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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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 on: February 19, 2018, 10:35:05 PM 
Started by Bonexy1 - Last post by Bonexy1
Hello everyone,

so far I really like My Time at Portia. This is also the reason why I made a personal list with things and thoughts which could improve the overall gameplay.
For every point I'm trying to give a little bit of reasoning why I think this should be changed or added. However this might not be a full or deep explanation since it would get a really messy post otherwise. Please feel free to comment on all or specific ideas.

What the game really needs
  • The current time (in real life): You get easily sucked into the game and its very easy to lose track of how much time actually passed in the real world. A possibility to
    show the real world time would be really nice to have.
  • Fun weapons: The game currently lacks "fun" weapons and the Enhanced Bronze Sword is literally useless since you get the Iron version at the same time. Why would you ever want to build that? Lower damage as well as no bonus effects. The only interesting (or different) weapon i got is Blade of Malice but sadly at the time I got this I already had the Iron Sword. So again: no reason to build it. Also some additional info on this weapon would be good in the interface (how much dmg does poison deal?).- And yes I know its more of a crafting game but since the battling feature is implemented (+ fun) and even (a few) bosses exist I think this is worth mentioning.
  • Kicking trees: Currently kicking trees feels a bit lackluster (or disappointing) compared to other methods of getting resources since you have to press your kick button once per kick. It would feel a lot better when you could just keep the button pressed just like you do for mining and chopping trees.
  • Making my own clothes: The game really needs more possiblities for crafting your own clothes (especially hats) - currently you are very limited and forced to buy them. I think using the advanced skiver for this kind of stuff would really fit the game.
  • Advanced Skiver: I have no idea why this upgrade is not able to craft all those things which a basic skiver can. Every other crafting machine can. Please add those blue prints to the advanced skiver.

Stuff which I think would be cool if implemented
  • Changing music: Different music dependant on the current season would be really sweet. The main theme is pretty good but it gets annoying after quite a while. A bit of change would be definitely beneficial for the game.
  • Boombox: I wish I could actually listen to some "Radio" using the Boombox (or chose a different background music with it). Instead it's rather useless after finishing
    the quest. (Well yea.. it gives a bonus if placed in your home.. but cmon).
  • House upgrade: I really want to use the small "garage-like space" at the side. Why does this even exist if I cant place any boxes (or sth else) in it?
  • Dessert Deedee Transport: For obvious reasons (very long walks) we really need a transport station in the eastern and southern dessert. Its just way to time consuming going there to farm those rocks.
  • Potato Fruit Image: I would prefer a yellowish brown instead of red, cuz this does not remind me of a potato as well.
  • Madcrab: Those things really need to have their drops changed. They are completely useless since by the time you get to battle them the 10g = nothing and meat = useless   
  • Bunnys: I would love it if they would drop their pink hat (2% dropchance e.g.)
  • Port of portia: The actual port of portia has currently no real value except for the beginning of the story. This is especially sad because the city is called "PORTia" and the port is looking really good. I would love to have some NPCs there. E.g. a shop selling fish / some material for upgrading your rod later on etc.
  • Birthday Message: Whenever someone has Birthday there should be a message after waking up to inform you. For this message you need to have the information about their birthday first. - This would make it way easier to keep track of all those birthdays (there are quite a lot of people in portia ;) )
  • Books: Books should be placable in your home. Gives you an additional way to decorate it.

Suggestion for balance changes
  • Data Disc droprate: The current droprate way to high when digging in the Ruins. The usage of Data Discs is (currently) very limited and you can get tons of them very easily.
    They should be something deseriable and farmworthy instead of a waste of inventory space. Especially since they are supposed to be the source of
    new crafting possibilities! Potential improvements:
    • Lower the droprate by *0.7 when digging.
  • Fertilizer: Fertilizer is very hard to farm compared to its use (especially lategame when you have multiple trees!) Potential improvements (chose one):
    • Lower the cost for fertilizer at Sophie's Farm
    • Increase the Mucus drop rate
    • If possible: 3 Muccus + 5 Bones + 15 Animal Feces -> 5 Fertilizer
  • Satchels: Those are (Commerce Mission "S") way to hard to farm considering the rewards you get from the commerce mission (not much more than an A Level one). Potential improvements
    (chose one) to this specific mission:
    • Increase drop chance of delicate fur (you could make rabbits drop them 100% and leave the chance for the slurpees)
    • Decrease the amount of delicate fur which 1 quality leather needs (I would suggest 3 instead of 4) - compared to others which only need either 2 fur or 2 worn fur (both are also considerably more easy to farm than the delicate one)
    • Decrease to amount of satchels you need to finish the quest from 2 -> 1
    • Increase the rewards (especially the points you get for the "ladder") (e.g. *1.5)
  • Wood: Hardwood is way to common (especially after you finish the tree farm quest) and rarely used. Either increase the usage for it or decrease the droprate. Same goes for Iron Wood (I feel here the drop rate is alright but the current usability is very limited). Potentially add some furniture which needs (a lot) of Hardwood / some Iron Wood - like a bed upgrade or some book shelves.


  • Antoine: Antoine says "Skin care is a basic right.." but doesnt like Flowery Soap thats kinda odd.
  • Grass: Winter: Some grass spots remain green instead of turning white (snow effect) e.g. the spot infront of the commerce guild.
  • Big rocks: The position of the "healthbar" should be adjusted. Currently the position is a bit too high.
  • Actionbar [Endurance]: Gameplay "bugs": Actionbar (Endurance) doesn't refill when keeping the sprint button pressed even tho you don't sprint anymore. You can use the dodge roll when having a very little amount of action points left (less than it would normally cost). This should not be the case.

It would be really cool to see one or two of those changes/ideas getting actually implemented. I might add some more in the future.
That's it for now.



 on: February 19, 2018, 08:16:54 PM 
Started by Krahazik - Last post by Krahazik
Author: Krahazik
A 3 person early game buggy made from wood, iron and steel with wood wheels. Equipped with a single rapid fire turret for defense.

  • Weight 11.08 T
  • Volume 2.40 m^3
  • Attack 454 /s
  • Durability 7,083
  • Fuel 168,000
  • Top Speed 70 kph
  • 1 Vehicle Cockpit
  • 10 Wood Wheels
  • 1 Vehicle Engine Type 01
  • 6 Vehicle Headlight Type 01
  • 6 Fuel Cell Type 01
  • 1 Rapid Fire Turret
  • 2 Side Seat
  • 17 Iron
  • 69 Steel
  • 16 Wood

 on: February 19, 2018, 04:58:26 AM 
Started by Wards - Last post by Wards
Been happening a lot recently but the game "crashes" but stays on. I get a little black rectangle in the top left corner of my screen where the game is active. I can hear myself swinging my pick, I will pass out when 3am comes around, etc, but I can't get the game to actually show up again. If I hit Esc, my cursor changes to the menu cursor and I can hear the button sounds if I hover over the middle of the screen.

Anyone else?

 on: February 18, 2018, 08:07:06 PM 
Started by Failisse - Last post by Failisse
Thanks Omidawn! I'll be sure to use your guides to help bring in more income. So far, the stone tables and selling the quarrying gems has already helped quite a bit.  :D

 on: February 18, 2018, 05:52:19 PM 
Started by PanzerSjegget - Last post by PanzerSjegget
I've been enjoying the game for the past few days, until I crashed into the cooking set. Not only were there no in game help to get me started on it, I had to google what to do with it, but it also breaks with the rest of the internal crafting logic. I can see what the team has been trying to go for with having to add ingredients before the meal is cooked, but this type of logic not used anywhere else. Sure I see the entertainment in experimenting to find recipes, but forcing me as a player to memorize a bunch of them? Again, this type of logic isn't used anywhere else. Everything else is light, simple and casual. I just fail to see the logic of introducing such a mechanic, when it so clearly is in contrast to the rest of the game.

I'm pretty sure it is not just me that feels this way, from looking at the steam forums and other places where I had to go to actually figure out how to get this to work, and I'll be sticking with grilled and salted meat and crayfish until something better comes along or this is fixed.

 on: February 18, 2018, 05:14:49 PM 
Started by Krahazik - Last post by Krahazik
Talking about vehicle weaponry.

I have determined that the weight and volume of vehicle weapons does scale with the size of the weapon.

What I have not determined is if the damage output of a given weapon scales with the size of the weapon.

The attack power measures in ### /s does not change with the scale of the weapon.
I might assume then that the damage of the weapon does not scale, but not certain of this.

Has any one else played around with differant vehicle weapons?

 on: February 18, 2018, 02:37:00 PM 
Started by jajen2003 - Last post by Igoryaka
I have the same problem. I checked the files. integrity is not broken. Win10 OS

 on: February 18, 2018, 02:03:10 PM 
Started by Draos - Last post by Igoryaka
Столкнулся с такой же проблемой. Помогло редактирование строки <language>None</language> в документе OptionConfig.xml на <language>English</language>.

 on: February 17, 2018, 07:25:24 PM 
Started by Degrelecence - Last post by Degrelecence
@Wards Thanks for saying. I hope it is helpful :)

 on: February 17, 2018, 06:29:20 PM 
Started by Iron Newt - Last post by Iron Newt
There's something odd going on with the time it takes to grow crops, does the time the player is 'sleeping' not count? It would explain these screen shots

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