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Planet Explorers ISOs / OK time for some real talk!
« on: January 22, 2017, 12:26:05 PM »
I wanted to do another video series showcasing all the progress made from the last one, hell it's the whole reason I did it in the first place. I wanted a base for comparison, and did that video series from the get go with that in mind.

A few days ago i decided it's time to give it another go(gives me something to do and helps you guys out at the same time). I played thru and recorded all the way to the earth camp,but while editing my audio was clipping in and out so decided to redo it.

But now we need to have some real talk about the game, not sugar coated, straight talk, because I'm at the point to where if something doesn't change I have to walk away from the game, and I don't think I will come back(too many times I came back thinking something was gonna change and it was worse than before).

now I haven't been through the entire game so I can't comment on all of it, but I will go through what I have noticed so far, both good and bad, and offer up solutions on how to fix it, not just complain on what is wrong. I will try to continue the series, but I'm finding it hard and update this thread as I continue.

1-The character Creator

The character creator still has model issues........... Alot of the newer hairstyles float above the characters head. this looks terrible in the character creator,but isn't that bad in the game. It's one of those thing that once you see it, it can't be unseen. I think many people don't use most of the hairstyles because of this, which leaves me with the question, if its broken and nobody uses it, why is it still in the game?

Mostly with the female hairstyles the ears don't line up the the ear holes in the hairs, so some hairs can't be used with some faces at all........... I doesn't make since to me, why the ears move on different faces? Some combos result in ears tucked under floating hair, hair clipping through the ears, or just badly placed ears. This leaves the playable character very limited in options... This also messes with the random character generation, It drives me crazy when I get NPCs with messed up face/hair mismatch....... 

One suggestion, someone on here mentioned before, is the option to put clothes on your character in the creator which is an excellent idea, but I would like to add the addition of a light also. The problem here is that in the creator your character looks fine and the right color, without clothes in that lighting, the texture and shading fools you, but once you get your super beefy tan dude in game with clothes he just looks fat and the wrong color in the sunlight. Just add (at minimum) a check box for light and clothes........ checking the light box turns the light on , unchecking it turns it off, same with the clothes just add the issue clothes, but you could go one step further with a few differnt sets of armor and a light slider to adjust brightness.....

2-Random NPC generation

Random NPC generation still needs tweaking .......... I'm ok with the lightest skin that I can go, is just the default peach color that pure white on the color slider gives(my opinion it's to much color saturation and appears to dark once in game, but looks fine in the character creator, I would like to create paler skin tones) but it's ok because it fits into your art style well...

The default color you have for dark skin NPCs appear blackish green (very disturbing) in my game while Adisia, Lao, Dayitia, Tariq , and Tank are all different shades of dark skin and look perfectly fine in game..... the NPCs never match or look natural.....

I still get NPCs that are oddly shaped.................The generator needs to be restricted a bit more........ Men thin everywhere with huge thighs........alot of NPCs with chemical smiles or looking like they are gonna puke........... normal face with max size nose..... the list goes on and on..........I'm starting to hate random NPCs altogether..........this was tweaked perfect in past versions.....Just take the random character generator module and generate 100 NPCs and if any one of them are outside of the expected normal looking , tweak the offending limits and repeat....... or hand craft a few hundred NPCs and throw out the random NPC generator..... 

3- Item names in the replicator and creation system

I don't know of any item in the game that has 10 different versions, off the top my head fuel cell type 04 is the highest one everything else is limited to version 2 or 3, which makes me wonder why and the hell do you need a 2 digit number to tell them apart.......... I understand it sounds cool and all but in the replicator and export window(2 windows that can't be resized) you still can't tell fuel cell type 01 from fuel cell type 02 because the window of both cuts the description off after the zero.......... resize all the widow screens to fit the current description, change the some of the models to where nothing can get confused by just looking at them( mostly fuel cell 01 & 02 are guilty of this) or the easiest thing, just drop the zeros so we can tell all types apart, i'm tired of using up all my resources to craft type 02 fuel cells when I really needed type 01 but couldn't read the  description.........if you can read it why is it in the game at all??

The new swords have the same names as the old swords......... I know because I played long before they were added , but new players cant tell the difference between wood sword and wood sword, again why do we have descriptions if they tell us nothing about the item? Add 2 handed or Great to the new swords.............Smoked Sausage takes up 2 lines in the replicator., I think you have room to differentiate the 2 types of swords.........

The hunter boots Icon in the shops and inventory have a tint on them both male and female making them not look like they are part of a set even though in game the boots are the same white leather as the rest of the suit......... this problem isn't that big, but if your gonna fix it , I was thinking a slight different colored tint added to the male and female sets  to differentiate the sets from each other a bit more  .............I'm tired of trying to read those tiny male female symbols, and accidentally making the wrong set(yes it still happens to me sometimes)

Another solution would be to fix the unused  armor tab in the inventory............I know its for ISO armor which is unisex I believe(wouldn't know because I don't like the armor section in the creator, not enough voxel resolution(voxels are to large), but changing that tab to be used by all armor with the ISO armor going in one section, female going in its own section and male going in its own............

Planet Explorers General Discussion / a few questions[marked]
« on: April 26, 2016, 04:24:29 AM »
how does one place and remove blocks in the current build??

when you open up build mode, by default it is in place single block mode, since none of the on screen tool tips read out in a language that a person without a bachelors in computer science & graphic arts  can make any sense of I go to the menu button( the easiest most intuitive mode to me) hidden behind the more complicated and less intuitive modes......

once open I can click the type of material i want and the shape of the block(easy why isn't this the default??) , and can place about 3 blocks than it refuses to keep placing blocks, if i change directions it will continue letting me place blocks(but this isn't what I want WTF??) than it starts doing it again , i can't place blocks where i want but randomly in spots I don't, i can't make rhyme or reason out of where it lets me and where it doesn't, i just have a big Swiss cheese block pile mess where build mode won't let me fill in certain blocks...... after 30 frustrating minutes i decided screw this I don't need to build anything this bad(in a building game no less) and decide to delete the pile of mess and go play something else..........

well deleting stuff is even more frustrating(if possible at all in single block mode). I tried every button combination that the cryptic tool tips menu listed which would result in nothing most of the time or adding more blocks if it did anything at all. Shift-z allowed me to remove some of the stuff up until it's limits(not much when your accidentally placing more blocks than your originality tying to remove in the first place) after another frustrating 20 minutes i switched to the other mode (area mode??? I have no idea what it is called) and I was able to delete some parts but not others... i finally  was able to delete one plane of blocks at time(not the fastest method, but the only way i found to deleting anything)

follower Ai switch, I know the sword it attack everything in sight mode getting yourself killed mode(heavily burdening my revive shot supply) and the little shield is the exact same thing with a wait until something hits me first delay on it, but what is the the ZzZ button do????

common sense would say its for them to rest , but my follower is constantly complaining about needing sleep, and she doesn't sleep when i sleep I tried everything, even placing a bed in her inventory, so what am i doing wrong????? and do i have to place my own bed than tuck them in before getting in my own bed??? are they 2 years old???

the last button(the downward pointing arrow on a line, what????) seems to be some sort of recall , I really can't tell because I would need them to be doing something wrong, not be busy myself dealing with it, and have time to open that menu to use it................ is there a way to make a shortcut to this??? if not why couldn't i just turn off the Ai button I don't want and have them stop?? why add another button if i have to go all the way into that menu anyway???

why does my follower have her name (Astrid) constantly above her head and her on screen dialogue starts with her name looking something like this :

Astrid: You don't look so good.

Astrid: I need some sleep

Does she have mental problems??? is she talking to herself??? is she talking about herself in 3rd person??? I'm not sure......... 

why do the followers comment on stuff I already know or the stuff I can't do anything about????  Why not useful  stuff like  "I'm out of ammunition" , "My gear needs repair" ???

Planet Explorers General Discussion / My .95 Story mode Exp[marked]
« on: April 19, 2016, 09:32:40 AM »
first off i'm only to the point where I just finished all the missions for Adisa at the rock formation , after completing the fire bear missions , but this time I did all the main missions up until this point, and I did it all in one sitting without sadness and frustration slowly filling me, I was having fun again in PE. really good turn around on many quality of life issues that just made me want to stop and play anything else.........

the recent May 16 Microsoft "security patch" for Windows 7, saw it fit to try to re -partition my main SSD by using my steam drive as a temporary storage for the 76 different Images of my Install WTF??, have no idea why it would try such an imbecilic move, long story short, my $3000 PC is bricked and won't boot, windows repair disc won't recognize, my windows install, and a fresh install will not restore any of the 76 install images on my steam drive, and my steam drive wouldn't link back up with steam or play any of my games forcing me to reformat everything,DAM YOU MICROSOFT!!!!! >:( WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?.... anyway yesterday I finally got most of my OS back working and my steam library downloaded, even had time for alittle gaming before bed  8)

Today when I got home I was surprised to see PE Updating ......... read the patch notes, and saw alot I just had to check out..........

1st the tutorial is back 8) & I got to finally see a new NPCs added to the game, but had no luck with any of the tutorial, Don't really know if any of it is added yet? or just broke for me..... ::) All I got to do is walk across the room and open the chest.............. several awkward minutes of staring at Andy, clicking everything the mission completed & the "Combat" mission auto started, but I was never able to get anything to happen, to move it along, just me standing in an empty room............ so I made my exit....... I don't really need a tutorial anyway ;)

touched down on Maria at 9:10 AM(seem like this is standard) spent the first day just looking around and redoing the setting I know make the game look better(AA=off, Depth blur=off, Everything else cranked to 11)  The game  looks way better for some reason(not sure if it does or something is different about my OS install, still alot of things still not back in) Seems like some of the haze is gone,maybe?  Second thing that struck me was the crash site area was completely empty, just me, Gerdy, a few plants and trees............... and as always deafening silence.....

ALT-TAB out the game to open up Pandora, TAB back in to look for new stuff, all I found was the new Smoke effect added to the crashed ship ( nice but it will be awkward when it's still smoking months later, when the player passes thu the area again)  I had to travel almost to the west most end  of Carter mountain to find a single Hare to kill to see the new loot drop system......

2 trains of thought on the crash site being completely devoid of animals(may just be a bad roll of the dice for me)

1- a spacecraft on fire slamming into the ground at 200mph , might scare even the most savage predators away, but the first impression of seeing peaceful stags, and little monkey men roaming around, when you first look around is ruined......... it's kinda a bummer............ but it lets new player figure out the controls and menus without hares ragdolling Gerdy , and the player watching with no idea of what to do , but isn't that why the tutorial is back???? ....... so we are just left with a ruined first impression of the planet......

2- yes the crash may of scared away all the animals , but we don't know how long we been unconscious, I would think after an hour or so the more inquisitive docile creatures would sense that the ship isn't trying to hurt them and reemerge from hiding............and maybe a few predators stalking them?

all gerdy missions worked fine, I'm not sure what " Added long press for keys" means but all but the WASD are still gated(still don't understand why this is even a thing!?!?!) holding a key for alittle too long is still equal to not pressing it at all(now demoted to my 3rd bigest pet pev)

the new loot drop system is awesome, didn't know it the first time it happened nor the second or 10th time, for me in less than a second after something is dead it explodes and everything  is gone, it happens so fast you don't even know whats going on........... body decay time seem like its 500ms and since your usually standing on top of it the loot barely settles on the ground before its auto collected.............extending the body decay time so we don't miss out on the rag-dolls, making the loot burst out more, adding a longer timers to the auto collect or adding an option to not auto collect ,would all make it  better to understand what is happening

its like chest bursters from aliens are poping out and attacking you as the body instantly disappears...... not until I got to Chen and was attacked by a warbird did I see what was going on, I hadn't crafted any gear yet, so I wasn't happy to see a warbird attacking me but Chen shot it a few times and it was beautiful watching it explode into loot, I got to actually see they had different colors and header cards showing what they are............. :D 

during the defend the camp mission , the fast rate seemed OK because you attention quickly moves to the next target , but with everything disappearing so fast and all the loot auto collecting it seemed way less chaotic and too easy , like there wasn't enough stuff to let you know you were in battle................. and the fact that 90% of my sword swings weren't being wasted swing at air while I'm surrounded by enemies( yeah I can actually hit things now  :D)

 I guess we will have to wait and see what everyone else says, but for me 2 super great awesome fixes to the game added together and turned pure frustration into super easy mode, bodies were dead and  in my pocket faster than new ones could spawn........

My follower with the Bow and the archer skill(+4.5%) did OK during this mission I saw her punching a hare when it got in her face(a blue starter knife would be better).  she did shot fine at most ground targets after I gave her some arrows(not sure if she had any before or not), but at the chicken dragons she did start acting weird, she would draw her bow and shoot 2 arrows and put it back away than run towards me, than do it again, Chen with his rifle seemed fine, he stayed on target and kept firing.............

after we killed all 3 I checked to see how many arrows out of the 400 I gave her, She had 381 left, so either she has her own or she only fired off 19 arrows in the same time I fired off more than 60, possible I guess , I was spamming arrows, she is waiting for a target and taking her time........... so I kept an eye on her, with a single random chicken dragon she did the same thing draw, shot 1 or 2 and put it away, & repeat................. on a single random warbird  she would totally bug out........ she switched to just pulling and putting her bow on and back off her back never firing a shot( I questioned her exsistance, an skilled archer who can't keep a singe warbird off of me ) 

It seems like they are having trouble targeting enemies, with smaller and air targets being the worst, some ground targets(the Andhera sleepers aka "roaches") she would consistently miss  by not leading them enough, never hitting them once...........

speaking of the Andhera they are not afraid of the light , they are deathly terrified of light, they will only try to attack you at night with a head lamp from exactly behind , basically neutering their entire purpose, a 20 meat headlamp available at the 2 NPC   you meet, and you don't have to worry about them for the rest of the game(I questioned their exsistance also)
the cone angle of the headlamp sprite should be the only angle they don't attack , but it seems like that's the exact opposite 30 degrees they do attack in and maybe add in a higher chance for them to ignore their fear and attack anyway (the seem content to stand in the beam and let you beat them to death without attacking) without the headlamp they act like they used too

the reticle  added in 1st person??? do you mean the 4 white pixels in the center of the screen that are always on the back of my characters head in 3rd person???? or is it something else??? but seriously the 4 white pixels in the center of the screen isn't much of a reticle and it drives me crazy being on the back of my characters head all the time in 3rd person... this is my new biggest pet pev..............

I'm not sure there is a 3rd person person shooter that isn't over the shoulder or without the camera limited in some way exist with a locked in the center of screen reticle, your treading new ground here............ and i'm not liking it......... the actual aiming with the bow in 3rd person is fine, your at the hip view lets you see up better for air targets where bows are most useful, it's just the the those 4 white pixels on the back of my head for the other 99.7% of the game that drives me crazy ::)   

the adjustments to the night, I feel you went a little to light , my game is 10 hours of dawn now, if people like , I can live with it darker or lighter, I have 300cd/m2 IPS panels, which means that on ECO mode (the dimmest monitor setting) nights now seem like 7AM all night and the sky box is blue all night which just doesn't look right .... if the sun is behind the planet the skybox should pitch black , you can still light on the surface reflecting off the 3 moons  and the huge stars, being similar to earth with 3 moons nights would be brighter but it wouldn't make the entirety of space turn blue , or a brightness slider in the options , because there is a huge difference in 200cd/m2 and 300cd/m2 panels and even just in IPS vs TN panels ........

with the new loot drop system, the new tree animations and "E" to pick plants one thing sticks out like a sore thumb ..........why is poo the only thing that has to let me know whats in it with a totally different looting system from everything else?? change it to a standard plant template that spawns in all biomes, or add it to the loot drop system .......... as in animals actually drop poop models from time to time............. the loot card on poop is my 2nd biggest pet pev, I'm reminded how completely different this one item is from everything else for no reason when I struggle to remember the key combo on every pile............... :o  and does Poo really physics and collision in its pile form???

other than those things everything was great , all the changes looked and worked awesome, most of the things i noticed are very minor and easy to tweak later and have very little impact to game play so far, and I don't need a week of playing something else to get over my sadness anymore , I look forward to trying out some of the new stuff and building all new gear ;)

 I have 1653 hours racked up on steam in planet explorers in every version since it was first put up on steam, making it my second most played game i own. I pretty much got my $24.99 worth out of it, regardless of what happen to it in the future..............

 but the 0.900 series of the game has been a total disaster.......... huge list of updates are being pushed out , and  many people are jumping in only to find getting past the many bugs or completely unplayable controls are not letting them experience any of the supposed updates............... they report  these problems with the promise it will be fixed next patch, which breaks their save, which pulls them back in only to find very little has changed and the same bugs are still there.................. and the numbers show it

personally the last few versions were totally unplayable and such a bad user experience it pushed me  to other games, and coming back to it after a while makes its shortcomings very apparent and what its doing right , real easy to pick out.. so in no particular order

- coming from other games, the control scheme feels way off, un-intuitive  and just plain wrong ........... I can't readjust to it, it's so far off from other games ....... the breakdown compared to other games or even your own 0.87 version

the keys are still gated, I don't understand why when I hold an input(key) why the game engine says "oh he's holding down 0 , he must NOT want to activate the 0 on his hot bar" :o

the mouse buttons are over used and backwards, I don't even know what right click does in most games, and if it does something important its so intuitive , I just do it...... without any thought , even in windows right click it mostly used to bring up drop down menus and very rarely used ..........  just having the ability to swap left and right click would align PE with other games, but the mapping of these buttons are completely locked, but that alone would make left click interact with most things and would break combat......

many games not half as good as PE from developers I wouldn't hold in any where near as high regards as Pathea offer up a "hey, people might like this control scheme" option

"From the Depths",(777 hours on steam) another Unity alpha game which started development after PE, uses nearly every key on the keyboard to perform multiple functions depending on what your doing, including page up/down and the number pad, Its the most unusual keyboard layout game I own , I has a secondary keyboard layout that is easier to use but can't perform as many functions in the game..........I choose the harder to use version and it's still more intuitive and easier to pick back up after a long break, than having your 2 main mouse buttons reversed.......i really dislike the right click festival PE has become

back in 0.87 (the last version I spent any quality time on) "E" was used to interact with everything, this was great because I was able to from PE to other standard'ish keyboard layout games without problems, but in 0.90 on the keyboard/mouse layout changes makes it to hard to come back, because it feels wrong, but going to another game feels like home & very intuitive.....

I despise point and click games, I own zero of them, $0 dollars spent on point and click games!!  PE is the only game I own that had the option for point and click controls, but point and click was only forced onto you as the first decision you had to make when you first install PE, when you don't know any better............... after you have a chance to get into the game a experience your horrible selection choice , pulling up the options menu and looking at the key mappings ,your clued  in on how to switch modes, than you never had to touch it again........... only when switching from 1st and 3rd person ,accidentally hitting the wrong button, were you exposed to such horribleness again........... when 1st person mode was removed so was your chance of being exposed to it as your only options was point and click or camera follow player each on their own need to decide or go near those keys.... ever   

now 1st person is back(superior mode for most things) I'm forced to use the same key to cycle thru all 3 control modes to cycle between the 2 I want to use with no way to tell which mode i'm in.......... give the "F5" key exclusively to toggle point and click mode on/off( that way I never need to touch it)............... the mouse wheel is for camera zoom in and out, 1st person view is just a zoomed all the way in 3rd person view............ mouse wheel button click is auto run ??? wouldn't that be better placed anywhere on the keyboard and use the mouse button to switch between 1st and 3rd.................. anything would would feel more intuitive............


Planet Explorers General Discussion / Just tried A0.921[marked]
« on: February 15, 2016, 10:58:05 PM »
 I can't even make it thru the character creation   :-\

It goes from 160 fps with a 5-6 ms frame-time to 1 fps with a 142 ms frame-time when ever  I try to touch anything in the character creation interface.......... 

It takes like 100 tries to grab on to any of the sliders, when I finally get a hold and get it to move the frame rate tanks and the engine becomes unresponsive for several seconds, sometimes long enough for windows to bring up a pop up telling me it is unresponsive........... if I click "wait for it to respond".... a few seconds later it becomes responsive again, but the sliders start moving around on their own.....

I tried for an hour too use the character creator to make a new character, since all my saved characters look different now for some reason........ it's totally impossible to use the user interface in the character creator , not even gonna waste my time and try using the user interface  in game................if it's that laggy and unresponsive in the the character creator, which I can run at 160 fps........ :-[

Planet Explorers General Discussion / my 0.9 exp so far[marked]
« on: December 29, 2015, 03:22:18 AM »
first off performance is terrible, it runs at 29 fps and still has that stutter every 15 seconds or so, by the time i start building stuff it will be unplayable, I was getting between 60 and 80 fps on a new game before

not being able to click on the starter chest(in inventory) bug has returned, getting the Icon to loot the emergency kit isn't much fun either(feels very iffy)

the quick bar keys are "still" gated and trigger on the release of the key in a certain time frame making the quick bar anything but quick 75% of the time, I'm totally over this problem and just not using the "quick" bar anymore..............

the avatar has no buoyancy in the water, they settle a few feet under water and "float" there , meaning there is a setting for this somewhere in the engine or they would sink all the way to the bottom. It's not a big problem but it makes swimming very frustrating because there is no way to keep your head above water and look where your going, swimming with your head above water disappeared sometime around early .8 something and hasn't returned since.  This causes NPC's in multi-player water worlds to spawn in the water and just tread water a few feet below the surface never to be seen.

The underwater distortion mask (which I hate by the way) isn't rendering out fully wide enough on high res panels, my guess is , the mask is set somewhere around 2000 X 2000 pixels
the underwater blue mask used to be like this pre .80 and you fixed it

holding the space bar to keep your avatar on top the water causes them to bounce in and out the water if your not moving, there is no way to stay on top the water

in my game the lupis hares are everywhere in the staring area, i couldn't do gerdy's missions as she was under constant attack, don't get me wrong watching her get repeatedly rag dolled  was the most fun I had in the game in a while, but if I was someone who just bought the game and was under constant attack 30 seconds after first spawning into the game , I wouldn't be amused.............  poop is also everywhere, 30 to 40 piles just in the area between the first 2 ships

mini mission screen is still broken, on starting a new game I don't have one at all, clicking the tab for it on the mini map will darken any screen I have open, like a screen is opened up on top of it, but nothing is on my screen...... I switched resolutions to full screen(5900x1080) non-windowed thinking it was being rendered outside of my screen but same thing clicking the mini map tab just darkens any window I have open...........about 30 minutes into the game it just appeared under the mini- map on it's own...... I have no clue whats doing this, maybe something in the movable window position memory messing up as there is only "ONE" movable window, the mini mission log.......... 

In full screen the min map and item ticker are totally useless to me (as they can't be moved into my field of view) if I play at a lower resolution windowed I lose my mini mission log

the buff/debuff  system procs every 10 minutes like clock work,  mostly the bacterial infection, forcing you keep huge supplies of disinfectant spray(WTF?............ I got a cold , let me go get some Lysol) not the smartest or most intuitive choice in my book, another system i'm gonna ignore..... just gonna use  the perks to out buff your debuff system........ oh wait...........

the perk system is gone..........I don't know what happened with the perks screen, has it been taken out of story mode?? never seen it mentioned in the patch notes , T and ALT + T do nothing in story mode for the last 2 versions....

going into the creator in-game , insta- kills my character, doesn't do it every time , maybe 1 out of 10 times........ full health 2 min in a fresh game, opened the creator for 30 seconds to see what was added, saw that bows handle, axe handle, and some bot parts were added, closed it out and my character was dead, no attack noises, nothing around...............just a dead avatar

plant picking used to be way better than it is now........... I appreciate the new icon letting me know when I can pick a plant, but hunting with the mouse to get the icon to appear isn't any less aggravating, only to find it's not gonna show up because i'm 2 inches too far away, then I have to move my avatar, than hunt for it again, it takes twice as long, and more steps involved to pick one plant.... I find myself just random spam clicking the general area while moving until I get it, faster and less aggravating,just like before when picking area was broken.................

the new systems chop icon has a huge problem with cycas trees, some of them never get at chop icon at all, you spend so long hunting for the icon the avatar gets bored(probably know your never gonna find it) and auto puts the axe away, leaving you hunting for an Icon that will never show up unless the axe is out.................

someone already reported aluminum and iron in the scanner being swapped, I have this bug also...........

does Chen give you the copper pickaxe script at the start of the mission at the meteorite creator? (nothing about this in the patch notes) doesn't really matter its bugged anyway.......... when I get to chen I tried to buy all my usual scripts from him........ copper pick, copper axe, iron bow, iron shield, iron sword, and arrows, opened up my inventory to learn them , but I couldn't learn the copper pick( maybe a bug from the perks being removed). I checked the replicator and it was already learned......... but the script was still in my inventory.......... being on top of the list,  I assume I clicked it first and the script wasn't removed, vs it auto learning itself when purchased, would have to start another game to test...............

anyway selling the script back to chen made it disappear from his inventory completely(unless it went to his buy back page, didn't check)..... reloading restocks his inventory, but how will scripts work in MP story?? a script is a copy of a program, it shouldn't be out of stock, your buying a copy not the original......if your buying the original and I sell it back and it goes to my buy back page, will everyone have to check their own separate buy back page???? i think it would just be easier to make scripts always be instock all the time.

lastly( i'm sure there's more but the user unfriendliness pushed to stop playing at this) I hope F5 switching between 3 different control modes is a temporary measure until you get everything settled................ before i could switch between 1st person(the least buggy mode for mining) and 3rd person( the mode I spend 99% of the time playing the game in)  without being forced into the totally useless mouse control mode........ 1st person mode you know your in, its obvious!!!! 3rd person and mouse control mode you don't notice what mode your in  until you put your hand back to the WASD keys, and go "why the hell can't I control my charater????  >:( , CRAP I'm in that STUPID mouse control mode!!!"  back to the F5 key(which is out of reach on every keyboard I own for my left hand)

3 ways to fix this
1-add an indicator for the mode your in, kinda already done , if you fix the "mouse cursor stays inside the window" function for windowed mode (this has never worked) the mouse cursor would be onscreen where I could see it instead of opening up  programs on my desktop when I try and TAB to bring up the cursor in game..... it stays on screen in full screen but it takes alot of time to find it( maybe a "default cursor to center screen" option to replace the broken "cursor inside window" option   

2-make the mouse wheel scroll all the way into first person (like every other game on the market that has 3rd and 1st person) leaving the F5 key available for use by no one ever.......

3- put 1st person on the caps-lock key(unless you got plans for it in the future) leaving F5 to switch between 3rd person and mouse control mode, again for no one ever...........


Planet Explorers Bugs / Shotgun is totally broken, now!![marked]
« on: December 04, 2015, 04:33:21 AM »
I don't know if a patch was pushed thru or not because it shows the same version as the last time I played, but my game is doing new things and many new things have broken

the shotgun being the most noticeable.....

last time I played a few days ago I was praising how good the shotgun felt ( only needed a few animations, pull out while sprint, and roll with gun in all directions)

Today its total garbage!!!

-first problem it get hung pointing at the ground ( i think it's the reload animation sticking) You have to point to the sky to hit something on the ground in front of you.... if it gets stuck like this you have to switch to another weapon and aim that one then switch back to the shotgun and then it's fine for a while....

-second it used to be left mouse click to draw your weapon and left click to fire it also , right click to put it away, which works fine because if something got in your face it was left click until it was dead............

today my avatar started reacting as left click was draw weapon, fire weapon and put it away, right click only puts it away..... which is totally broken and makes the gun useless, as fights go like this........ spot an enemy left click to draw your shotgun , left click to fire, left click again to fire the avatar puts the gun away, left click to draw again, left click to fire, and left click to put it back up, do this 6 times than the avatar auto reloads and puts it away again :'(

its 5 to 6 left clicks to fire once, while something is chewing on your face the whole time  :-\ .................. it remains persistent thru reloads and I can not figure out how to clear it.....

.88  we get pretty water and grass effects but space/time shatters and we a frozen in time
.881 does very little to help
.882 you can't even control your character(mouse pointer mode only) :'(
.883 missing animals, missions won't complete, NPCs on crack!!
.884 mining indicator flared out the screen day or night making it impossible to do anything
.885 NPC behavior started to get worse, and made getting past early missions impossible, I had to throw in the towel.......

.889 comes out, the NPCs seem alot less on edge, but still totally INSANE...... with the new power to just warp in and out of existence, breaking quest at any moment......When they warp out, if the don't return within 15 seconds or so you will never find the again and you will have a question mark on the map with no one there, like the turrets were doing a while back :o

I started and tried 5 new story games since .889 was released
- 3 were broken by Chen on the defend the camp mission, no more story missions to accept and Chen never shows up, can't progress
- 2 times were almost broken by Gerrdy and Doc Carter, first time Gerrdy fell off Docs back and he continued on without her, thought for sure it was the end of that one , but Gerrdy's new warping talents paid off this time, as she warped to the healing tube, saving the day..... second time, they stopped together, but a game reload got them moving again .

 Nan killed off any chances of of progressing the last 2 stories along. first time was hours babysitting him from the martian camp the the cave.............. :-\  he would just stop following and run off and shove his face in a tree and refuse to return to the follow position...... 3 or 4 times he just warped out of existence , while I was watching him, never to be found again..... 2 times his mind just warped as he stood near the river refusing to follow but he was more than happy to give the the mission we were on over and over :o (my mind is blown)... finally get him to the cave ( only took 2 real life days) he refuses to acknowledge the cave or the meet up point indicated on the map............. :-\  3 or 4 restarts at the point he finally offers up the mission to go into the cave and he continues to ignore everything........ 2 or 3 restarts later , he's back on bored following me but checks out every time I get to the caves mouth............

its like there is a black hole for AI with the draw distance of the cave somewhere............. (new queen Ai would be my guess) ........... desperate... I try all the old tricks, driving a car into the cave getting out and back in , Nan immediately warps in and starts his dialogue with Hatomi like nothings wrong......... :o  I accept the mission from Hitomi (earth camp)and me and Nan continue in to the cave, where Nan starts slowly walking into the walls of the cave ignoring everything again.......  >:( this is impossible!!!!!!

Today I started another game(not expecting much) , but I figured I would try to find out whats the hell is going on with Nan or the cave........... to my surprise Chen and Nan didn't give me a single problem :D

After the cave when Nan normally warps back to camp I decided to follow him and see what goes down when he warps and I saw the most fantastic and confusing thing I ever seen since I have owned this game. :o 

Whats going on Pathea???????

Planet Explorers General Discussion / .886 Camp defense[marked]
« on: August 22, 2015, 03:55:04 PM »
During the camp defense mission game crashed(as in windows shut it down) and now I can't restart it..... I have it in my missions log, but some how  I have just skipped it.... I also lost all progress on other missions that were open........

Monster hunting was complete, and I turned it in right before the crash, now it says I didn't kill the animals, including the warbird, which isn't in the game............ >:(

how do I continue??? or is another story game come to an end???

Planet Explorers General Discussion / .885 feedback[marked]
« on: August 04, 2015, 10:18:22 AM »
after starting a new character today here is my feedback of .885 so far:

All the gerdy missions are fine.. things i noticed was,

- in the water hitting space bar caused the character to go to the surface and bounce there for as long as the space bar was held

- in all .88 versions, hot bar button gates need to be adjusted(or whatever you call it), I have heavy hands, most of the time the hot bar doesn't function at all for me, making the hot bar useless most of the time....I narrowed it down to the key gate times, hitting a hot bar key really quick works every time, holding it a few milliseconds too long(or completely down), causes it to not function, forcing the player to think it's not working, pressing it harder(longer) which causes to function less.... this is counter productive and frustrating to the player..... widen the gate time or make to where an always closed key press activates the desired function no matter how long its purpose to me hitting my heal hot bar key in the middle of battle only to have it not work because my heavy fingers held it a few ms too long, causing me to die, why do I have heals on my hot bar again????

-Scripts......... the message you have already learned this script doesn't appear on duplicate scripts, this allows you to buy it and not click it, but not know why.............

- mining.................making the boxes transparent is an improvement as in going from "I despise it and don't want to play the game", to "I hate it and don't want to play the game" is an improvement.... the clear white color can't be seen in full sunlight so you don't know what your doing......... In the dark confines of your mine  with lights and glare, the inner cube is OK but the "I have no Idea what its is even there for????" secondary outer cube becomes to bright and covers 1/2 of my screen, can't see what I'm doing.........

- pickaxe and shovel radius increase concerns me, before the pickaxe was to quickly remove a voxel and the shovel was to slowly deflate it, now huge hunks of the world are being removed by low end tools, and their roles seem lost....... couple that with the area indication problems I don't find using them fun, without mining the game isn't fun....

-sentries are totally useless, they don't target anything, they just spray bullets in the general direction of enemies until they are out of bullets, please add burst fire to them and make them  stop firing when switching targets instead of wasting bullets while they rotate......once they start shooting they don't stop until they are out weather targeting or not...

-NPC are RUDE!!!..... really tired of chasing down NPCs... the default is for them is to patrol , very fast..... this forces you to chase them down, hit tab to bring up the cursor , spam click them hoping to get their menu to pop up before they get out of range again, if you can't get it you have to chase them down again and repeat.....once you get them and click off there dialog they take off again!!!!!!...........forcing you to chase them down again............ 15 seconds of staying in one spot after closing down their tab, or stay until you walk away would be greatly appreciated......... adding 15 seconds of standing still into the animation rotation would help alot..............

- followers function needs work...... followers are now creepy, they are always in your way, they stand inches away from you when your doing something(mining, collecting animal loot,etc), but when your moving across  the land(where the are most needed) they are a mile behind you..... when in battle they only swing their sword once every 15 seconds......  followers are more frustrating than useful...........I request a "get the hell away from me, your being creepy" button, replace the rest button........

-UI layout, lots of small problems here........I don't find the collection ticker in the top left useful, should be able to move it, I personally would move mine centered above my hot bar.... Mini map can't be moved, sized or turned off.... health bar colors between different UI screens are not codded the same colors, all health, stamina, oxygen, strength, hunger, temperature,comfort , energy, likability, karma, debt, and  bad-assness  bars needs to all be the same color across all UI tabs...........its confusing having them different colors in different tabs................consistency.............

- ranged weapons are no longer useful ......... bows can't be drawn while running, you can stop and draw your bow than run again with it drawn.......... haven't checked guns yet(all my guns are broken by the creator).......... then when aiming movement speed is massively reduced ,  all you can do is get a few shots off than run, than get off a few shots, run ...............not fun or rewarding.......... large animals with low quality gear is just down right aggravating.............

- build mode --- still can't see my blocks types, block rotation or what i'm doing...........take way too many clicks to do simple things

- F2 mode.... still randomly losing mouse control of the character in F2 mode

-Tabbing out the game sometimes locks windows and makes the desktop unusable, when it happen the whole desktop is shaking and mouse control inoperable, have to use keyboard keys(CTRL-ALT-DELETE) to kill the game to get the desktop back

- Large map default should always be centered on the player when you open it, the way it is now when you press M, the default is in the top left of the world, your forced to press TAB to bring up the cursor and left click to grab the map and find the players don't know where the are and left searching the entire map..... the way it used to work the cursor was always up when you opened the map, just a mouse click to grab the map was all that was needed....

-flashlight is now usable, but it still totally useless, the character holds it in the left hand, with or without a shield(awesome with great animations)  , but the right hand has to remain empty.........why use the flashlight again if it means i'm defenseless?????  headlamp is superior in every way..... Flashlight could be more usable if you could place it down like a torch(isn't that what a flashlight is???), make it die and  rechargeable .............headlamp could be made better by making it switch off/on with the L key when not in a vehicle........

- can't click directly on NPCs to revive them, have to click on the little follower UI to revive the first time(still broken and randomly disappears), than it bugged out couldn't use it again, had to use the main menu, than follower.......follower UI should be movable and able to turned off(to many UI elements crowding my screen and right now serves no function other than a short cut to revive when its not bugged) all the follower  functions exist somewhere else don't need it on my screen all the time, have it pop up when follower goes down, and go away once revived...or get ride of it all together.........

-got to the rock formation and Adisa and Lao are bugged they won't acknowledge  me , can't complete the story.............. :(

-Water shader is broken when digging near the looks like water is filling the hole, but character doesn't respond like water is there, oxygen doesn't go down.........

- underwater distortion........ not a big fan of the underwater distortion filter, the old blur filter is now stronger in the new engine version and seems fine, the distortion filter on top of that adds nothing to the realism, kinda make underwater unpleasant....... would like ot be able to turn this off........... and it isn't scaled out right at higher resolutions........... the blur filter works perfect but the distortion filter is cut off on both sides(5900X1080).... the old blur filter used to have this problem..............

- death blur needs work ........ with it on everything looks soupy , inches from the characters face........... doesn't show of the game in the best light......get so close your almost clipping the character model textures are crystal clear......... adjust the depth blur strength to where it is only applied to distant objects  or make it an adjustable setting in the options.......... I personally keep it off...........

that's all I got so far now my story is bugged...............

Planet Explorers General Discussion / .884 mining??[marked]
« on: July 25, 2015, 01:56:07 PM »
So I tried out .884 because the patch notes seemed to touch on alot of problems I have been having with the game, and everything I checked out was not fixed or worse than before ???

I figured my save was corrupted so I started a new game.....

when I got to the meteor creator and pulled out my pick axe,I immediately exited the game.............. :-\

Why did we take the thing everyone hates and is complaining about from build mode and add it to mining??????  This doesn't make sense to me..........I can't see what I'm doing....

Mining was the one thing in the game that somewhat worked and now your blocking my view with semi-transparent cubes...............what gives, I'm not getting it?

mining = can't see what I'm doing floating cubes blocking my view

building = can't see what I'm doing floating cubes blocking my view, overly complex UI

Combat = nothing to fight, incomplete(or plain not very good)

Quest = barley work and have all the bugs of previous versions + more

Frequent updates = broken saves + above problems = impossible to progress

What used to be a fun relaxing game just frustrates me to no end every time I give it a shot(maybe this time it will be different)

How long/ many patches until it will be playable again???

Planet Explorers Bugs / Can't mine at all in .881[marked]
« on: June 22, 2015, 07:57:25 AM »
got to the meteorite creator  and it's still dug up already in a new game.....

I can't dig at all , the marker cube just floats around in space, most of the time between me and the character, it never goes into the ground...


Planet Explorers Bugs / .881 starter kit[marked]
« on: June 19, 2015, 08:09:37 AM »
just started a new game after the .881 patch and i can't do anything as the starter kit is not able to be open.... I need the knife to collect wood.......  in the emergency kit there is a wood axe script but I cant make it because there is no way to get wood without the knife.....  :-\ Its totally unplayable for me now

Planet Explorers Bugs / Rocket turtle!?!?[marked]
« on: February 21, 2015, 12:09:15 AM »
when did the turtles get jet packs?????

<iframe width="1280" height="750" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I assume this is just a bug

Planet Explorers ISOs / The Red Cat[marked]
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:45:59 PM »
this is a little tutorial on an easy boat hull I figured out how to do in the editor, hope you like it....

I named it the the Red Cat, but I have them in all colors.... ::)

youtube video:

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