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Planet Explorers ISOs / subscription.vdf files
« on: June 08, 2019, 12:22:29 AM »
Are .vdf files somehow related to .iso files?  I'm trying to figure out how subscription downloads are imported into the game, so that maybe we can bypass the Lobby Crash to still be able to share things with each other.  It is very difficult to actually find your .iso files, because they often don't have distinguishable names.  Does steam store them with a different extension, and how are these translated into the game?

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Lobby
« on: May 30, 2019, 07:25:57 PM »
Any news?

My guess is that the backups got hosed also, or it would already be running.  I am playing other games for now, and check back weekly.  We can only hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.  Single player is still an option, but I miss playing with friends.  If I knew anything about programming, I would write an interface to bypass the Lobby myself, and post it for other people to install.  We just have to be able to enter multiplayer, and be able to store and click on an available IP address for a known host.  It doesn't have to be complicated.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Weird bug after character died
« on: May 22, 2019, 10:32:31 PM »
did you reload the game from the desktop, or just continue from where you are?  Also, you should always keep save points so that you can back up a little without losing a lot.

As far as the bug, I have noticed that kind of effect when I have lost connection with a server.  It is basically an infinite rubber banding, with nothing actually accomplished.  If you are in SP local mode, I really don't know what it might be, other than that you should reboot, and possibly verify the game files if it persists on a reload.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Lobby
« on: May 08, 2019, 05:54:25 PM »
Luminaire made an announcement on the Steam Forum.  The network people have been on vacation, and will be back soon (I think today).  They will get to work on it asap.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Lobby
« on: May 01, 2019, 09:38:39 PM »
I don't think you can.  Is the lobby down again?  There needs to be a way for the private servers to be self-sufficient, like the minecraft servers, so that we don't need to depend on someone else maintaining the link.

I do like having a central lobby that you can list and visit servers on.  You do need to be able to host without the lobby though.  All you need is to be able to connect to the workshop from a local host, and it should be an easy tweak to have full functionality.

This should be a priority for any tweaks to PE1 that they intend to do.  It should not devolve to SP story mode only, just because they don't keep up with maintaining the lobby server.  If they want life to continue, it needs to be self-sustaining.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Lost Rol Olympus
« on: April 25, 2019, 07:19:21 PM »
Very resourceful.  I will keep this in mind in case I need to glitch through a wall elsewhere, or to fast travel to a cavern below, etc.  Just need a jet pack or parachute for the fall.  LoL.  I wonder... do ore deposits show up as solid obstructions as you are falling through the void?  You could possibly just land on top of them, dig down into the deposit, and FT back to base, by strategic placement of a chair in a small hole.  Just make sure you stick the landing. Haha!

I have already replied to this in numerous other threads.  Please do a search.  The explanation is lengthy.

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: No Premade Structures?
« on: March 22, 2019, 06:39:48 PM »
I have never actually tried to share building ISOs, but I do know that there are a few which were posted on the forum by other people.  Building ISOs are not like object ISOs, and so cannot be shared on the workshop like other ISOs.  You would have to download and install the ISOs manually from whatever site or forum attachment where you find them.

Building ISOs are best when they are modular, in my opinion.  I try to make my ISOs with stub-outs so that you can easily add on attachments or with colored blocks showing the outline of where equipment should be placed.  I do this mainly to make it easier for myself when I construct prefab colonies, but if you design structures that you intend to share, then you would probably want to do something like that as well.  It is also a good idea to place "alignment blocks" so that you can match up overlapping sections accurately.

There is a 100x100x100 dimension limit on saved structures, which is large enough to house a colony, but you may want to still "snap together" other sections because the dimensions of the level 3 sphere are approximately 4x that volume (~165 block radius sphere), and you may want to utilize more of that space for something or another (landing pads, MCTAL pad, monorail station, etc)

I am going to try to attach a colony HQ building to this post.  It will run all of the equipment and have room for 16 colonists (4 dwelling beds) using one power plant, if you figure out where the placement is supposed to be.  I will try making an equipment map and attach it later, if I have time.  Beds do not have to be powered, so you can place them in peripheral buildings if you want to use the dorm area for something else.

You will need to put it in Users/(yourusername)/documents/PlanetExplorers/BuildingIsos and then it should show up in your saved isos when you go to "B" Build mode, click on "Menu" then click on "ISO" to open up your saved building ISOs.  Let me know if you need help with placing buildings, if you haven't done it before.  It is not difficult, but does take some familiarity with the tools (Arrows to move in a direction, T to turn, PgUp, PgDown, left click to place).  You do NOT want to try to place it by moving the mouse, especially if you are trying to line it up with other things.

You will need to have all of the materials before you can import the structure.  The material lists tend to be glitchy, so I hope it displays correctly for you.  It will mainly take a bunch of limestone, marble, and glass, but may have a few other ores included in the design (silver, copper... I'm not sure which version of the building this is).  My display (which may not be accurate) is saying 2051 marble, 3441 limestone, 675 glass, 9 steel, and 11 copper.  The steel and copper may be ghosts and not really used in the design, but the others sound correct.  You will need petroleum and coal to make the glass, which would need to be mined from ore deposits or retrieved by mining-skilled followers (single player adventure mode only).  You can also purchase the fuel to make the glass, but it will be expensive.

You can make your own sources for marble, limestone, and sand, if you have 4 units (you can purchase 4 units of each from a vendor).  Place terrain voxels for sand, marble and limestone (any of the types will work, but grass should be used if you are placing dirt voxels, because it gives back sulfates with the dirt). Use a pick to mine it back, and you will gain more resources than you use to place the voxel.  Continue to make larger and larger stacks and use gravity to mine them down (fastest).  You want to limit the stack dimension to the size of your pick, so that you take off a layer with each hit.  This will work with wooden picks also, but it will take more hits to mine the stacks down. You should also get trace elements of iron, copper, stone, and other things when you mine the stacks, depending on the quality of your pick and the material of the stack.

One last thing... you will likely want to make a block platform to place this on, or flatten the terrain in a 100x100 area, to give yourself a nice space to work with.  NOTE: this contains no defensive emplacements.  I usually put turrets around the perimeter on 17-block-high posts, which is the approximate reach for placing the turrets while standing under them.  This helps keep them from being attacked by things on the ground, and gives them a good field of view for defense.  I try to have at least 2 turret towers (lasers are best) near each corner of the building.  You can also add a low wall around the perimeter/gates/etc to improve your defenses, and ramps down to the ground if you built it on a platform.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: planet explorers multyplayer down
« on: March 13, 2019, 10:51:25 PM »
In case you aren't aware, the MP Lobby was back up when I checked this morning (3/13/19).  Happy gaming!

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Emily Always Follows Me Now
« on: February 19, 2019, 02:34:01 AM »
Aww, how sweet!  She likes you...   

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: How is Planet Explorers?
« on: February 14, 2019, 09:00:07 PM »
I haven't played Story Mode in a while, but if you are picking up vehicle scripts, you will start getting the colony scripts very soon.  That, to me, is when the fun really starts. ;D

Iron used to be overpowered for its level, and may not have been changed.  It is, however, not as good as diamond or energy.  It may be better than Gold, but Gold may have better rare resource drops to make up for the slower swing.

I haven't really done any kind of comparison lately.  Those statistics gurus may not be active.  If you think iron is still a better tool, it is certainly easier to acquire and skill up to use, so I will almost certainly make it a stop on leveling up tools... probably skipping bronze, gold, and diamond, and going straight from wood, to iron, to energy (unless I happen to pick up a random tool in a dungeon).  I rarely make tools in any case.  I will purchase one early on, and the rest will likely be found in supply pods or dungeon drops, and then purchase energy tools when I find them and scrap the rest.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: Extreme Fps Issues!!
« on: February 05, 2019, 04:55:25 PM »
My first question would be: what have you been building in the vicinity?  If you are talking about the frame rate at your colony: the more you build the slower your frame rate will be.

Things that slow down frame rate:

# of colonists
User-placed terrain voxels
Monorail in vicinity.
Massive numbers of building blocks

If you have the frame rate monitor turned on, you can see how it changes as you look at specific things (or in that general direction).

Try to limit colonists to around 12-16 (or less)
Use terrain sparingly
Don't build a rail unless you just really like rails (like me).
For massive builds, use HOLLOW designs to simulate massiveness.  Think chocolate Easter bunny.  It looks really big, but doesn't necessarily have to use a lot of chocolate.  Building hollow walls takes skill and practice, but it will help with the frame rate on massive builds.

EDIT: Sorry, one last thing, which may not help with this, but might help with game loading on large maps.  Turn off voxel cache, and/or delete voxel cache in the Options: Misc section before loading the game.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: planet explorers multyplayer down
« on: February 01, 2019, 03:16:44 AM »
Servers/Lobby is back up.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Cannot connect to Lobby times out.
« on: February 01, 2019, 03:16:10 AM »
just in case you didn't already notice, the lobby is back up again.  If you still have problems give a shout.  It doesn't look like they did a reset on any of the servers though.

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