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Does anyone feel that downloading of ISOs before entering the server is slow? If you do feel it, how long will it take? And how many ISOs are there in the server?

1. Check on the blur text checkbox in Options
2. Try to play with 1920*1080
3. Try both windowed mode and fullscreen mode
If you do all the above steps and it still blury, report the OS, resolution and specs here.

Hi, everybody! The thing is we're considering to change the current operation of PE, especially the axe's operation.

The current operation enables you to use axe in both ways: attacking and harvesting. That means you can rapidly switch from harvesting to attacking mode when attacked during cutting. But the bad thing is this system will make the keybinding not so flexible (it will have many conflicts if changed).

So we want to separate the harvesting and attacking case and allocate them to axes and swords separately. That means one can only use axes for felling (not able to fight against even by fist when axes are equiped), and swords for attacking. The advantage is we can have more flexibility in keybindings, and is more likely to have controller support.

Which one do you prefer? 1. The current system; 2. The separated system;
And what's your reason?

We plan to focus on the balance and NPC behavior (especially when quests related) in June. If any one has any suggestions or any mechanism that makes you fell bad, you can post them here. ;D

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Tutorial on new server configuration
« on: February 27, 2015, 06:56:31 AM »
Hi, everybody. After several updates, we now have a new server building instruction here.

As to the tests till now, servers that can run Planet Explorers include: Ubuntu Desktop, MAC OS and Win. Others might also run the game, but it needs a try.

We offer 3 ways to open a server at present:
1)Open through UI. In this way, the server is bound with your steam account, so you can open/close/delete the server whenever you log in with the identical steam account.
2)Run command line:(Root Directory)\Server>PE_Server.exe -batchmode (for server without interface)
3)Run command line:(Root Directory)\Server>PE_Server.exe (for server with interface)
Different executive files under different system:
(Client Root Directory)/Server/PE_Server.exe

(Client Root Directory)/Server/PE_Server.x86

(Client Root Directory)/Server/PE_Server

Config File Path:
(Client Root Directory)/Server/ConfigFiles/ServerConfig.config
Note that the server will automatically make this file after the first launch. All you need to do is to change the configuration of it.

//Config starts
{"LobbyIP" : "", //do not change
"LobbyPort" : 12534,
"ProxyIP"   : "", //do not change
"ProxyPort" : 12535, //do not change
"TeamNum"   : 1, //1-4 [How many teams you would allow in your server]
"NumPerTeam" : 16, //1-32 (TeamNum * NumPerTeam <= 32)
"GameMode"   : 1, //0-story[Play through tasks with your friends];
                                1-adventure[Exploring the dangerous planet in your way];
                                2-build[Resources are prepared in this mode. You can enjoy building and test your creation here];
                                3-custom[Play with custom map from the World Editor]
"GameType"   : 0, //0-coop[Only one colony is allowed and all the players are supposed to finish the tasks together];
                               1-VS[Two teams build their own colonies and can fight against each other]; 
                               2-survival[Everyone are on their own and could have their own colony].
"MonsterYes" : true, //true{Monsters will spawn in the server];
                                    false[No monsters in the server]
"ServerName" : "yktest", //[This name can't be changed once the server is up, and please avoid using an identical server name with an existent one for a new server, because it would cause rewriting of the old one's parameters, and cause unpredictable damage to the old server.]
"MapName"    : "Story Demo", //[If you're loading a custom map, here you put the name of it.]
"MapSeed"    : "patheamaria", //[ If you change this one, you'd change the map's parameters in  adventure or build mode.]
"TerrainType" : 1, //1-grassland, 2-forest, 3-desert, 4-red stone, 5-rainforest, 6-mountain, 7-swamp, 8-crater
"ClimateType" : 1, //0-dry, 1-temperate, 2-water, 3-random
"VegetationType" : 1, //1-grassland, 2-forest, 3-desert, 4-redstone, 5-rainforest, 6-mountain, 7-swamp, 8-crater (this one should be the same as TerrianType)
"MasterRoleName" : "Unknown", //host name
"Password"       : "",
"PublicServer"   : false, //true [Your server is displayed in the "Internet" tab in the lobby, and can be accessed by someone from the internet.]
                                        false [You server is displayed in the "LAN" tab in the lobby, and only LAN players can access it.]
"Proxy"          : false, //(true or false)
"UseSkillTree"   : false, //(true or false)
"DropDeadPercent" : 10, //(0-100) [Drop rate when you die in game]
"UnlimitedRes"    : false, //(true or false) [Limited resources or unlimited resources in server]
"TerrainHeight"   : 512, //128m, 256m, 512m(this is the height of the whole map including sky)
"MapSize"         : 0, //4-[2km*2km], 3-[4km*4km], 2-[8km*8km], 1-[20km*20km], 0-[40km*40km]
"RiverDensity"    : 10, //1-100
"RiverWidth"      : 10, //1-100
"PlainHeight"      : 20, //1-100(this is the height of land)
"Flatness"      : 25, //1-100[The bigger this figure is, the flatter the land will be]
"BridgeMaxHeight"      : 30 //0-100
"AICount"         : 3//3-7[ the total amount of AI types in game]

//Config ends

Some notes:

1. The server program takes up UDP ports 9900-9915. So you can launch up to 16 server instances on one computer simultaneously.

2. If you plan on making your server public on the internet, please make sure all port-forwarding are done properly, or make it a DMZ server.As per how to make a port forwarding, please refer to:

3. If you want to open more than one server through command line, just change the “ServerName” in “ServerConfig.conf”. (Note: do not use an identical server name with different configurations, for this may cause damage to the old server)
Hope this helps.

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