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Planet Explorers Released!

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Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Doors[marked]
« on: December 01, 2016, 08:53:21 PM »
fixed scaling with the new patch!


Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Better access to skill tree[marked]
« on: December 01, 2016, 08:52:14 PM »
LoL, I thought they added that in response to my post.  I was so happy.  In any case, I didn't even think to look there because I was so familiar with story mode, and the command list doesn't have that option in story mode.  I could have sworn I looked for it before posting though.

Skill tree does work very well, once you figure it out.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: What I would have liked to have seen
« on: November 21, 2016, 04:22:13 PM »
I agree with your first comment.  However, if you have done enough mining (and you need to mine the dirt and stone as well as the more valuable resources) you can level the terrain yourself by building a terrace (flatten up, rather than flatten down).  I would like this part to be free though.

I would like to be able to say, "build a colony terrace centered on me" and it builds a circular terrace the size of a level 3 colony perimeter, with elevation of 2 voxels on the shortest side (and of course plop you back down on top).  It takes an absolutely HUGE amount of dirt and stone to make one yourself, using voxels, and there is no circle tool.   Honestly, if they made placing Dirt and Stone voxels FREE (no resource cost to change terrain), I wouldn't mind doing it myself.  It's just such a large area to have to terraform.  That's why I go with tower platforms.

The shield, BTW, only prevents spawning in the perimeter, not creatures walking/flying in.  If you take a few minutes to observe the flight path of birds, you can probably avoid them too, for the most part, by picking a spot out of the migration path of the flying creatures.

I think Player-placed voxels are sturdier than normal terrain, and player-placed stone voxels may be impervious to mortars.  Don't quote me on that.

Ramps you can build in build mode, to get up to the platform (see attachment).
Towers and turrets you can build also.

As far as colonists... if you can't train them, you are probably in story mode and they already have a quest line that they are involved in.  They have to finish before they can be used for anything.  Also, they may become involved in a new quest and be pulled off duty.  That's just story mode.

You cannot equip VIP colonists in Story Mode... they each have their own costume and you can't change it, or give them weapons, but if you noticed: they automatically revive so it's fine if they get knocked down before you get there to help.  You can train and equip as many follower types as you can find.

Your turrets should be doing most of the work if you are under attack.  Build more turrets.

You are responsible for picking the gear for your followers.  I wouldn't want them changing what I tell them or give them to use.

Followers don't need followers.  The VIP colonists auto-revive, so they don't need it.  You are responsible for reviving your followers.  That's fine with me.  If you give them good armor, weapons, and training (and let them carry healing elixirs along with food) you shouldn't need to revive them very often.

Training is tricky.  The only thing I would add is a way to easily remove or "unlearn" a skill if you wanted to change their skill set.  That would make training much much easier.  You have a limited amount of colonists for much of the time (I have just grown beyond the first 16 for adventure mode), so if you have, for instance, 5 people with Worker skills (inherent) and you only want 4, you can easily train the 5th one to be a Doctor instead.

I have yet to find anyone with explorer or medical skills in adventure mode, other than first aid, but the rest of my colonists are awesome (elite or master level in most areas).

They have recently changed the training UI.  It is much easier to use now, except for the need that I mentioned above.

All in all, I really like the way things are shaping up.

If you didn't kill the aliens, then when you get to the right spot they will attack you again (they are good at hiding).  Tarik is about due west of there.

Planet Explorers Bugs / [Adventure] Skin Care Quest[marked]
« on: November 20, 2016, 06:31:05 PM »
Skin Care Quest asks for 30 Marble instead of Sunflower.

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: [Adventure] [1.0.3] Skills Tree
« on: November 20, 2016, 03:55:12 PM »
I find that it is better to unlock equipment levels, building material levels, colony levels, replication levels, etc., before perking character stats (HP, damage, etc).  Also, wait until you need something before you spend your points, so that you don't feel hampered.  Doing it this way, I am getting close to max on everything now, and I'm not anywhere close to discovering the whole map.

As far as I know, you can't turn it off (or on) once you start.  I hope that the advice helps your progress.  Also, keep in mind that updates might wipe out your game anyway, so that would be a good time to restart if you want to do things differently.  I really like the skill tree, and I wouldn't want to play without it.  Your character is much more powerful in the long run using the skill tree.  You can't perk up your stats if you play it with skills off, so the trade-off of extra time is worth it to me.  I have around 950 attack and 800 defense now (solo level 10 dungeons) using standard gear (energy blade & shield, SC4 armor), and can build and replicate anything (max) but it took time to get there.

I think that may be the point, too... you get more from a long-term game if you have to work for each step, instead of just being given everything.  That's just my opinion.

Since the change to Repairing, the material list gets pretty long for some items.  I can't see the last few at the bottom, and even though there is a scroll bar, the scroll bar doesn't scroll either using left mouse click and drag or using the mouse wheel.  I have to send it to recycling and start from scratch.

This is in Adventure mode, but I suspect if the change was made in other modes, they might be having problems too.

This is mainly with repairing vehicles (long material lists).

Also, if you are clicking on "Parts" in the replicator, it will not show up there, (maybe because it is a quest script).  In any case, I usually find it at the bottom of the "ALL" list.

There needs to be a map marker for this quest.  There are half a dozen alien villages (according to the diplomacy tab) on my large map.  I have yet to find one of them, and there is no indication that the first one I find is the right one to attack.

The distance can also be affected by the map size that you choose.  I like to play on the large map, because I like to explore, but I also had to trek quite a distance on the first map that I played.  The second large map that I loaded, (the first one was deleted in an update) the two starting colonies were barely a stone's throw away, and was an advanced settlement, too (better choice of scripts).  If you don't get a good start you can always load another map.  Save your characters in the character gen so you don't have to redo them from scratch.

I also play with the skill tree on.  It makes the game flow a little differently, because you have to build yourself up before you can complete certain quests (like learning how to replicate before you can build the colony).

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Additional Scan scripts[marked]
« on: November 06, 2016, 06:26:31 PM »
After playing adventure mode for a bit, I came to realize that almost all resources are rare in adventure mode, not just the mineral deposits.

About 95% of the terrain is simply dirt, even at depths that you would think would be rock/limestone/granite(marble).  Because these "common" resources are actually pretty rare in Adventure Mode (especially Limestone) it would be nice if there were a scanner script to locate large deposits of them as well. 

Marble is pretty visible and common on the surface, but Limestone (for me) is more difficult to see and seems to be much more rare when mining out a mountainside for building material.  It also happens to be my favorite building material.

I would also like to see underground lakes and exposed ores in some of the caves.  They are pretty barren, and I kind of thought they would be more interesting.  Wildlife that is only found in the deep caves would also be nice (not just the Andhera).  Also buried ruins (where language scripts might be found) would be cool to find in caverns.  I was actually kind of expecting something like that, and was disappointed to see such a featureless terrain.  I do like that they can be used to access a lot of mining areas easily, and could be a nice conduit for a monorail/mining rail line, but other than that they are pretty blah.  Also please figure out a way to add more rock and less dirt.  Exposed Limestone deposits in caves would be great.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Gardens
« on: November 06, 2016, 05:43:45 PM »

I would like to be able to make "garden" areas or "planters" where you could grow native (and earth) plants for decorative value, which could only be "harvested" by the player and wouldn't die if you just leave it as a decoration (assuming it needed to be cultivated).  Trees and native plants should be a renewable/plant-able resource in any dirt patch (not farm) but I would be happy with planters.   I would want to keep the planters small, regardless of the size of the plant, so that you can make nice clusters of plants.  If you make the planter place-able just below the surface of terrain, then you could create very interesting natural-looking landscapes as well as terraced gardens for your colonies.  Since you can place a variety of terrain, this would provide a much more interesting variety of landscape designs than having just object decorations.  I know that rendering plants is not free for the processor, so if there needs to be a limit to the number of planters in the colony, that's fine.  You can use free camera mode to see underground, if you need to pick up or re-position them.

Eventually, I would also like to see water sources/fountains made available for gardens, but I know that water is extremely hazardous right now as a terrain feature. (You cannot remove water by filling it in, once it is breached -- I found that out trying to mine at a beach.)  Your fountain could become a new lake, if you're not careful.  LoL.

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Doors
« on: November 06, 2016, 05:03:49 PM »
My favorite (visually) is the hatch, but it also does not quite fit into it's 1x3x4 opening.  The scaling is off by a little bit.  If it were the full 3x wide, it would also be easier to pass through (since it only opens about 3/4 of the way).  The Large Doors seem to be scaled correctly, for all of the ones I have seen.



That said, the build area is on the small side. If you don't leave enough room for the McTalk, you ... have to re-plan your colony

I had to go back into build mode to figure out where to place it.  It required a 3D solution (vertical).  It really did pose a problem, even for a compact colony.  Since you learn about the dimensions very late in the game, after most of your colony is already built, squeezing it in really took some head-scratching.  For a first run-through, it is not a pleasant surprise.  Maybe there should be a "fourth" expansion, only available after you get the Fusion Reactor (which you get at the same time as the McTalk quest), which expands the area large enough to easily fit the Pad.

EDIT:  I added a picture of my McTalk Pad.  It's 2.5 stories off the ground, but still fit alright with my vertical build.  Yes, it's a lot of Iron.  I strip mined the meteor site for all of the dirt, granite, limestone, and iron.  There is also a lot of limestone at the aluminum hills.  (buildings 8k limestone, structure 10k iron).  This is the back of the main building, so it's not the nice side, but it's the best view of the dwellings on the middle level.  Everything is saved in ISOs, so I just import prefab when I collect enough resources, whatever game mode I'm in.

I know this thread is kind of old, and things change with regularity.  I have gotten lots and lots of earth seeds on bandit drops.  I have not seen an advanced town in all of my travels, but recently I have only done a medium sized map.  I may restart on a large map if there is a chance of better vendors farther out.  Also, I saw a lot of empty town plots in my exploration of the large map that I played.  Did I just explore too quickly?  (Adventure mode).

Currently, the colonists will make a profusion of torches and heat packs, once you have processor and replicator, so the cost of them should not even be an issue in food production since they are basically free.  The only issue is collecting the seeds, which I think has been fixed by exploring the bandit dungeons.  Also, if you are just concerned about food in general, Fried Lotus is completely self-sustaining.  You don't even need a farm if you have the script -- you just need processor and replicator, and the colony will produce what they need.  The rest of food production is simply a culinary preference... do you want to RP having nice food?  Be a master chef?  You know, I think it would be cool to have that as another colonist station... Cafeteria/Cook/Commissary... with more proficiency in producing food items and making condiments/sugar, etc available as a skill set.  It's just a thought, for expanding the colony.  It's not just about survival, it's about quality of life for the colony.

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