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Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: OK time for some real talk!
« on: August 24, 2018, 02:36:51 PM »
I wanted to do another video series showcasing all the progress made from the last one, hell it's the whole reason I did it in the first place. I wanted a base for comparison, and did that video series from the get go with that in mind.

A few days ago i decided it's time to give it another go(gives me something to do and helps you guys out at the same time). I played thru and recorded all the way to the earth camp,but while editing my audio was clipping in and out so decided to redo it.

But now we need to have some real talk about the game, not sugar coated, straight talk, because I'm at the point to where if something doesn't change I have to walk away from the game, and I don't think I will come back(too many times I came back thinking something was gonna change and it was worse than before).

now I haven't been through the entire game so I can't comment on all of it, but I will go through what I have noticed so far, both good and bad, and offer up solutions on how to fix it, not just complain on what is wrong. I will try to continue the series, but I'm finding it hard and update this thread as I continue.

1-The character Creator

The character creator still has model issues........... Alot of the newer hairstyles float above the characters head. this looks terrible in the character creator,but isn't that bad in the game. It's one of those thing that once you see it, it can't be unseen. I think many people don't use most of the hairstyles because of this, which leaves me with the question, if its broken and nobody uses it, why is it still in the game crazy bulk products here

Mostly with the female hairstyles the ears don't line up the the ear holes in the hairs, so some hairs can't be used with some faces at all........... I doesn't make since to me, why the ears move on different faces? Some combos result in ears tucked under floating hair, hair clipping through the ears, or just badly placed ears. This leaves the playable character very limited in options... This also messes with the random character generation, It drives me crazy when I get NPCs with messed up face/hair mismatch....... 

One suggestion, someone on here mentioned before, is the option to put clothes on your character in the creator which is an excellent idea, but I would like to add the addition of a light also. The problem here is that in the creator your character looks fine and the right color, without clothes in that lighting, the texture and shading fools you, but once you get your super beefy tan dude in game with clothes he just looks fat and the wrong color in the sunlight. Just add (at minimum) a check box for light and clothes........ checking the light box turns the light on , unchecking it turns it off, same with the clothes just add the issue clothes, but you could go one step further with a few differnt sets of armor and a light slider to adjust brightness.....

2-Random NPC generation

Random NPC generation still needs tweaking .......... I'm ok with the lightest skin that I can go, is just the default peach color that pure white on the color slider gives(my opinion it's to much color saturation and appears to dark once in game, but looks fine in the character creator, I would like to create paler skin tones) but it's ok because it fits into your art style well...

The default color you have for dark skin NPCs appear blackish green (very disturbing) in my game while Adisia, Lao, Dayitia, Tariq , and Tank are all different shades of dark skin and look perfectly fine in game..... the NPCs never match or look natural.....

I still get NPCs that are oddly shaped.................The generator needs to be restricted a bit more........ Men thin everywhere with huge thighs........alot of NPCs with chemical smiles or looking like they are gonna puke........... normal face with max size nose..... the list goes on and on..........I'm starting to hate random NPCs altogether..........this was tweaked perfect in past versions.....Just take the random character generator module and generate 100 NPCs and if any one of them are outside of the expected normal looking , tweak the offending limits and repeat....... or hand craft a few hundred NPCs and throw out the random NPC generator..... 

3- Item names in the replicator and creation system

I don't know of any item in the game that has 10 different versions, off the top my head fuel cell type 04 is the highest one everything else is limited to version 2 or 3, which makes me wonder why and the hell do you need a 2 digit number to tell them apart.......... I understand it sounds cool and all but in the replicator and export window(2 windows that can't be resized) you still can't tell fuel cell type 01 from fuel cell type 02 because the window of both cuts the description off after the zero.......... resize all the widow screens to fit the current description, change the some of the models to where nothing can get confused by just looking at them( mostly fuel cell 01 & 02 are guilty of this) or the easiest thing, just drop the zeros so we can tell all types apart, i'm tired of using up all my resources to craft type 02 fuel cells when I really needed type 01 but couldn't read the  description.........if you can read it why is it in the game at all??

The new swords have the same names as the old swords......... I know because I played long before they were added , but new players cant tell the difference between wood sword and wood sword, again why do we have descriptions if they tell us nothing about the item? Add 2 handed or Great to the new swords.............Smoked Sausage takes up 2 lines in the replicator., I think you have room to differentiate the 2 types of swords.........

The hunter boots Icon in the shops and inventory have a tint on them both male and female making them not look like they are part of a set even though in game the boots are the same white leather as the rest of the suit......... this problem isn't that big, but if your gonna fix it , I was thinking a slight different colored tint added to the male and female sets  to differentiate the sets from each other a bit more  .............I'm tired of trying to read those tiny male female symbols, and accidentally making the wrong set(yes it still happens to me sometimes)

Another solution would be to fix the unused  armor tab in the inventory............I know its for ISO armor which is unisex I believe(wouldn't know because I don't like the armor section in the creator, not enough voxel resolution(voxels are to large), but changing that tab to be used by all armor with the ISO armor going in one section, female going in its own section and male going in its own............

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