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I'm not entirely sure if this is a duplicated post, so I'm just going to add it here.

Creation and Creator Mode
In my time playing and creating stuff in Planet Explorers, I've noticed one or two things that I believe could, nay should, be improved upon.  These suggestions exist in the bounds of the creation engine, and I believe, with little effort, that these features could be implemented into the game.

1. Voxel volume changes from mass block/voxel selection in creator - I disdain having to click on each individual voxel to change the desnity/volume of the voxels, especially if I'm having to replicate something that is rather large. 

2. Voxel volume "default state" - I'd like to see the creator have a more robust creation of voxels, and changing default values for voxel volume before creation could lend itself to ease of creation and variation of the objects made.  Essentially, what I mean is normally when a voxel is placed, it's placed only at the full 100 for it's voxel volume.  My suggestion instead is adding a "preferences menu toolbar or something to change that default value.

3.  Vehicle details - Basides what is already given, such as weight and such, I would really love to see detailed overlays that are toggle-able that show certain statistics including "center of mass" "center of velocity" and direction of velocity".  The game that comes to mind with this functionality would be something akin to Kerbal Space Program.

3. Creation mode "Testing" - I would also like to see a small mode that acts as a separate "simulation" of the planet's surface from the creator to test out one's own creations.  I guess you could call it a "creator" mode as in minecraft, where you can simply summon creatures that you have found on your journeys (read your save files and list all monsters that you've killed), and then allow you to simply summon your creation to test it on the spot.

Story Mode and Adventure Mode
These next few suggestion exist primarily for the state of the in game engine, and might not so easily be added in.  However I pose these suggestions for Pathea's consideration anyways.

1. Change defense of base default values - I'd like to see a feature added that will allow the change of the current AI from defaulting to attacking any and all of Maria's inhabitants, to "whitelisting" and Blacklisting" creatures by type, or even by name.  What this could mean is resources like ammo won't be used nearly as much on things you don't necessarily need to kill, and only expend ammo on trespassing creatures that you list under "blacklist". 

2. Variation on creature spawns - This one is a big one, as I've noticed at least on the Story mode, and would increase replayability by a lot, especially if more creatures get created to inhabit the different biomes.  I would very much like to see a change of creature spawns, be it location and frequency, based on player actions.  At first, maybe dealing with a large sum of creatures that spawn erratically, to barely spawning and from further away from player made structures.  I think this could add a separate sense of immersion, and added replayability and "life" to monsters seen in the game, as they struggle against the player to retain their home.  This is a feature that I believe would require a lot of work on Pathea's part, so it is not as important as the other smaller entries on this list.

3. New "survivor" features - I know this probably wouldn't fit very well here and could be very difficult to implement, especially when you start talking late game stuff, but aside from the comfort and hunger, I'd like to see a robust system for weather and temperature, as seen in games like Project Zomboid, this extra facet of character to player interaction could make surviving a far more difficult, yet rewarding, feat.  I think a two pronged temperature set ("actual temperature" and "feels like temperature")  with visual effects to show off these temperatures (heat waves/mirages with water dripping from character's face/head for sweat in the heat, and skin turning blueish for cold).  I would also like to see a feature put in for when it rains for a "wet" status to be applied, negatively affecting that temperature as mentioned, and if elemental damage and things like that get added, we could see fire damage do less and eletric damage do more when in wet status.

I hope all of these ideas get put into consideration, especially the creation mode suggestions, but if not hopefully this will pave the way for future projects.

PS:  I just now realized that the last post in this was from back in 2013.  I sure hope the devs still work on this game...

Planet Explorers Bugs / voice actress type
« on: May 01, 2018, 09:35:43 AM »
Hitomi, as seen in the image below, says grappling hook, though she means to say jet pack.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Flaoting tree bug
« on: May 01, 2018, 09:10:16 AM »
It's on the story mode in my save, and there are floating trees placed around this river bridge.  Image linked below

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