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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Bug - a load of typos
« on: January 20, 2018, 09:02:23 PM »
The free demo is an earlier alpha or beta version of the game.  It is likely no longer supported, and even as a free demo was released with the understanding that there were still bugs.  I do not see this issue in the standard version of the game.

That being said, I do think that for marketing purposes they should update the demo.  Keep it limited, but show the more current features.  This may bring in a lot more new players and revenue.  If you don't have a good demo, you aren't going to get a continuous stream of new players buying the full game.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Stuck at 17%
« on: January 20, 2018, 08:37:24 PM »
This happens to me also on the official servers... it isn't your setup, it has to do with your computer specs and loading large game files.  There is a workaround... delete your voxel cache file (it will have to relearn/reload the voxels as you explore).  This is a multi-gigabyte sized cache file.  I can't remember where it is stored (someone told me how to do it, but I haven't done it in a while).  You can search for "voxelcache" and I think it should show up.  What this means is that you may run into more "walls" if you are traveling in a fast vehicle, until you have the voxels loaded again.  Eventually you will have to delete it again, if you do a lot of exploring.

You will have a voxelcache file for each server you play on, so you will probably want to delete the most recent one... that is the one you are likely trying to load.

Edit:  It will not affect your map... just the speed that the areas reload.  If you have "paths" that you normally travel, and after you explore and uncover the map, you can delete the voxel cache and just reload the areas that you commonly go to, in order to keep your voxel cache smaller.  The larger your map, the larger your voxel cache will tend to be.  A 40km map may have over a terabyte of voxel information.

Thanks for sharing your builds.  One quick note about modular buildings:  Since the biggest problem with colonies is dropped frame rate with large builds, anything that has a "thickness" of more than 2 blocks needs to be hollow inside.  Visually, I like the idea of anything that makes the buildings look massive and interesting, but they have to be built with attention to being massive looking, without actually being massive.  This is true with vehicle designs as well.

The effect of this can be noticed most when fast traveling, or when using rail lines.  When you arrive, you have to "wait" (stuck in place) until the entire colony loads.  The more massive your colony, the longer you are stuck.  The best architects should build the most fascinating things with the minimum amount of blocks.  Any block that is "interior" to the wall could and should be eliminated.

Thumbs up for sharing your designs.  You are definitely one of the best.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / HP buffs in dungeons
« on: January 19, 2018, 05:55:24 AM »
Can you put some things in the dungeons that drop meat that you can use in the Stew Pot?  It was nice having the stew pot available when fighting in the WOW ruins (and in the Haunted Cave), but I didn't go in with a stack of meat, so it was a one-time buff for me.  I nearly didn't make it in the last battle because I was low on HP buffs going into it, and you got rid of the apple slice/HP buffs that we used to get in the dungeons.  I think there is a 10% HP buff that you can make now, but I didn't have any with me, just a few dozen ointments which I went through pretty quickly.

My Time At Portia Bugs / (3.71) Rat King Treasure
« on: January 19, 2018, 05:51:43 AM »
I didn't receive Nitre when I finished the Rat King.  I didn't get a chest, and I thought I remembered a chest the first time I did it.  He did drop a bunch of stuff, but there was no chest and no Nitre (which I was expecting).  The cut scene was different too... when I finished it before, there was only one cut-scene stub.  This time it seemed like there were 3 or 4 stubs, so maybe the cut scene stubs messed up the appearance of the chest?

My Time At Portia Bugs / (3.72) Quarrying piles
« on: January 19, 2018, 05:41:26 AM »
I have noticed several of the quarry piles on Amber Isle are disabled (they may have been added in 3.7).  I appreciate that the crystal seems to generate a little faster, but most of my income is from quarrying and manufacturing/selling stone tables, glass, gems, talismans, and bronze items from the quarry stone.  I can actually make over 2000 gols on a good day, but there is regeneration time, so the more piles that are working, the better it is for me.  I have given up on most of the commissions for now... I check daily and take them if they are bronze or something I can complete quickly.  That leaves the rest of the day for socializing, farming and quarrying.  I don't know what the rubies are good for, but Higgins will keep the #1 spot until resources are more developed.  I haven't seen them requested or used for anything yet.  I hope I'm not missing out on something super valuable... maybe they are just something to sell for bonus income?

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: I.A.D Armor (WIP)
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:30:46 PM »
Decent armor is hard to make.  Really nice job.  Are you able to tweak the armor values by maximizing the materials?  Most armor is really clunky, so I don't wear it because it doesn't move well.  If the defensive values are high enough, I would use them.  I didn't realize that there were multiple slots for the head... I thought you could only wear one piece at a time.  It is very interesting that you can wear a helmet and a visor at the same time.  Again, good job figuring that out.  I would download it just to see how you did that.

I am not sure why you are having this problem.  I have no trouble adding 01, 02, or 03 cells to vehicles.  What mode are you playing?  If you have skill tree enabled, you might not be able to add them because you don't have the tech unlocked.

I used a chainsaw once.  Then sold it.  But like the drill vs pick, I don't think the chainsaw was ever intended as a replacement for the ax.  If you want to clear a road or make your own path through a jungle, then you might want to use a chainsaw.  For me, since I value the resources, I have always used an ax.  Drill and chainsaw to clear a path, pick and ax to gather resources.  For that same reason, you always want to use a pick instead of a shovel -- a shovel clears a larger area, but a pick gathers more resources.  I think of a drill as being an upgraded shovel, neither of which I use very often.  Chainsaw is useless to me, but that's just me.  Maybe that's you, too, but I agree that I have no use for a chainsaw.  That doesn't mean that other people won't use it.

If a chainsaw were able to cut through those annoying plants that can't be cut with an ax (the ones that have hit boxes but can't be removed), then I would definitely put a chainsaw in my inventory.  I don't think they can do that -- but I haven't tried.

Got a chuckle out of this.  I'm more offended by bizarre body types than faces, which are mostly tolerable.

I'm thinking, for player servers, it would be even better to be able to create and install your own NPCs via the story editor.

Having a character editor for both PC and NPC in the editing tool would be really awesome.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Please un-nerf the Drill...
« on: January 14, 2018, 08:23:33 PM »
I have to disagree with the premise.  It is not an end-game tool, in my opinion.  I think it is available for purchase fairly early -- at least level 3 towns if not level 2 towns.  Even in story mode, I think you gain access to purchase midway through.

It is good for digging tunnels through dirt.  It was never intended for mining resources... just the opposite.  The purpose is to get you to the resources quickly, not to roto-route the inside of a mountain.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Property Prices and Farming
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:54:08 AM »
I noticed that after the 30k property expansion (which I already thought was kind of pricey) the next one jumped up to 120k.  Unless that is the last one that gives you the entire rest of the workshop area, then I think the price needs to come down to maybe 40k.  I have an A level workshop, and I'm pretty good at picking up extra on the side, but with the A level items still missing, I'm lucky to complete one commission per week.  I can still make around 600 gols per day, but at that pace it would take 2 game years to collect 120k -- assuming I don't have any other expenses (like very expensive daily fertilizer).

I have finally got Apricots up and running, and if I am understanding the way they produce, then I may not need as many trees as I thought... however I think 6 trees is still needed to keep production up for daily commissions, and that's 250 gols per day for fertilizer, without any other planters going, and about a 7000 gol startup cost before you see any return.  If I get enough Apricot commissions and the trees keep producing, then it should pay for itself... jury is still out on that.  The growing season is limited, so yeah, there's that too.  I don't think I will get my investment back out of it unless the fertilizer improves about 10x duration for each (10 days each instead of 1 day each).

I think I may be able to make something from the flowers... I have some growing now in 4 other planters and they don't take as long to harvest.  I think there is a recipe for using them, so I can make something to sell with it.  The fruit and vegetable items are still a toss-up, since I don't have any recipes for them and the raw value will likely not pay for itself.  I'll try throwing things together soon (waste) but maybe I'll get lucky and discover something useful in the cook pot.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: Selling stuff
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:28:13 AM »
I'm so glad you posted this... it has been bothering me too.  Not only is the market rate not listing accurately, but you can no longer sell a lot of things that you need to sell.  Sophie's for instance, only buys around 25 items before she poops out (she is the only one who will buy the bug eggs, which you collect by the stack trying to get dung and mucus to make fertilizer).  That is not enough to offset the market costs of the things that you have to buy from her for the farm.  It is basically a constant 150% cost for everything she sells, because you can't sell her enough stuff to drive the market back down.  (You have to purchase most of your fertilizer from her, even if you try to make it yourself.)

The other vendors are suffering from similar problems.  Since they don't buy the things they used to, if you have to buy from them it drives the prices up for the next time and you can't do anything to lower them.  Mars' shop is the only one that buys enough to keep a relatively low rate on the things he sells, and that is still around 110%

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Axe and Pick
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:17:15 AM »
One of the changes in update 3.7 is that the amount used by the tools is different for different upgrades of tool.  My Fisherman's Pick and Axe (steel) use 4 points per swing (I have no bonus).  I would have to make some other tools again to be able to tell you what the base is for different types.  I don't really like the change, but it is what it is, for the time being.  Please post which tool you are using (stone, bronze, iron, steel), just to make sure it is still a 2 point base tool.

(@devs) if you are going to increase the cost, then you need to have better buffs available to replace the lower level ones.  If we are expected to use dried food for a higher level stamina replacement, then we need to be able to make about 20 in a day (per rack), not 1.  The times on the drying rack are not conducive to any kind of regular use.  If you want realism (for the time requirement) then allow 20 at a time on the rack, and then it's fine to take a day to process.  **

For the record, I think increasing the base stamina cost of the tools should wait until the other items are in place.  It's kind of like putting the cart before the horse.  Maybe that's the point, though, to see what kind of issues arise even with a minor tweak.  I would suggest a quarter or a third of a point per tool upgrade, so that steel would be around 3 instead of 4.  Also, the more you fool around with the base cost, the less valuable the skill upgrades become.  That creates an entirely different problem.  You do want the skill levels to have a noticeable impact.  When the game advances to magnesium alloy, or titanium, at the current rate of increase the bonus you get from the skill will become so negligible as to not be worth applying... only spending the points to pass through to the next skills that make a difference.

**EDIT:  To be more clear -- Since the stamina cost has doubled for the tool, then the replacement speed of stamina needs to double as well with the buffs in order to keep up.  If you are using the roasted meat or salted fish (low level buffs) the effectiveness is halved, because it now costs twice as much to replace the stamina as it did before, to get the same number of swings.  Even with an increase in loot per swing, or increase in quality of drops, it is still annoying to have to use twice as much stamina recovery to stay in the mines for the same amount of time.  Since the higher level recovery buffs cost a day to make one (1) item, instead of 20 per day for the low level buffs, you really can't keep up if you are expecting to use the better buffs -- you just can't make them as fast as you need to use them.  Well, either that or we have to limit dungeon dives to once per month, so we can make a stack of HP and Stamina buffs first.

I am putting this info in a thread separate from the general Tips on Socializing, which is now mostly spoiler-free.  This is info that normally you get at Associate and Buddy level with the residents of Portia.


Black Book v3.71
This is a work in progress.

People whom you may marry are listed in RED.

With a few exceptions: Bouquets of Wildflowers +4, of Asteria +6, of Roses +8
 :D Day of Bright Sun :D:  All gifts are 3x normal value.

Aadit:  (Aadit is a pacifist, and will not spar without Fair Fight skill.)
Albert:  jewelry (unspecified), crafting materials (unspecified)
Alice:  Dislikes Snake Berry.
Antoine:  Perfume (untested)
Arlo:  food (unspecified, see food preferences)
Dr. Xu:  Herbal Mixture +6, Simple Ointment +6
Emily:  sweets (unspecified), Pumpkin Pie +10, wants a telescope.  Dislikes blades.
Ginger:  None
Higgins:  None
Lucy:  things that the school children would like, Balloon +8
Mars:  crafting parts (unspecified)
Martha:  different kinds of bread (unspecified), Baked Bread +8. Dislikes herbal medicine (unspecified), Herbs -5.
Mei:  flowers (unspecified). Dislikes wildflowers -2.
Merlin: sturdy crafting materials (unspecified). Dislikes clocks.
Nora:  fruit (unspecified), exquisite things with fine details (unspecified)
Oaks:  crafting materials (unspecified), Snake Berry +4, Apple Juice +6
Papa Bear:  Aroma Apples +10
Paulie:  Dislikes clocks.
Petra:  Relics (unspecified)
Phyllis:  things related to her work (unspecified), Herbal Mixture +4, Simple Ointment +6.
Presley:  hot tea (unspecified)
Qiwa:  Any raw fish +4, Grilled Catfish +6
Remington:  exceptional weapons and shoes (unspecified)
Sam: adventuring gear (unspecified). Dislikes girly things.
Sonia:  money, rich guys (has a crush on Gust), beautiful bags, expensive jewelry (unspecified, but definitely got a laugh out of me), Power Stone +6
Toby:  Apple Juice +6
Tody:  Dislikes Pot of Flowers

Note:  for food descriptions, the wording is specific -- "smoked" is not the same as "grilled", and "spicy" is not the same as "hot" in regard to preferences or dislikes.  The menu changes, and I don't know the frequency.  There may be a specific menu for each day of the week, or it may be a random daily selection.  Portia Hot Pot is both Hot and Spicy.  If they say they want a particular dish, that takes precedence over their normal likes/dislikes. Use preferences to fill out unspecified portions of the meal.  6 items seems to be optimal, and you may order more than one thing from a section to "add in favorites."
Albert:  Likes hot and spicy only.  Dislikes ice cream.
Alice:  Likes Bamboo Papaya w/ Egg-on-Top.  Dislikes sweets.
Antoine:  Likes Bamboo Papaya w/ Egg-on-Top, likes veggies.
Arlo:  Likes Spaghetti w/ Hot Sauce, likes noodles.  Dislikes sweets (any dessert), dislikes Steamed Potato Fruit.
Emily:  Likes Pumpkin Steamed Rice, Highwind Fried Rice, Stewed Rice Meat Supreme, Potato Fruit Cake, likes vegetables, likes rice, loves salads, loves Pumpkin Pie. Dislikes any fish, dislikes coffee, dislikes noodles.
Lucy:  Likes Coffee.  Dislikes meat (vegetarian)
Mars:  Dislikes spicy.
Martha:  Likes Baked Rice w/ Coconut Chicken.  Dislikes Red Tea.
Mei:  Likes ice cream. Dislikes raw veggies.
Merlin:  Dislikes rice.
Nora:  Likes Sauteed Sweet and Sour Tenderloin, likes Rainbow Lemonade.  Dislikes Holly Tea, dislikes coffee, dislikes any fish.
Oaks:  Dislikes Holly Tea, dislikes bitter.
Paulie:  Likes hot and spicy.  Dislikes tea.
Petra:  Likes Rainbow Lemonade.  Dislikes meat, dislikes salty.
Phyllis:  Likes Milk Scented Tea, likes dessert.  Dislikes smoked food, dislikes spicy food, dislikes rice.
Presley:  Likes Red Tea, likes seafood.  Disikes smoked food.
Remington:  Likes Sauteed Sweet and Sour Tenderloin, likes hot, likes spicy.  Dislikes sweets (any dessert).
Sam:  Likes rice.  Dislikes noodles, dislikes bitter, dislikes coffee.
Sonia:  Dislikes rice, dislikes tea.
Tody:  Likes fish and seafood.  Dislikes spicy food.

BIRTHDAYS:  Many birthdays were changed in update 3.70.  After checking other plays, it seems to be a consistent change, and not random.  I am only including the ones that I have uncovered in v3.71.
Month One          Month Two          Month Three        Month Four         
1/10 Antoine2/8 Oaks3/1 Alice4/5 Nora
1/17 Emily2/10 Albert3/5 Arlo4/8 Tody
1/20 Gale2/15 Sonia3/7 Lucy4/11 Petra
1/23 Martha2/18 Mars3/11 Mei4/16 Isaac
2/20 Phyllis3/17 Qiwa4/21 Merlin
2/23 Presley3/23 Sam4/26 Paulie
2/26 Remington

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