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Planet Explorers Bugs / Multiplayer Colony Implosion[marked]
« on: May 05, 2017, 08:15:10 PM »
Many have experienced this bug.  I have tried hard to not replicate it, as it destroys your entire colony.  It has happened to me twice in Multiplayer Survival, once on the Official Adv02 server, and once on a private server.  I also accidentally did it to someone else before I knew there was a bug.  It is game breaking, especially if it happens in a PvP server.

Basically the bug is this:  If you have colonists with quest markers (!) over their heads, then other players can still interact with them, activate them as followers (steal them from your colony) or activate quests that they may have.  If the quest involves combat, the ensuing melee will generate enough stray fire for someone to get hit, and then it is colonist against colony.  The colony registers that it is being attacked by its own colonists and opens fire, the colonists respond by destroying everything in the colony.  I don't think it is necessary to actually have turrets for this to happen, but in both cases my colony had turrets.  This may or may not be part of the bug, but you do not want to have a bug that prevents any kind of defense in your colony.

I recommend that when a colonist agrees to join your colony, all quests for that colonist are disabled, until it is released again.  You do not need a quest marker to make a colonist a follower, just assign them to be a follower.  If you want to do their quest, do it before asking them to join.

I have done a work-around, and advised everyone I know to only hire colonists who do not have quest markers.  This may or may not be a successful work-around.  You can still hire quest colonists to train off their skills and release them, but your colony is in jeopardy until they are released from the colony.  That is my guess anyway.

The two first aid skills are not set quite right on the start settings.  The way you have it the higher the skill level the less sensitive the start task is.  For instance at novice start when you are 50% health, at expert start when you are 30% health.

It should be the other way around!!  The higher the skill level, the quicker you should be to respond -- not slower.

The level of the start task has nothing to do with the severity of wounds that can be healed... it has to do with how fast they respond to injury.  You are making Elite and Master less responsive than the Novice.

Yes the Elite and Master heal more damage, but if they wait until you are almost dead before doing anything, that's not more helpful!!  They should start healing sooner and heal more damage the better the skill is.

So, reverse the start % levels for both skills, and make the Master medical techs worth having in combat.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Multiplayer diplomacy
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:35:45 AM »
In Single Player modes, there is a village elder you can talk to in order to establish relations with NPC factions.  This seems to be missing in MP mode (or they have all been slaughtered).  Is it intended for us to simply annihilate all factions?  That could get boring for new people if everything is gone when they join the server.  It is also boring if fighting is the only option.

Can you make all of the villages rebuild every few months?  Once they are all gone, a lot of the game dynamic is destroyed.  Especially in Co-op mode it is unlikely that you will maintain peace, it is simply too easy for a random person to ruin diplomacy.  It is really easy for the map to be wiped clean by high level players, and then it is no longer interesting for me.  It may not be worthwhile to trade with Factions, but I would still like to see something in the Trade Center, and have the linguistics and diplomacy mean something.

Otherwise it is basically "ok, this server is done, time to move on."  Then you have to hope that a new server will open up so you can move your home to a new world that isn't despoiled.

Planet Explorers Bugs / [Adventure] Skin Care Quest[marked]
« on: November 20, 2016, 06:31:05 PM »
Skin Care Quest asks for 30 Marble instead of Sunflower.

Since the change to Repairing, the material list gets pretty long for some items.  I can't see the last few at the bottom, and even though there is a scroll bar, the scroll bar doesn't scroll either using left mouse click and drag or using the mouse wheel.  I have to send it to recycling and start from scratch.

This is in Adventure mode, but I suspect if the change was made in other modes, they might be having problems too.

This is mainly with repairing vehicles (long material lists).

There needs to be a map marker for this quest.  There are half a dozen alien villages (according to the diplomacy tab) on my large map.  I have yet to find one of them, and there is no indication that the first one I find is the right one to attack.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Additional Scan scripts[marked]
« on: November 06, 2016, 06:26:31 PM »
After playing adventure mode for a bit, I came to realize that almost all resources are rare in adventure mode, not just the mineral deposits.

About 95% of the terrain is simply dirt, even at depths that you would think would be rock/limestone/granite(marble).  Because these "common" resources are actually pretty rare in Adventure Mode (especially Limestone) it would be nice if there were a scanner script to locate large deposits of them as well. 

Marble is pretty visible and common on the surface, but Limestone (for me) is more difficult to see and seems to be much more rare when mining out a mountainside for building material.  It also happens to be my favorite building material.

I would also like to see underground lakes and exposed ores in some of the caves.  They are pretty barren, and I kind of thought they would be more interesting.  Wildlife that is only found in the deep caves would also be nice (not just the Andhera).  Also buried ruins (where language scripts might be found) would be cool to find in caverns.  I was actually kind of expecting something like that, and was disappointed to see such a featureless terrain.  I do like that they can be used to access a lot of mining areas easily, and could be a nice conduit for a monorail/mining rail line, but other than that they are pretty blah.  Also please figure out a way to add more rock and less dirt.  Exposed Limestone deposits in caves would be great.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Gardens
« on: November 06, 2016, 05:43:45 PM »

I would like to be able to make "garden" areas or "planters" where you could grow native (and earth) plants for decorative value, which could only be "harvested" by the player and wouldn't die if you just leave it as a decoration (assuming it needed to be cultivated).  Trees and native plants should be a renewable/plant-able resource in any dirt patch (not farm) but I would be happy with planters.   I would want to keep the planters small, regardless of the size of the plant, so that you can make nice clusters of plants.  If you make the planter place-able just below the surface of terrain, then you could create very interesting natural-looking landscapes as well as terraced gardens for your colonies.  Since you can place a variety of terrain, this would provide a much more interesting variety of landscape designs than having just object decorations.  I know that rendering plants is not free for the processor, so if there needs to be a limit to the number of planters in the colony, that's fine.  You can use free camera mode to see underground, if you need to pick up or re-position them.

Eventually, I would also like to see water sources/fountains made available for gardens, but I know that water is extremely hazardous right now as a terrain feature. (You cannot remove water by filling it in, once it is breached -- I found that out trying to mine at a beach.)  Your fountain could become a new lake, if you're not careful.  LoL.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Guide: Training Colonists[marked]
« on: November 05, 2016, 02:41:36 AM »
The Training Station is pretty intuitive, but there are a few things that might prove frustrating when you come across them.

First, some of the skills are glitched, and may not be trained higher than novice level, even if the teacher is a Master.  This is true in Story Mode, but is likely also true in Adventure Mode as well.  There is nothing you can do about this, unless and until the Devs decide to fix it.  This list includes: Medical Lab Technician, Nurse, Explorer, and a few others I can't recall at the moment.

Second, when trying to give Colonists new skills, any "inherent" skills that they have will always take priority over a "learned" skill, if you are trying to overwrite the slots with a new skill.  That makes it a little tricky if there are specific skill sets that you want colonists to learn, if they already have a slot filled with something you don't really want, or want on a different colonist.  In other words, inherent skills are very difficult to remove from a colonist, as the preference for that colonist will be to keep it.  When trying to learn a new skill on a colonist with all 5 slots filled, the colonist will "unlearn" a master level "learned" skill before unlearning a novice level inherent skill.

Basic usage:  As with all colony jobs, you must build the appropriate station before you can assign a colonist in that job capacity.  For training colonists, that is the Training Station.  Once the Training Station is built, you must assign colonists to training, either as an instructor or as a trainee, before they can be usable in the Training Station.  When this is done, open the Training Station, Select the Instructor first, then the Trainee, then the skills that you want the trainee to learn.  You can select in a different order, but using this order has fewer display and selection problems.

Useful Strategy:  If you want a colonist to Unlearn a skill, try to train that skill onto another colonist before you overwrite it (or check that someone else has it at that level) so that you don't lose the skill and skill level entirely.

To delete inherent skills (for instance, I don't want my gunslingers to waste a slot on shields, since all guns are two-handed), you simply need to use (train) a colonist with 5 skills filled (with a different skill set than the ones you want to delete) and then train all five skills at once on the colonist that you want to overwrite.  This will force the colonist to "unlearn" all of their inherent skills, and you can then shuffle around/train new skills on them until you get the skill set that you want.  This can still be tricky, but the AI tends to overwrite a lower level learned skill before overwriting a higher level learned skill, so if they have several that you want to keep, and can train them up a level, it is much more likely that when you try to add a new skill, it will replace one of the lower level ones (that you want to replace), as long as none of them are inherent skills.  Otherwise, if you only have novice level skills to work with, you will need to then train repeatedly until you "luck into" the skill set that you want to keep.  Once you have that 5-skill set on one of your colonists, you can use them as a teacher (template) to train that same skill set onto others, with greater ease (e.g. soldiers, farmers, processors).

Whenever possible, use the inherent skills of the colonist when assigning/training for work.  It is easier than wiping and retraining them.

You cannot equip VIP colonists in Story Mode (and I have not seen any in Adventure Mode), so if they are not carrying a weapon, I wouldn't bother training them as guards... use their skills to enhance your production as processors, replicators, recyclers, doctors, etc, and if they have extra slots you can give them +attack, +defense, +health, or something else that seems useful, but don't bother with weapon skills because you can't give them a weapon or armor (or change their weapon to a better one).

EDIT: added section on basic usage, since this is a guide after all, and it may not be intuitive to everyone.

Build about 8 more beds (2 extra dwelling beds) in Story Mode than you need... it might (not sure about this, but worth a try) reduce the number of VIP casualties during the plague.  I think the AI will eliminate enough colonists to make room for the refugees from the Mars Colony, so if you have extra beds, you may not have as many Plague deaths.  This will not prevent the necessary VIP deaths (I won't say which are necessary, if you haven't done it yet).  HINT: train everyone as much as possible to preserve the skills and levels that you don't want to lose... before you follow the virus thread too far.

Anyone who is critically sick, take off of work duty so that nothing hinders them from getting medical supplies from storage, and give stacks of elixir to follower types, because they don't regenerate as fast as VIPs, and are much more likely to die from the virus.  The two actively following you will always survive, even if they are infected, and usually one other "random" follower but you might be able to save more of the normal "followers" with a little preparation.  I would split the "happy pills" that Allen gives you among the normal "follower" colonists, if they in fact do slow down the virus effects, along with stacks of elixir (whatever you can afford to make).  You may also want to stay awake until you see all of the infected colonists healing themselves.  I'm not sure how the sleep cycle reacts with the virus effects, but I stayed up until I saw everyone who was infected go get medical supplies and enter into a healing cycle, before taking a chance at resting myself, and the VIPs were all able to keep themselves alive long enough to be cured.  If they do not get medical supplies and start healing before they go into a sleep cycle themselves, they may not live to wake up.

It seems pretty random who catches the virus (beyond the ones who are destined to perish).  Using this strategy I was able to eliminate all of the "extra" VIP deaths, but I still haven't done a run-through to see if the follower types can be saved by closer medical attention (i.e. I didn't put extra healing their inventories, and didn't give them the special pills, and all but one of the detached still died).  I'm doing Adventure Mode now, so I may not try another run-through for a while.  You can post if you get positive (or negative) results from trying this.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Better access to skill tree[marked]
« on: October 22, 2016, 04:27:30 PM »
A lot of people probably already know to use Alt-T to access the skill tree in Adventure Mode, but as someone who was new to it and wanted to experience the "leveling up" aspect, it was very frustrating for me to not know how to find it.  I am glad that there is a hot key for it, but I think it would help a lot if there were an actual menu option to get to it also.  Either an addition to the "phone" menu or directly on the ~ menu would be great.  After I searched the forum and found someone who posted how to get to it, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the game mode (and not get killed by any scrub that attacked).  I actually like it so much now, that I wish there were an option for it in story mode.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Just some suggestions (edited)
« on: October 07, 2016, 11:38:44 PM »
There are a few things that I thought were bugs, that turned out just to be things happening out of order.  I wish I could remember them all, but a few come to mind.

Rol's LONG questline prevented me from doing a few things, like picking up Hitomi, that seemed like it should have come first.

Rol also has the script for the transmitter, which is needed to make the track joints, but I didn't realize that and had to purchase the joints one at a time from Michael, because I didn't have the script for the transmitter to make them myself.  Both quests show up at the same time... the quest to build the monorail should not appear until after talking to Rol.

Feroz showed up in my colony, but is not a colonist and has nothing to say to me... what's up with that?

A few actual bugs:  Dayu are not dropping quest items for Agnes' quest.  It worked (many iterations) before, but now they just drop animal bones instead of scales and teeth.  Anyone else having this problem?  Agnes finally became a usable colonist without finishing the quest, but it took a long time before she could be assigned another job.

Ava did not show up at her quest marker... had to start over.  No problem with the next run.  I thought this had been fixed a long time ago.

So... suggestions: 
1) Fix the audio clips.  Many of them seem to cut off half-way through the dialog, and some are conspicuously silent.  The voice actors are doing a great job... more is better, and broken audio makes the project really seem unfinished.  This is one of the things that makes a game really polished and immersive.  If possible, make voices for every dialog.  I think even scripting the main character with a male/female voice would be more immersive during those "conference" events.

2) Make all items available in Build mode... some of the colony buildings are not available (training station, for instance), and I want to measure the sizes and tolerances when designing structures.

3) Aircraft fuel usage is too high.  It takes 12+ rotors to clear the treetops (and make them aircraft instead of hovercraft, in my book), which burns through fuel at a ridiculous rate.  The problem isn't "crashing into trees" -- there is no hit box above a certain height -- but it is annoyingly poor visibility, and if you do not have good altitude, you will crash into mountains/hillsides.  You shouldn't have to wait for fusion cells to have a decent aircraft.  Possibly make the fuel usage based on airspeed, not on #rotors/thrusters.  If you are getting somewhere fast, it's ok to burn more fuel.  Going 45 kpm you should be able to fly for a LONG time, no matter how much altitude you give your craft.

4) make object ISOs snap to grid using the arrow keys/page up/page down, if they don't already, but allow finer increments with the mouse.

5) (very important) more detailed descriptions of each colony building and how they are used.  There should also be a detailed description of each Skill, and how it is used.  I still haven't got a clue how to use the medical facilities, except that they periodically drop pharmaceuticals into storage.  Some of my people still have GRV and I don't know how to tell them to go to the med bay for a cure.  Also, I should be able to visit and be cured of whatever affliction I have, if I am at the base.  I would rather use the facility than just rummage through storage for a cure.

6) Speaking of that... certain skills cannot be trained past the novice level, even if the instructor is a master.  I think Medical Labs, Nurse and Explorer (collection time) which I assume would make a Processor go faster.  It's annoying that I can't train another doctor to be as good as Allen, to maintain one of the other stations... especially since I don't know how long any of these people will survive.  I don't know if this is a purposeful limitation or if it is a bug.

7) I can train everyone in the training facility, but I can't equip any of the VIP colonists.  Since you killed off most of my best fighters (normal colonists), I'm a little ripped up about it.  It would be nice to be able to train everyone to be an expert with firearms and then GIVE THEM A GUN!  Half of the VIPs are unarmed, and the ones who are armed could seriously improve the weapons they carry, now that better weapons are available.  If I put weapons and armor into storage, will they take out appropriate items for their skills?  I haven't actually tried that.  Again, it may be a bug.  They have inventory, I just can't put anything into their slots.

Planet Explorers ISOs / Helicopter Gunship (Basic)
« on: September 14, 2016, 05:02:51 AM »
This was my second aircraft design -- the first didn't fly.  I have used this design and really liked the performance.  It is balanced in flight, has good visibility (lights up the terrain at night), good durability, good distance, and packs a punch (9 weapons).  The only thing I would change would be to add more rotors for better altitude (easy to add yourself -- the rotors are stacked).

Unfortunately, I don't have a small enough picture to post.  I hope you like it.

EDIT:  I think a lot of things have changed since I first built this.  I built another one in a new game, and the energy consumption was much much higher.  I will have to do a lighter design and use the Type 3 cells to get the same range and firepower (lasers) that I had before.  Back to the drawing board.  It will lose a lot of durability, but I think switching to steel and aluminum instead of iron will help compensate.  I'll post a new one when I have a better design.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Biomes
« on: August 29, 2014, 04:24:15 AM »
I'm sure this isn't a new topic, but I haven't seen anything posted about it since I started playing.  Please make the biomes on the adventure map larger.  I haven't played there a lot, but a few patches of different terrain on the map does not constitute a biome.  A few trees is not a forest biome.  A patch of red dirt is not a red desert biome.  There are creatures and plants that spawn there that you can't find elsewhere, and there isn't sufficient space in those "patches" to spawn them with any kind of regularity.  Also, terrain helps you to orient yourself.  If you have 90% one biome, and the others are simply patches spread throughout, then everywhere you go still looks pretty much the same.  In a world like that it is hella easy to get lost (visually).  I always record the coordinates of my camp, but still... you should be able to look out at the terrain and be able to find at least one thing that you can orient on.  Yes! This is the desert west of my camp, I'm almost home.  Not: this is the patch that looks like every other patch I've seen for the last 20 kilometers.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Can't deliver harddrive to Peter[marked]
« on: August 11, 2014, 01:37:52 PM »
Get a room!!

I can't give the hard drive to Peter to finish my quest, because Ava is all over him.  I know they are in love, but can you separate the two for a few minutes??

I have tried fast traveling and reloading for several days, but they are stuck like glue.

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