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Planet Explorers Bugs / Multiplayer Colony Implosion[marked]
« on: May 05, 2017, 08:15:10 PM »
Many have experienced this bug.  I have tried hard to not replicate it, as it destroys your entire colony.  It has happened to me twice in Multiplayer Survival, once on the Official Adv02 server, and once on a private server.  I also accidentally did it to someone else before I knew there was a bug.  It is game breaking, especially if it happens in a PvP server.

Basically the bug is this:  If you have colonists with quest markers (!) over their heads, then other players can still interact with them, activate them as followers (steal them from your colony) or activate quests that they may have.  If the quest involves combat, the ensuing melee will generate enough stray fire for someone to get hit, and then it is colonist against colony.  The colony registers that it is being attacked by its own colonists and opens fire, the colonists respond by destroying everything in the colony.  I don't think it is necessary to actually have turrets for this to happen, but in both cases my colony had turrets.  This may or may not be part of the bug, but you do not want to have a bug that prevents any kind of defense in your colony.

I recommend that when a colonist agrees to join your colony, all quests for that colonist are disabled, until it is released again.  You do not need a quest marker to make a colonist a follower, just assign them to be a follower.  If you want to do their quest, do it before asking them to join.

I have done a work-around, and advised everyone I know to only hire colonists who do not have quest markers.  This may or may not be a successful work-around.  You can still hire quest colonists to train off their skills and release them, but your colony is in jeopardy until they are released from the colony.  That is my guess anyway.

The two first aid skills are not set quite right on the start settings.  The way you have it the higher the skill level the less sensitive the start task is.  For instance at novice start when you are 50% health, at expert start when you are 30% health.

It should be the other way around!!  The higher the skill level, the quicker you should be to respond -- not slower.

The level of the start task has nothing to do with the severity of wounds that can be healed... it has to do with how fast they respond to injury.  You are making Elite and Master less responsive than the Novice.

Yes the Elite and Master heal more damage, but if they wait until you are almost dead before doing anything, that's not more helpful!!  They should start healing sooner and heal more damage the better the skill is.

So, reverse the start % levels for both skills, and make the Master medical techs worth having in combat.

When you first boot up your colony and add the processor (and replicator, which is usually there first), the AI will start producing the goods that it needs to be self-sustaining.  This is generally a good thing.  You should let it do what it is doing until the stockpiles are at a sustainable level (this only takes a little while usually, and then repeats occasionally when needed.)  I would rather have an AI that actually does its job than one that lets the colonists get sick, starve, run out of ammo, etc.  The automatic requests are infrequent unless you are stripping the storage of the stockpiles it creates.

Instead of taking everything that is in a stack in storage, when the stockpiles are leveled up simply process what you want or need from there.  Don't take everything in the stack, split the stack and leave 100 or so in storage.  That way there won't be so many auto-requests.

The AI works great keeping the colonists happy.  I don't want that to change.  Another auto-process will happen when you start producing farm products, but that also only happens after harvest as it starts making food for the colony.  This again will stop when there is sufficient food (of the type it is looking for) in storage.

Quick tip:  DO NOT learn the recipes for food that requires torches.  You will regret it.  Torch production is the only thing that I would change, since they do not stack and excessively fill up your storage.  Until then avoid torch recipes.  Make a list of the ones that use torches and DON"T learn them so that the colony won't try to produce them.

For the camera inside your colony, use F5 to switch to first person view.  no bouncing there.  If you need 3rd person for building, use free camera mode (F) to place your blocks (you have to be in build mode to use free camera).  This is habit for me, but if you don't use it you are missing out.

Try that and see if it helps with the aggrevation.

I recommend going to adventure mode and having fun learning the skill tree (Alt-T).  Be sure to turn it on when you create your world.  Then head to multi-player to share your ideas and colony builds with other people.

while we are listing current server issues, here is another one:

I tried hosting a server (no port forwarding set up, but that's not the problem).  When I exit the game and come back later, I can't restart the game because the server doesn't stop running and it says the game won't launch because it is already running.  I don't mind the server continuing to run, especially if someone else is playing, but it would be really really nice if you could still launch the game and rejoin the server, instead of having to use the task manager to stop process on the PE_Server in order to relaunch the game.

I am glad that I can host it again and pick up where I left off, but it is very clumsy that the PE_Client won't launch independently from the PE_Server.  I will work on the port forwarding... I think I read somewhere that setting it as proxy server you don't have to mess with port forwarding, but it is probably a lousy ping.  I'll have to try with some people to see how it goes.

I wanted to address the issue with the colonists.  If you are referring to colonists in the Player colony, you can retrieve them by clicking the call button on their info screen.  (Sometimes calling them doesn't work as it will often say they are "busy doing their job.")  Note that people assigned to processing will not be in the colony... they are out foraging and collecting the resources that the processor has assigned for them to collect.  Processors will show up idle in your colony when the processor is inactive, and you can call them to you at that point without making them idle first.  You can force Colonists to be idle by assigning them as a Dweller if they don't respond to the call button... when they respond they will drop next to you, and you can reassign them to their job and go back to whatever duty they are assigned (or sleep/eat/heal as the case may be).
It doesn't explain where they go when they disappear, but in most cases if they are idle and not visible, calling them or assigning them a task will get them to show up for duty.

A selection tool that simply "restores original terrain" within the selection area would be fine, and takes the appropriate amount of dirt/rock/etc from your inventory, or gives you a message that you need "# (resource) needed," OR gives you back resources if it deletes terrain voxels that have been placed (or misplaced) that you want to retrieve without having to dig it back out.  I know that ctrl-Z can do this if you haven't gone too far, but sometimes you change your mind after it is too late, or don't want to delete other things that were placed afterward.

Footnote/tech tip:  I'm told that terrain blocks have a significant effect on framerate for a lot of people.  Building with terrain should be limited out of courtesy to others whom you might be playing with.  Terrain also cannot be saved as a Building ISO, so it is not transportable in any case.  Make builds small or hollow (visible surface only) to improve framerate for visitors.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Colony lighting?
« on: April 27, 2017, 11:31:19 PM »
I too started with the skill tree option, and I like it although it made the game very slow going for awhile there. I seem to have gotten a bad roll, because all the nearby towns seem to only have wood, stone, or copper gear. It looks like some of the faction towns out there may have advanced gear (they are wearing some nice stuff) but I'm going to have to do alot of mining to build up my faction score with them. Once I'm a friendly I hope I get access to their store or else I'm going to really be ticked off. Because currently it looks like that's the only thing that you might get out of becoming friendly with a faction, right?

EDIT:  I apologize for my previous response, which had some errors.  I was basing on the "official" servers that I had been on.  Apparently there are game modes where you literally start with nothing, which is fine if you are expecting it... working for it is fun too.  I agree that some of the basic lighting scripts should be available in towns (lvl 2 or 3), if they haven't been added already.  Most furniture can be purchased at level 2, but scripts you still have to discover in hard core mode for most important items.  I was surprised that the wooden bow was only available for purchase in a level 3 town, instead of level 1 or 2.  Other than that the flow of items in shops was pretty good.  By the time I found a wooden bow (for purchase), I was already using a steel bow.  LoL.  Also, the scripts are not updated automatically in all servers... only on the "official" servers.  This may be a bug, but most of the time I did not have to purchase scripts that were available: they were added to the replicator as soon as I visited the shop that sold them.  On the player servers you have to find or buy and learn everything.

For "Official" servers -- the ones that I have played on:
Most of these "basic items" are (now) included in Adventure mode at startup.  Advanced gear is available from towns farther away from the start point (which is usually close to one of the corners) so expect the best gear to be found in towns near the opposite corner.  Many scripts are updated (added) automatically when you visit the shops, so check your list again before buying scripts from the shops.  The highest level scripts can only be found in high level dungeons, but the gear can be purchased in shops if you don't have the scripts.  Also, nearly all necessary resources except Titanium and Lithium can be processed (acquired) in your Colony Processor, so minimal mining is necessary once you build your Colony, and those resources are inexhaustible as far as I can tell.  I only mine the Titanium and Lithium after I have maxed out mining skill and equipment (energy tools and max resources) so that nothing is wasted... but that's just me.

talk about bad timing.  I hope you enjoy it once you start playing.  Definitely recommend story mode if it is your first time through.  MP coop story mode if you want to play together.  Single Player story mode allows save points so that you can re-do sections if a quest gets messed up.  The Story Mode teaches you the game through the quests pretty well, and levels you up as you go.  When you do Adventure mode you can use a skill tree or just start with everything, but you need to know what you are doing already.

as an addendum to what I said before... after playing on the MP servers I have discovered that the follower skills (logging, mining, hunting, herbalist) are broken and do not retrieve any resources in multiplayer mode when you send followers off to work.  Either this is a bug or intentional, but it is unfortunate and disappointing that you do not receive the "bundles" from them that were expected.  As far as I know, they do not contribute to collection speed of the Processor, so they are basically wasted slots in MP mode.  I also have not seen the Scouting skill (magnifying glass) anywhere other than in SP story mode.  That is the one that I believe speeds the processor, and even in story mode was glitched so that you could not train it from one colonist to another (same glitch with the medical station skills).

My point is, since they do nothing for followers, it would be nice if they speeded the processor whenever that type of resource was requested, and someone with that skill was put on the task.  Either that or fix the follower resource bundles in MP modes.  Even if the skills are fixed for followers, it would be nice if they also speeded the processor as a processor skill, since you can only have two followers at a time, then they would still be useful when assigned another collection task by the colony.  This is just something that I would like to see, especially since the scout skill doesn't seem to be available for training.

Don't see why we can't have both, just like logging.

I think a better implementation would be to add their skill to the resource collection of the player for whatever the player does.  They can "pretend" to be digging, shoveling, or whatever, but essentially they just add their bonus to whatever the player receives... and not actually change the terrain or features... IN ADDITION to being able to send them off to collect resources independently.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Multiplayer diplomacy
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:35:45 AM »
In Single Player modes, there is a village elder you can talk to in order to establish relations with NPC factions.  This seems to be missing in MP mode (or they have all been slaughtered).  Is it intended for us to simply annihilate all factions?  That could get boring for new people if everything is gone when they join the server.  It is also boring if fighting is the only option.

Can you make all of the villages rebuild every few months?  Once they are all gone, a lot of the game dynamic is destroyed.  Especially in Co-op mode it is unlikely that you will maintain peace, it is simply too easy for a random person to ruin diplomacy.  It is really easy for the map to be wiped clean by high level players, and then it is no longer interesting for me.  It may not be worthwhile to trade with Factions, but I would still like to see something in the Trade Center, and have the linguistics and diplomacy mean something.

Otherwise it is basically "ok, this server is done, time to move on."  Then you have to hope that a new server will open up so you can move your home to a new world that isn't despoiled.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Multiplayer colonies.[marked]
« on: April 14, 2017, 10:58:53 PM »
I haven't done MP survival, I'm in a coop adventure right now, but I think MP survival is where I want to be.  As far as sharing/alliance, you could simply have a "share box" in your colony for other people to access, and connect with rail so it is easy to get to each other to see what is "in store."  If you don't want to travel back to your colony, put whatever you want repaired into a "repair box" next to the machine and let the owner repair it for you while you wait  (assuming you are going out adventuring together) -- only one person can use it at a time anyway.  Those permanent iron boxes would be good for this.  You may want to have several boxes near your rail station for passing visitors to check out... a "gift shop" LoL.  If you want to gift valuable items, wait until you are there together to pass it to them.

Use your imagination.  Cooperation is what you do, not a piece of computer code.

I think the most interesting environment would be where people are building and doing their own thing, so I am looking forward to seeing that type of server, and connecting to each other's colonies.  I will finish the colony I am building on the coop server... I don't want to leave something half-done, but other people can take over and redecorate.  Most of the friends I am making will likely follow.  I don't see a lot of point in a server with only one colony... will someone be offended if someone else starts making changes, or changes the location altogether?  It seems inevitable.

I am wondering... are there multiple starting points on an MP survival server?  I hate to think that all of the PC colonies are clumped together by the colony quest.  It is true that you can pick it up again and carry it anywhere once the quest is finished.

One thing though... do new NPCs show up on the map after the old ones are picked up by a colony?  That would be bad for any new colonies if there are no colonists left.  Here is something that is a real alliance activity... trading colonists so that you can share and train skills on a new set of people.  Talk to a colonist, and at the same time the other person releases from their colony, so that you can invite them to join yours before they run away.  This is a piece of coding that might need to be checked and updated... to have the new option appear when they are released while they are still talking to another player... or have the AI make the NPC stand still for 10-15 seconds before running away, so that a different player can invite them.

Also, can you team up to do dungeons in survival?  I know that you can do this in Co-op... you just end up in the same instance together.  If you enter a dungeon in Survival, is there only one instance until you leave the dungeon, or is a different instance created for everyone who tries to enter?

EDIT: to answer my own questions: 
1) you can team up in survival from the console menu (~) Online: Information, click on a name and invite to join a team.
2) new NPCs do seem to show up on the map... probably after each server reset.

What I would like to see:  ability to gift a colonist to another player (so they can use the skills to train their own colonists).  Currently if you release a trained colonist in hopes of letting someone else use it, they seem to disappear much too quickly to be picked up by someone else.  They do not seem to end up back at their start point, so where they end up is anyone's guess.  I presume that they are deleted entirely and replace by new NPCs.

3) there does not seem to be a quest line for creating a colony (or working with the skill tree), like in other modes... you simply have to know what you are doing.  There are a lot of new people who pick MP Survival to start, and so there is a lot of "helping with the basics" that needs to be done.
4) the Iron Box cannot be picked up once it is placed in MP Survival (and possibly not in MP Coop either).  This is a bug.  The box is a handy tool for sharing items with other players, but if you can't pick it up the world will become littered with left-over boxes.  I don't care if it is destroyed when you pick it up (like the description says)... I just don't want to leave trash behind or have something interfere with another player's ability to build in that spot.  FYI, you can enclose the Iron Box in blocks and still access it, so it can also be a secret stash in your colony, that can be used to share Raw Materials and share Tools as per the OP's request.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: smooth roads
« on: April 14, 2017, 09:36:29 PM »
LoL.  the sad part is that in most cases the road HAS been smoothed.  Some terrain is just so bad that even smoothed it is not navigable.  I think what would be just as helpful would be the ability to build roads ourselves.  We are the colonists, after all.  Leveling would be easy if we could add layers of terrain at the same level as the surface instead of defaulting to "on top" of it.  Laying terrain instead of blocks uses an extreme amount of dirt (because you can mine the dirt back out of it), I think it is 8 dirt per terrain.  However with all of the dirt we collect mining (and, if needed, from the processor), we should at least be able to smooth out the worst sections.

Digging with a drill should give massive amounts of dirt, so materials are not a problem.  Actually laying a decent road is a bi-otch.  Since you can't do a grade with terrain, it is pretty much impossible except if you want to "fill in" a really bad section, and shovel off the peaks to make it level.  I love traveling by jeep, but traversing rugged terrain is basically monorail, plane, or on foot.

It would resolve much of the problem if you could do a gradient with terrain and if you could place the layer starting at the level of the surface, instead of a block above it.  (Obviously it should use less dirt this way, as you are 'filling in the gaps' instead of laying full terrain blocks.)

It is also common for a road to go up the side of a cliff.  If the road does not line up with a compass point, it is impossible to build a ramp that lines up with the road.  You just have to build a new road section and ramp (or build a tunnel if that works).  Being able to do a terrain incline would be really nice in these cases... it would look much better than a sudden "block ramp."  I have done those too, and a 1:3 rise works ok for vehicles.  1:4 would be a nice option too.  Also, make the "road texture" available as a dirt terrain option.  None of the dirt textures match the road, so any repairs are really obvious.

It really hacks me when the Pujans come along and mortar the road next to my compound full of holes.  Starting a new game is easier than fixing a road.

Quick add: I make it a mission to remove any trees from the roadways... especially if the roads are good.  Civil engineers rule Maria!  LoL.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Save game comment
« on: April 14, 2017, 08:45:04 PM »
If you actually intend to keep save points, you can rename them in your save folder to something more descriptive.  It has been a while but it seems to me that I did this with a couple saves a few years ago.  Mainly kept as save points in case of beta bugs cropping up and need to go back to an earlier point.

I'm sure this wouldn't be possible in multiplayer, but should still be fine in single player saves.  A "Rename" option in the save file GUI would be a nice addition, and should not be too difficult to do.  Adding a comment to the file that shows up in the GUI would be harder, but yeah that would be nice also.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Colony lighting?
« on: April 12, 2017, 05:20:09 AM »
I like adventure mode better, especially with skill tree.  You can pick up recipes from dungeons also, and eventually you will get lighting recipes, if you don't find them in the towns that you run across.  Story mode is great, but it does come to an abrupt end.  Next chapter please!!

FYI, different recipes will tend to show up in specific dungeon levels.  Someone should do a resource to show which types of gear are found at which levels.  You can roughly guess, obviously top level gear would be in level 10 dungeons, but sometimes you still need a recipe that would show up at a lower level... like lighting and specific vehicle parts.

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