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Spoilers if you haven't finished story mode!

Has there been progress in finishing the story mode after you fly off in the McTalk and get attacked?  I was all excited to get to the other continent and then "To be continued..."  :'(

Will there be more story and another continent?  Has it been started yet?  Any updates on the progress?  I'm going to keep playing and finish a couple other missions, but I'm so looking forward to going somewhere else now :)

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Submarines tipping![marked]
« on: February 11, 2017, 12:40:38 AM »
Is there some kind of guide or information on making a submarine?  I can't find anything, not even on youtube.  I've been trying for hours to make a submarine that stays level underwater but it keeps tipping and faces down all the time when I'm underwater.  This makes it impossible to shoot anything with torpedoes...  What's the solution here?  I tried moving the ballast around the center of mass, and making the center of mass right in the middle, but nothing seems to help...  It's like my back end wants to float but the front sinks.

My submarine is made of wood.  I tried making one out of steel but it sank, and still tipped anyways.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Dorian's ideas on the Creation System
« on: February 09, 2017, 04:07:09 PM »
I'm finally building some great stuff with the Creations menu now that I've figured out mirroring and extruding.  But there's still many things lacking that would make it so much better.

I'm hoping to compile a list here of everything it needs.

-Moving materials : You should be able to select a group of materials and move it.  SHIFT+ARROWS extrudes, so maybe ALT+ARROWS moves it.
-Copy Paste : Copy selected materials and paste it.  The pasted materials are then selected automatically and can be moved with ALT+ARROWS.
-Point-to-point lines : You should be able to select and start and end point in the 3D space and have the editor create a line of any given thickness at any angle.
-Bezel line : A curved line created by selecting from point A to point B, and then select a point to "pull" a curve out of the line using a sine/cosine calculation.
-Filled vertex shapes : Select 3 or 4 points in the editor to create corners of a shape, selecting the first point again, or pressing ENTER creates a filled face out of the points.  Similar to drawing a box, but can be done at any angle.
-Weights and durability display : When hovering over materials (wood, steel etc) have a hovering tooltip showing that material's weight a durability for a single point.
-Add calculation for vehicle's speed, or power-to-weight ratio using its weight and the combined power of all wheels/rotors/propellers to give you an idea of how well it can move.

I'm sure there is much more, but this is an ongoing list that I've been compiling the more I use the editor.

I couldn't find this on the "already suggested" post.  But I think there should be a limit on how much weight you can carry in your inventory.  It's unreal that I can carry 10 vehicles, and 10,000 parts of Iron, and 10,000 parts of Gold, an entire colony of buildings etc etc.

I think a weight needs to be assigned to items, with a character only being able to carry so much.  You can design your vehicles to have a storage container on it, and maybe have 3 different sizes.  This way you need to cart what you transport using a vehicle.


Mining : If I want to go mine out an iron deposit, I bring a vehicle with me with a storage container on it, get out and start digging.  You have to stay within a certain distance of your vehicle, so that anything you mine with a shovel or pickaxe automatically goes into the vehicle's storage container, and not your personal inventory.  If you end up out of range of your vehicle (digging too deep for example), then the mined materials start filling your personal inventory.  Once your personal inventory is full, you need to run back to your vehicle to transfer it, and then repeat.

Building at the colony: When building your colony, all your materials should be stored in the colony storage box which has no limit.  When you start building things around your base using dirt, marble, steel etc, the blocks come out of the colony storage box.  This could be limited by either the assembly hub's sphere, or maybe a second larger sphere that lets you build slightly outside of the bubble.

If you want to built small structures or towers elsewhere away from your base, you can either use a vehicle's storage container, or your limited personal inventory of what you're able to carry.

Vehicles in inventory:  You shouldn't be able to put vehicles in your inventory unless their storage container is empty.  However, since I'm aware that sometimes your vehicle flips over or gets stuck, you need to put it in your inventory and drop it somewhere else.  So maybe you CAN put a vehicle in your inventory with full storage, but when you do, you walk very very slowly and can't fast travel.  This still allows you to move your vehicle to get out of a glitchy situation.

This would turn the game into something much more interesting because you have to set up some logistics to get things done.  Lets say there is an island that I know of which is full of gold and silver.  I will need 3 vehicles.  A truck to get from my colony to the shore, a boat to get across the water, and a truck for the other side (Or possibly use the same truck by bringing it with you on the boat).  Get to the island, mine all the silver and gold, and truck it back to shore to your boat.  Transfer all the contents from the truck to the boat, sail back across the water, transfer back to truck and drive it to your colony.  This feels more like something is accomplished.  Because right now I can go to that island, put my vehicles in my inventory, mine thousands of blocks of gold and silver and then just fast travel back to my colony.  Kinds of feels cheap there.

Well that's one of my ideas.  I have several.  I love this game, and I think some simple changes can make gameplay more interesting and fun.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Stop guns from shooting own base
« on: February 03, 2017, 03:09:36 PM »
Can a bit of line-of-sight checking be done with the guns that you place around a base?  Whenever something comes around my base, all the guns start shooting at it.  But some of the guns are pointing through my base's walls.  They shoot the walls and my structures because the enemy is behind it.  I don't think any damage is being done, but it's still kind of dumb to see my guns shooting at my own buildings.  The guns should only shoot if they have an unobstructed view of the enemy, and they won't hit any of my walls or structures (like my powerplant and assembly hub, which are always being shot at by my own guns).

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Colony lighting?
« on: January 25, 2017, 07:05:21 PM »
Is there anything we can use to light up our colonies?  I have a nice base with these high-tech modules and buildings, but I use campfires to light it up.  Can we have streetlights and spotlights?  Can something like this with a light source be built in the creator?

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Help identify this alien[marked]
« on: January 25, 2017, 05:54:44 PM »
Playing adventure mode, I saw an alien that I thought at first was a building (sort of looks like the tower in Seattle), but then it started floating up in the air and attacked me.  I ended up killing it and got lots of tech parts including microprocessor chips.  I've never seen it again, and I didn't think to take a screenshot.

It looked like a round alien ship with lights on it, with a large long pillar underneath it, and 4 long tentacles that droop down.  When it flies, the tentacles spread out.

What is this thing?  And does anyone have a screenshot or link to a page about it?  I've been googling for half an hour and can't find any info or a picture of it.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Water has to go downhill?[marked]
« on: January 21, 2017, 09:52:31 PM »
So my colony isn't that far from water.  The space in between my dome created by the assembly hub and the water could probably fit 1.5 domes.  So with the drill, I decided to dig myself a canal to bring the water closer to my colony and make farming a little easier.  The problem is that once you dig a little ways from the lake, the water just kinda stops flowing even though it's a flat canal.  So the further away I was from the lake, the deeper I had to dig so that the water would keep running towards my colony.

It worked, but the canal is very very deep and the water is far down a ravine now.  It doesn't make sense because the water level near my colony is much much lower than the water level of the lake.  I ended up making a long inclined tunnel to get back to the surface after collecting water.  It's still quicker than walking all the way to the lake, but not very much quicker because of how far down it is.

Is this something that just wasn't planned?  Is there a reason why you have to keep digging deeper the further you are from a lake?  Would this be changed?

P.S. love this game and having fun building and exploring!

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Melee combat - targeting
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:20:21 AM »
Hello all!  It's my first post here.  I've been playing for 5 hours and I love the game so far!

I would like to make a suggestion for combat with melee weapons.  Perhaps you could right-click on an enemy to target it and have your character always face that enemy until you right-click elsewhere, or walk away a certain distance.  This would allow you to still move around but not worry about which way you're facing.  It can get confusing when there's lots of enemies and companions in a clump.


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