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Please allow to Ctrl C and Ctrl V commands to copy/paste text and import/export them/from editor

Also, one of the main annoying stuff I have encounter is that you can't correct a previous text mistake without deleting everything until the end of the text. You can't use arrows or mouse to go back earlier in the text and correct your error like in simple text software.

To finish, please do something about isos files, they countain materials /decals (on the left side) that have been used during iso creation process but that not still in the final iso, and it make materials/decals more complicated to chose if there are similar ones.

Planet Explorers ISOs / I.A.D Armor (WIP)
« on: January 01, 2017, 05:11:04 PM »
undergoing Icarus Armament Division armor project.

The helm is finished with more or less light variants. I progress slowly on the remaining armor parts of the set because of irl activities :/ so don't wait it for a while, or partially.

! Advertive ! For character without hear (until devs allow to hide hairs for custom armor)

Helms + Visors combinations:

Helm A (V) & B (Flat) ->      N°1, 2, 3 and 4 visors and variants.
Helm C and variant ->        N°6 visor and variant.
Helm D and variant ->        N°7 visor and variant.
Helm E ->                           N°2 visor. (reinforced faceguard)
Helm F ->                           N°2 visor. (reinforced faceguard)
Helm G ->                           N°8 visor.
Helm H ->                           N°10 visor.
Helm I and variant ->          N°9 visor and variant.
Helm K ->                           N°11 visor and variant.

Visors colors:
(Default) visor use orange material.
b visors use glowing blue materials. (interesting to use for smalest one)
g visors use the same grey steel material used for the armor. For armored helms.

Visors are decoration separate from the helm, that make them easier to paint or for changing material, they also look more sharp than on a full helm.

 Edit: Helm ulpoaded to Steam workshop

General Pathea Discussion / Happy New year 2017[marked]
« on: January 01, 2017, 11:53:13 AM »
Happy new year to PE community and Pathea team for 2017  ;)

Hello, I have just started a new story mode and ulpoaded some iso objets but they are not at the place I have placed them anymore after loading save. Occur with each saves loading.

Also I have stuttering issues each 5 seconds, but it only happen in story mode.

An modular wall system of 8x8 blocks for colony and outpost inspired from old STR games, for changing from usual simple walls.
Personnaly one of the better way I have found for spending dirt and marble that overflow of my inventory.

Exist in 3 versions
Tier 1: Dirt & Marble
Tier 2: Marble & Steel
Tier 3: Iron & Aluminium

Turret base that can be linked to other parts on the 4 sides.
Two sides walls and corners.
One side walls and corners.
3 extensions (First alternative for increasing wall size or adapt it to the landscape. Second alternative is to use arrows and pg up & down for chosing the height of the wall and use extrude pg down on every selected square blocks only)[don't move mouse or biso position will reset]
2 entraces wide enough for bigger doors. (If you want to use doors, use previous method for selecting the height of the entrace while placing it)

These walls were mainly made with the slope tool, slope blocks cover more space than normal blocks for less resources.

Remarks and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

While I was using the armor editor, it just strike my mind how it could be far more easy to make an humanoid shaped mech that reuse most of the player character animation and movement patterns than starting from scratch and remake all the animations.

[Keep in mind that the actual armor editor is mostly effective and could do the job for mech parts editor as well but it is actually unfriendly to use. There should be a small/resizable window in the editor in which we can place and see the whole armor set like the ingame charater armor tab. And it could be better if we could quickly switch between this window in full size and the part editor working area, so it could be far more pratical to keep proportions in mind]

The armor editor is like  that, you can cover the whole body by making parts every body parts, in a way the character could look and move like a mech. The only the thing that is a contrain is that the  human 3D model still visible. If there wasn't, you could easily imagine it.

Humanoid mechs can reproduce most of the humanoid mouvement  patterns but there is some limits and ajustments. So It could work like the player character frame, but (maybe) with larger hips and shoulders (or an ajustable option), most of the mechs are wide. In the editor each articulations/pivots could be linked by a line in place of body parts.

Restriction, ajustments, ideas:

- Compared to armor, no visible human character model visible.

- Mechs don't breathe unlike character model.

- Mechs frame is only made of virtual lines in editor,  or slim metal frame.

- Because they are resized version of armor, they could also (eventually) use resized  isos weapons and shields, so no need of making specific weapons except for design.

- They are bigger but heavier and slower than human while making actions, but because they are bigger their mouvements and each steps go more far, so they move far more quickly than humans. I think balancing the size in a way it could fit ingame is essential. Maybe the size could be chosen by the player during creation process but it will also change weight, mouvements execution speed, and deplacement  speed.

- Jump will be limited, and rolling and escape mouvements may not be able or painfully executed by the mech. You certainly have to remove exiting mouvements compared to the human model.

- If jetpack is allowed, it would not be as effective as it is for human. No tools

- It request to have a have a seat in the torso part and some other parts to make it work ( energy cells, motors maybe already existing parts found ingame).

- However humanoid mech request at least to made a specific new animation while in stanby mode (lie down, or knee on the ground).

- It will also request to change the alien mech boss comportement while it will face a tall ennemi in close combat.

I don't say it could replace the initial dev's idea of making mech legs parts, like battlemechs licence, that request to create a whole new pattern of animation, but reuse existing features seems to make things more fast and easy because devs already have already worked on most of them (frame and animations). Yes, you can.

Edit: With the idea you could make AI droids like followers that don't request food or comfort and that could be made like the Custom Armor.

Planet Explorers ISOs / I.A.D Custom sentries.
« on: November 24, 2016, 03:29:54 PM »
I made some custom turrets during the week and I have just changed the material for wood. Now they are uploaded on Steam Workshop and can easily be found in AI turrets section. x1 Gatling gun turret, x2 missile turrets (variants), x1 Laser turret.

The brushed and galvanised steels materials looked very good in the editor but they seem a little bit too shiny ingame.

During my long session in the editor, I have noticed many times that  the camera didn t still in position, making the reference plane not horizontal anymore (and Y axy not vertical too) so I suspected a hidden command that allow to tilt the camera on the left or right, but I haven't found how to do it by myself.

But now it could be very usefull to use it, so I' ll ask to devs: What is the command to rotate the camera view around the center of the screen?

While you select voxels and use the commands shift +  arrow ( ^ up, v down, < left, > right, page up, page down (previously alt & ctrl)), if there is voxel(s) with negative value(s) not near voxel(s) with positive value(s), after each move of the selection, the one(s) with negative value(s) will be wiped from the selection and you have to reselect it(them) again, and this for each selection move. It turn to be very painfull after a while.
(Note: these commands are not quoted and explained in the tutorial. Also using shift + alt & ctrl was a way more fast than using shift + ^ pg up  & v pg down but not pratical for multi keyboards types users because shift + alt  is a command for switching between them. However  shift + ^ pg up  & v pg down is not pratical and fluid if you have to place it in the editor manipulation , you have to switch to one side of the keybord to another. It don't annoying me because I have a mousse with several buttons and configure them to use these keys but a simple mousse things are not easy.)                                                                                                                                                 

It will good to and add a section for iso editor (create) in the hotkeys option, for changing commands. For a Azerty keyboard users like me, switching between azerty and qwerty could be annoying and cause conflicts  especially if the iso editor still to be used in qwerty.

Regarding custom turret editor:

I'm not a big fan of the actual custom turret editor but it didn't stop me to used it for a while and after some hours I still think It should not be only limited to make custom sentry but also turret for base defense and for iso vehicle.

(Also dissociate it in 3 parts could make them more attractive to do because actually you have to 1. make the line of fire cleared or 2. cover the whole turret with a sphere or 3. make whatever you want but when the turret will fire, it will be unrealistic.

If you have made the custom turret editor like the weapon editor, with only muzzle/cannon/launcher/...  parts, we do not have to be forced to hide the cannon support and the base. Having the whole the turret design is good to have a little idea of what you should do at the beginning but after will become a pressure. If you decide to make this for vehicle iso, please allow multiple muzzles 1~3 but limit the number of muzzle parts by isos, not the number of turret. (exemple: if you have a limit cap of 10 parts by iso and turrets with 2 parts you can only use 5,...)

The laser turret part muzzle say nothing to me, certainly because there is no output.  So I have to reshape the turret heavily and several times in something I could accept. And now I don't even know own to reload it, so another question: How to reload laser turret ?

Regarding custom turret editor:

There is already some recent suggestions about it so I'll won't extend the topic. but I'll just say that the body parts can't be hidden and it can't allow you to select voxels if you are inside the part.

Build mode:

Hello, is it that normal blocks textures look smaller than before? I feel it give a better look for every texture based on bricks but most of the textures based on metals just look like a pile of scrap now if you make wall with them. Certainly because the metal pannel that compose the textures are now too small. These last ones were better when they where biggers. Was it made on purpose or request?

any way to edit block textures?

Editor mode:

Honestly devs should look for a solution with texture sizes/tiles. If it work like they should be for tiles 1,2,3 and 4, the other tiles 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.25, 3.50 and 3.75 just cut the borderlines of the default texture and make them irregular when them should be repeated. That means seamless textures are absolutly useless with most of these tiles. Not really funny when you try to ajust the texture size and you feel it could give a better result between tiles 1 and 2 but in the end it just won't.
A more irregular seamless texture will just increase the issue.

There is also the fact that the default texture position is centered in the corner of the iso's working area and not in the center. It make each side the iso not identical if you use a regular pattern texture. Changing something like this will certainly occur with actual Isos which use textures in specific position. But they are very few and I think It should be done for an editor more pratical for everyone, even if I have to sacrifice some of my old works.

However things are not easy, and experienced creators should already know that shifting the central mirroring axy to either side of its default position (of 0.5) will give a better result regarding vehicles/ aircraft with sharps central parts, because the the axy is the center of the voxel and not between 2 voxels. Specially usefull for making sharp rear ailerons, cockpit and front frame.

In the end default texture position is focused on neither of them.

Rotate build isos, turrets & doors following the Y/Z axis (build mode and interface objects):

We could already turn these objets with the "T" key  which make them turn following the X axis. So I could allow to place turrets on the wall /ceiling, and the doors on the ceiling / ground or even diagonal. It will certainly be usefull and logic for placing iso build.

Allowing iso doors to be rotate following the Y/Z axis:

I was thinking it could be done but it is actually impossible or maybe it is a bug. It only turn following the X axys whatever I do with the door part.

[It could be interesting to have door that can be opened like the Factory gate.
Report: Factory gate size is 12Hx12W blocks while vehicle size can be 16Hx16W blocks, making it too small for medium and bigger vehicles/aircrafts]

Allowing the biveled blocs to be placed  ike this and not only going to the sky:

With all the textures of the voxels and blocks I'm sad because can't find something like black asphalt (and painted white/yellow) for making Roads and landing area. I actually use marble, sand and gold blocks but it don't feel the same and gold block is not so easy to find in high quantity. So maybe could we craft them using another materials and making manufactured blocks thqt look = like girders, full metal panels & pipes or also colored blocks.

It feel like there are 2 positions missing here with this form.

There is actually a bug with the builds isos that have bevel voxels. When you turn them, 2 of the 4 positions make the slope bugged.

It is problematic for asymmetric isos unlike these ones where you can't turn them in every positions.

I'm not sure if it is on purpose but the particle cannon defense turret is the only onethat is not centered on is 4x4 voxels base, making it looking weird when placed.

The warehouse door tilt on the right side, this can be seen if you place blocs on the same upper level.

Are the ground monsters able to climb or jump to the other side of a wall made in build mode? (I have saw some monster walking on trees when the Alpha was released on steam there is a long time) If they can jump what could be the number of blocs necessary to stop them, if someone know?

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Add options to existing tools[marked]
« on: February 08, 2016, 02:17:18 PM »
I think most players have alreasy experienced this, when they only need a part of a sphere or a cylender but they must create them entirely and use place approximatively the part they want by using mirroring, or when they are stuck because there is not enough place for doing this. (It happen a little bit too often for me :/ )

My suggestions is to add 1/2 and 1/4 options for cylinder and cone tools for allowing users to select the half of the quart of them. Same suggestions for sphere but with 1 more option, 1/8.

I more a confort option, but making the editor more complete and easy to use will bring more people.

It could work like the other tools. With 8 positions. I think it's a necessary tools because even actually creator I see some creators trying to make 4 sides triangle slopes by using the triangle tool several times side by side and the result is odd if the 3 main bases of triangle are not 90°+45°+45° degrees. In my tutorial I have explained some methods to make flat slopes like the ones on the front sides of this Battleship, but it request at least one base with 90°+45°+45° degree and it could take already a bunch of time even if you know how to make it. I don't speak about others triangles on this example which haven't any 45° and are a lot more complicated to make, but it prouve that the editor allow perfect slopes. So I think it is possible to create a tool like this, which can save a lot of time.

I just hope a result more flat than the normal triangle tool. I was somewhat deceived by it and now I only use it for some restricted specific uses. So please think about it too if you have time.

Left: Triangle tool, Center: Cone tool (flat), Right: Cone tool.

Hello, I'm actually working on several isos which use the same materials and I have noticed that if I need to change material assets afterward, I can't reproduce the same material ID.
This is due to the fact that I can't reproduce exactly the same Specular and emissive colors on each of them, even if the % numbers are the same. This make several tries and I can't get
exactly the same materials and they make duplicates in the material library. I tried hard without success.

   So my first suggestion will be an option to change a material by another existing one.

Each 16 materials used in a iso have a number (N°1 to N°16). I'm not sure if this is a bug but sometime, when you ulpoad different isos using the same materials, some of the materials are not at their right place and are ordered like another iso's material  pattern. (Pre. 0.9 but not sure if it was reported or corrected.)

   Maybe add the possibility to change the materials numbers if this can't be corrected.

+ Add a favorite materials list. Very usefull for huge material libraries. 

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