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Planet Explorers Suggestions / Suggestions for other gun/vehicle templates
« on: February 16, 2013, 03:00:00 AM »
So, no you know how the system will work, do you have any other template things you might want to see?

We are working on a vertical launched missile system for the car, so don't ask for that one, haha. And a laser mount too.

Direct Download:

What's new in this build:
- switched over to Unity's mecanim animation system, saving the game over 300MB in memory
- ability to fight while on the move
- added rivers- added new missions
- added new npcs
- added new enemies (sentient aliens!)
- added new resources- ability to make multi gun muzzles
- ability to make driven vehicles- ability to put weapons on driven vehicles
- ability to trade creations (they're by the game saves (CreateData/peiso) in the Document folder, just take them out and give them away)
- laser and missile turrets
- able to see structures that are built up to 1km off
- environmental fog
- better looking terrain with perlin noise
- optimized terrain generation so that you'll not be able to outrace it anymore
- options is now working

What we took out for now:
- caves, we will have a new and better system ready by a0.6, but we didn't have time to implement it this time
- face morphing, we'll have a new version of this in the future that's more efficient, for now, nochanging the body shape or face shape, you'll still be able to change skin and eye color as wellas face types

In this thread, I'll post about the team's progress on Planet Explorers. I'm the director/lots-of-other-titles of the game, so this will be as official as it gets. There are many issues throughout development on which you can make your voices heard. I'm trying to make this as open as possible (well, without spoiling the most important parts... 8))


The last few weeks, we've been working on getting a lot of new content into the game. There are still some standing technical issues, such as the seams in the transvoxels and getting really cool and realistic perlin noise on the terrain. We're also trying to get the multiplayer code completely split from the client code. The player animation system got completely rewritten getting ready for ik and ragdoll, I really hope it'll make a huge difference because we've been wasting a lot of time on it.

Just to show how inexperienced we've been at making this type of game, so far, we've probably spent around 6 months of man hours redoing stuff (rewrote the ai code twice, the player code once, the ui code twice, the cave code once etc.).  But, we're getting there!  ;D

Some art and screens:

Ava is going to be the person you talk to to get shields and generators and other cool gadgets. I really thought about naming her Gadget, but Disney wouldn't approve, haha.

The missile turret. We're still considering whether we force players to always load up the launcher with missiles, or else it doesn't shoot anything.

Multiwheels! And yes, more wheels = more power used = need a more powerful engine. This image is actually kinda old...we're at a much more advanced stage now as far as making a car goes.

If this hasn't made you speechless, yet, you can post your comments here:  Comments on the Devlog

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Gah, Gamefront sucks
« on: December 03, 2012, 02:52:55 AM »
Seems like the Gamefront link over at indiedb is always down. I guess I'll sign up with a seedbox and just provide torrents from now on.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Alpha 0.41 Released
« on: November 25, 2012, 04:23:08 AM »

- forest and terrain plants has a new lod system, looks a ton better now.
- new grass type in grasslands
- most grassland flora in (except for 2 types)
- bug fixes for a lot of things
- the red korona is now at 2500HP
- bullets/arrows can be made, 4 per block of iron or copper
- bullets/arrows can be equipped in its own little ui block now
- bullets/arrows shows up right above the quickbar, no bullets and guns are useless
- tweaked player animation for holding guns while moving and holding bows

Download it here:

You can find the base template for the sword handle in the storage box behind Gerdy, you can get the gun base materials from Chen. I think we've done a bad job telling everyone about this option so far, since we've been too busy to make a vid or two, but we'll start to do that from now on.

For the sword, the sharper it is, the more powerful it is.  ;)

For the gun, the further away from the handle the muzzle, the stronger the damage....(actually, I'm not sure if this is in yet, but it should be).

Anyway, in this thread, show off your creations and give away/trade your ISOs (in the windows documents folder by your saves). ISOs stand for Interstellar Organization for Standardization.

Other topics related to ISOs or item creation:

     Malus' Sword Emporium  (taking the occasional commission on melee weapons)

General Pathea Discussion / New Board
« on: November 18, 2012, 12:25:20 PM »
The old Drupal board we have a new one, this one's much better and hopefully the new spam processing will keep the bots away.  ;D

Hey everyone, sorry for the slight delay, but here comes alpha 0.4! Now before you start downloading (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD TORRENT or DIRECT DOWNLOAD FROM GAMEFRONT), I want to warn you that there are probably some bugs in the release that we haven't caught. We just added too many features and new functions in this release that we haven't been able to test everything. We'll probably release a a0.41 in a week to fix all the minor bugs and polish some of the new functions. In this build we added:

- procedural adventure and build maps single player (note, a 512*512 map will take 2 min to load) with the grassland, forest, desert, and canyon biomes.
- cave systems single player
- a new procedural planting system
- more forest area
- some forest creatures
- swimming
- more efficient UI system
- herds and herd behavior
- better animal behavior
- more story scenes
- firing guns
- creating any gun in the creations system
- new map for the game world (now 17X10km)

Have fun!

We've already worked on a lot of a0.5 stuff, that'll be a big one. We'll finally have full vehicle creation, better tree tech, rivers and lakes, better terrain, multiplayer, better gun creation, more turret types, much longer storyline, full map interaction, more locations, more animals, and surprises. :)

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