be true to RP, your structures can have "supports" but anti-gravity is fine for most people.  The main thing you have to be wary of for any colony is to not have places at an elevation around you where you can be bombarded by puja without return fire from your defenses.  My first colony suffered from this... I build on the "cave lake" underneath the land bridge.  Spectacular panorama, until the puja showed up on top of the bridge and surrounding mountain and plastered me with mortars from out of range of my missiles.  Getting to them over that rough terrain was also a pain in the rear.  I didn't have a jet pack at the time.

 on: November 16, 2017, 08:22:52 AM 
Started by Thydread - Last post by Thydread
Hi i brought the Digital Starter Pack and would like to know if i can upgrade to the PC Beta Access Pack?


 on: November 15, 2017, 06:13:17 AM 
Started by Lifeform - Last post by Lifeform
Please make a option in the menu: "No ugly NPC faces" or "Use of the standard NPC faces". This option must be set to the average values of the parameters in the "face" and "body" (sections) in the random generation of NPCs. A number of standard types of faces, hairstyles, skin tones - enough for a variety of NPCs. For example, if I want to travel with a pretty girl companion. The probability of generation of such NPC: girl 50%, pretty face 50*2/14 = 7%. But numerous random changes in the "face" and "body" in extreme values that make the probability of generation of such NPC is approximately equal to 1% .

 on: November 11, 2017, 11:19:41 AM 
Started by Zifei - Last post by roykoma
short question.
If we buy the PC Digital Supreme Pack from the kickstarter extension, will we have access to the exclusive pet, weapon, hat and clothing for both of the keys, or just for one?
We are two people and would of course both like to enjoy them. :)



 on: November 10, 2017, 10:32:06 AM 
Started by abcpredator - Last post by abcpredator
Sorry for the missing link! Here the link for translation compatible with 1.1 version:!fYpH2RDY!eQxbnYRp9Rgdqbi03ZYeNA5gIPFcxDKh0Ek9z-3E_3E

In the last days i can't translate this game because i must work hard (and play No Man's Sky :D ) but now i re-begin the translation project! :) Someone play now with PE?

 on: November 10, 2017, 09:28:50 AM 
Started by Diztinkt - Last post by BruceShi1994
Hi, I totally agree with that, our saving system only has limited saving slots now, your girlfriend's saving file must have covered yours, so maybe you can get a copy of the saving file in the root directory before you start a new character. And we've confirmed that multiple saves will be presented in future version, may the urge be with our programmers!  :D

 on: November 09, 2017, 01:08:46 PM 
Started by MiBa0815 - Last post by MiBa0815
I would have liked an option to add markers on the map and to name them, for example when discovering a resource I'd like to mark it on the map, just a little dot I can name "Marble", or something.

 on: November 05, 2017, 08:03:44 PM 
Started by Dzetki - Last post by Dzetki
Hi all. I've been attempting ever since I got my backer key, to get into the game. Unfortunately, the game stops responding when getting to the loadscreen right after character creation, and eventually crashes. Left it for two hours while it had stopped responding in the hopes it'd pass. It didn't. If necessary I'll gladly include a crash report(first and only I've gotten so far), in the hopes of figuring this out. Would really appreciate being able to play the game  :(

UPDATE: Seems to be a Windows 10 (reported in 8.1 as well) issue. "Program is blocked access to graphics". This occurrs every time I try to get further than Char creation.

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