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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Mining Robot
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:21:08 AM »
Rather than a mining robot, can we just improve the processor skills of the colonists?  As far as I can tell, colonist resource skills only work in solo adventure mode, and only when commanded as a follower to "go to work."

It would be really nice if the colonists who have these resource skills (logging, herbalist, mining, hunter, and explorer) actually have a skill level boost on the processing speed of requests that ask for those particular items in the processor.  As far as I can tell (from swapping out colonists with skills and colonists without skills) there is no discernible difference between having them and not having them.
If processor speed is enhanced to the level of minutes per thousand instead of hours per thousand, then the need for mining robots would be almost unnecessary, not to mention does not actually diminish any of the available surface resources.

Since there are 5 skill slots, you could train your process specialists to be highly skilled in all 5 areas, thus speeding up every possible process request.

This would be similar to the speed boost given by workers with the replicator, strengthen, repair, and recycle skills.

As a side note, the processor is currently allowing all colonists to be assigned to Process0, regardless of other duties, and you can move up to 4 out of 5 processor specialists to Process1, Process2, and Process3.  One process specialist is always glitched into Process0 and cannot be moved to a different process.  However this does give you 2 slots with fairly good process times... ~20 colonists on process0 and 4 colonists on process1.

It would also be very nice if followers in every game mode were able to present you with the same resource package that is brought to you in solo adventure mode when you tell them to "go to work."  This would be extremely helpful during the time before a colony and colony processor is built, and makes finding followers with these skills very useful to travel with in the early game.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Heat Packs instead of Torches
« on: March 16, 2018, 11:51:18 PM »
I know this is an old topic, but it hasn't been addressed and I think it's important.

Most people who have played for any length of time will agree that it is as annoying as snot that your storage, replicator, and processor are taken over by the production of torches due to the food recipes that use torches.  Equipment storage is used up since torches still don't stack in storage (thankfully they do now stack, sort of, in the replicator) and they are considered equipment rather than resource, so it limits the equipment you can actually store.  Replicator queues are filled up because storage is full and there is no place to put the new torches (thankfully two slots have been reserved for player use only).  Processor requests for fat (for instance trying to make beacons) are immediately stolen before you can grab it, why? to make more torches, of course.

Players have asked repeatedly to replace all food recipes that use torches to use heat packs instead.  This is a small and easy thing to do.  Torches can still be used as equipment, if you want to place a torch, or swing a torch as a weapon.  Do not use equipment as part of a food recipe!!!  It bogs down every process.

Thanks in advance.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Re: Communication Array Building Problem
« on: March 16, 2018, 11:31:12 PM »
Are you building the comm tower and then placing the parts?  You cannot place the material blocks until it asks for it, which is kind of counter to the way you normally build things.  I usually build the structure and then place the equipment, but for this quest you have to place the equipment and then build the structure.  If you save the structure as an ISO, delete it, and then import it back into place as an ISO, I think that it will count the blocks as completed, and you won't have to lose your work or add another 80 blocks that you don't want.  Let me know if this helps.

The hostile panbats have a pretty long range, and they do see you when you talk to Dawa.  I think they need to be NOT hostile and activate only when the conversation ends.  I wouldn't want to nerf the panbats, just don't make them active until after the dialog, or make the character immune to damage until the conversation ends.  I was fortunate that I had good clothing and good health when I did the dialog.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Wheels Rotateing
« on: March 07, 2018, 01:17:02 AM »
If you put the turning wheels on the back instead of the front, then I think you have to replace all of the wheels entirely, as (if I remember right) you have to designate a steering/non-steering tire before you place it.  However you can still place both tires at the same time using the mirror exactly down the middle of the vehicle.  I would place the new tires just offset from the old ones before deleting the original tires, so that you can easily position them in the same place.  I also am sure you can rotate them before you place them, if not after, since some of them have "hubcaps" that you want facing the right direction.  (Or maybe you just have to place it on the other side of the mirror -- it's been a while since I've used it.)

I know that a lot of people like to have steering wheels on both front and back for tighter turns, but for me this is just crazy fishtailing and spin-outs.  I would rather have front wheel steering only.  Very few vehicles handle well with the augmented turns.

If you do want all four tires to be steering tires, then I think you can place all four at the same time with a double mirror (x and z) but do not select to mirror through the axis. If you do then you just get the one in the opposite corner.  (I haven't done this in a while, so I'm just saying this from what I remember... sorry if I got it wrong.)

[[EDIT: sorry, I should add... the reason you can't turn them is that if they are not perfectly aligned then you will have crazy cantering from misaligned tires.  They are set up to always be pointed in the right direction, and only turn if you are turning the vehicle.  This is to make design of usable vehicles more streamlined for the casual creator.  Being able to micromanage the exact alignment of wheels is something that most people would never need or want to do.  Giving this ability will likely screw things up for most people if they don't get it exactly 180 degrees rotated.]]  That being said, it might be useful to be able to cant the tires top to bottom and add extra tilted tires for better traction on uneven terrain (hillsides, going crossways along a steep slope -- like traveling along a steep coastline).  It might help, it might not.

If you are new to building vehicles, it is very useful to double each of the tires (overlap them partially or completely) for better traction, make the chassis wider than it is tall for stability, and possibly add extra wheels in the center to keep from bottoming out on uneven terrain (similar to the BRDM).  For taking rough terrain, you want the tires to hit the terrain before the nose of the vehicle (you can "hide" 2 small wheels in the nose, non-turning, to lift the front if you run into a steep hillside -- you can make them look like a bumper).  The more wheels contact the ground, the less likely you will get stuck.  Also, incorporating jet exhaust into your design will allow you to scale small cliffs (as long as you can get to the top during the boost duration).

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: uhh...
« on: March 05, 2018, 05:56:27 AM »
The work that I see being done in the update logs is (mostly) streamlining and debugging current processes... not introducing brand new technology.  I fully expect to see new things in PE2, and many unused ideas here will likely find their way there.  That's JUST MY OPINION though.  It's entirely possible that things like Mechs and Player Turrets (another popular idea) will be developed for PE, or possibly developed for PE2 with backwards compatibility for PE.

The devs do take notice of good ideas.  Where and how the ideas are developed is entirely up to them.  We can only hope for the best as far as new content for PE goes.  Technically, the storyline has ended for PE, and there are no mechs in the story... so, I don't have a lot of hope for seeing them introduced in adventure mode or in the creation tool.  What I do expect is MP scenario/quest creation and editing, and better handling of adventure quests in MP mode, to make them as seamless as story mode.  Quests like "fight the layerback" shouldn't be seen next to the start towns, for example.  Also, I see no reason why people starting on MP survival (not coop) shouldn't each be able to do the entire adventure quest line for starting a colony, since that's the mode where everyone gets to start their own colony!  The adventure quest line is conspicuously and inexplicably absent.  For people who want to just jump in and do their own thing, maybe the leader of the start town can give you the option of saying "no" to starting the adventure quest line, and just skip it.  I think the adventure quests are fun and they give you a lot of good resources for starting your colony.  It should be an option in MP Survival Adventure mode (same as Solo Survival Adventure mode). Either way you are doing it on your own, so why not have it?  Even if a friend (established) is helping you, I see no reason why you couldn't still go through the adventure.  Also, in solo mode there are alien aircraft encounters (and quest triggers)... why not have those in MP mode also?

I also expect the colony implosion bug to be fixed (if it hasn't been already) so that you don't run the risk of a random PC accidentally destroying your colony because they "talked to" one of your colonists (quest flagged).  For VS mode I'm sure that would be a game breaker... or perhaps they have eliminated colonist quests altogether in VS mode to keep that from happening.

I would also like to see MP developed with actual faction diplomacy... it is there, and even has it's own screen in the help interface, but it is entirely undeveloped.  Why not have the village elder appear that you can talk to and make peace/trade with in each of the towns instead of just annihilate every faction.  I think it would be a good incentive if the only level 4 towns were faction controlled, and you have to have diplomacy with them to access the tech.

I would also like to see the "land bridges" that you see in Planet Maria be added to random world generation.  I have seen a few generated by accident, I think, but it would be nice if it were a variable you could set in the world generator.

These are all things that are already part of the game that need further development, and I think need to be addressed before the game is "finished, polished and delivered."

Artistically, the white filter gives everything a softer, pastel watercolor kind of look. But I agree the clarity of removing the whiteness makes details easier to see.  For older people like me with failing vision, it is easier on the eyes when that is removed.  I'm not sure how it will affect the mood for everyone else though.  I know that there is a certain "mood" or "feel" that they were going for, and so I don't know if this violates their artistic view or enhances it.

If this change were made, I think it would affect my enjoyment of the game in a positive way, but it is not critical for my enjoyment of the game. It would be like adding a lighting enhancement mod to Skyrim (which I did do).  I love the game either way, but I love it more with the lighting enhancement.

Maybe this could be some kind of toggled effect in the game options.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Birthday Dating Bonus
« on: March 04, 2018, 07:47:06 PM »
I think it would be cool if you remember to make a date with someone (ask them for a date) the day before their birthday, that all bonuses/morale would be doubled on their birthday play date, including gift options (which should be quadrupled, since it takes 2x morale to make +1 relationship, so a 2x birthday bonus would be 4x morale bonus for a gift).  Currently gifting on a date gives you less bonus than gifting normally, because it doesn't account for this, so I think that should be fixed even without a birthday double.

If so: making a play date with someone for their birthday would have the potential to fill an entire heart.

While this might not be that useful for someone you are diligently working up (you probably won't see their next birthday before they are maxed anyway), it would be beneficial for maintaining and upgrading everyone else who is on your friend list.

It is well thought out and well presented.  Some I don't agree with but still valid to present.  Some I agree with and hope they implement.  Some I am indifferent about.  It is lengthy, which is why I haven't taken time to respond sooner.  You might do better to list each suggestion separately in the future so that people can comment on the ones that they are moved to comment on, either pro or con.  It helps your forum standing to make a different thread for each topic also, and much more likely to get responses when you narrow your focus, both from the devs and from the readers.  Every suggestion should have its own thread, for purposes of discussion and development... it's just easier to keep track of items that way.  Related things can be grouped together, but different items should be kept separate.  That's my opinion, but I think it's a good one.

Section One:
1) I keep my phone handy to check the time for that same reason.  An in-game clock (very small display) might be handy.
2) Agree.  It would be nice to be able to automatically upgrade the special weapons when you level up your base metal type... like 2 bars of iron + sword of malice + upgrade kit = iron sword of malice.
3) Absulutely agree about kicking trees.
4) I'm indifferent about this, until there comes a point where Carol's offerings are no longer good enough (higher level).
5) Agree. There is not enough room to keep both old and new equipment (in general).  You need to be able to replace the equipment, not just build more.  Eventually the furnaces that I have kept will be replaced with better ones... they are still useful for now, but should not be required once better ones are available.  Same applies to all other equipment.

Section Two:
1) Original and proprietary music is not cheap.  I do like the idea though, especially for #2
2) Boombox:  I haven't checked lately to see if the placement bug has been fixed, but yes... the description says it can play music, and it would be nice if that were true.  That's why I built it instead of the loudspeaker.  It would be more convenient just to build the loudspeaker and clear out all of the bats... which I will do the next time around.
3) I asked about the small room, and was told that they have plans for upgrading that area with specific workshop-related things (pick one for a specific bonus).  it is not intended for use other than that. It is in development.
4) I haven't been to that area yet, but if there isn't one or two then I absolutely agree.
5) Indifferent:  even if this is earth, in a post-apocalyptic world a potato fruit could look like anything... I see that as an artistic interpretation.
6) Haven't met them yet.  Haven't really looked at cooking recipes, but I think some decent things can be made from meat now.  I reserve judgement as the usefulnesss depends on individual play style.  10g is also not a bad drop, if I'm reading that right.  It depends on how hard they are to kill, I suppose... maybe should be worth more or have another uncommon item drop.  Maybe crab meat instead of meat, for a better recipe.
7) Haven't met them yet.  Yes, any clothing items, especially cute/handsome ones, are worthwhile.  They should be a rare drop though... especially if it has good stats as a drop item instead of as a treasure item.
8 ) There is a fishing pier at the port, so not entirely useless... also a deedee stop, so easy to get to.  Yes, a bait and tackle shop that will buy fish and maybe sell a fish recipe, bait, and equipment upgrades would be really nice.
9) Indifferent:  there is a birthday calendar that is easily accessible and requires no "in-game" time to reference, so it is just a matter of training yourself to check your calendar each day when you get up.
10) I have also made suggestions about being able to place objects on/in other objects: desktops, tabletops.  I didn't think of the bookshelves specifically, but I hope if they consider this that it would be included in that category.  I think because of the nature of a bookshelf, it would be easier to just artistically have books already in them.  You could only place one small object "on top" per floor square that it occupies, even if it were allowed.  That seems to be the nature of item placement.

Section Three
1) Absolutely disagree:  Data disk usage is expanding with every update.  Yes they used to pile up, but there are many new upgrades and items that they can be used on now.  I think the drop rate is fine the way it is.  I have no problem using them up (until I reach the end of the current expansion).
2) Agree, and already suggested.  Farming does work a little differently than I expected, so the initial cost will be recovered in time, even with the high price of fertilizer.  The market has been fixed so that there are opportunities for purchase at a lower rate, and if you stockpile when the price is low, you can save a lot.  I don't bother trying to make it myself, because as you say, it is simply too time-consuming to be profitable (unless you happen to already have the ingredients in stock, from other activities).  What you save on gols from making your own fertilizer, you lose from a more profitable use of your time.  It simply doesn't pay to make it yourself.
3) I didn't realize you can make them now.  I skip the satchel quests, but if you can make them they would be very useful for birthday gifts and gifts on the Day of Bright Sun where appropriate.  That is nearly an entire heart from one gift.  Drop rate of the colorful fur would be useful.  I think Delicate fur is more common on certain creatures, so you just have to hunt the right things.
4) The game is constantly expanding.  I'm sure there will be uses for everything, and a few things that are already needed that are not implemented yet.  [[EDIT: Have you started making wired flooring yet?  I believe that takes hardwood boards, and a lot of them to wire your entire shop.  (Note: each furnace generator has a range of 5 squares, and can only do 2 equipment at a time, so you have to plan your layout around that.)  There also may be new furniture items that could be made for sale using hardwood and ironwood.  There are a lot of things in the new expansion that I haven't even looked at yet.  Ironwood items will likely be used in high level commissions (eventually).  For now, I set the Tree Farm to low level (quantity over quality) for making the Dining Tables and keeping the furnaces stoked.]]

Section Four
I agree with all of these.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: uhh...
« on: March 02, 2018, 10:55:41 PM »
I believe so:  there was a fairly recent update that Luminaire posted.  I think it has been scaled back a lot because of the work being done on the other games, but there are still a few who are updating this one, at least with minor tweaks and bug fixes.  Ideas are always valuable, and I am sure that suggestions are still being read and noted for possible use, either in PE or in PE2.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Suggestion: Dismounting Ladders
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:57:40 AM »
I'm pretty sure that's the way it already works.  Maybe it's different for different game modes?

FYI, the "E" key will dismount anything you are on, at any time, so be careful if you are flying... always wear a parachute, glider or jetpack in the air.  Sometimes if you are quick, you can "E" again when you are falling to get back on the vehicle.  Ladders allow you to slide down without actually climbing, if you are close enough to the ladder... or you can "E" to climb on and then "E" again to slide down.  That is a lot faster than climbing down, and safe from injury if you don't have a jet-pack for vertical descent.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Game Client Error
« on: March 01, 2018, 10:45:38 PM »
When I tab to windows I get similar behavior.  Are you actually back at the desktop or is it a blank screen with a box in the corner? I presume there is no icon in the launch window that shows active that you can click on to get back to the game...

If you are not at the desktop, try hitting the windows button and then click the game icon in the launch window to get back to the game.  See if it is still black or if the game reloads successfully.

Moved issue to bug tracker.  Problem is with corrupted auto save for everyone on that particular server (Official Survival_Ad2_Skill).  No character progress is saved.  Server needs to be reset or specifically fix the auto save function.

[EDIT: this seems to be fixed with the server reset.]

I'll see if I can connect when I get home today.  I haven't been on PE for a month or two.  Try messaging Luminaire on the forum if the devs are too busy.  She might have useful info and is really helpful.  If there is a problem with the server, I'm sure they will get it back up as soon as possible.

Do you get any error messages or do you time out trying to connect to the lobby?

EDIT: so, I just checked and everything seems to be up and running.  I got onto the Ad2_Survival_Skills server and wandered around for a bit.  Are you still having problems?  I think that the server reset will be soon.  This one is probably close to the end of the run.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: About WOW Industries
« on: February 28, 2018, 02:58:58 AM »
The first time I played through it, it was much more manageable.  When they nerfed the healing objects (turned them into stamina instead), it became much more hazardous.  I recommended putting more healing drops back into the dungeon, for exactly this reason... if you aren't prepared, you really are doomed.  You can make a stack of tasteless stew if you happened to bring meat with you, but otherwise you get one refit and hope for the best.  Also the boss is harder than I remember it being the first time, so I really did use up all of the healing that I had, even when I was prepared.

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