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Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Multiplayer - Ladders and Stairs[marked]
« on: November 15, 2016, 03:50:57 AM »
While I am quite sorry about your inability to find those pesky ladders and stairs, I do sadly must keep the point that until the Dev team believes we are ready for another patch of bug fixes and balance tweaks, there still won't be stairs and ladders are low level villages quite yet.  However, they have mentioned they are looking at it, so there is a solid chance that your notice is going to bring it to the balancing table.

These are some seriously imprsesive ISO's.  The steampunk bow blows my mind with how well down the details are.   I can't wait to use some of these myself!

Now the real question is, does the Inuko Corp handle commissions to try new times of things?   I'd love to see what kind of armor you can make  ;D

Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Creation Editor Extruding Bug[marked]
« on: September 05, 2016, 01:27:52 PM »
Very well then.   Then I have a different bug to post. 

The editor states that its done by the Space and Alt keys, when it should state it uses the Page Up / Page Down keys.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Creation Editor Extruding Bug[marked]
« on: August 26, 2016, 01:04:30 PM »
While using the Editor,I am unable to Extrude up or down, by using the Space or Alt keys.   The Arrow keys ((Forward, left, right, bck)) all work for extruding still. 

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: ISO Design Contest
« on: August 26, 2016, 05:27:41 AM »
Well then.  Allow me to make my first two entries.   

The first is a Katana made of Steel and Wood.

The second is a Steel Kiteshield made of: You guessed it!  Steel!

I may try to make an unpainted Riot Shield.  If requested by players, I will also release the versions of both where I had painted them ((But still no custom textures)) to give examples of fun ways to paint equipment.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: ISO Design Contest
« on: August 25, 2016, 05:25:04 AM »
final? does that mean you want to release it next month?
as in "not beta" anymore?
I don't think the game is reay for this, seriously. Don't do that same stuff Starboudn and NMS did and release something which is obviosuly not finished.

For the contest, generally a great idea, the game needs some basic vehicles for people not able or willing to properly handle the creator.

Time seems to be short as well. it needs time for the contets to even spread word. And time to finish stuff for people that yet haven't done anything.

Can you explain Point 1 and 2 and 4 aaand 3.

What is basically meant to be "invalid for point one by beeing too complex"
What is considered inconistent for the equipment?
Does no. 4 also include decals disallowed or are decals allowed?
No weapons on the carrior? does thta mean others vehicle are allowed to have them? And if so which.

And BTW add this to the steam forum and, make an annoncement in steam for it to reach more audience.

I am not hosting this contest ((>.>))  however, I can give my personal interpretations.
1) This mainly means don't overly complicate the details ((Although you can keep it pretty looking.))  So, avoid lots of sneaky tricks, and things like Hollow weapons.   For a Vehicle, a simple Buggy with a small paint job is nice, but you don't need to design a Semi-truck or a Tank.   

2) This means, don't upload 90% of my weapons.   I.E. try to keep the weapon's damage in line with in game material of similar damage.  For example, the Diamond Sword does like 240 attack with a 1.0 speed.  So, if you have a diamond custom weapon, try to keep it within like 200-280 attack.  No pulling out Asgore's Trident for 377 attack from 10 aluminum.  ((Although a Simple Trident is perfectly fine.))

3) I believe this simply means all vehicles as they fall under carriers.   In short, Don't put any turrets on there.  So, some simple paint job cars, some buggy's, some jeeps, etc.   Avoid massive mass cannon air tanks for taking Pujan camps.   They want Simple default vehicles that a player can use right away, and then can customize and add weapons on their own. 

4) You are not to customize the Textures of the materials.   This is a huge pain for many of the fan creators, but for simple materials contest it works just fine.  As far as the no decals, this isn't 100% true . You may not use your own custom Decals . However, the 4 pathea decals in the base game are allowed.  So feel free to slap some symbols on the door of your Jeep.

5) No illegal content.   So, no submitting any 18+ content.   So, if we see any phallic shaped clubs that happen to also feature two spheres at the handle, you can expect to be disqualified. 

6) In short, don't take some one else's entry, change the hilt, and then call it your own.  Create your own Longswords, your own daggers your own Axes.   Just remember, the idea of your weapon is that it should be able to be Modified.  So, making a Katana from Steel painted black is good, as its an easily modified sword that players can play with.  Longswords, Pistols, Guns, and especially Vehicles.  Don't just copy some one else's Jeep, add 2 symbols and call it your own.   We can use more than one Jeep or Buggy.

7) You may add flavor text as you want.  Just keep in mind, rule 5 for your flavor test.  You can put your name as the item author, so that everyone in the base game will know, their basic buggy was thanks for "Insert your name here"

I really do love your artworks.  Re-drawing those screen shots is very nice.  I especially like your first one with the siloette

We're editing the terrain all the way up to final. In the next build, you'll be able to visit the northern grasslands, the crater, and other areas.

We are also doing dungeon levels so that you know going in if you can handle it. The dungeons will start giving out player ISOs off the workshop as treasures/loot starting in the next build.
Will players still be able to easily upload their own ISO's and such?   Seems like an odd choice to have dungeons award already craftable gear.  As well, what happens if you are in no-internet connection single player, how will it choose its loot then?

From what I've found out, unlike the swords which is determined by edges, and the gun which falls off at a certain point, bows simply continue to get better based on mass, making a giant square block the best option.

This is some what disappointing, and I think Bow's suffer a unique problem since bows in general have thin and sleek designs, something which the editor has trouble catching such thin wiry shapes.  It makes creating your own custom bows difficult.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: 0.95 experience[marked]
« on: May 07, 2016, 08:11:00 PM »
I find it interesting if I find it rarely and a little at a time, but this happens quite often in PE and goes on for miles and is very chaotic.
I honestly have never seen it.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: 0.95 experience[marked]
« on: May 07, 2016, 01:32:13 PM »
57. So when this crazy terrain

happens in the same area as this crazy terrain:

you get crazy terrain squared:

yey I finally understand math!
I actually hope they fix nothing . These are so cool unique terrains I'd love to find in the middle of a game.

I know that a lot of steam workshop items are linked to the steam account.  Shouldn't a Steam Account have an Account ID that remains static even if the name changes?  If there was someway to get the system to reference the Steam Account ID, it would resolve the problem out right.

As long as ISOs been uploaded, we can't access them, becuase it's Steam's workshop and they didn't offer the fuction for developers. The only person that can delete them is the uploader themself.
There's another way to avoid this. You can list the ISOs by the most downloaded ones so that you're more likely to find the right iso.

We need to implement the 'upload' restrictions first, and then we can do our stuff. 

That looks like a complete rewrite of the skills, Malus.

Currently the skill tree has 3 divisions. Work, Survival, and Combat. I was thinking more of dividing each action up that grants skillpoints into a pool for each division, appropriately. For example:

Work is skills relating to cutting trees and mining... So naturally cutting of trees or mining that you do would earn you points to distribute in the work branch. Picking plants could also be part of this one.

Survival is building and crafting. The building part is going to be difficult, because I imagine it would be easy and annoying for people to just build giant solid blocks to garnish skillpoints. But the crafting could still play a part in gaining skillpoints in this division. Maybe ignore the building part... I'm actually going to be bit blunt on this one, and say that I don't like the existence of the "build" branch in the skill tree. It just seems unnecessarily limiting in what people can create with blocks that serve no gameplay purpose. Drive in this branch could also play a role, in that driving vehicles around could give you skillpoints. Exploration skillpoints would probably fit in this area too.

Combat is using weapons, so any fighting you do would earn you skillpoints to distribute in the combat branch.

It seems simple enough. Just add 3 pools, and apply skillpoint gain accordingly to each pool, based on what you're doing. That will allow people to both have different ways of gaining skillpoints, but also have the skillpoint gain actually serve a meaningful purpose.. If you want to increase your mining ability, it makes sense that you're going to be doing mining. If you want to improve your crafting ability, it makes sense that you're going to be crafting. If you want to improve your combat ability, it makes sense that you are going to be fighting... It does not make sense that if you want to focus on combat, you will spend all your time mining dirt with wooden shovels..
OH, i havn't really played with skills yet, so I thought it was all one big pool my bad. 

Well, with Work, Survival, and Combat having each school having a unique skill point pool to spend points in available only by performing the action would be a LOT better than one big pool to spend into all 3, making it so crafting shovels to up your combat skill is kinda rediculous

So, what I'm seeing is that we need to Divide Skill Points into differnet fields to allow different tasks. In this, sense, I believe what we need is 4 Sub-categories.

1) Combat/Combat skills
Gained by:
-Gighting and killing monsters
-Completing quests which involve fighting monsters
What weapons may be wielded ((Axes fall under here, but not pickaxes or shovels))

2) Exploration
Gained by:
-Cutting Trees
-Entering a new unexplored sector
-Gathering Herbs
-Finding rare loot items ((Necessary for more advanced ones))
-How large of a tree you may cut down
-What kind of herbs you may collect
-What kind of rare loots you may collect from ((Such as crashed ships vs piles of crates))

3) Mining
Gained by:
-If you can craft a new Detection Chip for finding new Ores
-What pickaxes/shovels you may wield

4) Construction
Gained by:
-Building into the real environment with Voxels
-Crafting items with replicator ((Bonus if first time crafting the selecting object))
-Crafting via buildings like the factory
-What you may craft

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