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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Current Version: A 4.0809

Adjusted camera sensitivity
Fixed some text errors
Added settings to on turn camera inertia on/off

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Day of the Sun Festival
« on: July 09, 2017, 12:27:10 AM »
Hi there!
I just wanted to give some proper feedback and suggestions regarding the Day of the Sun Festival, as noted in my feedback.

Firstly, i'm happy to see things like this, but they should probably be expected, heh... I almost forgot about it, but trying to go turn in commissions made it pretty hard to miss.. Thanks for that!

Firstly, I wanted to say that this was kinda a pain. I did manage to snag 4-5 boxes, which is probably more than any other npc individual managed to get for themselves, but boy was that tough, and i felt bad when some of those kids commented that they didn't get a single one.. I'd totally give them one of the ones i picked up.. :c

The thing that stuck out with this festival though that I think could see some major improvement is the gifts themselves. I donated a power stone, because I wasn't sure what kind of gifts would be acceptable, or what turning one in really meant (which is totally fine), but the first place i checked when i found this letter about it in the mail, was the crafting table, in the gift tab... I wasn't sure exactly if i needed something specific, but it wasn't really difficult to suspect that i just needed to bring "something" to the mayor, so I did.

The rewards however are uh... well, not that satisfying. Not to say i had such bad luck as most people have commented on. Actually, one of those boxes i snagged contained a classic fishing rod, which is ironic, because I was trying to get myself to try out fishing, but couldn't hassle myself with making a rod, due to trying to fill commisions (or it's just that I was tripping over my own feathers and falling alseep in them... That could be possible too...). Another gift I managed to get was a tastey looking drink of some sort. The others i remember were simple things, like a rock i think was one.. One was fibers..

Anyway, long story short, I think this festivel could be much more interesting if the gifts were actually not materials, or components. The things like tools and such might be nice to keep in there as a rarity, but I was really looking forward to finding vanity items. Yes, vanity, even though I already knew these likely did not exist in Portia, either "yet", or ever.

I think it would be really neat if these gifts contained items such trinkets, clothing, or perhaps decorations to decorate your home with, rather than materials that you can pick up anywhere else. Just something special that you aren't going to completely forget you even picked it up. It would bring some uniqueness to the event, providing items that would not be so easily obtained, and would promote the necessity to take part, rather than walking away with a shirt saying "I spent 120 stamina on this event, and all i got was a twig".

I suspect maybe something along these lines might actually be planned, but I thought I would post this as a suggestion just incase...

I have not yet participated in other events yet.. still picking feathers out of my hair..

My Time At Portia General Discussion / Lumi's time at portia
« on: July 07, 2017, 09:39:53 PM »
Well, this started about a week ago, and i've been trying to explore and experience and do everything I can before i give the full rundown, but i'm finding my occupation is taking a bit longer than i thought it would, and most the feedback I have written up to be submitted is just being covered by everyone else, so it's nigh time i give what I currently have :P

Firstly, I have to say, thus far, this looks absolutely beautiful! The animations and gameplay are quite smooth, and it's quite exciting to see! :)
I'm thoroughly impressed with the theme, color, and flow of things. At first, i was a little offput by the stamina system, especially when i ran out of stamina trying to fight a creature for the first time.. It followed me around the shore, into the town, around the buildings and citizens, and eventually gave up when i ran back to my workshop, inside, hiding under my bed .-.
I am glad to see though that the stamina increases as you level. It becomes much less of a limiter, and the growth is surely showing.. It's encouraged me to take part in different activities, like fishing, to level up those areas to gain more stamina (I actually have not fished at all yet.. I have been wanting to, but the distractions of other necessities have taken priority, like making that bridge, or more importantly, filling commissions!)

The character's are coming along, though they -do- feel as a whole, temporary or incomplete. (Ofcourse, this was confirmed at least a little through one of the updates). I love the little quirkiness in some of their designs, and I'm hoping to see each individual has some sort of strong individuality that sets them apart from others. I feel like there are only a hand full of them that don't fit the "standard mundane citizen" bill.
I have Mei in my sights, but mostly because the witch hat... I can't actually decide if i want her to dress a bit more witchy, or if I actually particularly like the witch hat simply because it stands out like a sore thumb, and is not really attributed to anything larger. I'm leaning towards the latter, actually.. If she was just entirely dressed witchy, it probably wouldn't be as noticable and therefore not as charming.

The mining in the abandoned ruins is nice! I actually spent about an ingame week and a half (I think) running around ready to be worried that there was not enough copper in the rocks that don't respawn to build an upgraded pickaxe so i could mine the larger ones. Then I found that mine, and oh my.. Copper never be an issue again. The mine though... This is where the smooth gameplay sort of takes a seat. Moving around the voxelized world is a bit "sticky" still, which is what PE suffered from. It is a bit smoother than PE, but I feel like i'm still getting stuck on corners, or minor ledges, and having a hard time moving around tunnels. It's rough and hard, lacking the same soft pillowy feel that running around the world currently has. This is probably a tough thing to resolve, but if it can atleast feel a little bit more slippery, or soft, it may alleviate this pain..

The other thing is the feeling that the jetpack animations are not quite there yet. I know this is still a work in progress, but I'm still going to mention it anyway. The jetpack animation and landing really needs some work.

The dialogue work in Portia is very well done, Excellent job :) Some of the humor that comes out of some of it has brought a few giggles to myself. I did notice a couple of typos here and there though. Here is one such dialogue with two in it!.

Aside from all that, here are a few little things I noticed during playing:

The jogging/sprinting animation for the most part is smooth, and I really like them. But there's a very hard bump at the end of the step that makes it difficult for me to watch my character run. It feels like the character is thrusted downward a tiny bit further than he should be. It actually starts making me a little ill just watching it closely, but is otherwise ignorable unless i'm focused on the head. This probably isn't really an issue at all, but I thought i'd mention it.

Another weirdness seems to be a sort of "stuck" after performing an attack combo. I keep wanting to move out of an attack, but there's about a solid second where my character stands there doing nothing, and that second is typically enough to get me hit. I don't know if this is actually an issue, or me just being stingy about freedom of movement though.

I've noticed that the cutscenes seem to cut out the music. The first, is when the camera is viewing your workshop for the first time, as Presley is introducing it to you. The second is when jerk-face takes the commission from Presley as it's being handed to you. The third time is when Toby runs into the building.

In the basket on the roof task, when Toby runs into the building, he sort of just vanishes about 5 meters from the door, rather than it looking like he went inside.

When mining with a stone pick, if you click and then let go of the mouse, you cannot swing your pickaxe again until you physically move. This seems to occasionally happen with cutting down trees (small ones, not tried large ones), but very rarely. It seems to always happen with stone cutting though.
There is also this weird "collision" that appears often after cutting a tree, and it's not always right where the tree used to be. It exists for only a moment after all the materials and props have disappeared, but it can be run into if you're moving around cutting and collecting quickly.

Commission Board:
On the commissions board, i didn't realize i had to click on the papers to view them. Maybe some sort of tiny indicator of some sort, like an outline, or a little exclamation icon above the papers, below them or something may give a better idea as to that they are there, and that i'm not just looking at an incomplete feature. :)
I also noticed that the two options are "Accept" and "Distort". Distort is likely the incorrect word here, unless your idea of declining something is to make sure no one else can accept it because they can no longer read it :P
**Distort has been fixed, so it sounds.

Abandoned ruins:
There seems to be some relics that appear under the limit of how deep you can dig.

Upgrading the workshop:
Level 2, under the recipes unlocked, it shows Bronze Sword, Bronze Plate, and Copper Pipe. Of course, it unlocks quite a bit more things than this, and the Copper Pipe is already known before the upgrade.

Day of sunlight:
(I've actually forgotten it's name, sorry!) was a bit interesting. There are two things though that sort of made this difficult for myself, but i'll be posting a new thread regarding it, as it's more discussive.

I have not managed to build the bridge yet, because I keep getting commissions for copper plates, and filling those instead. I'm a bad bird.

In closing statement though for now, I have to say...  I am quite impressed. PE suffered from a variety of surface smoothness that made it very difficult for people to stick to it. A lot of very minor things that sort of built up subconsciously until it bothered people enough that they didn't want to play it, but couldn't quite pin down why, or explain it... The smoothness and flow of Portia thus far looks to have avoided a lot of those tiny little things. So long as you can maintain this structure and softness, I think you have a good direction here.

At first, i was quite skeptical about this up against a game like Stardew Valley, as zede knows, but I'm leaning away from that now. The open world exploration, and the ruins theme is more grabbing to me than another games of this similar genre, and god have mercy on me if I ever find an ancient ruins temple in Portia... I won't be able to contain myself..

Now that PE is nearing it's full bloom, I would like to take some time to truely overview the full experience of the Planet Explorers gameplay. This will only cover adventure mode, but it is mostly to make note of anything from bugs in mechanics, to even little things like minor inconveniences and nuisances. I thought I'd give my full rundown on how I feel about the experience, and hopefully insight some correction of some small annoyances that make the experience daunting for people. Whether it is a gamebreaking bug, or me simply stubbing my toe on the assembly core every time i try to run through my colony, I'll document as I go along. I do realize that it's possible that much of this may not be able to be corrected, or that, again, some of it may not be important enough to adjust, but I will document them regardless.

Picture perfect: Character and world Creation
To set the stage, I have begun an entirely new adventure game. I've started in the character creation screen, and have created my character. Rather than being decent though, I am standing in the editor in my underwear. What does someone have to do to get some clothes around here?

It would be nice to have some form of clothing in the creator, with a tickbox for hiding them to help with the modelling. But previews are a very nice thing to have. You can sometimes look a little different wearing outfits than you'd imagine, so unless you plan to run around the game in your underwear, it would be convenient to have some clothe previews. Maybe a few options to check through, or maybe even a few choices of starting clothing, rather than the default black outfit? Just a thought.. (I would also love to see some form of clothing options for the character selection on multiplayer. The naked characters standing there just feels somewhat unfinished and not cared enough for)

I have started my world with the settings below:

Skill Tree active.

Platform Towns
After starting my world, I entered the game in a small town a bit uplifted from the ground level... a bit.. The music is wonderful, and the atmosphere has this otherworldly feel to it. I love this biome..
But this town.. The first oddity that strikes me.

In PE, all towns are raised on these strange platforms. You can't seem to find a town that's gently nestled into the ground as if all people did was clear out a nice spot and start setting up buildings and settling in, like you'd expect. They are raised quite readily above the ground and in most cases are a downright pain just to get into, requiring you to circle the town until you find the large ramp, or exploit wall jumping until you reach the top.. This one, is in the middle of the water.

I am also quickly noticing that this is a lot of water.. So I am hoping that I did not receive less land then I was hoping for, but we'll make do with what we're given, and see where this goes.

Buildmode key inconvenience
After taking this screenshot above from Free look mode, i pressed the B button again to exit build mode and continue on my way. But much to my unexpectation, it didn't exit build mode. I'm required to first exit free look, by pressing F again, and -then- press B again to exit buildmode. Perhaps B should exit buildmode immidiately from free look. I can imagine this might be a problem if i'm building my temple and i come under attack.

Mission Location placement
I have accepted the first couple of missions from the townspeople. I was given the starting scripts which range from most all the essentials I can think of. I wasn't given a food script, but atleast the merchant here is selling food, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue. But..

This might be.. This individual has asked me to hunt in the middle of a swampy ocean, but first I need to place turrets.. under water? Can I even do that? We're about to find out.
Yes, yes I can.

Swimming Camera
Swimming through this water, i noticed something a bit discomfortable, and that is that it was difficult to keep myself both on the surface, and the camera not under water. Since the direction you swim seems to be based off your camera (atleast in my current controls, maybe? My curser is unlocked), if I had my camera above water, my character would swim down. If i tried to correct their angle, my camera would end up under water. It took a little working, but through some camera placing along with the spacebar button, i did manage to level it to a point I could swim across the water surface without issue.

Inconsistent plant harvesting box
This is a rather weird one... I have begun harvesting plants, and i've noticed that the icon appearing over the plant to harvest seems very iffy. Sometimes, it appears quite easily, and remains for a large coverage area of me moving around the mouse. no problem there. But if I change direction/position of my character, or even JUSt the camera angle, the same plant may become unclickable, even though the distance I am from it has not increased/decreased. The way I am facing does not seem to be the deciding factor either. The harvesting icon sometimes appears while i'm facing away from the plant, and sometimes is not there while i'm facing it. Distance from the plant, again, doesn't seem to have any impact on whether or not the curser picks it up.
I have experimented a little with trying to get this pick up icon to appear on the same plant. For the most part, it seems there, but it's very inconsistent, and sometimes there is absolutely nowhere I can place my curser for the pick up icon to appear. It is as if the plant is not even there. Camera location or character position/location, or both. Something that shouldn't is interfereing with the ability to get that curser to appear.

My first dungeon, totally not prepared! (but that's ok)
I began my first journey, setting out, away from the town I spawned in. Luckily, there is indeed land in this world. How much, I'm not quite sure yet, but atleast enough for me to enjoy the scenery, and that, I certainly did.

There was even a solo bird that fluttered high in the sky in the distance, across the road, adding to the marvel, a little ways past this. Unfortunately I did not get a screenshot of this..
Along my travel though, I noticed a dungeon off to the side, barely still on land, next to the water. I approached to see what level it was, and much to my glee, it was a level 2. One of those rocky cave dungeons.
I entered the dungeon, well knowing that I couldn't really fight my way through, but I had to see how efficient i could be with my little wooden sword and shield. The enemies unfortunately were a bit too strong, in that i did not manage to lower their hp bars by much before one of them smacked me, reducing my hp to roughly 40%. Owch. Also, my footsteps sound like i'm running on stage props.
Instead of fighting, I decided to run through and grab whatever loot I could. I didn't get a whole lot, but at the end, after looting the final container, I ended up with cortical shoes, and a few bedroom pieces. Not bad for doing nothing. But then ah, how do I exit? This wall infront of me doesn't seem to be working... Oh.. I need to travel up that side rock that looks like a piece of the surrounding wall, leading to what doesn't really look like much of an exit either >.< (No, i didn't manage to cheap an ISO this time)

Toe stubs: Sticky terrain collision
Ah, a dreaded issue i've hated for so long, and was sure It would not be long before I would experience, and not long indeed.
I started my first mining expedition against a mountain side, to start off my building material collection with stone and marble. I dug a small  wide hole, that was very short. Only a few feet deep, and went to jump out of it when i wanted to move on. (I didn't mine a whole lot.)
But as I did, i ran up to the edge of the hole, and attempted to jump onto the upper ledge. Instead, i played the animation to jump, and moved about a couple inches upwards before colliding into the terrain with my knee, which stopped me in my tracks completely. Further attempts to jump yielded no results. I had to back up, and attempt the jump again, away from the terrain.

.. Why can do this?

Collisions in PE are just too sticky.. I understand that people do not want to slide on staircases, and slight hillsides while they are trying to cut trees, but surely you can find some sort of medium ground to make this work better. It is a wide issue, not just with terrain, but objects in general too. Running through your colony, you run into corners of your blocks, or edges of machines. The colony assembly core is a nightmare. Trees, plants, and even wildlife have a very strong sticky collision feel to them that is really breaking and unsmooth. It is a very uncomfortable feel.

I've come to my next town, and after defeating the secret hideout mischief makers, I'll need to pause my journey here for the time being. But I would like to close for now by saying that PE does seem to have a lot of little potential quality of life adjustments, that I think if polished up a little, would improve player comfort with PE. There are bits here and there that make the game feel a little clunky, aswell as minor inconveniences that tend to add up quickly. I only spent about 3 hours writing this up as I was playing, and did not honestly do a whole lot, but all the above are little things that I ran into in that time. It feels like every activity I participated in, there was at least something that didn't go smoothly.

I adore you developers, and recognize how difficult it's been. Even if PE doesn't become a perfectly smooth gameplay experience, I'm hoping that with your future projects, you can take quite a bit with you from all this, and do even better. Definitely think about some of these things for PE2. Not just features, but the little things as well.

To be continued..

Colony raiding is something that I don't think should be restricted, but there is a balancing issue here. Right now, defenses and colonists ignore the raider until they either damage something, or attempt to pick up turrets. Picking up turrets takes time, but not enough time to prevent a player from taking one. Even if they die, so long as they are able to pick up a turret, using a revival shot and instantly picking up every item you dropped, and having no aggression towards you is worth it. This makes raiding bases extremely easy and cheap to do. Steal a turret (or not), die, revive instantly, and steal another turret. Die, revive and steal another. Rinse and repeat until the colony no longer has any turrets, all the price of a handful of revival shots. Even one turret is enough to pay that cost.

I'm not sure revival shots should be able to be used within a colony bubble that is not your own, or an ally of yours. Instead, if you die, you should be forced to revive at the nearest revive point (town). "Zerging" has always been too easy and lossless in PE, and defending colonies requires a bit of magic, or very attentive monitoring. Not being able to revive then and there over and over until you want to leave should make this is a bit more difficult and not so appealing. Raiding should be something that requires dedication and reason beyond "I want to mess with this colony because it's easy and fun"

These need to be better organized. I really should not be pulling alluminum type 02 chest armor, and assembly cores out of tree stumps.  These should be limited to lower quality items and scripts, or materials only.

This could also coincide with scripts being way too random, resulting in you having recipes for endgame armor and tools before you have a copper pickaxe.. I have some suggestions regarding this.

Random Surface Containers should not contain high tier loot
As mentioned above, these should be restricted to a low end loot table. This means you'll find scripts for leather armors, clothing, copper weapons and tools, and maybe some low tier minerals and materials. You should never find colony machines and higher end weapons, tools or armors. This includes the scripts for them.

Different styles of loot container, for higher tier items.
Yes, i know that loot containers have different models for them, but this isn't what I mean. I mean have different levels of containers located in different areas of the game. For example, you could have underwater containers that may contain medium range loot table items. It would be a little more difficult to find and locate these. These would contain your mid level range items like Iron and gold tools, weapons and armors.

A higher tier loot container could be something like containers hidden away in caverns or tunnels. Give some use to those places!

These are ofcourse just some ideas..

"Chance" applications to loot tables
I think an additional layer should be chance to find higher vs lower end scripts and items. This is always required in these cases, because a strict dice roll with even chances for all items will result in too much chaos.. If you want to add the type02+ armors and weapons and their scripts, make them rarer and more rewarding to find than as difficult as a copper shovel!

If I open (surface) containers until I receive 30 shovels, I should end up with something like 18 wooden shovels, 7 stone shovels, 4 copper shovels, and 1 iron shovel. (maybe even 1 gold shovel in there as a lucky loot)

Overall, right now, the tables are not only completely equally random it seems, but it's so easy to get some of the best weapons and armors in the game just running around for 30 minutes doing nothing but picking up trash. No work anywhere else needed... I understand alternatives, but there needs to be control. Loot tables are a necessity to balancing this out, and this would also solve the script finding problem.

Alright, so survival mode is actually quickly becoming my favorite mode to play in in MP. Why? Because you don't have to share everything with everyone. The problem is, with non-coop modes, becomes stronger player vs player, and while I'm by no means someone who takes joy in other's losses, I don't mind my knife fight with another player once in a while..

However, there are some issues with the current game features that are simply not compatible with Survival mode, and that is that they make it not only makes it easy for people to grief others, but the mechanics enforce their griefing. I'm not talking about the typical "mess someone up for fun" type of griefing, but i'm talking about the type of griefing that completely removes the ability for others to play the game.

Two things i've noticed in the last couple of days of playing the MP survival server is one, the ability for other players to drop colony machines and turrets in an NPC town, surrounding it in a box where players fast travel to and/or spawn in when they first enter the server. This shouldn't be possible. A person first joining the game spawning in on this can do nothing except for the mercy of the griefer. They do not have a place to fast travel to, and they only have a couple seconds to run around before they get destroyed by turrets. Over, and over, until they quit the server, and possibly the game. There are types of griefing that i find acceptable, but then there are others that are just not acceptable, and this is one that is not acceptable.

The second, is the replacing of voxel terrain. This terrain is protected by the system for the players who placed them, and cannot be damaged nor mined by others. While you can't place a roof over a spawn point, lest the person spawning in just spawn ontop of it, you can still easily create a box with a bottle opening to where the players can do nothing to get out. It's also easy to throw anywhere and prevent other players from doing a single thing about it. This is an easy one to resolve too, by allowing voxel terrain to be removed by other players. Whether it be through mining, or deleting in buildmode. Voxel terrain should be used only to fill gaps and for some design. It should not be used to protect colony buildings from all sources of damage (which is what most people use it for, since it can't be damaged by monsters), nor should it be used as an indestructible prison room for other players..

These two items need to be adjusted for survival and vs mode... I really do not want to see people driven away from multiplayer due to how easy it is to prevent any random person from being able to play at all.. Log into a server the first time ever, and by the time you can see the screen, what you're greeted with is a revival shot screen, and all your starting items scattered all over the place? Not my idea of a warm welcome... (no, it was not my first time logging into the server, but not long ago a new player -did- log in, and happened to start their journey in this killchamber.)

The individual in this screenshot has turned softer, and has actually taken some reason to these things, so please do not pick them out. They did, infact, bring this issue to light, and I really think this needs to be addressed.

The door ISO has the potential do a lot of neat things, but it's being denied that excellence by restricting the pivot point to the Z axis.

You can freely rotate the pivot part in the ISO creation, but even if you lay it flat along the y or x axis, when you export, the pivot acts on the Z axis regardless of any orientation you've specified in the creator, making the intended trapdoor move more like a sideways cleaver. I'm unsure if there is any way to make the pivot point act specific to the part orientation, but this would be a much desired adjustment. It opens up so much creativity in doorways.

Another issue i've noticed with doors is that door is only interactiable via the pivot part. It's a very thin line on the edge of the door that makes it difficult to use. The interaction of the door should be the entire iso object, like normal doorways. It's too difficult to use.

So i realize that adding a new ISO type for two-handed weapons is going to take a bit more work, so I thought of a simpler solution to this. Rather than having two handed weapons as a seperate ISO creation, you could have it based off the weight of the ISO itself. Find a certain limit where over that threshold yields it as a two handed weapon. This would not only make two-handed ISO's a thing, but it also may resolve the issue of people exploiting the ISO system by placing thin voxels all over the ISO in order to get that high attack power, or by simply filling up the ISO grid with a solid block.

Lighter ISO's containing less material would now have a surface and easily noticable benefit. So even if you create a fine looking weapon that can not match up to that 325 dmg solid block, your 290 damage weapon may still have higher dps.

So I have spent nearly the last 100 hours in PE scouring the world, collecting colonists, and making heavy use of that training facility, and in all the skills i've seen, there's only one that I could never figure out what it was supposed to do. The R&D skill. I figured it was just something that wasn't present in the game yet, and may be one of those skills that is taken out if R&D isn't a feature that is added to PE. If it is, awesome. But I also experimented a bit because it occurred to me that it may just already do something!

I had thought that maybe it would reduce the training time with training a trainee, so long as the instructor had the skill in their set. I was saddened to find out that it did indeed not.. So that got me thinking.. With all the time i've been sitting here training perfect farmers, perfect warriors, and perfect gunners, I spend a lot of time sitting in my colony waiting around for these skills to complete, and I started my training by training one individual with all the skills necessary to train others...

It got me thinking about what usefullness a "Trainer" skill would be in this situation. When an instructor has this skill in their skillset, it reduces the time required to train their skills to other people. It's not a skill that would be usefull all the time and would eventually run it's course, but I really think it would be worth it, especially if you're like me, spending 20+ hours training 8 farmers to have master in all the farming skills. Then moving onto warriors, archers, gunners, equipment upgrade repairer workers, etc... It would be largely beneficial..

Or heck.. you could even MERGE this with the R&D skill as an alternative.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Name your colonists.[marked]
« on: May 27, 2016, 01:10:57 AM »
One of the major things I enjoy about Planet explorers is searching far and wide for specific appearences of colonists, mostly based on personal fictional character work. The fact we can train colonists in skills from other colonists is a very wonderful thing, but I feel like the most important part is still missing, and that is being able to rename your colonists.

This of course would not be available for VIP npcs, but the randomly generated colonists could allow you to rename them. I would imagine this could be easily added to their character screen by simply clicking on their name and typing something in, or via a button, but I'm not sure how easily done this is as a whole, but I really think this could deliver a lot in terms of customizing your followers and colony. Long ago, i requested we be able to change the appearences of colonists aswell, but i'm actually leaning away from that, as i find it more of a goal to search for those "perfect" colonists, rather than to just open up and edit the appearence of the first ones you find.

This may only be viable for singleplayer, but maybe an option for server hosts if added to multiplayer as well.

Planet Explorers Bugs / The A0.96 Dungeon experience.[marked]
« on: May 24, 2016, 07:23:50 PM »
Firstly, I'm finding this concept enjoyable, but there are several bugs along with a few questions I have about it, so I'll just go over my experience from the beginning.

I discovered my first dungeon entrance in the grasslands. I figured I was probably going to be in over my head, considering i was still using my survival knife and colony clothing. I did have two followers though, one with iron armor, but they both still had the knife.

Entering the dungeon was pitch black; not a speck of light other than my knife. Putting on my headlamp remedied this though to an extent, but it sure was still dark. The dungeon was what looked like some kind of underground facility. I am unsure if this is presently the only dungeon available, but i've found that of 3 dungeons i've visited (2 in grassland, one in desert on the boarder of grassland) they have all been this design.

The second thing I noticed was my followers did not arrive with me. I was able to open up their status screens and hit the call button to have them arrive.

My first encounter with the first enemy was pretty brutal, as you'd expect, it didn't go so well. But i noticed right off that bat, two things. The stairs could not be walked up. This made combat nearly impossible at the entrance. I had to jump up each step one or two at a time in order to go back up them. The second was, that both the followers and the enemy got stuck on the hallway dividers on the sides very easily. Pathfinding didn't seem to recognize them, but collision did. This remained an issue throughout the dungeon, not only by these side pieces, but also objects placed in the dungeon in various places.

I found my first container! it was a stone sword, which was definately a step up from the knife. I equipped that on one of my followers. As i continued on, killing more enemies, and finding more containers i noticed a very distinct pattern. All of the containers throughout the dungeon were not only the same container type (some animal bones), but they dropped the exact same thing. A stone sword.

Throughout the dungeon, i picked up quite a bit of bullets, food, and ingredients from killing the enemies to make myself an outfit through the replicator. I also decided to make a stone shield for the three of us to match the stone swords that we all now had.

After running out of heals and revival shots though, I had no choice but to leave the dungeon... One of my followers was dead, and i had no means to revive him, and this was certainly a bit over my head anyway, so i left the dungeon through the entrance.

Much to my surprise, i was confused as to why i was once again wielding my survival knife, and my deafault colony clothes.. I checked my inventory, and i had my revival shots and heals, and did not have any bullets, food, or stone swords or shields that i had picked up and made within the dungeon. Both my followers were alive and well and wielding the same survival knifes that i entered with.
Nothing that I had done in the dungeon saved, it was like I had not even entered at all. Furthermore, the dungeon entrance was gone. (dungeon entrance disappearing intended?)

I went on playing the game for a bit and came to my second dungeon, which happened to be the same dungeon design, with the same complications. What was a pile of bones in the last dungeon became a tree stump this time, and yielded 3 pieces of meat, and 3 bird wings (I think that was it). The same issue though appeared throughout the dungeon, in that all containers were this tree stump with the exact same 6 items as rewards. There was however further in the dungeon where i was surprised to see one different container, it looked like a couple of balls of sand in a pile, but it yielded the same items as the others, and this time, being much better equipped, was able to go all the way to the dungeon exit, rather than the entrance, but the same thing occurred when i exited. Me and my followers inventory and stats reverted to the state they were in before we entered.

My third dungeon experience was the same as before, (1 copper shield this time if you're curios) but this time i tried fast travelling out when i reached the end to see if it would save the progress. Unfortunately it did not.

In conclusion, i really do like this dungeon concept, but I do hope there are more dungeon designs in store to explore, and I would hope the loot varies within the same dungeon rather than being a repeat all throughout. And most importantly, Get that saving fixed! :)

Greetings everyone. This seems like a topic that used to be at large, has died down a bit, but I still occasionally see posts where people complain about the pickaxe being a tool for mining. I had a discussion with Zifei and our observations of player contentment differed, so the purpose of this thread is to get a surface understanding of where the playerbase stands in regards to the current mining mechanisms.

I'm asking if people could please give their input on the current mining experience. Is it ok? is it reasonable? What do you like about it, and what do you not? How do you think it can be improved, if it needs to be at all? Or is it even too easy?


-PS, please refrain from arguing with one another. This thread's only purpose is to determine people's personal opinions about mineral resource gathering. Keep it clean and do not combat others! If someone hates it, let them speak as to why. If they love it, let them speak as to why. This isn't a debate/argument thread, so please do not turn it into one!


List of changes


New face types
New hair types
New character animations
New armor types
Added dash (shift key)
New camera system
New particle effects
Added HDR
Added Glow effects
New weather system
Changed moon appearances
New water shader and underwater look
New building system that includes terrain, blocks, and inclines
New UI system
New AI system
New AI animations
New AI behavior tree
New AI sounds
New IK based player system
New IK based hit system
New houses in Adventure mode
World map now shows terrain type in Adventure mode
New physics
64bit client
New multiplayer lobby store (don't worry, all free)
New multiplayer friend system
New programming structure for the game, allows for easier modding
New grass system
New World Editor options
New option to play custom maps
New colony buildings
New stamina/strength system
New skill system
New Main Menu
Added shotgun
Changed gun projectile pathing
Guns now reload
Gun reticles changed
New save system


Fixed bug where the character moves while in Creation Mode
Fixed bug with cooling time for items
Fixed turret UI display bug
Fixed the UI initial position always being at the center of screen
Fixed issue with monorail UI
Fixed issue with the world map and the esc key
Fixed some sliding animation issues with AI
Fixed character animation mixing bug
Fixed texture displaying issue in Build Mode
Fixed unlimited energy for boosters
Fixed vehicle damage bug
Fixed vehicle without rider explosion crash
Fixed wheel control not moving while driving
Fixed vehicle lights not lighting up
Fixed bug with disembarking vehicle
Fixed multiplayer bug with using things from opposing teams
Fixed multiplayer bug with guns randomly flashing
Fixed multiplayer hp bar not moving with the vehicle
Fixed multiplayer vehicle energy boost bug
Fixed multiplayer vehicle position save bug
Fixed multiplayer other vehicles shaking bug
Fixed multiplayer equipment not aligned among players
Fixed multiplayer energy not aligned among players
Fixed multiplayer client initiation bug
Fixed multiplayer aim IK bug
Fixed multiplayer new player can't see vehicle movements when entering game
Fixed multiplayer Workshop and Online Store UI problems
Fixed multiplayer friend list UI display bug
Added pressing esc key will close the top UI window
Added a form of auto target locking when attacking, should be able to hit smaller targets better (still tweaking this)
Added NPC and follower attack behavior
Added and changed the selection in Options, added Camera Inertia and HDR selections
Added UI to when NPCs revive
Added sound effects for vehicle explosions
Added movement resistance to vehicles when in water
Added effects for Andhera attacks
Sped up the night time in Adventure
Added a new bow to the Online Store
Should be working with Mac and Linux now (but the load time is long, still looking into it)


Optimized memory usage
Optimized game loading time
Fixed Mac and Linux loading issues
Fixed Windows version opengl problem
Increase the weapon pullout speed
Fixed issue where the player pauses a bit after the digging animation
Fixed bug with Adventure mode generation
Fixed issue where new game can sometimes load old terrain changes
Fixed issue with building and plant generation and deletion
Fixed multiple colony UI issues
Fixed follower inventory equipment disappearing bug
Fixed NPC getting off vehicle bug
Fixed NPC not arriving at mission location bug
Fixed issue with not being able to equip some equipment
Fixed issue with not being able to revive random NPC
Fixed issue with conflicting hotkeys in build mode
Fixed issue with follower equip with right mouse button
Changed random NPC head picture
Fixed issues with Chinese UI
Added warning when getting new items in multiplayer
Added when encountering server login issues the game will back out to the lobby
Explored world map now consistent for all players
Fixed multiplayer NPC generation bug
Fixed multiplayer colony NPC saving bug
Fixed player getting on vehicle animation bug
Fixed non player controlled vehicle shaking bug
Fixed issues with tools playing the wrong sound effect
Fixed consistency issues with tools in multiplayer
Slowed down the speed at which online currency generate
Fixed issue with closing other players' revive UI
Fixed issue with multiplayer projectile pathing
Moved location of axe to the waist (still being tweaked)
Can now change music volume from the main menu options
Added the Puja back in (still using old animation, parts of a new behavior tree, adding animation as we go)
Added the andhera queen with all new animation and behavior
Added sword swing effect
Added underwater sword swing animations
Jumping will now spend stamina
Added NPC punching animations
Added follower UI when in battle
Hotkey H will now open the mobile pc UI
Added tooltips to Build Mode UI
When vehicles get damaged, the player will also receive some damage


Added the hotkey “j” for the Creation System
Fixed issue of unable to place colony core in Build mode
Fixed issue of after exiting from Build mode items not tallying correctly in other modes
Fixed issue of NPC movement speed
Fixed issue of player hands on wheels in a vehicle
Fixed issue of unable to talk with NPCs in multiplayer
Fixed issue of NPC dying and popping up the interact window in multiplayer
Fixed issue with gathering items and displaying information


Fixed issue with NPC walking speed and animation not matching
Fixed issue with player hand at wrong position on object
Fixed issue with NPC not getting up after reviving
Fixed issue of not able to dig in Build Mode
Fixed issue of not getting up after reviving if carrying custom weapon
Fixed issues of some Layerback attacks not able to hit
Fixed issue of clock not moving after loading game
Fixed issue with item cool down time
Fixed issue with autosave
Fixed issue with the solar charger and repair machine disappearing after loading
Fixed issue with the mission UI window not positioning right
Changed the currency in Adventure mode
Changed the range where the player can pick up monster drops
Optimized UI windows
Fixed issue where the Replicator displays the wrong numbers
Fixed character head display issues in the UI
Temporarily stopped vehicles from collision damage (due to multiplayer issue)
Fixed issue where some animal attacks were not initiated
Fixed issue where some animals enter attack mode too slowly
Fixed issue with Adventure Mode generating too many random NPCs
Fixed issue with alien camps displaying the wrong texture
Added tool tips to the Build System UI
Changed the transparency of the UI blocks in the Build System
Fixed issue of unlimited materials when clicking undo in the Build System
Fixed issue where pressing ESC exits the Build System
Tweaked the position of player when entering multiplayer
Added NPC revive in multiplayer
Fixed issue with monster drops in multiplayer
Fixed issue with using materials when in the Build System
Fixed issue with displaying uncharted territory
Added doors, beds, lights, and custom objects in the Creation Editor
Added ability to learn mineral scanner scripts
Added some fish types


Fixed Puja attack error
Fixed position of player when in vehicle
Fixed and changed the area of digging
Fixed issue of superspeed when jumping with a jetpack
Fixed issue of climbing animation when reaching the top
Fixed issue where some story NPCs don't appear
Fixed issue where some ISOs don't show an UI when clicked
Fixed issue where custom items cannot be picked up
Fixed issue where items get lost when moving from the Colony storage to personal items
Fixed several colony UI bugs
Fixed issue of not being able to talk with NPCs after loading
Changed the distance of scavenging animal bodies
Fixed repair machine and solar charger errors
Fixed issue where a game can be loaded from a blank save
Fixed issue with follower UI
Fixed issue with Adventure Mode shops and currency
Fixed error with pressing B
Fixed issue where loading can get stuck on 100%
Fixed the rotation of the shield handle in the Creation System
Fixed issue where the player pauses for a moment after the turning animation
Changed the attack animation of the player
Changed some calculations to allow the hit rate for the player to be higher
Fixed issue where the muzzle effect is away from the gun when moving
Changed the collision layer of some small animals to allow a greater hit rate
Fixed issue of player movement anomalies after changes to the host server
Fixed issue with fast travel in multiplayer
Fixed issue with server data packets
Fixed issue with random NPC shapes in multiplayer
Got rid of auto reviving after reloading a save where the player's dead
Fixed issue with turrets not receiving damage
Fixed issue with NPC following the player
Fixed issue with Workshop UI not working correctly
Changed UI location of followers
Fixed sleep UI, can now select length of sleep
Fixed issue with deducting monorail parts in Build Mode
Fixed issue with laser turret energy turning to zero when picked up
Fixed issue with random NPC auto revive time
Fixed issue with guns not having bullets when equipped
Fixed issue of player still able to use items after death
Fixed issue of player falling through the map in multiplayer
Fixed issue with large map in multiplayer
Added turret disappearing after total damage
Optimized Replicator UI, much faster now
Optimized UI display speed
Added mouse button display when mousing over pickable items
Added player draining oxygen in water (still needs UI display)
Added player damage from falling
Added player gaining hp at rest
Added more types of fish
Added long range attacks for Puja aliens
Optimized how aliens are created
Optimized how animals are created
Changed the physics system for vehicles, easier to control
Added NPC shop logos
Added staggered items in shops, players can now buy multiple items at once
Random NPC now have more than just one look
Colony buildings can now come under attack in single player
Colony NPCs can now be selected as followers
Added sound and visual effect to learning a script
Added help windows to Gerdy's talk at the start of the game
Added new buildings to the Martian Colony in Story Mode
Added energy shield blocking projectiles


Fixed issue with dodging and getting collision damage
Fixed issue with lack of oxygen regen when reviving in water
Fixed issue with AIs dealing damage after death
Fixed issue of digging area and UI area not being consistent
Fixed issue with fertilizer sprayer using bullets
Fixed issue of player sliding on incline
Fixed issue of not being able to walk backwards onto an incline when equipped with a gun
Fixed issue with rain sound effect loudness not being controlled from options
Fixed issue with scripts being allowed to relearn multiple times
Fixed issue with AI spawning that causes crash
Fixed issue with picking up turrets while firing causing an error
Fixed issue with item count for item missions
Fixed issue with "build a communications array" mission
Fixed issue with item count in build missions
Fixed issue with transparency when up close
Fixed issue of not being able to pick up some items after placing them
Fixed error with the solar charger being able to duplicate items
Fixed issue with words extending too far in the Mission Goals UI
Fixed issue of story drops not appearing
Fixed issue of AI leg IK not sticking to the ground
Fixed issue with punching animation under water
Fixed issue of standing half in water and not being able to jump
Fixed issue of water plane being too high when swimming
Fixed issue of items for a NPC not charging when not displayed as equipment
Fixed issue with irregular animation when picking object with weapon in hand
Fixed error when saving an ISO in the build mode
Fixed errors with build mode when selecting shape and material
Fixed issue with the repair machine not being able to fix items
Fixed issue with NPC running out of the mission area sometimes during a story mission
Fixed issue with not knowing if a story NPC has already been recruited into the colony
Changed the amount of minimum distance for jumping and falling even without start speed
Changed the animation for chopping trees
Changed the area and damage from pick axes
Changed the camera when in digging mode so that it doesn't shake
Changed the default brush in build mode to the selection tool (so you can point, drag, lift)
Changed the lock on and fire for missiles to the Z and X keys
Changed some of the initial equipment for storyline NPCs
Optimized UI code
Added IK effects to using tools or weapons
Added AI GroundIK
Added recoil animation for guns
Added help images to when first using vehicles
Added directional arrows on small map for mission guidance
Added vehicle control tips UI
Added VTOL crafts in the Creation Editor (again with new physics)
Added boats to the Creation Editor
Added being able to revive followers
Added 7 forest animals to Story Mode
Added basic AI herds
Added trade post building to the colony
Added the ability for the flash light to point to where the mouse pointer is
Added damage animation to player
Added the ability to hide some equipment when in a vehicle (such as pick axe)
Added invincibility when performing the dodge animation
Added random treasure boxes to Adventure Mode
Added auto speeches for Story Mode
Added NPC likability settings with over NPCs
Added hotkeys for brush selection in build mode
Added the most used materials to the build mode quickbar


Fixed issue with the "complete mission" UI not following the NPC
Fixed issue with not being able to get a mission through a story scene
Fixed issue with NPC getting stuck for rescue Rol mission
Fixed issue with missions where all NPCs need to arrive at a point to continue
Fixed issue with hatred transferring in multiplayer
Fixed issue with AbnormalCondition in multiplayer
Fixed issue with AI spawning in multiplayer
Fixed issue with follower story NPC always attacking an AI
Fixed issue with items disappearing from storage boxes after loading saves
Fixed issue with the town display icon being wrong
Fixed issue with the town display icon being at the wrong place
Fixed issue with pressing ESC causing some UI functions to stop
Fixed issue with cylindrical blocks displaying incorrectly
Fixed issue with F2 display mode where the mouse doesn't appear after pressing the ESC key
Fixed issue with recovering blocks throwing an error
Fixed issue with player locations not saving on large world map
Fixed issue with world map not centering on player during initialization
Fixed issue with auto turrets not shooting down an incline
Fixed issue with bed UI blocking off other UI after it's closed
Fixed issues with colony building repair
Fixed issue with colony NPC head display
Fixed issue with enhancing flare, stun, and blaster throwing an error
Fixed issue with mission display
Fixed issue with the NPC being bartered with walking away
Fixed issue with ash box being recognized as an item
Fixed issue with cutscene display time
Changed digging block brightness
Changed the frequency in which random loot appears
Changed the way VTOL and ships control
Changed some of the building UI so that they fulfill skill tree limitations
Changed a couple of animations for female character
Optimized AI Behavior
Added the player oxygen display
Added Trade Post building to colony
Added UI windows location saving
Added cave animals
Added basic cave pathfinding
Added submarine part to Creation Editor (controls like VTOL in reverse)
Added a couple of cutscenes
Added more animations to current animals
Added 8 animals
Added spider web effect to Andhera Queen mission


Fixed issue with ragdoll bouncing
Fixed issue with NPCs disappearing when logging on/offline
Fixed issue with auto reload
Fixed issue with pathfinding efficiency in caves
Fixed issue with spider web not disappearing
Fixed issue with dialogue not appearing after mission complete
Fixed issue with dialogue not leading to new mission
Fixed issue with Gerdy’s rest position
Fixed issue with mission icon size
Fixed issue with cutscenes generating enemies
Fixed issues created by random maps’ height configuration
Fixed issue with monorail creation
Fixed issue with efficiency
Changed logic for moving items out of bags
Changed vehicle consistency logic for multiplayer
Changed combat collision
Changed the balance of some of the Creation System’s addons
Optimized random NPC generation
Added the ability for players to attack NPCs in multiplayer
Added animals in forest and desert
Added the Processing Facility to the colony buildings (NPCs can now go out and gather for you!)
Added birds (no combat or new animations yet)
Added new gun grips to the Creation Editor
Added in optional skill tree leveling for Adventure Mode
Added in vehicle aiming HUD (press Z/X to lock and fire)
Added in layering for hit detection allowing for different damages to different parts of the body (will allow different damage from different weapons as well once we enter the numbers)
Added custom armor creation in the Creation Editor (cannot export yet)

There are a lot of people having issues with readability of the font, and I think it may just have something to do with the current font not being very resize friendly.. Different resolutions, or distances from the font make it exceedingly difficult to read, as the font doesn't seem to scale solidly.. I think it really is just the thin style it uses... I think choosing a thicker font might resolve this issue..?

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