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Planet Explorers Released!

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My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Can't gift or spar with npcs
« on: Today at 06:28:14 AM »
This is the first case from the feedbacks. Could you attach your save here for testing? It's under Documents.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Mining, disconnected geometry
« on: Today at 06:13:35 AM »
Okay, this issue has already listed in the checking file. We'll see what casued this.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Aadit
« on: Today at 05:50:44 AM »
That's certainly a typo. We'll fix that soon.

The fishing instruction can be a letter from Qiwa as thanks for making a rod for him, or can be a personal lesson that he teaches you so that people can figure out fishing in the game.
This is totally an excellent idea! We'd take it into consideration later.

1.  We'll list this in the suggestion list and take it into consideration in further development.

2.  Water is used as one way to limite the land exploring, so characters can't do that currently. Yet if we have other ideas of how to arrange the game play, we'd remove the limit right away.

3.  Stones won't go back, but you can find more in the historical relic. Trees and grasses will go back weekly.

4.  Yeah, we'll discuss this in later development.

5.  Festivals are enjoyful, we'd consider to add more if possible.

6.  Yes, stories are important. We'd add more in game.

7.  We are adding more characters in the game, hope you'll like them.

8.  We're so glad that you like some aspect of our game. We'll keep moving on to make it better.

9.  Ornaments is an issue to be discussed, while body size is not likely to be possible, because it influences the animation on the protagonist. It'd be a big project for our team if we do that, which is limited by our budget.

10.  We're planing to do animal riding in the next several updates, hope you'll like it.

11.  Voice actings would be added before final. At the current state, the story line and scripts are not settled yet.

12.  We'll have a tweak on collecting controll soon.

13.  Our audio engineer is working hard on this now. :D

14.  That's a cool idea. We'd discuss it for sure.

Yeah, it's somewhat the same issue, since both games are based on Unity.

You need to open the UDP port 9900-9915 to run the server. Try to open them and restart.

So this is one of the bugs we'd dealt with. The character's falling down under the ground would be forced to get out, but in the film, we can see that you have some little holes under ground, that's why the character goes in these holes, and then forced to coming out when these holes are too small for her. It's not game breaking.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: Thoughts on integrating farming
« on: July 19, 2017, 06:04:24 AM »
All of these are interesting ideas, we'll take them into consideration in later development.

Check your internet first and see if you opened VPN, or if theUbuntu is based on virtual machine?                                                                                                                                                                                                     

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Falling through the floor in ruins
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:36:11 AM »
This is a known bug on our fixing list. We'll fix it asap.

This has been fixed for next build.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: Shell instead of Salt?
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:22:17 AM »
The pic and name of the alpha is not complete yet. It'll be soon when next build is out.

My Time At Portia Bugs / Re: a couple of minor bugs
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:18:56 AM »
All these bugs have been fixed or are under fixing. It'll be alright soon.

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: Clothing that fits your playstyle
« on: July 17, 2017, 09:54:40 AM »
Cool idea. We'll keep it in the suggestion list and see if we would add it later.

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