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lol a own render distance for adv mode...What the deuce ...
I never come to the idea when the render distance in story mode is good in adv mode i must set is manually higher...

The first game i ever have seen this... and i play since ZX Spectrum...

Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Buglist
« on: September 15, 2017, 10:19:17 PM »
All this bugs can be seen if you open your eyes. We all have this bugs because a lot of them are engine bugs.

But the devs were lazy and publish the beta of the game and run to a new game. A real big patch who fix all the bugs dont will come.

I can publish my save but you see ... no dev is here and ask for it because... its not a problem of my drivers, hardware or save and they let PE die...

My Time At Portia General Discussion / Re: DF makes MTAP videos !
« on: August 28, 2017, 03:43:41 PM »
Nice to see you ignore the problems in Planet Explorers and make a new game.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Buglist
« on: August 26, 2017, 02:43:49 AM »
the npc always walk back into the stone...

come on... this is an extrem old bug and gamebreaking when you cant click the npc to communicate or he dont react when i click e AND i can fix it in 10 seconds !!!
Open maptool. select the stone. delete it. its an devmade map. its not a problem to fix it...

* NPCs spawn into base. behind a wall.

* NPCs and Plants ignore walls

* factory dont build aluminium alloy worker is in it and build outher things

I foind out its a logicbug from the devs. The most goes to the storage box. But not all. It stucks in queue. I must search with google why it dont build it.

No one takes something out of a queue... is a queue... not a storage box or it sayed to you its finished...

* texture glitch bug

gamebreaking when you cant open it and you dunno there inside the ashboxes you need for a quest.

* a lot of build/place xy quests are bugged

i build a alu und steel building for the transmitter but he dont accept it. I deplace is and have place -80/80 alu so i must place now 160 alu

or place a sentry 01. I place it. Nothing happend. I replace it and quest sayed place sentry 01 -1/1

* I must build a attackship. I have one so i dont must build one. After a relog he accept this for the quest. I have 4 Airships in my inventary now and i must place the fleet.

I place all 4 aircrafts on ground but now i havent a airship on me and i cant use one of the four i have placed.

I must build a new one but it was extrem expensive and i must grind hours to rebuild it... and all 4 stand inside my fields but i cant move it. Thats sucks.

the npc sit always but hey he follow me

* i change the ground because the npc place the plants into the wall. Now solid earth is on ground but he place plants there again...

* adv modus npc stuck in a chunkerror

* a lot of changes or quests only work when you restart the game. Build a base and the npcs spawn inside. You have build before an attackship the quest accept is only after restart and much more.

* turrets ignore walls, own npcs, player, ground, hills and so on. they shoot directly.

* the most questinfos dont exist. You must so much often give a search in google or PE wiki. Not all is marked on map and the questtext say the most time nothing. Do the devs never play a game ?

I found much more (logic)bugs but i dont have the time and the patience to report all.

I play this game now since 2013. The graphic is the same. The fps are only better because we all have new graphiccards and i found a lot 3 year old bugs... what have you done the last 3-4 years ?

Planet Explorers Bugs / Fast travel in story mode dont work anymore
« on: August 26, 2017, 02:34:03 AM »

Fast travel in story mode dont work anymore

I have a lot of meat and i cant travel fast. I try to clear my inventar but that was the problem

I am atm where i placed the fleet


I must say i play a lot of open world games and the visibility in adv modus is a joke.
Settings are all set to far but the game looks like this :

all games i know have a better visibility


the adv modus is very boring. 90 % of the npcs are the passive lizard. the storymode map is 1000 % better.

Why do you dont have integrade more variety ? Finding wolfes for the quest was very hard.


I have always FPS sink when i have to many following NPCs.

Edit : I have FPS drop too, when i make to much farmland. 20x20 is ok. When i make more FPS falls down to 5.


I had the quest with Hitomi and the crystals.

I had the crystals but Hitomi was gone. Cant find here.

So i have load a old savegame.

Now all is ok, but i bring here back to the camp and now the camp is empty. Only Stuard is there all outher ( 6-8 ) NPCs are gone.

Hitomi dont will finish the quest too.

Save and load fixed the problem.

Back to camp 0.83

I bring the npcs back to camp and the FPS drops extremly down.

Normal i have 45-60 FPS. Lowest was 30

But when i do the quest i only have 10-15 FPS.

The NPCs are stutter extrem. So i think the wayfinding is a big problem for the FPS.

Edit : With so much NPCs in Earth camp i now have only 20 FPS...

Hardware :

6 core AMD 2,8 GHz
Geforce 560 Ti
8 GB Ram
all drivers up to date

I have more FPS in Arma 3 so you have shoot a ram. Find the bug pls

One year later and you have the F1 und F2 mode now and nothing is better.

So much often when i am in F2 and shoot or dig i click outher windows with the new invisible cursor...

And in ALL outher Unity Games i never had that problem. When you cant fix the problem write the Unity engine developer.

the only good think is the cursor now really dont lose the game.


One year later and the npcs stuck so much often.

so the bug isnt fixed.

Pls plane the way in the near of the Layerback nest better. thx.

This isn't our problem though, it's an Unity issue. Just don't use alt-tab. Use the Windows key.
Pls read the complet post !

In thirdperson the cursor dont freeze when you look around with holding right mousebutton. That makes bugs.

In firstperson i dont have the problem, but when i switch between third and firstperson lock cursor dont go. Then the cursor switch to the outher monitor. second bug.

Both problems are your problems ! I dont buy the unity Engine. I buy your game !
Outher Unitygames dont have this bugs i have reported. 

When you rightclick mouse fix it/freeze it on position so the bug dont happend.

and it isnt fixed. Lock Cursor isnt the only bug who comes without freeze...

All gamers know when i click right mousebutton to look around the cursor must be frozen.

Lock Cursor on screen is on, but in the game the cursor go to the monitorcorner and make a bug. You stuck a little when its on corner...So you cant navigate your character good enough. Look around is so annoying too.

Can you fix that pls ?  Elementare gameplay must go at first !!!

Are the coder of this game are gamer too or only coder ? I play after 7 month again the game and the first thing i see is a no go again. That dont must be.

All outher games make this too and its a must have.

Edit : Or in a fight you look around ( using right mousebutton ) the cursor bounces around you click left ... on a open window. Arghs ... Thats horrible. Why controls dont go like in outher games ?

Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Unreasonable lags
« on: October 09, 2013, 04:04:09 PM »
so long all Unity gamedeveloper igore the problem there will nothing happen.

We buy the games, they develop the game but no one makes pressure to the Enginecoder. So we gamers with the problem are the loosers and nothing will be better.

So i never will buy a Unity Engine Game.

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