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This is in Story Mode. And in Normal Game Mode.

(Have had some RL stuff to do, so have been out since the last update V 1.05.)Now it's 1.06, and i'm back, and have tried to play the game.

Now my ISO weapons use 5 energy, My Pistol is just a Six shooter now and the Rifle is now a 16 shot. Really....?

The Pistol had a 30 round energy Clip now it's a 6 shot. with 30 round energy clip.

The Rifle Now gets 16 shots and has a energy clip of 80.

The Rifle clips through the head of my Char, should be lined up as it has a small stock with the shoulder. it sticks up and is running inside the side of her head. You can see the Butt of the Rifle stock sticking out the Back right side of her head. And it's in the air.

FPS in the game is very bad, no matter where you are. ( I have a Beasty System) Designed to run games. FPS is way way down. even in the Single digits most of the time.

When i spawn into the Game i'm stuck into the Floor, it takes several min's of running around to get out of it and you are running in one spot.

The Great Repair Machine in the base is useless to use for ISO repairs. Same as the Enhancement machine. The machine does so little now it's not worth the time or effort to use it. Much less the expense.

The ISO weapons can't be repaired using the same components either that i made them with. And now is very expensive to use. Really... ?

It no longer uses the Pigments but the compound that you make Pigments with. It uses water also to do repairs with for my Laser rifles and pistols and wood. None of the things i have made that are ISO's use water or wood, or earth, They are strictly Metals like Alum. and Gold and the Component parts you need to have to make lasers. It's way Cheaper to just make new ones then to use the machines in the base.

The ISO weapons have no real usability in the game now as they are damaged way to much when using them. Cost to much in Ammo to use and They have no longevity. They get damaged in other words way to easily just in using them. Have to repair them a lot. Same with any flying machines in the game they get damaged way to easily.

I have a 4 core CPU that runs at 3.0 gig, with a EVGA GTX 1070, (This has 8 Gig's of on board Hard Ram on the GPU ) And 8 Gig's of hard ram on the Motherboard. Thats 16 gig total, Plus nearly 8 gig's of virtual ram. I have played this game both in regular mode and OCed. makes no difference. My system is set up for performance and heavy gaming. This is a Desktop not a Laptop.

Will get you a copy of the saved game if you still want it.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Just some Bugs i have Found in Story Mode[marked]
« on: December 13, 2016, 02:51:33 PM »
Ok well as i have now found out i can't really copy what i posted due to Steams Stupidity i will try to remember it all. There is also a few suggestions here and there.

The shuttle you came in on is Just gone completely after a few days. Seems like the game would have just switched to a model of that shuttle that's not on fire or smoking after a few days.

Chen  doesn't go to the colony even though you invited him and he agree's, he just stays at the shuttle area. You can't assign him either to a job it just says he's Busy. Have removed everything even the Gats that he had me place there reloaded the game tried everything to get him to the colony i could think of. At least every one else does except a guy at a shuttle to the far north. he has no dialogue other then a greeting. This is at the Shuttle there. will get his name later and add here.

The Colonist all show up at the Core, Once they are assigned a Job they go to it. If you leave and come back to the colony they are wandering around everywhere, and some times they are all back at the Core. Some will rush to their machines like the Boss just came back from lunch.....Really....

Have mentioned this before. You should Not be penalized for Setting a Machine in the game and having to move it. It should not Damage the machine moving it when Building the Colony. Have set them even though the Outline show's Green, but they didn't connect to the power source. After doing this a no# of times you might as well build a new machine.

Some of them don't have their jobs assigned any more. This seems to happen when you invite more to the colony from other shuttles. ( Some colonist don't have any type of specific job or specialist at all this isn't realistic in a first colony mission ) Every one would be able to specialize in a certain field of expertise, and be able to switch to another job if need. So everyone on board a Colony ship would have something they can contribute to the colony.

The resource machine just doesn't work well. I assign some one to it and the go get a product but then have to constantly be reassign back to the job. this is with the Auto cked marked. Many of the products they can't be assigned to get even if they are the best at getting that product. This cause's way to much Micro management in the game no time to build anything else or do anything else now. need's fixed.

Some of the NPC's that earlier in the game had specific jobs they were adept at now can't do those same jobs in the colony. Seems their Life long career jobs have changed when you get them in the colony.

The Enhancement machine doesn't work like it use to. Barely does anything at all. And the Cost for the very little it does do makes it useless. ( Though would be a good starting point for some of the new ores that are in the game now to use. ) As some of them seem to have no point in Mining them.

The Repair Machine is useless to even use for ISO items. It uses materials that you don't even use to Build the Item, to do the repairs and doesn't even use the parts that you used to build the Item you made. You might as well Junk the Weapon or item and Build a New one. It's way to expensive as well.

You use to have at least about a 24 hour window before attacks started, so you could place turrets and the like to get the base up and running. I place the Core and just barely got the Power installed when they attacked the base. They Spawned right in the basement next to the Power units. These are Desert Puja and Flying creatures, i'm in the Grasslands. You still need a windowed time before attacks start, it takes time to get defenses in place and the machines in. And they shouldn't spawn underground in the base they should have to make their way down there, if they can.

 I spent at least about 2 weeks building my Colony Base ( I enjoy the building in the game ) I had not even invited the colonist yet to the new Colony either. Once the Core, Beds and machines are in Place then i invite the colonist.

( No longer have to look for Poop to Make the Manure I have to clean it everyday from the  base from all over the base. (Which by the way That IS what Manure is, IT is just poop it's not some refined product. Again i grew up on Farms and Ranches Manure is just the Nice way of saying what it is. ) There sure seems to be a lot of it. Why can't you assign workers to do this if it's needed so badly. I could think of a couple of followers that could do this nicely. Would have gotten them out of my way while i build.

The Core is in a protected area as well as the power units ( Which i put in their own rooms due to the sound they make and is very loud and reverberates through the whole darn building). I live off base due to this. This sound needs to be Toned down. It sounds like a cheap generator you bought at a Home Depot or Lowes Home center. Really ? Not a futuristic Power source. Having worked in the field in real life, i know what Real Machinery rooms sound like. They are loud but not outside them. My Power units are in their own separate rooms. They don't sound like a small Generator running either. Brig's and Straton.....

The sound from the Seed Machine is also extremely loud, though sounds really cool ( Needs to be toned down ) It's out side in a shed built for it and is really loud it sounds even inside the main base building.

So far planting is looking good other then the Corn is spaced to close together in comparison to other crops. That could be planted closer together. I grew up on Farms and ranches and in the back country. Maybe you should find some people that have done this in real life to help out with this part.

Also you don't mix up your plantings. Seems the colonist that are specialized in Planting and such don't know what they are doing. And you should have hydroponics's that you could build. The ship they traveled here on would have. ( both for oxygen, Food and to scrub Carbon dioxide and other impurity's from the air ) so that is tech they should have as well. They didn't sleep on the way over from what the Lore is hinting at when you started the game.

A Suggestion On Turrets: Make them so you can Mount them to ceilings and Walls to. Would greatly enhance their usefulness in the game and look nice to. As it is they take up a lot of floor space. Since now i have to have them inside around all my equipment in the game.

The Fusion Plant should have to have a building made for it not be a Building. But a actual piece of real tech of engineering. A power source you could really implement into a Colony.

Still wished you would put Solar in the game. Then you could make a Solar Panel field or implement this into or on the buildings. Or have a portable unit you could set out when in the bush to recharge those battery's.

The Core no longer has the Big LCD screen what happened to it ? though it shouldn't have shown the Ship but Machines in the Base with readouts. These could have been just static pic's on the screen in the art work.

Well i added a few suggestions in here with the Bug's, and the post is quit long sorry about that.
Added in after about 2 more hours of game play.

It's really something to see when a Alien Spaceship spawns inside your building and is between Both floors and the basement area. 0.o I was speechless to say the least.

Though i have to hand it to the colonist they never left those work stations even once. Guess because the Straw Boss was around.

Ok well i know you have some re-balancing to do.

But Please take care of the Replicator you have to make things like Steel. at the rate you can make Steel now it will take me 5 to 6 hours of Real Time NOT Game Time to make what i need to build my Colony as my Buildings are all Modular and made from Steel. It takes around 15,000 in Steel and some glass to make my Base and all it's defenses. I don't use marble and i don't use Wood to build my Colony with.

Many items now take a really really long long time to make now.

You have a Huge Bug with the Repair machines, They won't Repair any of the ISO's at all. Don't Know about the Colony Repair as i don't have enough Steel to make the colony yet. Going to take me about another 4 and a half hours of sitting on my thumbs to make that.

Just a Note and a Wish from and Old gamer and Beta tester:
Wished you all would just make a patch for the PC version of the game and fix the couple of things it needs like the Math problem with meat ( Buying and selling you get cheated a lot ) and putting the high end Laser stuff in so i can buy them. Yep i still play it, though those two things i really need fixed. And a small patch would do that. I like that version because it doesn't require Steam. Can play it on any of my machines. isn't a system hog. And is a lot simpler to play to. Even though it's not Fully complete, it's still a lot of fun to play.

Planet Explorers Bugs / New Bugs In Story Mode[marked]
« on: October 20, 2016, 06:47:02 PM »
Ok my ISO Laser rifle doesn't last as long as it use to and the pistol either, Also they can't be repaired at the Crashed shuttles Repair machine now. I can't repair any ISO at those machines and i'm a long way from building the Colony to check out the repair machines there.

many of my tools like the Picks don't seem to last as long either.

And the Turtle is nearly indestructible, this is shooting it in the soft spots not the shell. It took me and 5 turrets and 1100 rounds of ammo and my Laser Rifle with 308 attack damage over 30 min's to take one down to complete the Get me the turtle shell mission. Had to set up on a mushroom rock to do it to as a couple of swipes from the turtle and your dead and you can't get away either.

Same problem with the male night spider, it took 20 min's to kill one with the same gear.

I'm playing in Story Mode Normal

Beginning players won't have a chance to do this mission especially with the very weak weapons you get at that level of the game. And if they run into any of the male night spider beetle type bugs they are just toast. Also a lot more Birds now though these can be taken down, the woods have way to many.

I'm also getting a lot of CTD's now and general crashes were the game freezes up. You can generally tell when it's going to happen on my system. As the video will just go black, and then come back so i do a hard save at that point. and then after i come back into the game a min or 2 later it will freeze or CTD. I have the latest Video drivers and all the drivers on my system are up to date.

Game was running without a problem till this last major update

I'm on My newer system now as the old one, the MB lost a chip and it bit the dust.

OS: Windows 7 x64 Bit Professional

GPU: Nvidia Geforce 460 GTX

MotherBoard:  ASUS P5E Deluxe

Ram: 8 Gigs of 1600

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Extreme CPU I7 Q6850 @ 3.00GHz ( 4 Core )

Disk Drive : C/: OCZ-Vertex3 ATA Device
Disk Drive : H/: WDC WD750 1SSLS-00j7B0 ATA device (Were Steam and all my games are loaded)

System is not OC'd, running barefoot so to speak

I would like to see the Wide lights, the Long lights, and the Round lights you get from Anjum have a Light that faces up in the game. This makes for great lighting effects with glass floors in buildings, underground areas and for Landing Areas especially. And i'm surprised they haven't been already added into the game. This will give ambient lighting effects to Bases as well

Planet Explorers General Discussion / On the forums [marked]
« on: August 05, 2016, 06:51:10 AM »
How about a Specific section for the New Beta on the Forums to report problems and the like and the general feed back. As when you come here you see a lot of old postings and that can make searching a pain to.

I play the Standalone a lot as well as the Steam version. Will it also get some of the bug fix's it needs so badly ?

Like the Trade bug ( were you lose meat when you trade ) like trading the NPC's marble and then it just takes your meat. (Figured the amount the NPC's have is limited to around 3000 or so. In the Steam version i have trade up to 30,000. though after you get most things in the game meat becomes mostly useless except to make fat out of it, Still dealing with the high end equipment you can't hardly get it.

Maybe the new larger interface ( so you can actually see how much of something you have ) ( Though i figure that was something the Steam version got due to the game being rewrote )
The Diamond Script and Tools

Fixing the interface box's so you can actually put something in them once instead of like 20 times. ( When you move a weapon or item into the bar at the bottom you have to keep trying to put it in the slot as it doesn't stay the first time ) or in most of the machines like the repair machine or battery slots on the solar panel charger system. The icons just don't lock in place like they should. You should just be able to drag and drop them in place.

Ok or is this now Moot, I understand if not bringing it up to Beta standards, though patching it would be nice for some of the worst bugs if it's possible. I like that version even if the build mode is a bit out dated. And getting diamond in the game is a real pain
The Storage Box

Just a general patching to fix a few of the bugs maybe ?

Good job by the way And both Thumbs up to all you DEV's for all the hard work, Can't wait till it's done downloading so i play it.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / About the ISO Site [marked]
« on: July 06, 2016, 06:23:30 PM »
Ok the Iso site is up, the downloads though send you to a place called adfly, which says this account is suspended. Have tried several different items to download. says the same thing.

A couple of weeks ago i tried to download a ISO and it showed it downloading but it didn't send anything. So today i tried again.

So is the account for the ISO downloads gone now?

Ok this is repeatable. And to New People there are ( spoilers ) in this Topic Don't read if you don't want to know.

And i listed a few Bugs, well i guess you would call them bugs or things that need a bit of refinement.

When i mine anywhere near a water source, once i get to the water level, anything i mine further down is flooded. This makes many of the Mineral resources were they can't be mined. I tried to mine the Gold by the bury the dead mission. This is quite a ways from the Ocean, though you can see it if you walk a few hundred feet towards it and look down from the bluff area. And is not in the Marsh area. I started up on the Cliffs and inland from there and when i got to the water level it was flooded, Being that most of that ore is now deep under water, the Silver Ore, that is there i didn't even bother to try for.

Caves on the other hand are dry, at least so far

Have had this also in the Silver ore by one of the shuttles. ( Can't even mine this Ore.  I Mined above the water level as soon as i go below the water level it is flooded. Now as i mine inland above the water level it's dry. As soon as i go below the water level its flooded. Still testing this out. When i get close to the bear nest underground it is dry. though a very long way from the ore that is underground by the water and the Land bridge.

Also the Cold can be a problem with your char. If you get wet to long the char gets cold ( leading to sickness ),  you can't get out of the wet in this game, It rains in buildings and in the bottom of mines, and now your mining maybe flooded.

Plus i have a armored Steel suit on, my char isn't naked to the elements. She was getting cold in a Dry Coal mine. The Armour looks like and armored space suit with those boots, and that helmet. I don't wear the helmet. maybe you need to give the Armour some protection from the elements in the game to offset some of this.

This needs refined a bit i think on your caring system. I built a fire, Though the Fire did remove the cold. The char can't carry around fire everywhere. And i can't seem to pick torches up once they are placed either. At least in the grasslands on the ground. The menu doesn't come up to pick it back up.

And the grasslands fever, you Dev's really have a sense of humor, Gave my char a fat butt and legs, she is normally a slim girl ( i use the default settings only changing the hair and face.) Though still trying to figure out how she gets the grasslands fever when she is in the woods or rain forest or desert. Looks like the Doc would have cooked up something to combat that or a cure for it. ( So the one question men avoid at all costs, does this suit make my butt look fat.......ummmm..... err.... weeelllllll....... yes i can answer that one now. It does )

Now i do make aqueducts in the game if i want a water source near a base for farming, the water physic's work well enough before the new update to allow this as i have done it and have Pic's on Steam of the system. Though i line my tunnels with steel, and it takes a bit of waiting for it to flood the tunnels, it seems to work by the wave action. Now if they only could make the Doors water tight hehehe. And any metal you use in building that would probably fix the raining in the buildings.

Will try to get some pic's later.

Would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this same problem with the mining near or around water.


Ok after digging a few test shafts, the problem seems to be at 50 to 60 blocks and the water stops. Have tunneled way down below the river/inlet at the bears area and still water floods the tunnel.

Will try the Petroleum area over by the first shuttle area, though i believe it may flood to, it is close to the Ocean.

These pic;s show a few of the bore holes i made, and the results. can get more of some of the other things i tried if you need them.

Here's a link for the Pic's:


Ok is this the way the water is now suppose to do ?

This is Story Line ( Normal Mode )

And a reply would have been nice.

Planet Explorers Bugs / LCD application Error (Bsod's)[marked]
« on: July 02, 2016, 11:00:22 PM »
Ok had started the game, fresh after install. Wiped all my old saves as i know you can't use the old saves with a new build. Did the get the herbal juice remedy for Gerdy and the water. Went to get some fat for a torch mission. Had bought the new spear (well i guess it's a spear though you swing it instead of throwing it.) went after some stags killed a couple or 3 of them. Then i got a LCD Application error, I clicked the ok and then my system Blue Screened and it rebooted my system. ( I have never had a Bsod from a game before ) so this was new to me. Now when i try to start the Game it just Reboots my System. Game is unplayable at the moment on my Gaming system. ( Oops sorry i did get a Bsod from a Game but that was back in 98 on Microsoft's 98 OS. )

This is a PC, NOT a laptop. It is designed strictly for Gaming and is custom built. Though a few years old.

Sorry no Pic's of the incident notification.

System Spec's:

OS: Windows 7 x64 Professional

CPU: AMD athlon fx 6000+ Black Box edition
GPU: Nvidia 460 GTX

MB: M2N Sli Motherboard

RAM: 8 gigs of ram

HDD: WD Black edition 750 Gig ( RPM is 7200 )

I also run a game Booster, and shut everything down not needed for gaming. ( it is necessary to run a booster with the Steam version of the game ) Don't need it with the PC version 0.85. The new version is using 95% to 100% of my resources, the system is using between 1 and 3% of resources. Both threads are set to on and auto for the CPU. I'm running barefoot. in other words the system is not over clocked. Nor is it running hot.


Ok after it rebooted my system 3 times i was able to get back in the game. Went for the Doc. Almost made it to the camp and run into our favorite rabbits, killed one with the wooden sword, then the other one. Game froze, Then unfroze after about 15 seconds, then Bsod again. At this point it's unplayable. Steam also does a few seconds in update after i come back every time as well so don't know if it's Steam related or not. It took me several Hours to download the update from Steam which is a very long time. Have tried 3 times to play the game. so it is repeatable problem. Have a hard save of the game.

My time here is 6:59 PM

Going to try and play the PC version, instead of the Steam version of the game till i get a response.

I am playing in Story Mode

Drop Box Link:

I also verified my game cashe with steam it was OK 100%

 steam post, i was editing my new post and steam just error-ed out.

Thank You, Have the logs and the hard save on the Forums. In the Bug Forum

Being as the drive in question was hardly even used and the Win 7 is a fresh install about 3 weeks ago, I doubt it and i have already run diagnostics's on the drive before i loaded win 7 on it. This drive runs much smother and quieter then my other drives, and a lot cooler, plus i have drive coolers on it, My system is built like a Server. so i can hot swap a drive if i need to. I also run a diagnostics's software on it, it will tell me if there's a problem to.

The game has been know to Bsod systems in the past. and it's in Alpha. Though anything is possible. Have had new drives, when i was servicing systems and building Custom gaming systems years ago that would come in DOA or work a week. Why i always buy full warranty or not at all. It is worth it in the long run as i build my systems to last at least 5 years, most last 6 to 8

I managed to get on the game and play for a while it just did a white out and froze. Though will try your Solution. If anything it might be my GPU, it's like me getting a bit long in the tooth hehehe. Though with this large a update who knows. Can't wait to get my new system up and running , Then this one will go in my Server slot. For old games and Team Speak and Discord .

Rule of thumb for Bug Sqashers. You find a bug, You say wait that's and easy decompile fix it recompile 9,999,997  more bugs show up. Just the way it is. Welcome to game World.

And i already Verified my cashes and files on Steam, They are 100%. Though every time i start the Game now Steam try's to update, and it did a update during my download as well. So it maybe a Steam problem as well.

I cked and it is already set by default to CPU, Now why wouldn't it be set to GPU and i run with no window as well. That how i normally play. Though i didn't mess with the settings for CL. I always leave it at it's default unless it becomes a problem, then i look at those settings. Will set it windowed and Open CL and see what happens.

And i play Warframe have for a long time, It runs beautifully as well as Crisis and many other games.

If it keeps up and we don't find a solution then i will re-download it. As before the download i had no problem running the game just general bugs, of which you all have fixed many of them with this update.

So are they going to be updating the Stand Alone or PC version of the Game anytime soon ?

As a Couple of the Bugs in it really need addressed like ( Even a patch for this version to fix these items would have been nice. ) yes i know you have to re-download the whole game. Though a standalone patch would be the way to go for these fix's.

The Code bug ( When you enter in the game code it doesn't retain it, so if you restart the game you have to reenter the game code and get it activated again. nearly any time i restart that version of the game. This has happened some times just Quiting the game and doing a fresh restart and restarting your system and then the Game. You can't just copy and paste it in. so is a real pain for me.

The Money bug or Meat bug, when you trade ( This was fixed in later versions of the game ) Still in the 0.85 version.

And getting the new interfaces in so you can read how much of and item you actually have as they are so tiny they blend in, have to use a magnifying glass to try to read them

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Survey Stake or Scan using the scanner
« on: June 29, 2016, 05:37:55 AM »
Ok i posted about this in the General Discussions area of the Forums. Thought this was a better place for it. Though i worded it a bit different.

The problem is you don't have a good way to tell in the game if you are to close to the Martian base or any other area that you can't build. Their are some areas that are , well just beautiful and do take a lot of work to make it a base area. I know i built one with all the assets and was really nice, had the fields all laid out, Buildings in place even tested the viability of a underground aqueduct water system which by the way worked very well. though they do need some doors in the game that you can lay flat or a way to lay the ones in the game flat. There are many uses for that type of door system. Though thats not what this is about.

The problem lays in that you don't know where you can build, with out first building and placing down a Core. You can't just place one down and see as it is Damaged when you pick it up. Which by the way makes no sense in the game to be penalized for moving a piece of equipment.

The real way for this type of work in the game would be to have a Script for your Scanner, Giving it much more of a very much needed tool in the game then just scanning for Minerals. It would be much easier to implement into the game then say a Survey stake as that requires a model, textures and some coding for it by itself. ( you need to move the scanning word over to the blank side of the scanner, as in the game you cannot hardly see it at all when it is scanning. )

 Using this technique would make it possible for our would be Explorer and or Hero in the game to scan and area to build and not have to place down the Core and then pick it back up. To just see if you are to close to The Martians or the Pujans to build a Base Camp. Being the Code is already in the game it would be simpler to just point it towards a Scanner App then make a whole model and introduce to the game. This would also need to used only for the Colonist base not small bases the player may have. Though it seems like the Martians need to have their area shrunk down a little. ( on the map they aren't even in the Rain Forrest just at the edge of it.  Have watch a lot of Videos from players of the game that have run across this same problem in the game.

I will tell you the Dev's there is nothing as disappointing as Spending days of RL time in Clearing a area, leveling it off and building that Dream base with all the assets and everything you can in the game then placing the Core only to find... hey what do you mean I'm to close to the Martians or the Pujans camp. What i have to move ?  So a Scanner app is needed or a Survey Stake or some sort of tool to tell the player hey you can't build here. Please take the time to at least think about it as i know you people are really busy and this would just add one more thing to deal with.

]My Hats off to you Dev's

OK now i have found a conundrum and I'm really a bit disappointed. After spending a week of clearing, fixing the land and building, tunneling to make a aqueduct and underground pool and lining the tunnels with Steel. Building me a really nice base. Putting in the assets, getting the farming area ready, putting up lighting and the like. I decide to put down the Core of which is centered in the building in the basement i made just for it.  Colony was all ready to be used by the colonist even had the furniture and all in place ( I know they don't use it, though would be nice if they had the idle animations in the game for the furniture's use ) other then just you,( i would have to tell Rol to get out of my chair a lot though )

Ok now to the problem, having built bases in many different areas of the game. ( Though never making it to the point of getting to build the monorail ) though i had done all those Missions. But finding other bugs or having to restart the game over and such ( which is fine by the way, I understand it's in Alpha but i was getting very close this time hehehe )

It tells me The Martians Wouldn't like me Building so close to their base, what....... I'm no where near their base, as a matter of fact it's going to take me a lot of hard work to just put in that Monorail due to all the foliage that has to be removed and the hills and dales between us.  And it's not quite a straight line either will have to make a curve or 2 somewhere along the way. I'm at the fork in the rivers, a beautiful spot though was a pain to develop, being as their isn't a nearly almost flat spot anywhere on this planet. Loved all those tree's with the glowing Orange red tips on the leaves at night, and it was very quite No white noise of the wind except down by the water. ( Though would need to invest in a few pooper shovels and a wheel barrow or 2, as the critters here tend to leave it everywhere and on top of the base )and would be nice to assign Rol to that detail hehehe. You could actually hear the rain fall by the way not drowned out in a maelstrom of noise. ( though it does rain inside my Buildings do hope they fix the collision for that in the game )

Here's a suggestion for you Dev's make a Surveyors Stake you have to put down that will tell you if you are to close to their stinking base. Before you Build one foot of your base. Nothing big just a small electronic device that your base can cover up and not be seen. Or you can take with you maybe something the scanner could also do. That is only a script and some code no model or anything. You would scan the area you want to build and it would tell you it is clear or hey your to close to the Martians stinking base.

Make it a requisite for the colony only.

Small personal bases should be allowed as you should not have to worry about other humans only the Puja and Pujan on this planet, and of course certain animals and the like. There are no minerals here, or really any else of value, except maybe wood, lots of that around.

Now i have to remove every thing and all the assets, lights, furniture, buildings, and materials and find another location. I searched these god forsaken woods for days of real time trying to find just the right location. That was far enough yet wouldn't interfere with any mission site's and was quite,( when you go inside of a building the outside noise should be muffled or non at all. ) And i really like the music of the area. Plus it will just leave a great big hole in the ground here. Or i can just start over with a old save i guess, if i still have one.

I am closer to the Wilkes landing ( Of which i thought was more earth shuttle ) though across the river and a nice Long jaunt by foot to it as well. Wanted to build a bridge over to the other side. And I wanted a close water source.( Not the Coast ) As well as a quite Site area very hard to find on these maps. Even underground you can hear the wind and rain and storms and it rains there to in the underground. Well said my piece Just wanted you to know that this is very darned disappointing in the game to have come so far only to have to do it all again. Really as well thought out and planned as this game is and very well polished in many aspects of it i would have thought you all would have this down to. Don't get me wrong i love playing this game.Just this is really disappointing.


Ok i made a suggestion over in the suggestion area, with and explanation of why it's needed and ways it could also be implemented very easily in the game. Though thats up to them. This would make it a lot easier to see if the area is clear to build on for the colony base. Though i am surprised something like this is not already implemented in the game. Though there is a lot more to this game and thousands and thousands of lines of code and such. though all categorized in the game. It will just take a little bit of time to do, making it easier for the player to.

Just had a quick question on Doors, Is there a way to lay them or install them Horizontal or flat to the ground or a surface. Have seen a wood one in a video once that was laided flat on top of a cabin, but I haven't figured out how to lay one flat.

Now it sounds like a Engineers hand book hehehe

I made me a Aqueduct:

Well wanted water at my base so i wouldn't have to travel as far. Had a river near by so i tunneled my way to it and line the tunnels with steel and put in the longest set of stairs i have ever built in the game.  I now have water and a large swimming pool under my base, Love the water physic's in the game.

My hats off to you Dev's.

Now all i need is a pump, You Dev's wouldn't happen to have one of those just laying around would you.

I may have to throw some sand out and around it for a swimming beach if i make the room any bigger. Rol has a blast as every time I'm down there she's playing in the water hehehe. No life guard but thats ok i found out you can't drown her. I also have a underwater entrance now fully lighted tunnel, You can swim to the river or back though i do recommend the scuba mask, it is a bit of a swim.Well going to put a door on the underwater part of the tunnel as i don't need any of Marias underwater denizens visiting me when i take a dunk. And i did find out that Doors in the game are Not water tight. But the base is ok as it's well above the water line. Was more worried about the sensitive electronics in the core in my basement. But it's way above the water line to. And maintenance can't tell me why the roof leaks when it rains. It is solid steel, though it also rains in the bottom of the mines hehehe. Yes Water water everywhere. Well now to see if any of the Colonist want to join me here in this little secluded spot in the forest.

Wished i could Stream a Video i would do the grand tour On Modular Bases and Aqueducts and such ( hey is that another hand book )

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