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I can understand adjusting the camera when inside a dungeon or inside a mine, but when I'm in my colony base with nothing but 3 block high walls everywhere (enemies spawn inside my base and I need to make sure the turrets can target the mobs) and the camera keeps twitching around all because all the colony machines and structures have tall invisible collision shells - well, that's just extremely annoying.

For instance I have all my machines for replication, repair, recycle, enhance, all next to each other. When my character walks into that area my camera starts twitching every which direction and will not stay where I put it.

It's the same for moving my interface windows, or changing the tabs when I'm working on something at my colony. For instance, lets say I have my inventory open, I'm on the resources tab, and 5 pages deep, and I want to move some of them to my colony storage. I open storage which starts on the items tab, so my inventory gets forced to the items tab. Now I have to get back to the resources tab and then work 5 pages deep again before I can start moving stuff. This is irritating in the extreme. If you insist on having the windows stay in lock-step (ie items tab to base items tab) then on opening colony storage it should first check if the inventory window is open and then it should match the tab setting on the already open window and visa versa.

And what's with the hyper colony AI for creating replication items? If it puts an item in the queue and I cancel that item, or for that matter when I cancel ANY ITEM out of the queue, then the AI should NOT try to add ANYTHING to the frakking queue for at least 30 seconds. Clearly I don't want the item built, so give me some time to pull the resource I want out of storage before the AI insist on using it all up. And the same goes for tasks I put into the queue. When I'm using the queue the AI should butt out. It shouldn't be adding tasks to the queue for at least 2 minutes after the last player task has completed. And stop the task stealing. If I created a task on the queue, I don't appreciate the AI stealing the item to put into colony storage. The AI shouldn't touch a player created task in the queue for at least 1 minutes after the task has completed or unless the queue is full.

And the same goes for processing. When I'm in the processing tab trying to setup a run, and the stupid AI keeps overwriting me and assigning colonists - that's also extremely annoying. If I cancel a colonist out of a run, then the AI should not try to auto-assign ANY colonist to any processing run for at least 5 minutes.


Lighting while mining really makes the game so much more pleasant, rather than stumbling around in the dark with a headlight or scuba mask on. While I do have a campfire script, it's really expensive to create them and then you can't move them as needed.

I'm really fond of the cream colored light box as it stays turned on even during the day. I used these all the time in Story mode to mark the entrance to mining shafts and to light their interiors. But now that I've started to play Adventure mode I've already completed several level 9 dungeons and I've yet to get a single lighting script of any types.

I'd really be in favor of having these scripts added in with the mid-level colony mission loot so that you can properly light your colony as it grows.


Many times in adventure mode I come across situations where explosions from turrets, or those dratted Puja mortar shells, blast shallow holes in terrain. When those holes are in a road or my crop field they are really annoying and I'd like to be able to patch them up.

But the holes are really just taking the terrain down to the next grid/voxel level. Filling the holes will instead make a hill in the road. There doesn't seem to be a leveling tool that will let you blend out these areas.

So repurpose the shovel for this. In fact, since the tools in this game don't have any configuration options, perhaps we need two different types of shovel. One shaves down "hills" and the other fills in "holes" so that voxels in the targeted area are smoothed to match the surrounding terrain.

Ever tried to smooth a steep hill in a road? Forget it. I've tried this with a shovel or pickaxe and the terrain becomes so rough that a basic Jeep vehicle gets stuck.

Running around in adventure mode trying to find stores with more than basic weapons (didn't work), I ran a mission for the Puja so they would like me. (I thought maybe I'd get access to a Puja store!) They stopped attacking me when I accepted the mission. I then found I couldn't continue the main story line missions, because one of my current missions was blocking me. (Turns out it was the mission that gave me a follower, but I'd assumed it was the "main" line Puja mission, so I mined some resources and returned them to the Puja and became neutral to them.)

Later, the main story line has the Puja attack my colony and I'm suppose to go destroy a Puja camp in response. This turned out the be really easy as I could just walk up and kill any building or Puja I wanted and they would not respond.

While I could see the system overlooking a mob taking damage, more than one mod dying or a building destroyed should definitely put them on the war path - and drop the diplomacy one level.

Little did I know that this seems to be the last mission in the chain. I'd completed it because there is still a ton of gear and scripts I don't have. I guess I just have to rely on random dungeons to find it. After a week of playing a game in adventure mode I still don't have a gold bow. I only just got a gold pickaxe from the missions. I still don't have all the basic parts scripts to make boats or aircraft, or even most weapons in the creation editor. It's frustrating, partly because I didn't know adventure mode was setup this way, and partly because I keep finding more food in loot piles when I need more SCRIPTS!

I've never bothered to try and build a decent base. Why create buildings when the enemy mobs can just spawn inside them. In both Story mode and in Adventure mode where I build my Colony in one of the 3 pre-planned locations, the enemies continue to spawn inside my base. So I only build 3 block high retaining walls around everything to slow down the mobs, and place turrets on 5 block high pillars. If the spawning mechanism for mobs is checking for sky above it - then that might explain my problem.

Mob spawned inside Quarantine Tent.
Mob spawned in the 1 block wide space between a wall and my power generator. My colonists went crazy trying to get at it.

In story mode, mobs one time dropped in from an airship, that's fine. And in the final big battle in Story mode the remaining enemies did start from outside the Colony shields.

Within the options, change the object rotation hotkey from its default of T to V.
Now enter Build mode and attempt to rotate a shape using V. Doesn't work. Only T does.

Also note that the Creation App is hardcoded to WASD instead of the players selected key mappings.

PS: I've never understood WASD. I'm a touch typist so I always move everything 1 key to the right.

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