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Just started getting into aircraft and honestly I don't know what the devs were thinking when they designed the flight mechanics. First of all the flight cieling is way WAY WAY too low and the way that the vehicles maximum height seems to follow the terrain is the worst implementation of flight mechanics i have ever seen.

First of all aircraft height limits are related to atmospheric density and have nothing to do with the contour of the of the terrain. While there is a mechanic called ground effect which produces additional lift when the rotors are close to the ground this effect does not really extend very far beyond the ground at which point the aircraft is relying entirely on the lift generated by the wings / rotors. Needless to say while this help the aircraft initially take off the contour and height of the terrain has nothing to do with the altitude limits of an aircraft. Basically the height ceiling for aircraft needs to be a static value above sea level and it needs to be a good amount higher than the tallest terrain feature. The fact that flying over a canyon makes most aircraft drop suddenly and can cause you to crash into a cliff face demonstrates a deeply flawed physics implementation and why a terrain following height ceiling is really bad game design. The fact that aircraft can barely clear the trees even in the best conditions with generous thrust to weight ratios further reveals the problem. when traveling from point to point no aircraft flies that low nor would any player desire to be limited to a arbitrary height ceiling where they are constantly in danger of hitting trees or mountains. The average cruising altitude of modern aircraft ranges from 15000-25000 ft for prop driven craft and up to 40000 ft for passenger jets. It is ridiculous to have such a low max altitude and ridiculous to have that max altitude follow the terrain. It makes no sense from any known laws of physics. The height Cieling needs to be a static value above sea level and it should be significantly above the tallest terrain feature on the map

Planet Explorers Suggestions / 100% recycling for undamaged ISO's
« on: July 01, 2018, 07:59:42 AM »
For vehicles that are undamaged the recycler should be 100% effective. This mostly a fail-safe for vehicle testing as currently when building vehicles they do not always function properly and its very detrimental to have lossy recycling when it takes several iterations to get a vehicle working properly. When working on larger ISO's the material loss is insanely high Of course there is creative modes but when your playing story its not really convenient to keep switching games like that.

We need the ability to assign NPC's to a Day and Night shift to ensure that the colony has active staff at all times. Currently most if not all NPC's will end up sleeping at the same time including guards. We need a way to set some of the NPC's to work at night and sleep during the day cycle

Crops and small plants in general should not have collision detection. Such objects do not realistically impair motion and a human can easily walk through fields of wheat corn and other small leafy plants. Collision detection should be removed from all crops and small plants to aid with farm npc path-finding and allow easier access to fields. Posting this in bugs rather than suggestions because this is making npc farmers act very odd and teleport around alot more than usual making farm tasks taking about 3 times longer than it should

This is a bit of a problem I discovered and it is most likely an edge case due to the fact that my system is running a multi monitor setup with more than one GPU. However this bug can also be triggered when using a program like Borderless Gaming to enable a fake full screen mode aka border less window (In my opinion someone needs to pass a law making this a mandatory option in newer game because its absolutely necessary for multi-monitor setups)

Essentially there needs to be a patch that enables the game to operate at or exceeding the native resolution of the primary monitor when running in OpenGL mode. This is needed for both the ability to force borderless window mode without resolution loss via 3rd party software as well as for multi monitor setups that require ultra wide resolutions. (tested this with all 3 monitors plugged into the 960 so the issue has nothing to do with mismatched GPU's)

Either way the game should never outright crash because he resolution of the window exceeds the resolution of the monitor since most programs will work just fine with a screen stretched to span multiple monitors.

Additionally this issue does not occur in DirectX mode only OpenGL

System Specs

Windows 7 pro x64
PROCESSOR Intel Core i7-3770
GPU1 GTX960 (Primary Monitor)
GPU2 GTX660 (Monitors 2 - 3 + assigned to Physx/CUDA applications)

Screenshot of error


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