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because more and more people are sharing ISOs on my website, I updated it a bit, this is the changelog :

  • Contact form fixed.
  • Lost password fixed.
  • ISOs order fixed (last ISO first)
  • Error isos pagination (now you can see all isos !)
  • "Remember me" fixed
  • ISO details editor : Shield attribute defense added and attack removed
  • Many small design bugfix

Planet Explorers ISOs / New awesome ISO website !
« on: July 28, 2014, 11:53:15 PM »
Update : Link for Alpha version (need a little work to finish this, carousel will change ^^ like other "test" element, but you can post ISOs (many some errors ! You can report errors only) !

Hello !
I'm working on a new ISO website because I'm a web developper and a lot of free time, it will be online in few hours (about 18h CET).
Ok there is already an iso website, but sooo slow an with a bad ergonomy...
Features of my website :
  • Very fast home made web engine (less than 200ms page load, sometime less than 50ms).
  • Real time search (less than 200ms response time).
  • If you post thousand of IOSs it will be... still fast !
  • Modern and responsive design.
  • Fast subscription, only email + password, password are encrypted and email are not shared !
  • Easy to post iso, drag and drop support, multi upload support.
  • Maybe some events with some prize in the future (Planet Explorer game keys maybe, small gifts for best contributors).

But a good ISO website without ISO is useless ^^
I'm looking for people interested to post some ISOs !

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