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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: Farming on Modified Terrain
« on: November 08, 2018, 12:25:59 PM »
To answer my own question: Yes you can.

Took a chance and went for it, I built a coastal colony on reclaimed terrain hoping farming will work on it. Finished the colony, recruited all my usual colonists, filled up the incubator with seeds and stuff, and indeed, off went Vera to do her thing.

I noticed some other nice touches and additions since I last played as well. Pity to see the game being left for dead, it was a nice 7 years of PE. I guess it's time to look for something new now, although there's nothing else that offers what PE does, other games of the same type tend to be nothing but empty and barren multiplayer sandboxes with no actual gameplay content.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Farming on Modified Terrain
« on: November 05, 2018, 12:17:05 PM »
Yes, I'm back on PE again. It's awfully quiet in the forums here, I expected this game to take off after release. Surely it can't die yet? There's still no other voxel sandbox game with this level of content, the very reason I am back here!

But anyway, just a quick question: Is it possible to farm on modified terrain after final release? I remember that previously NPCs could not work farms if built on modified terrain. I have started building a coastal colony again which naturally involves reclaiming lots of land to build on, will this still be an issue for farming?


General Pathea Discussion / Re: Im ready[marked]
« on: May 03, 2017, 01:46:29 PM »
I already bought 3 copies of PE and, if my nephew comes back after the May holidays and shows interest, I'll probably buy a fourth copy for him as well so that we can play multiplayer, I love this game that much. I actually consider it the best voxel builder/survival game out there at the moment, probably because I am mostly an offline gamer and PE is the only one I know of that offers complete and feature-rich singleplayer alongside multiplayer, not just some half-baked rudimentary "singleplayer" just to lure in more sales. Also no DLC scumming like many others...

Just keep on doing what you're doing, the experience gained during PE's development will shine through in future projects, first times are always tough.

you can retrieve them by clicking the call button on their info screen.

I figured that one out, yes. It didn't work at first but, if it doesn't, just fast travel to another town and back to have some of the colonists return, if one or more colonists is back, you can call the rest and they will respond. I had to do it twice yesterday and it worked both times, I was able to get all my colonists back.

I think I read somewhere that setting it as proxy server you don't have to mess with port forwarding, but it is probably a lousy ping.

If you make it a proxy server you do not need to forward ports but ping will suffer, that is correct. A proxy is basically like a middleman between the server and client and all data goes through it instead of directly between the server and client. A proxy server may cause problems if you have slow internet connection issues like I mentioned above but, a fast enough connection should mitigate the network delays by some extent.

If you have a 4G router or similar mobile router, you will require a static IP for forwarding ports. In most cases you can just ask your ISP to give you a static IP address without any additional cost.

I am actually extremely grateful that Pathea added the proxy server option, it provides an alternative for people who don't always have direct access to their routers for whatever reason to open up the required ports.

I last played the game around the release of 0.90 alpha, I still had a few problems so I decided to wait for the final release. So now I have finally decided to seriously get into the game after release. I decided to rather start a dedicated server to play on since I also bought the game for a couple of friends, this way I can continue playing my main game and they can just join in whenever we're in the mood for some multiplayer. We have experienced some bugs in the meantime that I have decided to list here.

Some of these bugs have been reported before and the server is also a proxy one meaning the bugs could be caused by low transfer rates and dropped packets. This is on a survival adventure map. Here we go:

- Cannot get on vehicle: This one is well-known since 2014 and was already recently reported again. (minor - workarounds exist)

- Map view resets: It seldom happens that clients' map resets to unexplored state every time the server is restarted, meaning they have to explore and open up the map all over again. This bug does not seem to affect the master role/administrator. (significant - players needs a map)

- Colonists disappear: This practically happens every time and affects everyone whenever the server is restarted. The colonists still appear on the colony tab in your mobile PC and you can change their equipment etc. but, they are nowhere to be found in the game world itself. Fast travelling to a distant town and then back to your colony sometimes brings back a colonist or two, but not everyone. (critical - setting up a working colony takes a lot of work minor - workarounds found, see below)

- Town NPCs not regenerating: NPCs from towns never get replaced when recruiting them for your colony, this means that towns will quickly become empty when more players start to set up their own colonies. Restarting the server does not help. (significant - you need colonists for colonies, empty NPC towns is not very nice either)

- Animals spawning inside the colony shield: Animals spawn all over the colony every time the server is restarted, causing your turrets to go haywire for a moment. If you reclaimed land on water for building your colony, even fish spawn in your colony on the surface and "swims" around your colony streets. This could be related to the disappearing colonists issue mentioned above. (minor - you get lots of loot afterwards)

- Turrets target ALL animals, even docile ones: It's nice to have some birds flying around your town square or some fish swimming around your waterfront and docks, the turrets really don't have to slaughter them all whenever they get close, they won't bite. (minor - it's only an immersion thing)

Some other observations:

- Modified terrain or felled trees outside colony shields/away from player infrastructure never seem to erode away or regrow, this means that the map becomes increasingly littered with small "world modifications" everywhere (craters from battles here, chopped trees there). Eventually the game world will be in such a state that we will have to start over, for example: Battle seldom breaks out at one Paja camp on a common travel route, the terrain surrounding this camp is a complete mess already, some of their buildings even hover in the air due to the ground under them having been blown away by explosions. It should not be necessary for me to restrict players from digging holes, chop trees or use explosive weaponry on the server (I already have to do this in singleplayer), a game world in a game like this should be self-sustaining.

- Date and spelling is still in US format instead of international format, yet the game is sold internationally.

I did experience some internet issues earlier that could have caused the game world to bug out. I would like to confirm if anyone else experienced these issues (except the "cannot get on vehicle" bug, that is a known one) because they could just be isolated incidents on my game world but, restarting again is something I have done enough during alpha so I hope I won't have to again.


Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Multiplayer colonies.[marked]
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:02:05 AM »
Nevermind, I asked a friend to join so we can test it.

Just invite/join teams via the console's online menu, as Omidawn said. You can then share vehicles and I believe a monorail connection should be no problem either. You can also see each other on the map.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Re: Multiplayer colonies.[marked]
« on: April 24, 2017, 12:17:19 PM »
Just to confirm: If you do not use the console to join a team in survival, do you join a team by just teleporting to the colony of the player you want to join?

Also, I am not too bothered that teammates cannot access each other's colony infrastructure in survival. What I am more concerned about is vehicle sharing, can a teammate enter your vehicle as a passenger? Normally you cannot do this in survival. Can you also connect your colony with a teammate's via monorail?

The thing is, we want to build separate colonies and the survival game mode is the only one that allows this but, we still want to travel together in a single vehicle or share resources from time to time, or visit each other's colonies without getting shot at by turrets and colony soldiers.

EDIT: Sharing resources and items is not a problem, we just drop it and let the other player pick it up.

Yes, it is an "OutOfRangeException" error related to the modified surfaces of primitive voxels it seems. I normally build coastal colonies on reclaimed land by laying out rather large areas of voxel terrain, or using voxel terrain to create a flat area to build on when building inland. The crash happens when you move a certain distance away from the colony (or the area where land was heavily edited), right when it changes to a different distant LOD detail level. I found a nice flat area to build my latest colony on without touching the terrain and haven't encountered the crash again. I do not know if extensive digging can also cause it.

I am away from my gaming PC right now but I will post it in the bugtracker later with more details, and a savegame if required.


I found them, I just had to do one more storyline mission to get to the person that sells them, it's been a long time since I played the story.

I found Anjum at the Earth camp, might have missed him before. Nan and Ataro don't have the laser rifle grip or the lv.4 fuel cell (or the scripts), I found and bought them from one of the guys at the Wiles camp after Ataro sends me up north to look for more survivors.

I did have to rebuild the entire colony twice due to a nasty crash bug, caused by filling up/levelling out/reclaiming land, but all is well now.

I am playing the storyline again for a change and already progressed far enough to have all scripts and parts available however, I cannot seem to find the laser rifle grip and top level fuel cell for vehicles or the hydrogen script needed to replicate it. I don't know about hydrogen and fuel cell but I am almost certain that I played the storyline with my laser rifle before. I haven't seen anyone yet who sells scripts for furniture either.

Where can I find these, if at all?

There will be a patch sometime this week. It'll fix a lot of the bugs and some of the balancing issues.

Will our current savegames be compatible with the upcoming patch? It takes me about 5 days to run through the story (with work and all) and I am currently halfway through. I do not want to grind further if I'll have to start over again. Time is a valuable asset.

Does PE have any type of developer or debug functions like other alpha projects to make the alpha and beta phases a bit easier on players? Burning out the quests over and over really spoils the storyline. I would normally stick to adventure mode but, the story mode map is just too epic to leave alone.

Also, would it be possible to post a new list of controls and hotkeys perhaps? When I fly around in a helicopter I can use WASD to move forward/backward and strafe sideways but, I have no idea what the controls for turning left/right are. Maybe also an indication of what colony buildings require power.


EDIT: Probably also only fair to say thank you for sticking with the game through all the ups and downs in recent times, I haven't played since 0.7 and returning after the 0.9 update was a pleasant surprise.

If all the stability issues is leaving you hopeless, try playing on a dedicated server, if you have a fixed internet connection that is (no local hosting for us usual). In singleplayer, story or otherwise, I also crash and burn more than actually playing. I have the luck of crashing/erroring out when I try to save a game (even though the game tries to be diplomatic by giving me the option to continue playing with no saving) and in adventure mode I get the "too many heaps" lockups as well on top of that.

I now play by myself on a dedicated server as a substitute for singleplayer adventure mode and I have basically zero stability issues. Sure, I cannot farm or recruit colonists in multiplayer but, at least I can play instead of racing between crashes and lockups all the time. On the plus side, all shopkeepers always keeps stocked up on items and money in multiplayer and the dedicated server uses constant progress caching so no bothering about saving or losing progress when the game do crash.

But anyway, I guess/hope the 64bit build will solve many of these issues but, a hotfix or workaround for the time being would be a nice surprise nonetheless.

Any chance we might see a hotfix for the constant crashes and lockups sometime during the month or is this something that will just have to wait for the 64bit version? I find stability to be rather important even for alpha and beta builds, in order for players to playtest properly. Singleplayer is just too unstable right now, it would be cool to be able to play a bit during the Christmas holidays, by the end of the month it's back to work for most of us.

Speaking of work, I guess you guys deserve a holiday break too...

I've read in another topic that when you play adventure mode with voxel cache on, and you run out of HDD space, the game will crash and corrupt your save files, is this true?

The reason I'm asking is because I played an adventure map for a long time without problems, then ran out of space causing the game to crash. I then started to get constant too-many-heaps crashes and lockups a bit after this happened, now it's so bad that I would get this crash every 10-20 minutes, to the point of giving up on that particular adventure game. Could running out of hard drive space have corrupted my save file, causing it to crash or lock up this often? Or is this "normal" for adventure mode on a 40x40km map?

I now play a 20x20km adventure map on a dedicated server by myself as a workaround (cannot lose progress if the game crashes or locks up). Funny thing is, I have played just as much but rarely experiences crashes and lockups. Is playing on a dedicated server really more stable than singleplayer adventure mode? Or should I just start a new singleplayer adventure map but, on a smaller map with an eye on hard drive space?


So, I have scoured searches on the web and in the forums regarding this but, could not find assistance, with posts and information either being off-track or several months old. If there are topics about this for newer updates, please redirect me. Search engines is just a bit useless these days. I did not wade through lazy posts either, like "a Question" or "Bug in Multiplayer" titles that does not specify the problem.

The problem I have is with uploading ISOs for use in multiplayer build mode being very erratic. I had problems with multiplayer before but, after the last update things run smoothly, we rarely experience problems playing online when I run the server. Uploading ISOs though, is still a headache, sometimes uploaded ISOs shows up in my inventory instantly, other times it takes ages to show up, or never show up at all. Several multiplayer sessions were spent standing around trying to figure out how to get uploaded stuff to show up in my inventory whilst watching other players blow my colony apart with their vehicles, me being defenseless without any vehicles to defend because, the ISOs just don't show up. Other times it's in my inventory seconds after uploading and other players has to look on helplessly as I tear their colonies apart.

Are there some tips or tweaks to make uploading ISOs a bit more reliable? Can you, for example, copy all ISOs you want to use to the appropriate place in the server folder to make them show up ingame? Or is this dodgy upload method the only way? We won't mind if all ISOs shows up in the host's inventory and needs to be given out to all players by the host running the server, many of us already make arrangements to wait for all players to get their ISOs in their inventories before starting war but, this seldom end up in waiting in vain for the entire session.

PS: I have configured all ports on my router and all works well. Newer routers however, like mobile and 4G routers, do not have settings for port forwarding due to restrictive DRM regimes and simply because manual port forwarding is regarded as an obsolete practice in today's age and time. I strongly suggest you (as dev) do away with manual port forwarding as soon as possible, as this will prevent a great number of players from playing online properly, many internet users are switching to mobile internet these days anyway. Please don't take it as an insult or complaint, I know it's easier said than done, you guys at Pathea are doing a great job and your efforts this year shines bright, it's just that it is a bit of a problem.

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