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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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My Time At Portia Suggestions / A cute pet!
« on: December 07, 2017, 12:32:28 AM »
I'm going to be honest.  I think it'd be cool if you could adopt a cute pet through out the game.  Whether its a chick that comes a chicken, a Puppy, a Kitten, a Parrot.   I think being able to adopt a pet that you just feed for nice things ((And some dialogues with others)) would be a cool thing.  Although, that could be my Harvest Moon 64 rose tinted goggles coming through though!   Of course, a Dog House is a must with a puppy! 

General Pathea Discussion / Main page needs to be updated
« on: August 07, 2017, 02:19:00 PM »
So I randomly hit my old ((I really need to update it.)) banner in my signature and I noticed something funny.   The main page while it has clearly been updated from when I last checked it, is not up to date with the current projects status as well as it should be.

Planet Explorers at 1.0.4 ((I'm pretty sure we are beyond that on steam hehe.))
MTaP at 1.0.0 ((Okay to be fair, you just updated it today.))

I just randomly noticed and figured I'd make a comment about how updating the main page would be a nice thing.

My Time At Portia General Discussion / The Dark Lords Time in Portia
« on: July 08, 2017, 06:44:13 PM »
Lumi's explanation matches many of my feelings for the game.  I think there are three things I want to say that are slightly different or expanded upon.

-Mining --- Jetpacking:   I don't have a problem with the jetpack while flying.  However, the massive animation of me landing with my screen shaking drives me crazy.   

-Combat - Swords - I feel like attacking with fists feels so much more fluid than with the sword.  The winddown animations on the sword are so long that they feel like you are 100% going to get hit by monster attacks.

-Day of the sun festival -- Sure I didn't get jack for crap, but I had a lot of fun.   It was actually an interesting holiday concept and I really do like it.
-Holidays in general -- I don't think I Like how the holidays all fall on the same date in the calender.  Perhaps ahving mroe than 1 holiday a month for some months could add the fun and depth of the world. 

I figured that I would take the liberty of showing some of the places I reached in the world.  Have fun replicating these.

My Time At Portia Bugs / The walking fall.[marked]
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:51:08 PM »
If you are in a very high place, using the jump and falling will deal damage from fall damage to you as intended. 

However, if you simply run in a straight line off the edge and keep running forward, you will not receive any fall damage. 

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Making Custom armor more flexible[marked]
« on: November 20, 2016, 09:36:00 PM »
All right, so I have been dabbling with Custom Armors a bit more.  I have noticed something...  interesting with it.  That is that the custom armors do NOT take character customizing into account at all.   So, your pot belly character will have their gut poking through the armor.  Make a nice skin tight outfit that would fit a default female character, and if you happen to adjust that chest slider bigger, and it will not longer work on the character.

There ought to be something to help allow the voxel's to 'stretch' to match the wearer of the armor.  Otherwise, custom armors will simply be unviable as each armor will either have to be made to allow people of the largest sizes ((Which won't fit small people in a cosmetically pleasing way)), or will be made small that will cause them to clip and be unviable for large proportion characters. 

Instead, much like normal armor, custom armors need to be able to stretch to allow all characters of a gender to wear armor made for a gender.  This will allow more customization of suits.   Trying to make a skin tight suit ((Like Samus wears)) will be impossible if we cant' find a way to allow armor stretching to proportions.

While yes, you can stretch the armors in a way in the character tab, when done in this way, it usually doesn't match the body still, with armors with shoulder plates no longer aligning on the shoulder and still being able to cover the persons chest, heights are always weird, and a variety of other problems.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Creation Editor Extruding Bug[marked]
« on: August 26, 2016, 01:04:30 PM »
While using the Editor,I am unable to Extrude up or down, by using the Space or Alt keys.   The Arrow keys ((Forward, left, right, bck)) all work for extruding still. 

I have found several bugs on the multiplayer server.   There are two primary ones which don't deal with the colony function so far, and numerous more that deal with colonies.

1) Terrain shift?    When I play at different times of the day, the entire terrain of the area will shift, as will all of its vegetation, trees, mob spawns, and other silliness.   This is most notable by where the Player Team 2 has built a colony, where it may be perfect grasslands with soft rolling hills and is relatively flat, or when it turns into a giant patch of coastal with no actual adjacent water, and is all sand.   What you get for dirt/sand changse if you mind in the region depending on what it is.  However, the ores remain unchanged, the specific terrain shape does not change much, and any tunnels dug remain despite the changing terrain.  Mostly, its the skin of the world thats changing.  *Update*
Now the map has updated and turned into a nearly completely water covered world.  The team 2 player colony sits under water.

2) Disappearing NPC's.   Every NPC I've recruited from the wild ((Not in a town)) That had a unique harvesting skill such was wood cutting, hunter, or herb gatherer if sent to work, will not come back after the selected time frame.  Rather, being away from the player for so long, causes them to despawn and eventually auto leave the player's company.  This is a huge inconvenience.  This massively deals with colony interaction and will be elaborated below.

3) Puja Robots suck walking up hills.   Enough said.  Their inability to properly walk up hills, makes them laughably easy to dispatch with a bronze bow.  Even easier with a gold one.   Get one movement trapped on a hill, or simply use a hill for cover...  Both of these methods leaves them unable to deal with assailants.

Colony Related

3) NPC's recruited into a colony disappear as per the disappearing NPC bug described above.    Why gear up a colony to defend itself is they will all disappear?
4) That's not Chocolate Rain?   Fast travelling to the colony caused the displayed shield of the colony to replicate hundreds of time in a radiant bright light that lagged when looked at.  Disabling the shield visual fixed this, however the game soon became unplayable from lag as it was Raining Crap.   Literally, near by the base, was a turd that was exploding into turds that it was launching into the air and causing it to raise game freezing crap.   
5)Fast Travel to Enemy team's flags.  I tested this by using two seperate characters on seperate teams.   Both players were able to fast travel to team 2 flags, despite one of them being team 1.   ((I did team 2 on Kitten, and team 1 on Malus who was able to fast travel to Kitten's flags)). 
6) Turrets not targeting enemy team's players.   As stated, when using team 1 Malus, the turrets placed by Team 2 Kitten to protect the colony would not shoot at Malus.

Okay, I'll come out and say it.  The current workshop is a mess.  29 pages of the swords are all copies of Thunderfury that people re-uploaded.  People are downloading, re-coloring, and re-posting other peoples works.  All in All, its a bit of a mess.  Us moderators lack any unique tools to help deal with the clutter, and so we can't clean it up at all.   The Search system doesn't work properly, not does the "Sort by Time" functions.

If the workshop is to work, it requires major revamping to make it more functional.

1) I suggest allowing authors of 'Lock' their creations before uploading them.  This 'lock' will make it so once the ISO is downloaded, it can NOT be editted further, it can only be uploaded.  This will help allow authors the ability to protect their works from countless copy cats.  The lock is optional, allowing some artists to allow their stuff to be more customization ((Such as vehicles designed to be repainted)) vs having it being torn apart and messed with ((High decal specified weapons))

2) When an ISO is uploaded to the workshop, give it an identification Key number.  This number can both be used to search for it ((to show it to friends)) as well as to the ISO itself has this fixed identity.  It won't change unless the ISO is changed.  This will prevent the 29 pages of re-uploaded thunderfuries from cluttering up all other creations.  When used with the Lock, this ensures it will be the only one of its ISO.  No one will be able to copy it, re-upload it, change it.  Your Work is your own. 

3) Fix the Search Function.  If you use it, anything that is not on the current page you are on, will appear as "Unknown."  With the search function broken, the only items that ever have a hope of being used, are the ones already on the front page.

4) Fix the Time Set functions.  Without this, once again, the only items that will ever see front page, are the ones that have been there for almost a year now.  These changes are necessary for the encouragement of allowing the workshop to grow and bloom, allowing more creativity to shine through.

If we can fix up the workshop, artists have more reasons to rely on the workshop.  By allowing these functions to work, and giving Moderators some way to have powers in the workshop in game, we could clean up the workshop, and allow everyone to have their works displayed proudly in the workshop, not just the first 3 page people. 

Planet Explorers ISOs / Armor thread[marked]
« on: January 31, 2016, 03:56:29 AM »
Okay guys.   There is a serious lack of create visco armor out there!  I aint that fancy or shiny at armor, but if I have to be the only one to do it, then so be it.  I already saw someone made an amazing bunny suit ((That he never uploaded for others *qq*)).  Let's see what we can flex our minds to make. 

I don't know about you guys, But I'm going to attempt to recreate some basic video game armor this upcoming week.  I'd love to see what everyone can make as full armor sets!

Planet Explorers Artistic Contest
[14th, July - 14th, August]
Do you like the Planet Explorers? Do you want more keys for yourself or your friends? Well then, join this contest!
Host:Pathea Games
Entries: Creative artistic work concerning the Planet Explorers
1. Post your awesome work concerning Planet Explorers (one piece per participant). It can be a drawing, a website, a music clip, or a video, etc. Make sure it can be seen clearly.
2. Make sure the work is original and from you.
3. The entries are expected to be rated for everyone, no adult rated things.
How we plan to judge the works:
1. Innovativeness    30%
2. Aesthetic       30%
3. Scientific-ness    20%
4. The feels         20%
1. 1st place (1 person)      five steam keys for the Planet Explorers, we’ll also try to get the work into the game in some way
2. 2nd place (2 persons)   two steam keys
3. 3rd place (3 persons)   one steam key

Planet Explorers ISOs / Statue/Castle related object request!
« on: June 25, 2014, 05:20:51 AM »
That's right.  I'm requesting any and all statues you can make.  Things to decorate a castle courtyard with.  Gravestones, monuments, and anything of the kind.

There are two special statues i'll give bonus love if you make.  Statue 1 with bonus love, is a statue of your one and only true Dark Lord.  Statue number two is of one of the only people nearly as awesome as I, Draaaaaven!

Of course, any statue will do.  As well as suits of armor.  Red carpets, ornate multi-color windows.  Ornate multi-color windows with a stone surrounding so that it fits perfectly into any castle wall without looking out of place, chandliers ((yes i know... no lights yet.)) And everything castle related. 

I also accept marble statues or stone works as marble looks good.

Planet Explorers Multiplayer / Community Teamspeak Server
« on: April 20, 2014, 06:52:56 PM »
Greetings there everyone.  Our friend Fiscon has his ember gaming team speak server set up for Planet Explorers use as well.  It is free to hop in and I personally do recommend to stop in there.  I will be in there from time to time to help people out with in game problems.


This topic is to discuss the rules and rooms related directly to the
Planet Explorers Teamspeak community rooms and give you an idea of what Teamspeak is.

Community Room Rules

  • Do not spam the TeamSpeak.
    • Example: Spamming the voice chat with music/random sex noises.
  • Do not play music through your microphone.
    • Music Rooms are the only exception
  • If a person is annoying you contact a moderator or file a complaint.
    • To file a complaint right click their name and click "File a Complaint". Give a good reason.
  • Inappropriate images used for avatars are not allowed. Using one and refusing to remove it will result in removal of avatar and your right to have an avatar removed.
  • This teamspeak will have 18+ content and by joining shows you understand this.
  • Do not advertise other teamspeaks.
    • You and your buddy wanna join another one? Poke him simple as can be.
  • No sexual harassment.
  • Visit: for a more detailed list of rules.

The Channels

  • Planet Explorers
    • This is a title room and can't be entered.
  • Room 1
    • Just a general room.
  • Room 2
    • Just a general room. More will be added as needed or requested.
  • Music Rooms
    • This is a room used by more people then just those that play PE. If you and your friend want to play music, go here. If the rooms are full more will be made.

If you want a server room for your server just ask. We would be more then happy to provide you with one. Factions server? We can make team channels as well.


Administrators are identified three different ways.
  • Firstly they will have a tag at the rear of their name.
    • Such as Founder, Co-Founder, Head Admin, Head Admin Assistant, Admin, and finally Moderator.
  • Second they will have an icon representing their group to the far right.
  • Finally the third way is to select the person and read their server groups under the client information panel to the right.
It is important to keep these in mind to prevent people who simply add [Moderator] to the end of their name. This is to help you know who to trust.

TeamSpeak Website and IP

TeamSpeak IP:

Server Status

It is come to my attention from a couple threads and several messages sent at me ((apparently I run tech support for server hosters now?)) that blackboxservers that are being sold are not functioning for players of the game community.  Due to fact they were not providing accurate support or were willing to talk to help explain the situation to me unlike hosters of other companies, it is clear they weren't certain about how to handle their own servers in the situation.

They are not a safe hosting site simply taking money to provide a server that they don't even have working.  So please, do not use Blackboxservers hosting in any way shape or form when playing Planet Explorers.  I do highly suggest that if you do plan on paying for a server to be hosted for you, you use a server hosting site which offers a money refund within a few days in case problems like this arise. 

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Dark Lord's Patch Notes
« on: April 11, 2014, 03:41:00 PM »
Since Zifei was a dork and forgot to post patch notes, let us work to creating patch notes ourselves.  If anyone discovers anything (or any fixes to problems they had in the past) post them here.

Patch .760

Current Confirmed Changes:
-There is now the option to choose Emission and Diffusion in the editor.
-The version mode now says .76
-In Adventure Mode, the Shop now has a Sort Option
-In story mode, NPC's with shops now have a Sort Option
-Laser guns in Creation Editor ((Laser gun parts now craftable in game))
-Motorcycle parts and seat.
-New Aircraft parts
-Boss Monsters spawn in PvP multiplayer mode.  Enjoy raiding a boss to have another team interrupt the fight.
-Now you have 20 saves (Up from 10)
-the world clock has been added to multiplayer and adventure/build modes
-Hunger added to Adventure Mode and Multiplayer.  Have fun fighting for food!
-Zinc and Coal and Oil are now raised to 9999 caps like other scannable mining resources
-Two new confirmed Desert Animals
-ISO's are a little more stable in multiplayer
-You no longer have gills in multiplayer.  Get ready to drown.
-Major sorting of the Recipe system, with every armor slot being its own slot. 
-A center of Gravity on Vehicles in the Creation Editor.
-Battleships now have 32 max fuel cells instead of 8.  Enjoy flying those over sized ships we are all going to abuse to kill giant robots!

Unconfirmed Changes:
-alt + b no longers opens Construction (Build) mode with blocks.  Now only b will.
-A new corrective aim targeting reticle on vehicles?

New Confirmed Bugs:
-Changing decals to Diffusion removes transparency effects players may have made on the decal.
-None of the new parts appear in the Shop for Adventure Mode or in Multiplayer
-The new part scripts do not appear to show up in adventure mode or multiplayer in the replicator. 
-Animals can not destroy Constructed Tiles in multiplayer
-Gerdy won't shut the hell help.  ((She starts her conversation every time the player gets to a new place))
-Light Speed is catching up to us and murdering our Frames!  Fast Travel is currently going too fast, causing reality to break which creates immeasurable frame drops for users.  Avoid Traveling faster than the speed of light (Via Fast Travel) to avoid this effect until the Pathea scientists can find a solution to this problem!

Previous Bugs confirmed fixed
-In multiplayer you now fast travel to the Flag, rather than only to the surface nearest the flag.  You can now fast travel up high or down low!  Enjoy!
-Ladder climbing has been fixed.

Patch .761
This is a hotfix patch. Due to its nature, save files shoudl not be corrupted or damaged by continuing any game you made in .760.

-Gerdy no longer talks on End at every new camp.  The telepathy powers Gerdy had have been retconned.
-The new crafting items have been added to Adventure and Build mode.  They are in the shops for both modes, as well as you start with all the parts in Build mode as intended. Have fun testing your Motorcycles in build mode everyone!
-With no more Telepathy powers, Gerdy will no longer cause the game to lag unnecessarily.  FPS improvement for everyone who suffered a hit at .76 release!

New bugs:
-The main story line missions for Gerdy will no longer warn about how you can not do her side quests if you continue.
-Without Gerdy's telepathic powers to maintain the imbalance, the Adventure mode lost its support.  The team will have .762 patch out to fix this in a few days. 
-*Unconfirmed* Adventure mode in Multiplayer is most likely broken by proximity.
-Female Copper Helmets will bug you out.  Avoid using it.

Patch .762
Bug Fixes:
-The team has fixed Adventure Mode and Multiplayer. 

New Bugs:

Patch .763
Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug with multiplayer and using custom ISO's.   
-Helped stop people from falling through the world on some computers.

Greetings there my fellow Planet Explorer fans.  Tonight, as I lie trying to slumber I came up with a brilliant idea.  I finally thought of a solution to fix everyones anger at progression in adventure mode.  We all had different ideas, and above all else was leaving it up to the server admin.  While I think this is nice, lets face it, some of us love making fortresses and don't like having to spend all day exploring to find crates or find villages to find shops to get our recipes.

So, I thought of an item exclusive to Adventure mode that would also be in Multiplayer to fill this void.

Synthetic Research Table.  A placable object in the world which is used to Randomly create scripts.  Now, this isn't 100% random as it would have tiers.

Using this system, the player would start with all Wood and stone tier recipes.  This also include Hide Armor and Leather Armor.  This includes some medicines such as herbal juice and revival shot.  In addition, you will have the Copper Research Table recipe. 

The copper Research table will allow the player to input 15 Copper units and 3 wood units to create a Random script for Copper tier.  Now, warning this can create scripts you already know which is a risk.  The idea behind it, is that its a uncertain principle that allows you to progress.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  You may get copper pick axe right away and mine even faster.  You might get copper sword or the pistol type 1.   After using this table 10 times, you may Enhance it for 50 iron, 25 copper, and 25 wood into an Iron Research Table.  In which it may be used to research Iron Tier scripts including rifle type 1, iron armor, iron weapons, iron bow, etc etc.  The rifle and pistol script provide gunpowder automatically so scripts continue to provide any component scripts they require.

Now there's a key trick to this, for elitists who want every script, once you upgrade one of these, you can't downgrade it.  Meaning you have to build another.  At the same time, you can build 2-4 of these and research very quickly.  These will all have Research Time components, and can be destroyed in multiplayer.  Copper tier items will take 10 minutes.  Iron 15, Steel 20, Silver 20, Gold 25, Aluminum 30, and Diamond 35.  These numbers are subject to change, but the idea is that while your research station does its job, you can go out and do more things, and come back to grab your scripts.  In PvP environment, this means some one could destory these mid research ruining the work you've done, or even steal the scripts if one was completed.  This gives the game a very strong sense of scale in progression and will make things interesting.  In addition, learning spare scripts in multiplayer would be powerful because you could trade them to other players for a script you don't have.

This makes scripts a viable form of economy in a server.  The need for a shop quickly disappears.  In addition to the tiered resource related stations, there would be a researchable Decoration and Vehicle research station would would teach you Vehicle parts and Decoration (lights, fence posts, doors) recipes. 

Now, some people may realize (hey, I can use copper tier to get copper handle, and make a bad ass aluminum sword and skip the system).  NOPE!  This system would also include a special 'Ordinance-Custom Equipment' Tech that would allow you to create Ordinances ranking from D to S to allow materials used in an explort.  This ordinance would only be used in multiplayer. 

The ordinance functions as Follows:
D class: Allows the use of Copper in a custom Sword or Shield.
C Class: Allows the use of Iron  in custom Sword, shield, and unlocked Gun crafting.
B Class: Allows the use of Steel and Silver in custom sword, shield, and guns, and unlocks Small Ground vehicles
A class: Allows the use of Gold in custom sword, shield, and guns and vehicles, and unlocks Large Ground vehicles
S class: Allows Aluminum and Diamond and unlocks Flying vehicles (both types.)

The ordinance is used as a component and is consumed when the object is created.  This balances the fact that custom recipes will be far more powerful than some base line recipes in multi-player, and will make the system a lot more balanced once custom ISO's are functional, as it won't be everyone just rushing a powerful vehicle with 3 large cannons and instantly killing anyone in a single shot.  It will require a lot of work to create one.

Please, post your ideas and improvements to my idea.  I know the time may feel a little long, but given that things are crafted instantly, if we want to make adventure mode require more time to conquer than just 3 hours, then implementing something like this would be healthy.  Plus, it gives far more reason to settle down and create an actual base in the game as well.

Lastly, this mode would be an Optional toggle with the Store being another optional toggle for script/item sources.  This would disable the store use.

Now, I'm going back to bed and am going to review this monster I just wrote in the morning to touch up on points.

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