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I may have done something stupid but as far as I remember, I followed the main quest path along up to  "The Forest" to find Tariq. I have redone that step from a saved game and come to the alien attack and Tariq then stands not far away and I should follow him. Doing so, quests continue nicely to the martian camp etc...

But: for unknown reasons (perhaps as I had other pending quests) I must have done fast travel away from Tariq and after about 5 hours playing (mining, site-quests, hunting for food) I wanted to resume that main quest but when I returned to Tariq place in the forest, he stands around with the 2 girls living again and nothing happens, no alien attack, nothing... and my mission book is empty, the map does not show any available quest anywhere. I have a saved game from this state also.

As far as I remember, I walked around a lot between the above two game states/times, found Ataro, found the west coast with all those ruins and also the two martian camps, but nobody wanted to talk with me, or let me progress in questing. There could be many reasons why there are no missions at all now, but I could not identify when the missions were dropped without any chance to regain the main quest path.

I now would like to check for "completed" quests in a history log to find out when I went wrong, but that seems to be missing also :-(

Is there a chance to reset the main quest chain , at least to get back the "The Forest" quest from Lao? I have spent about 20 hours of mining, building and redoing it would be no fun (for me). With "reset" I do not maen to forget all that play and restart doing all grinding again.

Any help available?

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