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Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: 0.831 Character Won't Stand Still[marked]
« on: September 17, 2014, 06:11:38 AM »
I suddenly remembered, and before i forget to mention it to you (yeah bullet i know who you are ;) ) do you have sticky keys on windows turned on by any change by accident..
Other thing i could come up with is some freakish issue with your mousedriver, as you know from that "other" project we both are working on, my guess its not the game itself directly is having a bug, but it rear its ugly head in PE, but something hardware/driver causing it but PE somehow is sensitive for it.

Remember that other project i had something simulair, noone could reproduce.. later it turned out my PC that was causing it, we blamed our project since it was only showing there..

But again, like i said earlier, its a wild guess..

I gave a follower a sword and a shield in the item slots, but since he never switches from bow to melee, i wanted to remove the weapons from the item slots.
But somehow i'm unable to remove nor replace any items that are placed in any of the item slots.

Is this intended behaviour or running here in some (new) bug ?

General Discussion / Re: Pets
« on: March 03, 2014, 10:24:16 PM »
My Stafford, some thinks she might be dangerous due the stories bout the race, but in fact she just is such a adorable cute mellow dog, that just loves people, and doesnt get why people hate her.

And my Beagle, she and my Stafford are real sisters, they can live with each other, but certainly they cant live without each other :D

The Beagle had issues beeing a pack dog, that she didnt liked to be alone, and a friend of mine who was in a divorce had the stafford, but due the divorce she coudnt keep her at her new livingspace, so she gave Mila to me, knowing my Beagle (Kira) are allways playing together in the park when they met, and i was looking for a second dog.
So we agreed i took Mila in, and ever since these to ladies are unseperable, except when i comes down to dinner time, then they are rivals, where the Beagle is suddenly the boss.

When it comes to chewing bones, then the stafford becomes the one that steals bones from the beagle, and i need to help my beagle to keep her chewing bones :o
But i allways have to help that big musculair stafford in getting her bowl of food, or otherwise that small beagle eats her bowl empty as well.

Clans / Re: New Marians - Guild
« on: March 03, 2014, 01:00:09 PM »
We're still alive, but serverless.   With no free banter in the clan. 

Pretty much, we still accept anyone and everyone ((The application is more of a joke =P)).  However...   with my new computer and me trying to figure out windows 8 ((SCREW THIS NEW IPAD LIKE MENU))  and how to get it to act like windows 7 ((I want the better system, but I miss the older more professional lay out))  with all my programs like skype and the such.

Check this out
Using this myself for win8, makes windows behave like a normal win7 system

Slowly getting the download, hopefully with this speed its finished in a hour or 3 :(
Will seed it afterwards.

When i put my Copper bow away after use, it sticks horizontally through my male character in the middle, instead of having it vertically on my back like it supposed to be..
It seems too happen only with the Hunter Leather armor, it didn't happen on the default Overall clothing..
Haven't checked yet if this also happens with a female character, nor any other bow types as too Copper Bows..

Also on the Defend Camp mission, it kept hanging on 29 of 30 mob kills..
I had too reload the mission several times before i finally got to the required 30 kills, and while the mission was active there where no mobs near at when i reached 29 kills..

Then after 5 retries i finally after waiting for about 5mins again i was about too cancel it again, then my Sentry guns shot finally a mob that seemed to be stuck below the surface.. I never saw what the guns shot.. But at least they detected it fortunate..
Still the Quest stated they come from the NW/ but all mobs came from N/E side, so all my defenses where on the wrong side now, and alot of mobs got stuck behind the vine, so on the last attempt i decided too chop it down, and mobs could get through now
Still it again took a long time before mob number 30 showed up, about 3 to 4 minutes..

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: a0.61 status update
« on: August 05, 2013, 03:06:31 AM »
Better make sure imho that everything works, as too have a build released, that breaks more then it adds..

The update sounds good, but next time not even make a rough estimate for a release of a build as was done this time, it just adds expectations that understandable cannot sometimes be met, and people get annoyed and anxious, and puts more pressure on the developers/programmers, what can again lead too more mistakes..

So take you're time and make sure we get a good nice build.. And we will see when its done soon(tm)..

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