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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: PE Changelog (A0.88+)
« on: January 21, 2018, 01:25:16 AM »

Fixed monorail consistency issues in multiplayer
Fixed NPC store issue when buying from a second page and resetting to first page
Fixed Chen Zhenís music playing too loud when approaching him a second time
Fixed sound settings not being applied correctly in the menu
Fixed not being able to shoot an arrow after crafting an arrow on the go
Fixed Gerdy still floating in her stasis tube sometimes in story mode
Fixed tower defense issue in multiplayer when the player fails when getting a little too far from the mission area
Fixed issue with item disappearing when moved to inventory from fast bar, only reappearing after refresh
Fixed bug with ISO numbers exporting wrong, causing the player not being able to get into the vehicle
Fixed issue with the currency resetting to the old meat currency after an event in the story mode
Fixed NPC cash not being saved in multiplayer
Fixed stuttering when firing a weapon for the first time
Tweaked time for getting on a monorail
Tweaked mission UI display to more easily display main missions and sidequests
Changed the display of friendly players to arrows on maps in multiplayer instead of a dot
Added ability to teleport to a friendly player by clicking on the player on the map in multiplayer
Added sleeping bag for coop story
Added a "track" option in the replicator to see what you're still missing for replicating an item
1/15/17 hotfix-
fixed the bug that sometimes players cannot export ISOs or update ISOs to workshop in multiplayer.

So I paid for Closed Beta but I won't be given access to it (or even Alpha 3.0) until it is over? That is absolutely ridiculous, I'm definitely getting a refund. Thanks for your help!

If you back the extension for the beta tier, you will get access to 3.0 before Early Access.

Early access will be in January, with the release of 4.0. You will be able to play 3.0 and My time at portia before that time if you back the extension. You should get your key at the end of november and be able to play 3.0 before Early Access in january.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: PE Changelog (A0.88+)
« on: September 08, 2017, 05:58:33 PM »

Fixed replicator filter not working sometimes
Fixed Xbox 360 controller dodge function not working
Fixed monorail stop time not synchronized in multiplayer
Fixed some items not being able to repair, upgrade, and recycle in multiplayer
Fixed around 40 crashes

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: List of Suggestions
« on: July 11, 2017, 04:44:18 PM »
I was skeptical about 2 myself, especially considering the days pass by so quickly..

As for 3, yeah.. It is odd. The other machines let you pile on a queue of up to 10, and it takes a day or more for the machine to just do it's thing. But with cooking, you just have to kind of sit there doing it 1 at a time, every 15 seconds. It's an oddball tedium that doesn't mesh well with the other machines, and it's time consuming... A lot of wasted time when you could be doing other things... "time is of the essence", as the days spin like a carousal.

Hmm. I'm not sure what you have planned to change, but I managed to get around to fishing.

Firstly, the fishing instruction prompt.. I had to screencap it, because I could only read the first two lines before the fish got away. Is there another way to view this information?

Secondly, i don't know if this was due to the fishing spot i was trying to fish in, but it took quite a few tries, and was quite difficult.. I went in with 27 bait, I think around the 22 mark, is when i decided to screencap that instruction popup. After about 5 more tries, i was a bit confused at the fishing line always being max tension, regardless of where i moved the fishing pole. It finally occurred to me that reeling in the fish increased tension. With 14 bait left, i managed to catch a fish.

I also just noticed that there is no leveling for fishing. Is that something that is planned?

Seems fishing is actually not too difficult when you understand it. I managed to turn the rest of those 14 catterpillars into 10 catfish, 1 bannerfish, and 1 rusty iron pipe.

Two failures, not so bad.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Crash,and a unnoticed texture.
« on: July 10, 2017, 11:45:11 PM »
In future cases when something occurs that is saved with your savegame, whether it be corruption, or a currently existing bug, it is extremely beneficial to upload it for the devs to take a look at it to give them a chance to figure out what went wrong where.  :D

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: Day of the Sun Festival
« on: July 10, 2017, 11:41:41 PM »
Actually...  In hein sight, your jest made me think. 
Wouldn't it be funny if there was a moderate chance ((One in three)) To get random Vanity outfit piece, including a shirt that says "I had a present land on me and all I got was this shirt."

I approve... This must be done .-.

That's the direction we're going in, we just have too many assets planned, so they'll be added slowly.

I figured it was a distinct possibly, so very glad to hear that :)

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Day of the Sun Festival
« on: July 09, 2017, 12:27:10 AM »
Hi there!
I just wanted to give some proper feedback and suggestions regarding the Day of the Sun Festival, as noted in my feedback.

Firstly, i'm happy to see things like this, but they should probably be expected, heh... I almost forgot about it, but trying to go turn in commissions made it pretty hard to miss.. Thanks for that!

Firstly, I wanted to say that this was kinda a pain. I did manage to snag 4-5 boxes, which is probably more than any other npc individual managed to get for themselves, but boy was that tough, and i felt bad when some of those kids commented that they didn't get a single one.. I'd totally give them one of the ones i picked up.. :c

The thing that stuck out with this festival though that I think could see some major improvement is the gifts themselves. I donated a power stone, because I wasn't sure what kind of gifts would be acceptable, or what turning one in really meant (which is totally fine), but the first place i checked when i found this letter about it in the mail, was the crafting table, in the gift tab... I wasn't sure exactly if i needed something specific, but it wasn't really difficult to suspect that i just needed to bring "something" to the mayor, so I did.

The rewards however are uh... well, not that satisfying. Not to say i had such bad luck as most people have commented on. Actually, one of those boxes i snagged contained a classic fishing rod, which is ironic, because I was trying to get myself to try out fishing, but couldn't hassle myself with making a rod, due to trying to fill commisions (or it's just that I was tripping over my own feathers and falling alseep in them... That could be possible too...). Another gift I managed to get was a tastey looking drink of some sort. The others i remember were simple things, like a rock i think was one.. One was fibers..

Anyway, long story short, I think this festivel could be much more interesting if the gifts were actually not materials, or components. The things like tools and such might be nice to keep in there as a rarity, but I was really looking forward to finding vanity items. Yes, vanity, even though I already knew these likely did not exist in Portia, either "yet", or ever.

I think it would be really neat if these gifts contained items such trinkets, clothing, or perhaps decorations to decorate your home with, rather than materials that you can pick up anywhere else. Just something special that you aren't going to completely forget you even picked it up. It would bring some uniqueness to the event, providing items that would not be so easily obtained, and would promote the necessity to take part, rather than walking away with a shirt saying "I spent 120 stamina on this event, and all i got was a twig".

I suspect maybe something along these lines might actually be planned, but I thought I would post this as a suggestion just incase...

I have not yet participated in other events yet.. still picking feathers out of my hair..

My Time At Portia General Discussion / Re: Lumi's time at portia
« on: July 08, 2017, 06:39:31 AM »
I saw one typo "built," what was the other one?

"need to goto the designated"
That sneaky space between "go" and "to" ran off and hid right under your nose.

My Time At Portia General Discussion / Re: Steam Link
« on: July 07, 2017, 09:45:10 PM »
And if I write my feedback in "My Time At Portia Suggestions" here, will it be ok?

If you feel your feedback is more inline with making suggestions, then absolutely! If you simply wish to supply your thoughts on how you feel about the game, it may be more suitable for the General Discussions subforum (The same one this thread is currently in)

My Time At Portia General Discussion / Lumi's time at portia
« on: July 07, 2017, 09:39:53 PM »
Well, this started about a week ago, and i've been trying to explore and experience and do everything I can before i give the full rundown, but i'm finding my occupation is taking a bit longer than i thought it would, and most the feedback I have written up to be submitted is just being covered by everyone else, so it's nigh time i give what I currently have :P

Firstly, I have to say, thus far, this looks absolutely beautiful! The animations and gameplay are quite smooth, and it's quite exciting to see! :)
I'm thoroughly impressed with the theme, color, and flow of things. At first, i was a little offput by the stamina system, especially when i ran out of stamina trying to fight a creature for the first time.. It followed me around the shore, into the town, around the buildings and citizens, and eventually gave up when i ran back to my workshop, inside, hiding under my bed .-.
I am glad to see though that the stamina increases as you level. It becomes much less of a limiter, and the growth is surely showing.. It's encouraged me to take part in different activities, like fishing, to level up those areas to gain more stamina (I actually have not fished at all yet.. I have been wanting to, but the distractions of other necessities have taken priority, like making that bridge, or more importantly, filling commissions!)

The character's are coming along, though they -do- feel as a whole, temporary or incomplete. (Ofcourse, this was confirmed at least a little through one of the updates). I love the little quirkiness in some of their designs, and I'm hoping to see each individual has some sort of strong individuality that sets them apart from others. I feel like there are only a hand full of them that don't fit the "standard mundane citizen" bill.
I have Mei in my sights, but mostly because the witch hat... I can't actually decide if i want her to dress a bit more witchy, or if I actually particularly like the witch hat simply because it stands out like a sore thumb, and is not really attributed to anything larger. I'm leaning towards the latter, actually.. If she was just entirely dressed witchy, it probably wouldn't be as noticable and therefore not as charming.

The mining in the abandoned ruins is nice! I actually spent about an ingame week and a half (I think) running around ready to be worried that there was not enough copper in the rocks that don't respawn to build an upgraded pickaxe so i could mine the larger ones. Then I found that mine, and oh my.. Copper never be an issue again. The mine though... This is where the smooth gameplay sort of takes a seat. Moving around the voxelized world is a bit "sticky" still, which is what PE suffered from. It is a bit smoother than PE, but I feel like i'm still getting stuck on corners, or minor ledges, and having a hard time moving around tunnels. It's rough and hard, lacking the same soft pillowy feel that running around the world currently has. This is probably a tough thing to resolve, but if it can atleast feel a little bit more slippery, or soft, it may alleviate this pain..

The other thing is the feeling that the jetpack animations are not quite there yet. I know this is still a work in progress, but I'm still going to mention it anyway. The jetpack animation and landing really needs some work.

The dialogue work in Portia is very well done, Excellent job :) Some of the humor that comes out of some of it has brought a few giggles to myself. I did notice a couple of typos here and there though. Here is one such dialogue with two in it!.

Aside from all that, here are a few little things I noticed during playing:

The jogging/sprinting animation for the most part is smooth, and I really like them. But there's a very hard bump at the end of the step that makes it difficult for me to watch my character run. It feels like the character is thrusted downward a tiny bit further than he should be. It actually starts making me a little ill just watching it closely, but is otherwise ignorable unless i'm focused on the head. This probably isn't really an issue at all, but I thought i'd mention it.

Another weirdness seems to be a sort of "stuck" after performing an attack combo. I keep wanting to move out of an attack, but there's about a solid second where my character stands there doing nothing, and that second is typically enough to get me hit. I don't know if this is actually an issue, or me just being stingy about freedom of movement though.

I've noticed that the cutscenes seem to cut out the music. The first, is when the camera is viewing your workshop for the first time, as Presley is introducing it to you. The second is when jerk-face takes the commission from Presley as it's being handed to you. The third time is when Toby runs into the building.

In the basket on the roof task, when Toby runs into the building, he sort of just vanishes about 5 meters from the door, rather than it looking like he went inside.

When mining with a stone pick, if you click and then let go of the mouse, you cannot swing your pickaxe again until you physically move. This seems to occasionally happen with cutting down trees (small ones, not tried large ones), but very rarely. It seems to always happen with stone cutting though.
There is also this weird "collision" that appears often after cutting a tree, and it's not always right where the tree used to be. It exists for only a moment after all the materials and props have disappeared, but it can be run into if you're moving around cutting and collecting quickly.

Commission Board:
On the commissions board, i didn't realize i had to click on the papers to view them. Maybe some sort of tiny indicator of some sort, like an outline, or a little exclamation icon above the papers, below them or something may give a better idea as to that they are there, and that i'm not just looking at an incomplete feature. :)
I also noticed that the two options are "Accept" and "Distort". Distort is likely the incorrect word here, unless your idea of declining something is to make sure no one else can accept it because they can no longer read it :P
**Distort has been fixed, so it sounds.

Abandoned ruins:
There seems to be some relics that appear under the limit of how deep you can dig.

Upgrading the workshop:
Level 2, under the recipes unlocked, it shows Bronze Sword, Bronze Plate, and Copper Pipe. Of course, it unlocks quite a bit more things than this, and the Copper Pipe is already known before the upgrade.

Day of sunlight:
(I've actually forgotten it's name, sorry!) was a bit interesting. There are two things though that sort of made this difficult for myself, but i'll be posting a new thread regarding it, as it's more discussive.

I have not managed to build the bridge yet, because I keep getting commissions for copper plates, and filling those instead. I'm a bad bird.

In closing statement though for now, I have to say...  I am quite impressed. PE suffered from a variety of surface smoothness that made it very difficult for people to stick to it. A lot of very minor things that sort of built up subconsciously until it bothered people enough that they didn't want to play it, but couldn't quite pin down why, or explain it... The smoothness and flow of Portia thus far looks to have avoided a lot of those tiny little things. So long as you can maintain this structure and softness, I think you have a good direction here.

At first, i was quite skeptical about this up against a game like Stardew Valley, as zede knows, but I'm leaning away from that now. The open world exploration, and the ruins theme is more grabbing to me than another games of this similar genre, and god have mercy on me if I ever find an ancient ruins temple in Portia... I won't be able to contain myself..

My Time At Portia General Discussion / Re: Steam Link
« on: July 07, 2017, 06:11:37 PM »
Want to write a review in Steam, but for unknown reasons I can't
Maybe the problem is that I'm from Russia?

The game is not available on steam yet, so you are not able to write a review. Demos do not allow reviews. Enjoy your time in portia, and provide your feedback until the time comes that you're able to :)

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: "Distort" bug
« on: July 06, 2017, 08:43:39 AM »
Reject, or Decline.

Distort just makes it sound like not only do you not want to take the commission, but you want to ruin the paper to a point that no one else can take it because they can no longer read it  ;D

My Time At Portia General Discussion / Re: A simulation RPG
« on: July 06, 2017, 07:37:45 AM »
I would definitely second Malus' stance on this.
You've got a good structure going here on the premise of a singleplayer game. Implementing multiplayer is just going to over-complicate things which may result in a beautiful mess, rather than a beautiful game.

Please focus on what you have planned. I too want to see how far you can go with this.

It is intended that you cannot equip them.

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