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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Hey, we've sent out another add-on survey. You can just reply that email, tell us what your choice is for the add-on(s). :)

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: Accidental aggro of NPC[marked]
« on: December 21, 2016, 06:47:13 AM »
The NPC in multiplayer mode (no matter that NPC is following you or not) is neutral, which means these NPCs will attack you if you accidentally hit them.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / How to add new translation in game
« on: November 30, 2016, 08:46:12 AM »
We’re opening up the language spreadsheet to players who want to help with the localization of Planet Explorers. Everyone who would like to translate the story or any UI content can edit this sheet. Here is the how-to:
First open Steam. Right click Planet Explorers and choose properties. Click local files tab in the new pop-up window and choose browse local files.

The folder you’ve just opened is where your game is installed. Find the file named i18n. This is the database for all the text in the game. The extension of this file is .db, so you will need the right software to open it. We use SQLite v2.1.

You can edit all the text under Browser data tab by double clicking the text field.

Or if you like, you can modify the table and create a new language sheet. Just to make sure the field type is text.

Save and apply all the changes. Now you've finished most of the work, the rest is to load the new spreadsheet in game.

Click into the Option in launcher and switch to the language you would like to use. Then you are ready to go.

These edited databases will not be attached to the game (the game officially only has English and Chinese), so for anyone who wants the translation to be other than English and Chinese, you will have to download the text databases that other people have shared.

Hey guys, finally, here comes the result list for the ISO design contest. We've got a lot of designs coming from players all over the world. Now we selected 20 ISOs as templates in our creation system tutorial. We need these template SIMPLE and WITHOUT using any customized materials or textures. So if you are not in the list, please don't feel sad about it. It doesn't mean your work is not good, it's just they are too fancy to be the template in the tutorial…

As promised, we will send out email or message along with steam keys to the players below (one steam key for one template). And we'll also list your name in the game credit. So please keep an eye on your mailbox/message box.  8)

Anyway, here is the list:

Besides, we reeeeeally think it's a shame for some works cannot be shown to other players.:( We've got so many beautiful ISOs... So we decided to post these designs on Facebook, Twitter , Weibo and any other of our social media site, well of course the precondition is that you are comfortable with our decision. If you don't want us to do that, please write us an email about it via

Thank you so much! Have fun in game!  ;)

--------------------------------------------Below is Chinese version 以下是中文版-----------------------------------------



另外,由于本次征集不是以创意或精细程度取胜,而是为了在我们的创建系统中增加更多的实例,因此在活动开始规则公布时,加入了“如载具类ISO不要放置武器,元件数量尽量精简;”以及“不要使用自定义材质和自定义贴图(可以使用系统预置的);”等限制,这让很多网友辛苦制作的ISO本次暂时用不上,为此我们相当遗憾。为了让这部分网友的辛苦不白费,我们会于近期将部分制作精良和极富创意的ISO在FacebookTwitter 微博等社交媒体上发布,并附上制作者ID(如制作者不希望自己的作品被发布,请及时联系我们。。

最后再一次感谢大家,have fun。

Here comes the figurine sample. I don't have a SLR camera with me, so the quality of this image might not very good. But the object itself looks much better than this. :)

As we promised to send out rewards for our kickstarter backers, check out the designs.

First, the pictures for figurines.

I know, I know, I'm not kidding... This is just what it looks like for now. The factory is now doing the details and color the model. We will keep posting the progress pictures for the figurines.

Then the designs for the T-shirt.


These two are much better, right?

Tell us what you think about these rewards~

In our last tutorial guide How to create a custom game we only had a quick introduction on the story editor. Now since the story editor is officially published, then let's walk through a real case step by step together on how to customize a story.

First you need to know a custom game/scenario ALWAYS contains at least ONE MAP. Click here to know how to create a map. 

In today's case, NPC Gerdy will ask the player to fetch water. So the steps should be:

1.   Open an existing map by click File -> Open Project in world editor.

2.   Add NPC Gerdy into the map. You will need to write down three numbers in this step.
a.   Identity ID: Select Gerdy and click Windows -> Property View. Write down Identity ID 104.

b.   Coordinate for Gerdy: Move your cursor onto NPC Gerdy. Take a note of Gerdy’s coordinate in Minimap for our further reference (304, 27, 146). Or you can click Windows -> Transform to get a more accurate coordinate.

c.   Coordinate for Players: The start location for each player are also necessary. In this case, let's set the start location nearby NPC Gerdy, for instance (307, 26, 142).
3.   Open Story Editor by clicking Tool -> Custom Game. Create a new scenario in an empty folder (for instance: Scenario Sample).

After the scenario project successfully created, you will see the Worlds project page with other two tabs – Scenario Sample and Forces and Players.

4.   In Worlds project page, add at least one map into this scenario (one scenario can contain multiple maps). Make sure your map is Published. See how to publish your map in How to create a custom game. In this case, just click Add Current Map.

5.   In Forces and Players page, fill in the start position of NPC and the player. The number before the coordinate represent the world number. Controller represents races and stand of objects in this game. Click Add New Player to add more players.

PS: Now you can publish and run your scenario already, if you just want to test the map.
7.   Scenario Sample page is where we can edit the story. Before we start to write the story, we need to understand two concepts in story editing - Mission and Trigger. Trigger triggers mission; missions constitute story/scenario.

Right after we created the scenario successfully, a Core Mission will be auto-generated. It is used to activate the first mission.

In today’s case, we will only need one mission – talk to Gerdy and fetch some water. So click the plus sign on the top right corner to create a new mission – Mission Name: Mission 1, Mission ID: 1001.

8.   Click Core Mission and then a panel will show up on the right side of this page.
You can edit the name, description and the type of this mission. Type determines the mission is main story, side quest or hidden mission. In this game, the hidden mission will not be shown in the UI.

9.   Double click Core Mission to open the editing page. Click the plus sign on the top right corner to create a new trigger.

Edit Event, Condition and Action.
Event: add in Interaction Template. Click Object to type in Gerdy’s Identity ID 104.

Condition: Always.

Action: Run Mission. Choose run Mission 1 for Current player.

PS: Repeat in the right panel of the page, represents how many times the trigger needs to be run. The trigger will be invalid after Repeat decreased to 0. If this trigger needs to be activated all the time, the number of Repeat should be -1.

10.   Now let's back to the Scenario Sample page and edit Mission 1. There are four steps in Mission 1:
a.   The player communicates with Gerdy and Gerdy requires the player to fetch 20 bottles of water;
b.   Gerdy gives a water pitcher to the player;
c.   The player fetched 20 bottles of water/the player didn't fetch 20 bottles of water;
d.   Play a conversation once after the goal was achieved.
Double click Mission 1. To fulfill all actions above, we need two triggers. The one is to trigger the conversation and deliver the water pitcher to the player, the other one will be triggered when the player reached the goal.
In new trigger 1, let's name it Talk to Gerdy, the conversation happens after right click Gerdy.
a.   So in Event, it still should be On interaction (mouse right-click) with 104 Gerdy Hooke.
b.   Condition is Always.
c.   In Action page, template Play Speech is to add a conversation between Gerdy and the player. You can also set a timer for the player. Just edit the number of the time. 0 means no time limitation.

Template Modify Package is to deliver a water pitcher to the player.

Template Set Item Goal is to set a goal for the player to fetch a number of water.

In new trigger 2, let's name it Mission completed, it will verify whether goal 1 is achieved.
a.   So in Event tab, add Goal Achieve.

b.   Condition: Goal 1 of Mission 1 achieved is true.

c.   Action: add template Play Speech. So after the program has verified that goal 1 is achieved indeed, Gerdy will have another conversation with the player.

11.   A custom game is almost ready. Now export your story into an EMPTY folder by clicking File -> Publish Scenario. The default path for this scenario is in Publish folder under your project folder.

Copy paste the scenario folder into folder CustomGames under games directory. Then just run and enjoy your story!

Don't be shy and share your excellent story ideas. ;)

If you have any questions on this Story Editor, please don’t hesitate to leave comments below~ :-*

Last week, I did a survey on Twitter to see how people enjoy the story editor. But we got all the votes for Haven’t tried yet… :-[ (Thanks again for you all who retweeted and participated in this survey :-*). I just realized how bad we did on introducing tutorial guides for world editor. :-[ :-[ :-[

The thing is, we have all the tutorials (will keep updating) for the world editor under the game directory, but we didn’t mention how to find them.

So this is just a simple guide on how to find out these “hidden” tutorials. :)

1.   Launch World Editor.

2.   Click Help -> Help to open the tutorial guide collection.

3.   You can find all the tutorials for World Editor in this CHM file (will update How to create a scenario in this CHM soon). You can also review the guide here.

Then happy editing, see you soon~ :-*

@lazerblade01 Hi, I have to apologize that I didn't make it very clear. This is in Custom Mode not Story Mode, and will not be in Adventure mode either. Yeah, it will work in multiplayer, but we are still working on that. Hopefully we can meet that function in next month. :)

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Story Editor in PE Coming Soon!
« on: March 09, 2016, 09:19:46 AM »
Hola, long time no see  ;D

I guess some of you fellows heard of the World Editor in Planet Explorers, probably have already published customized world out to the community. In the next version of PE we will bring up the story editing function, which means you can create your own game in World Editor, share the customized story with others. For now, the online multiplayer mode in customized world is not available yet, but we are working in that direction. 8)

We will update a how-to post soon.

Create and publish your story in World Editor.

Choose your own story mode.

These are just story sample  :P

Planet Explorers General Discussion / How to publish your Custom Game
« on: December 28, 2015, 10:06:46 AM »
How to publish a Custom Game?

1.   Export a World

First you will need to create Worlds in World Editor. After that, check all the Modifications under Edit tab. Make sure you saved all the changes.

Export the World file.

Select File -> Export Project. Save the file via the defaulted path. Make sure there is no existing file in the defaulted folder.

The file edited in World Editor is just a World not a Custom Game yet. It is not applicable in the game until we create a Custom Game Project, add one or more World and edit a series of rules in Scenario Editor.

2.   Create and publish Custom Game

Select Tool -> Custom Game to open Scenario Editor.

Select File -> New Scenario to create a new Scenario Project.

Create a new folder for your Scenario Project.

Add at least one World project into the world list. The state of the World will be Published. (Make sure you’ve already exported your World, or else it will be shown as Unpublished.)

Edit the number of teams and players in Forces and Players tab, and assign the Start Position for all the Human Players.

Edit the Game Logic under the main interface. (Game Logic can only be edited in Scenario Editor, but running Game Logic in a0.9 is not available now.)

To publish the Custom Game, choose File -> Publish Scenario and then save the file in an empty folder.

Now a Custom Game named Planet Pandora has been created. (Please see picture below.)

Move this saved folder into CustomGames under games directory.

Yeah!!! Finally, you are all set!!! ;D ;D

Now enjoy your game!!! And of course, you can ALWAYS share these Custom Games with your friends.  :D

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