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Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: Icarus Armament Division thread.[marked]
« on: December 02, 2016, 03:21:00 PM »
I have just re uploaded the Mammoth mkIII (aluminium) on steam with max wheel parts (more on the front and te rear) but it still have slope climbing issue, even if it's reduced.
Also try to avoid mountain climbing.

I'll won't change aluminium for a lightest material, this is already too much unrealistic, lol.

Now the only vehicle I need to fix is the raider, but the fact that it explode after less than 1 minute of road is not an encouraging sign x) .

Well, much more ajustments than I was thinking for making something realistic.

I watched quickly the new mechwarrior online and noticed that there is much more humanoid mechs than reverssed legs mechs for unknow reason. Also some of these models are seriously inspired from anime mechs but with gameplay adapted to this simulator.

I'm not sure what to think anymore,  while I find the mech simulation boring and outdated, the anime mechs are too much unrealistic, so you are right on this point.

The custom armor system is interesting but a little bit to much time-consuming and if they had mech legs parts, I suppose we could only build the upper part of the mech.

Well, I'll don't care how they could be animated, only the design posibilities you could give to them could be interesting.

I understand that some materials are more specific like wood for boats, but except that,  is the balancing process not too difficult for the audience targeted?(specifically childs). While I was trying other sanbox games, I have just encounter no such balancing difficulties or no balancing issue at all. Too much brainstorming is maybe not what some players expect to encounter in this kind of game.

Well, Icarus, I spent about, I dunno, maybe 20-30 minutes mucking about with it in Build (Creative) mode, spawning in the original (which, as you said, does not fly and does not even lift off the ground a little), then I adjust the angle of the thrusters and was able to get it airborne, but it had a constant forward drift and serious nosedive mentality when accelerating forward. I then adjust the thrusters forward on the wings, rotated some VTOLs, and was able to get it airborne with a drift of ~3kph forward. I'm sure you could do much better to fix it than I, since you know where all of the parts are hidden. But all things considered, the system isn't broken - old designs are just outdated. You now actually have to take angle, weight, balance, thrust in any and all directions, and how forward motion may affect forward angle - into consideration. I assume the ISO you linked to is the aluminum one?

Now, though I did get it flying, it was very slow. Again, I don't know the ship like you do. Don't give up on it though - that thing looks like a bad-ass beast. I'd love to see it fully fixed and flying like it was intended to. Just tweak it some. You say you spent 300 hours on it? So what's a couple more to make it "release-ready"? I don't know how it's supposed to fly (is it supposed to nose down when moving forward?), but you do, so I encourage you to spend some time on it - because I'd love to see it in action as intended.

The iso linked is the old alu version, totally outdated, not only because of the weight but also because airship thruster at 45° is something that don't work in the same way than before. The wood ones you could find on the steam workshop work very well compared to the alu version.

Well, I said "broken" maybe because I was angry, spending so much time on isos which in the end are not able work anymore is very frustrating, but it's not really broken, if it was the case, even small isos could be touched. Before, U5 update I planned a lot of stuff bigger (size) than actually, things that could be a way more difficult to balance so I have to rip them. I still think there a balance issue regarding materials weight. But if no-one notice, there is no reason for devs to check that. Maybe later if the community increase, advanced users will certainly run into it .

I'll try to fix it again, but later I'm very busy with papers these days. Compared to the  wood versions, the airship thruster will be horizontal, it's the only way. It's sad, I love to see the vertical jet blast while it's flying.

Take it easy, I'm not  the only on in error. You have yourself not understood the "there no place for them, the inside was already maded" and put the vtols rotors directly inside. This iso resquested me more than 300 hours of creation and you tried to get credits in the easy way. I'll be uncompromising on the fact that the inside troop compartment will stay safe even if i'll never upload  an aluminium version of it again.

Also fixing this issue will just not solve the general overweight issue of many ground and flying isos in the same case.

P.S: Good, I didn't ask for help.

Like I have said previously, it it possible to make it fly but the gameplay won't follow. Also it will be just impossible to hide vtol rotors with this size. I made something similar before with 15 resized vtols hidden in each wings and it wasn't good, small vtol rotors was not as efficient as when they are resized at their bigger size. With these parts positions turning still a serious issue and speed won't be that good. Also tweaking vtol rotors angles for increasing turning speed will also increase stability issue :/ None of these issues have happened before v.0.90.

All the weight is on the front of the aircraft so reducing their weights this much could be problematic. In the previous build, the one you have downloaded, it was going forward too much and it criticized because of that. So my last version in wood just don't move while in flying standby at 0 km/h.

Dont forget Aliminium is an endgame material and more than half of the materials you will find before are until 7 times more heavier. This iso is only one of many isos and the issues with battleships are much more a problematic.

Thanks for your try.

Maybe devs wanted a more realistic gameplay but in the end this just add to player confusion, also making big changes that ripped a bunch of isos without advertizing the community wasn't a good thing to do.

If you think about humanoid mechs only by the leg parts, sure they are boring. My suggestion is more like a giant version of the custom armor. More manoeuvrable and adaptable than a humanoid mechs in mechwarrior for exemple. When you watch movies or anime, humanoid mechs and reversed legs mechs don't have the same abilities but they are all usefull.

Specifically reversed legs mechs have firepower and armor while humanoid are multipurposes.

Also I would not say mechs are slower, why should they? their movement animation may be slower, but generally for being much bigger thy would also make longer steps ending in a similar or even higher speed. If mechs would be slower than a running human they would be a pointless tool/weapon at all. From a gameplay point of view they would end useles then. not even speaking about PvP where everyone would do drive by's with anything faster.

It seems it was what I was trying to explain but I surely failed my translation :p

I just suggested humanoid mechs because devs have already most of their animations.

Wait, what?!

I seems you totally missed it.

My iso is an aircraft, his iso is a battleship that could be wide enough to enter in the aircraft editor.

Mine use 57807 voxels and request 1092 aluminium for a weight of 144.5 T.
+ 2 airship thrusters and 18 vtols.

His battleship use 7479 voxels and request 322 iron and very few copper and wood for a weight of 502.6 T.
+10 airship thrusters and 6 vtols.

1 iron voxel= 3 aluminium voxels, and parts have their own weight.

The solution you have brough, was already tested with 30 vtols and airship thrusters placed horizontally or vertically and it don't change the fact that if it can't leave the ground, it can move & turn, and if it can take off, its speed will be insanely slow & its turning capicity will be ridiculous. 30 Vtols rotors even resized are just too weak for doing the job.  And I'll won't speak about my Aluminium battleship which has the same issue.

Numerous vtols rotor type 1 could do the job  but there no place for them, the inside was already maded. Only wings are empty and I have already resized vtol rotors.

In my tests resized parts could increase lift force with real notable effects but also increase weight, (it is in this way my other battleship worked) so I didn't know that just resizing axis Z don't change lift power. I will make some tests. Also Z is not the axis I need to resize for hiding them.

Squeaky's RTT-QLTMS was made after U5 release and mines were made before. it seems he used the battleship editor because he didn't have the choice, airship editor couldn't allow take off with only 2 airship thrusters for heavy isos like this one. He is in my friend list.

It is also good to notice that if you try to do an iso of the same size by using the aircraft and the battleship editor, you will greatly lose in quality and details because 1 voxel in battleship editor = 8 voxels in aircraft editor for the same result ingame.

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: Icarus Armament Division thread.[marked]
« on: December 01, 2016, 11:13:47 AM »
can you make an original C&C mammoth tank? That oen was way cooler than the others. So sad they werent in tiberian sun except that one mission with the mutants.

This won't happen, this one took me a lot of time and actually time is missing. Also, even if the original c&c look more easy to make, I actually encounter overweight issue that don't allow it to climb even a little slope + the fixed turret requested a lot of work is pretty uneffective ingame, I have made this one because I was pretty excited because at this moment the custom turret editor release was close and is name misleading, but now it is released I'm seriously dampen. 

Obviously with an great editor like that, it is sad that we can't do our own tank turret.

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: I.A.D Custom sentries.
« on: December 01, 2016, 10:57:39 AM »
unfortunatly  :-\

I pretty sure you have already see it once, here a link to the aluminium version it had an uncommon gameplay, so I tried to place place parts like a normal iso but I don't have a full control during test, there is always a speed issue depending on how I have dispatched vtol rotor, it could be speed, vertical lift or turning. So I released wood versions on steam workshop there 2 days ago.

Issues occur with several of my computers so it's not a corrupted file issue.

The reason I have left the game during months, waiting for final release, since v0.9, is that I expected devs could fix the issues that occur with most of my isos and other players isos, for final release. Issues they have created themselves because there wasn't any problem with these isos, they worked like a charm. Issues were reported immediatly after U5 update but devs just ignore them, claiming they'll have to finish story mode first before fixing anything else. Now the story mode (it is good, nothing to say about it) is completed , the game is released and these majors iso gameplay issues are still occuring since months and they still mute on the subject like if the issues are because of us, like if the actual broken iso gameplay is the norm.

(It's remenber me while I asked some informations about incoming custom turret(SENTRY) mode, I didn't get any answer and they didn't care about others players ideas and opinions on this subject too. Now it was released, we all know the result). 

Oddly devs have usually done a very good job on some other aspects of the game but this one still pending like if the game is unfinished.

Also I repeat but it don't only touch aircrafts isos.

With the actual gameplay I encounter overweight issues with 3 of my isos using aluminium (the kodiak(battlship), the mammoth mkIII (tank) , the the Assault dropship (aircraft). In the case of the kodiak, wood is just enough lightest. 4 whole days of balancing and testing before changing aluminium materials for wood. So for biggers isos all the materials are useless except wood? That seriously rip my next battleship project that should be a way more big.

And yesterday I have tried the raider (aluminium) and this one explode after less than than 60 sec of use. I have to precise, it was used on a flat landscape. Previously it was one of the most downloaded and appreciated iso on the Steam worshop.

Yesterday too I used the wood version Dropship like an overcraft on a 100% made flat landstrip and it has been damaged during the run like if it have been hurted by invisible objects. There is nothing under the landstrip.

In the 2 previous cases absolutly no voxel touch the ground.

Now you can't  really say me there is not serious issues with the actual gameplay.

Overweight could be fixed by adding Vtol rotor type 1 but they are huge and can't be hidden, it request also a serious bunch of them, that mean a lot more ressources. They are also far less efficient than airship thrusters but we could not compare them anymore because their description is not complete, data are missing.

My aircraft iso use 57857 voxels, emptied. So it's difficult to compare testing experience.

Trying a minimal hull? This go against player's creativity process and efforts, and if we can't do whatever we want, what is the purpose of these carriers editors.

Parts limit cap:


vtol rotor =32
vtol rotor type 1 = 32
Airship thrusters = 2
vtol rotor + vtol rotor type + Airship thrusters = 32

(With 30 vtol rotors + 2 airship thrusters parts I can't make my aluminium dropship fly. With parts, his weight is 67T.)


vtol rotor = 32
vtol rotor type 1 = 32
Airship thrusters = 16
vtol rotor + vtol rotor type + Airship thrusters = 32

(Sure you could make huge battleship copters with all these vtol rotor type 1, if you have use of them)

Peoples, once they have tried and learned how to use the editors by making some small isos will certainly want to try to make a better use of thems by making beautifull and bigger isos and they will run into issues. Because there is a limit and this one is an unbalanced iso gameplay. You can't notice it if you're just an occasionnal user that use the editor because you just need of quick isos to use, and not for the pleasure of making them and polish them.

It sad to say that but it's not even come close to the gameplay pre-U5 update, much more fun than now, and this not only a question of material weight.

So the big question is how did we come this far?

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: Icarus Armament Division thread.[marked]
« on: November 30, 2016, 10:00:22 AM »
No, it is small and it use aluminium so it can't be that heavy. It was one of the most downloaded and appreciated iso on the steam workshop so I am very surprised that I didn't get any reports concerning this issue.

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: Icarus Armament Division thread.[marked]
« on: November 29, 2016, 09:02:42 PM »
Yesterday I was on armor editor, but it give me headaches because it is very complicated and I also have to make complicated things so I'm taking a break.

I have another aircraft project like the dropship but smaller and I don't like the actual shape, I will certainly have to rethink it heavily. But because of actual flying gameplay issues I feel a little bit demotivated about making another aircraft. I have to be very carrefull about the iso size.

Right now I was just trying to unrip my first vehicle the "raider", but with the same color pattern than the dropship, however I quickly run into an issue, it take damage and explode without any reason in less than 1 min, on flat ground O_o. I don't find the issue, nothing touch the ground except the wheels.

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: Icarus Armament Division thread.[marked]
« on: November 29, 2016, 05:35:06 PM »
Dropship has just been re-upload too on the steam workshop in 2 wood versions, 30 vtol rotors and 2 airship thrusters wasn't enough to allow lift power, rotation, and propulsion of the aluminium version at the same time, I had  no choice. It is a most avanced version more polish but at this level you'll won't see any differences.

The default one.

The black one with less decals for avoiding frame rate issue.

I really want to make something else than waste my time to rebalance my old isos again and again because of some devs decisions regarding game mechanic, but this one requested to me an insane amount of time so I won't rip it that easily.

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