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I gave a follower a sword and a shield in the item slots, but since he never switches from bow to melee, i wanted to remove the weapons from the item slots.
But somehow i'm unable to remove nor replace any items that are placed in any of the item slots.

Is this intended behaviour or running here in some (new) bug ?

When i put my Copper bow away after use, it sticks horizontally through my male character in the middle, instead of having it vertically on my back like it supposed to be..
It seems too happen only with the Hunter Leather armor, it didn't happen on the default Overall clothing..
Haven't checked yet if this also happens with a female character, nor any other bow types as too Copper Bows..

Also on the Defend Camp mission, it kept hanging on 29 of 30 mob kills..
I had too reload the mission several times before i finally got to the required 30 kills, and while the mission was active there where no mobs near at when i reached 29 kills..

Then after 5 retries i finally after waiting for about 5mins again i was about too cancel it again, then my Sentry guns shot finally a mob that seemed to be stuck below the surface.. I never saw what the guns shot.. But at least they detected it fortunate..
Still the Quest stated they come from the NW/ but all mobs came from N/E side, so all my defenses where on the wrong side now, and alot of mobs got stuck behind the vine, so on the last attempt i decided too chop it down, and mobs could get through now
Still it again took a long time before mob number 30 showed up, about 3 to 4 minutes..

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