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Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Multiple Beds bug
« on: November 19, 2012, 08:19:33 AM »
Did you put down any beds at all or did you only have it in your inventory?

Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: 0.4 performance
« on: November 19, 2012, 08:05:27 AM »
Okay, I went in to my nVidia settings and changed them to say that Planet Explorers.exe should use nVidia instead of the integrated graphics.  I renamed the log file to make sure I would get current log data and started the game.  This time I saw a 3-second lag for every input with a 1-2 second lag for UI feedback sounds.  Looking at the log it says Direct3D is still using the Intel HD Graphics instead of nVidia as the renderer just like it did in the previous log that I attached.  I can't disable the integrated graphics because Windows wants to use it for the desktop (I just get a black screen and have to go through lots of hoops to get things working again).

Is the program causing the wrong graphics to be used by something it sets during Direct3D initialization?

I don't know of any additional system settings I can change to influence which graphic chip gets used.  Do you have any ideas?

We're taking a look at the output, what's your framerate when you run the game? Fast? Choppy?

I thought of Planet Explorers originally as a physics based 3d sidescroller, this was back in 2008 when I was still working in the industry. It was a different game, essentially. The player was a college student trying to make some money by getting DNA from alien lifeforms for the planet based university labs and other interested companies. But there was a law against killing alien lifeforms, so you can't kill in the game or else you get charged a huge sum of money. You use the money you earned to get better equipment and such. There's also a weight limit on how much you can carry, so if you carry an axe, you'll have to get rid of the cutter. In the game, if you want to cross a river, you'll need to cut a tree, etc. It was an idea that never got too far since it lacked gameplay since you can't kill.

Fast forward to mid 2011, we'd just finished our last game Drains, which didn't do too well since it had a lot of problems (from us not knowing how to market it to the gameplay being basic), it was a learning experience for the studio. We needed something to attract investors to keep the studio alive, so I pushed this project again. It was during a lunch around the time, I was talking with our concept artist about Lost and Advancing Giants (it's a manga), and it sorta just happened. Originally, the idea was pretty much what we're aiming for now, except that it wasn't on a voxel terrain. We had mine deposits everywhere for people to dig and build things. Then we saw the Voxelform program on the Unity asset store and thought, wait, we can do that too, and even better (it was using the CPU for voxel rendering, we moved it to the gpu and left the cpu to handle other stuff). And that's how we discovered it.  :)

As fr as getting the wider public to know, that's one of the mysteries of life huh? I plan to spam every news outlet soon once we have 0.41 out, put it on Greenlight, put it on Kickstarter, put it on Desura's alpha fund, and hopefully after all that it will be successful. But in the end, we need a great product first, so I'm more worried about that at the moment. We still have a lot more stuff that needs to be added, that's why we're in alpha and not calling this beta like a lot of other folks.

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: Have anyone made any weapons yet?
« on: November 18, 2012, 04:11:11 PM »
I think once we get the trailer for build and create out, more people will discover the feature. Right now it just looks too intimidating to some players, probably. We'll need to do some 'ol Youtube tutorials.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: 0.4 performance
« on: November 18, 2012, 04:09:11 PM »
I tried the 0.2 alpha and the performance was fine, but I couldn't get quests so I didn't play with it for very long.  I skipped the 0.3 alpha.

Now with the 0.4 alpha I can't play because I get a 4-second lag with every input, both keyboard and mouse.  That includes simple things like clicking the X to close a dialog box or pressing space to jump.  I've tried running both windowed and full screen at resolutions from 1600x900 (my native LCD resolution) down to 1024x768.  I'm using "fastest" as the graphics setting and I even cranked the draw and view distances down to the lowest values.  The sound is always smooth and in story mode the intro cut scene is smooth.  I tried both the story and adventure modes.  In story mode I did experience a few crashes at the end of the intro cut scene.

I an running WinXP Pro with an Intel core i5 @ 2.67GHz, 8G RAM, and a GeForce GT435M with 2G RAM with the 306.97 driver.

Is there anything I can change to get rid of the lag?

Can you attach your game log? Did alpha 0.2 run smoothly? We haven't seen a bug like this yet. We'll try the build on some slower computers tomorrow and see if there are any similar issues.

Not very. Haha. I was going to give people on the old board enough warning time, but what the heck.  ;D

You can find the base template for the sword handle in the storage box behind Gerdy, you can get the gun base materials from Chen. I think we've done a bad job telling everyone about this option so far, since we've been too busy to make a vid or two, but we'll start to do that from now on.

For the sword, the sharper it is, the more powerful it is.  ;)

For the gun, the further away from the handle the muzzle, the stronger the damage....(actually, I'm not sure if this is in yet, but it should be).

Anyway, in this thread, show off your creations and give away/trade your ISOs (in the windows documents folder by your saves). ISOs stand for Interstellar Organization for Standardization.

Other topics related to ISOs or item creation:

     Malus' Sword Emporium  (taking the occasional commission on melee weapons)

General Pathea Discussion / New Board
« on: November 18, 2012, 12:25:20 PM »
The old Drupal board we have a new one, this one's much better and hopefully the new spam processing will keep the bots away.  ;D

Hey everyone, sorry for the slight delay, but here comes alpha 0.4! Now before you start downloading (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD TORRENT or DIRECT DOWNLOAD FROM GAMEFRONT), I want to warn you that there are probably some bugs in the release that we haven't caught. We just added too many features and new functions in this release that we haven't been able to test everything. We'll probably release a a0.41 in a week to fix all the minor bugs and polish some of the new functions. In this build we added:

- procedural adventure and build maps single player (note, a 512*512 map will take 2 min to load) with the grassland, forest, desert, and canyon biomes.
- cave systems single player
- a new procedural planting system
- more forest area
- some forest creatures
- swimming
- more efficient UI system
- herds and herd behavior
- better animal behavior
- more story scenes
- firing guns
- creating any gun in the creations system
- new map for the game world (now 17X10km)

Have fun!

We've already worked on a lot of a0.5 stuff, that'll be a big one. We'll finally have full vehicle creation, better tree tech, rivers and lakes, better terrain, multiplayer, better gun creation, more turret types, much longer storyline, full map interaction, more locations, more animals, and surprises. :)

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