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Hi, i joined the official server Survive_ad2_  .
After playing for quite some time, i had tons of dirt. I went to the upper left corner and tried to build what i called a stairway to heaven.
I created a tile for a spiral stair and put it one on top of each other until i got bored and left the server.
I didn't get any message saying you reached the height limit or anything.

Next time i tried to join the server, the loading screen hung at 100%... Waited for 10 minutes (clock used), nothing.
Next day i joined again, i actually got in, but had no items in my inventory, just what my character was wearing.
The structure i built was not there so i fell to my death.
I joined again and found myself in some village and my inventory was there, minus a few items ...
I walked back to my stairway, i found it ! And my lost items were there! I started climbing it but at some point i got a weird feeling and i left the game (lobby).
Immediately i tried to rejoin and now i get the same 100% stucking thing i had yesterday.

Was i wrong to build something very very very tall ? :)

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