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Hello. I would like you to get back features to the game that was possible before updates. I talking about the building mode (key B). And also, please add something new (2th point on my comment).

1) PLEASE, return the opportunity to building by vector in any direction (pull the line in to direction/vector I need), and name it "point-to-point" for example. In older versions I can do this, now i CAN'T. The absence of these features greatly limits the possibility of building, and must be returned. For this reason, I have to play in 0.75 version (screenshots maded from it), and I really very disappointed by what happened with "Building" mode at actual versions :-[ All I can now, is to build a wall oriented by the sides of blocks, or build the wall by hand one by one block for the very long time, or construct a square, cube or rectangle. I attached screenshot for you, to understand what I mean.

2) Add the feature to rotate the blocks along the longitudinal axis (screenshot attached). This is a very enrich construction mode, and will allow to do buildings not as boxy as it is now. I know it's possible, because I saw mod for version 0.871 where the units can be rotated (specifically here is the link:


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