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I know this is maybe a lot to ask, but my hope is that eventually your NPCs will pick up new skills and get better at them depending on where they are being used.  You could have lots of really skilled workers eventually by rotating them around, if they were able to "learn" up to five different skills (the number of skill spaces).

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Collision boxes on custom items
« on: August 10, 2014, 05:19:11 PM »
I encountered this when I tried to do a custom fence on the diagonal, and found that even though you don't "see" anything, the collision is for the full corner to corner square of the object.  This would be true of your racetrack also, but I'm not sure how you would build an object that big.  You would need to build using regular blocks and save it as a "building."  It could not be an object.

The work-around is to build smaller sections when working on the diagonal, and only design that kind of angled corner when necessary.  If you have too many objects in one place, the client will crash.  Use the regular building blocks whenever you can, and suggest textures and shapes that you think the game would benefit from.  I think that rounded corners (ramps) would be difficult or impossible in any case.  I was thinking something like this in terms of building roads.  A banked turn is impossible to build, even with the angled blocks. The vehicles would take the turns the same on flat terrain, I think.  Momentum is much simpler in the game.  It just doesn't look as cool as racing around a banked turn.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: A few quality of life ideas.
« on: August 08, 2014, 11:44:09 PM »
On a side note; How are you finding so much animal skin? I feel they need to have a base drop of 1 skin on every animal, and up the minimum on larger creatures. Killing one of those huge plains beasts and getting no skins and 6 fats is frustrating, to say the least.  :P

The large hairy-headed giraffe things are good for skins while you travel... usually in sets of 3 or 4, and you can usually get 4-6 skins off of each herd.  Once you have gun emplacements, level off a killing field, (easier to find and collect corpses that way) and place the mob generator in the middle.  Whenever you log in at that area (or travel to it) the generator will activate.  There are 6 waves of mobs (72 creatures in all) and you can usually get a few dozen skins at a time.  Make sure you have 8-10 lasers/gatling guns around your set up in the center.  DO NOT set this up at your colony.  At present, once you place the generator, it is permanent.  You cannot undo it.  Set it up somewhere close to a map marker that you can fast travel to, but not set it off until you run over to it.  You have 15 seconds to prep once it's activated.  A wave comes every minute after that.  It starts really easy, but gets hard at the end.  The 4th, 5th, and 6th waves are where you will get most of the skins (larger creatures).  NOTE: I got most of my skins from exploring, but I have stacks of several hundred skins now from the generator that I mistakenly placed at my colony.  Good thing I established my defense first.  You will basically just have time to run around and search the bodies before they disappear, and the next wave comes.  I think the creatures that come may depend on the area you set it up in (and may be related to how far you are in your quests).  I would recommend forested biome, as those creatures tend to have pelts.  Higher level (hairy) creatures tend to have good multiple pelts.  Don't expect to get good skins from lizards or saurus.  They are meat, fat, and scale.  I usually only detour for those giraffe guys and predators that I know have good pelts, and leave the rest alone.

FYI, other creatures that are good for skins are the bulldog-headed predator, those grey cat-like predators (packs of 3 or 4), and the white vulture-headed predators (which are usually also in packs).  Oh, also the rabbit guys (about 50% have pelts).  I'd like to find a use for the soft fur and other rare parts... I hope that comes into play eventually.

i'm ok with that, The NPC are crap farmers anyway, actually I would prefer they don't touch it, I would want planters for decorative purposes, and don't really want then harvesting my decorations all the time. 

My farmers seem to do well, as long as they aren't asleep.  I've only had a handful of crops spoil, and it was probably something I did wrong.  Interesting what you said about planters though, I hadn't thought of using them as decorations.  The good thing is that you can still use the NPC farmers, just don't designate anyone to harvest... do that part yourself.  You'll have to clear out your inventory if you have a large farm, and re-store everything in storage, since it won't go there automatically when you harvest for yourself.  So... you would excavate and put a planter under a farm-able piece of terrain?  That really takes some advanced colony planning.  Cool idea though.  I think you probably mean that you could keep a whole garden area for all of those luminous plants, and put paths through them... maybe a fountain?  Or have a "planter" in various preserved plots in your buildings or common areas.  LoL.  A walled garden would be easy though.  Lots of landscaping.  This could be fun!

Another idea for the people wanting a terraced structure... what about using one of those mushroom hills?  Looks like it would be ideal for that kind of building.  Tall enough, and some are small enough to not require a lot of extra excavation.  The bonus is you will get a lot of extra building materials from clearing the space.

For anyone wanting to level terrain, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of your tools... just SAVE often.  Once you excavate you can't undo, so if you are trying to get specific terrain shapes or tiers, you will want to have a saved file to undo mistakes.

I know that's not really what this thread is about... I agree that a "farm-able" block would be nice.  I'm just saying that a lot of these ideas can already be done with a little industry and the resources that are already available.

I'll experiment with some underwater activities.  Pumping probably won't work, since the water doesn't seem to deplete when you pump it.  I like the idea of an underwater dome.  Also mining underwater would benefit from an "air-filled" mine structure, as well as underwater farming.  I think it may not be possible yet, but it doesn't hurt to experiment, especially with all that *** spoiler*** under that lake. (Story mode)  ;)

here's a thought... since the workers don't suffer from lack of oxygen, have you tried clearing out some space and fertilizing the lake bottom?  Oh, something else that would be really nice... building a structure and being able to place "air" blocks inside (i.e. replace the water inside the structure with air) to have a more realistic underwater farm.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Weapons damage
« on: August 07, 2014, 06:14:47 AM »
yeah, weapon crafting seems to be lacking something.  The one I made was -98% damage (it did 2 points), and missed 30% of the time.  It's bad enough that when I hit with my weapons I do no damage most of the time, but then to craft something that I think will be better and find out it's not just worse but a real waste of time and resources is really a let-down.

A weapon shouldn't have to have 50 barrels and a ton of steel in order to do damage.  I completely ignore this part of the game.  Total waste of time.  From what I understand about what other people are doing, the entire concept is ludicrous.  I was in the military, and was trained to put together my rifle from parts.  In the game, you should craft the parts, you put them together, and then you have a death-dealing weapon.  What it looks like is entirely optional/creative and should have no bearing on it's ability to be used as a weapon.  You shouldn't have to "multiply" or embed extra of the same parts to somehow make it better (extra grips for more accuracy? extra barrels for more damage?).  When do I get the surgery for the extra hands to grip it with?  Seriously, if you have to build a hand-held tank, just build a tank.

I have to rely on my mates and deployed guns to kill anything, but at least the gun emplacements and vehicle weapons (and henchman weapons) seem to work the way they are supposed to.  I'll be learning how to fly and deal death from above with the default ones (hopefully).

I will say that recently I think there was a bug fix for range weapons.  I seem to be doing damage with my range weapons now (as opposed to doing no damage).

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: A few quality of life ideas.
« on: August 07, 2014, 05:41:50 AM »
you can place landmarks, you just can't fast travel to them.  That would be a nice feature.

I would like to queue up recycling.  I have a stack of around 50 objects to recycle, and that means babysitting the machine to put something in every 12 minutes.  Otherwise it will basically take me 50 days to recycle everything, and in the meanwhile more stuff will be piling up that I design a better design for.  Or maybe just make it 5 seconds instead of 12 minutes so that I can get the resources back in a timely fashion.  Throw them into the cruncher.  Sure!  Chomp, chomp.  Here's your chunk of metal.

I would only want auto refueling if I can power off the systems when I'm not using them.  Currently they run for just under 3.5 hours, not 30 minutes.  That's not bad.  I'm more concerned with burning up supplies when you don't really need everything running.  I'm not sure what impact it has on colonists.  They don't seem to do much (they don't cook, so I'm not sure how they use up the food... it seems to just sit in storage anyway).  The weapons don't need it, the farm doesn't need it, the colony center doesn't need it, and the machines and storage only need to work when I'm working with them.  What I would really like to see is a power off and on in the colony console, so it doesn't waste the fuel that's already loaded.  The way it is now I feed 3.5 hours of fuel in and use it for 10 minutes.  That's a terrible waste of resources.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: A comparison for your creations.
« on: August 07, 2014, 05:09:14 AM »
Vehicles seem to have a different scale than objects, and may have a different scale even from each other.  (I.e. aircraft scale may be different from vehicle scale.)  If you are talking about objects, the scale is (for fine scale) 25 blocks cubed in the creation tool is one block size on the terrain.  The different sizes that you can choose from (tiny, small, large) seem to all use this same scale in fine mode.  I don't use rough, but I presume that fewer blocks would be needed, and you would have less detail.  Once you get used to the placement tool it's pretty easy to place multiple blocks where you want them, so fine scale works well for me.  Small seems the best size for most things.  It allows for 2 terrain blocks x 2 blocks (base) x 4 blocks (height).  That is, 50 x 50 x 100 mini-blocks (creation tool blocks).  Large has a larger base (I think 4 x 4), but the height is only 2.5 blocks.  Figure 4 terrain blocks ~ 2 meter.  If you are making a sofa, you would need Large size.  A lamp or footlocker would be Small, but a wardrobe would also likely be small if you want the height.  A jewelry box would be Tiny.

I was a little surprised that the "dirt" blocks didn't allow for this when I tried it.  It does make setting up a farm a little more of a challenge.  You can still have your colony over water, as long as part of the dome is over land, the workers will go anywhere under the dome to get to the farm.  What I like to do is level off the entire area to be farmed.  It doesn't have to be soil (dirt), as far as I know.  It seems to turn any natural terrain into arable land when you fertilize it, so you can level off even in rocky areas to make a nice farm, and edge it off with blocks to keep it tidy.  I decided to build my compound with a portion over land (inside the perimeter), and about 3/4 over water.  I figured the water provides a natural barrier, and for the most part this is true.  My farm is smallish, but the yield seems to be more than enough for the colony.  I think it's around 15x30 blocks around the perimeter.

If you really want a rooftop garden, you could level a hilltop and have the natural terrain on the roof (cut out everything under it).  A lot of work for that, but an interesting project.

I created an ISO of a steel girder which is 1 block in size.  I can stack them with precision for cool looking catwalks around my perimeter, but:  they take a long time to place, and they cost 9 steel each.

I think all of the construction costs in the creation system should be divided by 9 from where it is now (for block placement, not for parts), and rounded up to 1 if it is smaller than 1.  Just my opinion.

Moving on -- what I would like to see specifically and I think would be a great addition to the game is a steel block texture that looks like a girder, that costs one steel, and snaps to other blocks (i.e. it's a block, not an object).  I can still use the ISO platforms on top for the catwalks, but having so many objects with the girder construction is causing my game to crash.  If it were a regular block texture, it would reduce both the cost (down to 1) and the problem with having so many objects.

It would be nice to have other colors/textures to build with -- I'll let other people come up with other ideas.  Most of the current blocks are variations of grey and are not that distinctive. We can create a lot of cool stuff in objects, and I love the game for that.  There are some things that would just be better as a basic building block instead of an object.

I managed to take a screenshot before it crashed.  You can see the number of items involved (I hope).  This is as far as I can get without crashing the program within about 30 seconds.  To be fair, I have a mob generator set up that I can't turn off, so when I enter the colony it competes with everything else going on.  I think if the blocks were normal textures instead of ISOs, we could all build cool things like this without overloading the program.

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