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Planet Explorers Released!

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 on: Today at 04:02:56 AM 
Started by Omidawn - Last post by Omidawn
This might not be a bug -- maybe I just don't understand what it is supposed to be used for.  There is no real instruction as to which pieces of equipment actually attach to it, so I presumed that it could be used to run the equipment that normally runs on the power stones.  I fueled it up, made sure the planking connected my row of equipment, turned it on.  No power is sent to the equipment.  They all say that they still need power stones and are out of fuel.

FYI, it took a while to figure out how to fuel up the generator.  For those who are reading, you have to hold the wood in your hand and load it piece by piece into the generator.  Quite a tedious process.  I'm not sure why you can't load it like you do the furnaces.

Anyway, it was disappointing that none of the equipment actually runs off of the generator.  A little clarification would be appreciated.  Is this a bug?  Does the planking need to run behind the equipment?  I assumed that it just had to connect in on one side, any side, by at least one square.  It seemed appropriate to make the planking a walkway for my workshop, but if it needs to attach from behind, I can lay things out differently.

 on: December 15, 2017, 09:19:06 PM 
Started by Omidawn - Last post by Omidawn
Several times I have seen a request for a "grinding wheel."  There is a grinding stone, a grinding blade, and a grinding saw... no grinding wheel.

Request for small satchel.  I only found one of these as loot in an area that you can only play through once.  I sold it because I had a better item equipped.  Now I am getting an "S" level quest for small satchels, and no way to get more of them.  Same is true with the grinding wheel above: "A" level quest with no way to complete it.

Also, Nitre needs to be added to the quarrying.  I am quarrying with a level 4 pick on the biggest blocks I can find, and no drops for Nitre.  Half of the "A" level quests require Nitre (which Higgins has no problem fulfilling daily).  There is no way to keep up with him at the A level if these items are missing from the game.

FYI, the only Nitre I have seen so far was a boss drop in the WOW ruins (limited to one play-through).

Also, I was expecting Nitre rocks to be available to quarry above the waterfall... there is nothing there for resources except a few trees.  Is there a plan to fill in this area?

Please implement these soon, or change them to items that we can make or obtain in the ruins.  Now that I think about it, I might have picked up the small satchel in one of the repeatable ruins.  I would not have sold it if I had known it was part of an "S" quest as a rare item.  If there are going to be "S" quests for items found only in the ruins, I'll need to make another storage for the extra washing machines, fans, clocks, sofas, etc that I pick up, instead of selling them to save space.  (You can only use one of each in your home for the bonus, so the rest is basically trash.)

Lastly... there is a reference to bug eggs being used as fish bait.  There is a fish at both the waterfall and at the pier that I haven't been able to find yet.  Should I presume that the bug egg can be used to catch it?  Anyway, the problem is that there is no option to use the bug egg as bait.  Even if you are only carrying the Bug Egg and no Caterpillars, it doesn't recognize the Bug Egg as usable as a lure.  There needs to be a way to select which bait you want to use, and enable the bug egg as bait, if it is intended to be used to catch the fish.

 on: December 15, 2017, 04:18:32 PM 
Started by inbntly - Last post by Omidawn
- Spelling Errors in letters you receive in the mail.

I started another thread for spelling/grammar/word usage errors.  Be specific when you post.  :)

- The very bottom of the first two ruins (that's all I've been to so far) don't seem to have a texture at the floor, just looks gray. I don't know if this just hasn't been implemented or just isn't loading properly so I figured I'd include it.

This is normal for now (same for me, and same in demo 2.2).  If they change the texture, I hope it remains very distinctive so you don't waste too much time banging at nothing.

- Issues with character being movement/animation locked when in combat.

There is a debuff when you hit creatures in combat, and when you get hit as well.  There is a skill that gives you a longer debuff when you hit... I think this is what it refers to.  That is why it is dangerous if you get swarmed... you can be debuffed so that you are basically stuck and not able to fight back while they pummel you.  You have to become good at dodging and keep moving if there are large numbers (3 or more)

- The very first event in the game with the blimp doesn't seem to drop anything (Again, not sure if this has been fully implemented.)

You have to beat everyone else to the packages... they are picked up quickly, and may have already been gone before you got there. :P

-Sophie's Milk Delivery - Reputation gains? Isaac gives zero +rep, Fisherman gives +5, Guy at tree farm gives +10. Is this rep gain supposed to be uniform?

My guess: it reflects the personality of the characters.  Isaac is an old curmudgeon and hard to please.

 on: December 15, 2017, 04:12:09 PM 
Started by Omidawn - Last post by Omidawn
Still need English translation for fish tank buttons

 on: December 15, 2017, 02:25:46 PM 
Started by Omidawn - Last post by Omidawn
Antoine: "effecient" should be "efficient"

 on: December 15, 2017, 02:21:57 PM 
Started by DanielCampbell - Last post by Omidawn
I don't mind this: it makes the game more immersive and respectful.  Other people are complaining that the NPCs are too impersonal or robotic.  I am against doing something that takes away from their "personal space" and makes them even more impersonal.  I hate it in other games when other people run or ride through me, even if there is no actual effect.  However I think it should be turned off if you are walking (rather than running) and just trying to get to someone in a crowd.  If you are walking they should just move out of the way without complaining -- you are just nudging your way through a crowd.  Maybe it already does this... I'll have to check.   "X" toggles the run/walk, in case you didn't know.

 on: December 15, 2017, 01:15:15 PM 
Started by Kurokaze - Last post by Kurokaze
I may have done something stupid but as far as I remember, I followed the main quest path along up to  "The Forest" to find Tariq. I have redone that step from a saved game and come to the alien attack and Tariq then stands not far away and I should follow him. Doing so, quests continue nicely to the martian camp etc...

But: for unknown reasons (perhaps as I had other pending quests) I must have done fast travel away from Tariq and after about 5 hours playing (mining, site-quests, hunting for food) I wanted to resume that main quest but when I returned to Tariq place in the forest, he stands around with the 2 girls living again and nothing happens, no alien attack, nothing... and my mission book is empty, the map does not show any available quest anywhere. I have a saved game from this state also.

As far as I remember, I walked around a lot between the above two game states/times, found Ataro, found the west coast with all those ruins and also the two martian camps, but nobody wanted to talk with me, or let me progress in questing. There could be many reasons why there are no missions at all now, but I could not identify when the missions were dropped without any chance to regain the main quest path.

I now would like to check for "completed" quests in a history log to find out when I went wrong, but that seems to be missing also :-(

Is there a chance to reset the main quest chain , at least to get back the "The Forest" quest from Lao? I have spent about 20 hours of mining, building and redoing it would be no fun (for me). With "reset" I do not maen to forget all that play and restart doing all grinding again.

Any help available?

 on: December 15, 2017, 06:48:53 AM 
Started by Omidawn - Last post by Omidawn
Socializing was difficult in the Demo, but it is really really difficult to get those first 2 hearts in the Alpha.

It takes twice as much to fill a heart, and there is some random disadvantage that periodically zaps 20-30 points off of people you are trying to work up.  I'm talking about people you are actively trying to get points with every day, suddenly lose half (or all) of their points for no reason.

I have two suggestions: 

First, if you manage to get someone to associate or higher, they are immune to this effect (whatever is causing it).

Second, anyone that you have talked to at least once during the week is immune to the effect (whatever is causing it).

It is just brutal to be undone this way, with no explanation or recourse.  Unless there is something or someone behind the scenes that is actively working against you, it makes no sense.  Even Higgins shouldn't be able to turn the whole town against you.  It is also really close to being a game breaker if you are interested in courting Ginger.  If you can't work her up faster than she gets knocked down, she will be your nemesis by the end of the first year.  It would be better to not meet her at all -- people you have not met do not change their disposition.

So, if staying in contact reasonably <once per week> eliminates the negative, then for those who are only 1-2 point gain per day (like Ginger), you can still eventually befriend them.  Like I said, knocking them constantly back to zero (or negative adversary) no matter how hard you try is just brutal, and not really very fun.

Also, if anyone knows the reason (or reasoning) behind the disadvantage, I'd really like to understand how it is justified.  Is it a bug or intentional?

 on: December 15, 2017, 05:34:55 AM 
Started by Omidawn - Last post by Omidawn
The last blueprint (Drying Rack) is not available.  The items that it creates are used in the game, but the blueprint is not available for making the rack so that you can make them yourself.  I have a feeling that some of these items are "favored" items for gifting, so it is frustrating to not have them available for crafting.

I have all of the other blueprints unlocked and carrying 20+ data disks, so I know it's not me, it's just not showing up to give any more disks for research.  Is this a bug, or is it not implemented yet?

EDIT:  <sorry this next is a suggestion, not really a bug, except that I can't retrieve a recipe that I was given from Dawa, and I can't remember it, so yeah, that's gone>

Also, can you have a recipe book or a recipe tab in the journal for cooking?  As far as I can tell, you are told how to make something once, and if you forget then you have lost that recipe.  It would be nice if it were recorded somewhere that is retrievable.  For instance, when you click on an item in the item list, have the recipe show up on the adjacent page <if you have learned that recipe>.  This includes any successful random combination that you come up with yourself.

Also, have new recipes appear on the list as you learn them, that may have been "hidden," so that experimenting with cooking might actually produce something that was not on the list before.

 on: December 15, 2017, 05:06:25 AM 
Started by Sara1286 - Last post by Omidawn
well, the game has changed a lot in two months, but this was available at least since 2.2 (you can do it in the Demo).  To move equipment, hit them twice with an axe to pick them up (you lose the fuel in the latest version, in the Demo you get the fuel back into inventory).  To move the worktable, assembly platform, or house, you have to use the catalog at A&G Construction next to the Commission Office.  You can upgrade them using the catalog, but you can also relocate them without upgrading them by clicking the MOVE button.

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