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Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Hover bike
« on: July 16, 2014, 09:25:37 AM »
they could always go the quick, cheap and dirty route and just include an option to "hide" wheels so they are invisible but otherwise function as normal... then just make a motorcycle normally and hide the wheels and it will look like it's hovering... lol

seems like what he wants is just vehicle lights to stay on after he exits the vehicle and AI turrets that will fire when he's not in the vehicle, so he can use it as a mobile light source and defence platform while gathering... we used to be able to put the AI turrets on vehicles in the ISO creator, I still have a few ISOs with them but I don't think they work if you aren't in the vehicle driver seat

Certainly the neck badge is indicating rank, and that should be removed.

it's an organization insignia badge not a rank tab... it's one of the stock decals in the game which is used in tons of PE material... if it was a rank tab I'd feel sorry for her since there are crates in the game with that symbol on them meaning she has the same rank as a storage container... lol

personally I say pull the shot back and show off her body in a nice skintight futuristic jumpsuit, maybe have it zippered down some to show just a little cleavage... sex always sells :D

of course you could still throw say the planet with the ship going down into the background to make it more relevant to the game

yeah a desktop is pretty much the only way to go for gaming... you can get some pretty nice gaming laptops but they are always a few steps behind in terms of power and heat management while being a lot more expensive

if you still want some portability you can go with a small Micro-ATX formfactor set-up... you still need a monitor and AC outlet tho so you can't use it on the go like a laptop but as long as there is a monitor or TV where you are going it just plugs in and is ready for gaming... my buddy has one that's small enough to be easily carried in one hand but still a gaming powerhouse with 2 gtx780s and an overclocked i7-4790K.

ahh hail those who build there own PCs , its an aweosome choice! fun and waay cheaper then buying those **** rigs from future shop, best part? you acutally get the OS disc when you build it yourself, so you can wipe it agian without worry, I hate that All my friends with pre-builds don't have an os disc to clean up their slow running pcs!

depends who you buy it from... my roommate, who is lazy, bought her's from CyberPower and when I checked it wasn't that much more than if I had bought the parts and done it... most of the difference was in the extra 5 year warranty she bought (which is odd to me as I've never had a gaming PC last near that long before so many parts were replaced it was technically a completely different PC)... they also included not only all the OS discs and manuals but also all the adapters, wires. other extra pieces, manuals and even the slip paper inserts and stickers that came with every component she chose 

we had a first person view, they took it out of the latest build for some reason but said it will be put back in later

a new one would require redoing a lot of missions, NPC pathing, making sure there are proper ore locations where they are needed and whatnot... being that Story mode is done on a static piece of land redoing it wouldn't really change anything past one new playthrough and only that for those of use who played pre-release... it would be exactly the same for new players as it is for us now... it's why we have adventure mode which makes a new map every time for when you want something different

I equip the pitcher, stand in some water then jam a pen in my mouse button to keep it down and take a nap

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Currency other than meat
« on: July 01, 2014, 09:54:39 AM »
its a bit odd that they carry 'usuable' bullets....

well, to be fair, every firearm in the game fires exactly the same size rounds so there isn't really any reason for them all not to be usable... it's just a matter of game mechanics winning over realism so even aliens drop usable rounds to replenish some of the stock you used to kill them... they could make them different and force you to break them down and re-craft them but that wouldn't really add anything to the gameplay... maybe they could add a little text somewhere saying the storage/crafting machine you carry automatically reworks the rounds to the right size or something (since it can make things in an instant from raw material) just for the lore... I mean it already can apparently teleport rounds from it's pocket dimension storage straight into the firearm so you never have to reload, so why not

Planet Explorers ISOs / Re: Coast Guard
« on: July 01, 2014, 07:45:49 AM »
very nicely done...

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: Animal feces
« on: June 29, 2014, 03:18:51 AM »
find a big animal and follow it around with a shovel and garbage bag?

you can't dissemble the static "story" objects like landing pods or the tents and stuff the NPCs set up, also you can't disassemble buildings made of placed blocks and collect them... tho you can break said blocks to remove the building and steal a lot of the furniture (everything except the actual colony pieces and the turrets I think)... I've almost stripped the Martian colony a few times then sold the stuff back to them for free meat

breaking down buildings made of blocks and collecting said blocks back would be a nice feature but I don't think they are going to let us harvest the static pieces NPCs set up at the camps or the landing pods since they are kind of set-pieces for the fast travel points and where the NPCs hang out... remove them and the point is no longer an outpost just an empty field with people standing in it... tho stealing one of those solar chargers to take with me in the field would be nice


What else? Environment-damaging explosives, perhaps?

we kind of already have that with grenades as they do damage terrain, I've used them to make tunnels before by just throwing them repeatedly at one spot... but they are to small yield and kind of expensive material wise to be very useful for anything of decent size ... we would just need them to take that and make it, well, bigger ... maybe add some craft-able higher yield explosives like C-4 or dynamite equivalents with either remote or timed detonators... maybe make it so you need to place them so they aren't OP compared to grenades... they would also be useful in both SP and MP since you could use them to set traps or blow holes in the walls of bases/buildings and such ... throw in some simple craft-able trip-wires and pressure plates to and it would add some fun options

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Vehicles/Map suggestions
« on: June 28, 2014, 08:55:33 AM »
Specialised vehicles would be pretty cool.

I was thinking a mineral scanner module that would fit to a vehicle and constantly update in real time, a map window the size of the small quest list window. The module would have a high power consumption and be a higher tier item. It might be too laggy though to continuously scan the terrain.

that would be nice... maybe instead of working like the scanner you just picked a material and it would tell you when it found some within a set range from you... then you could get out of the vehicle and use the scanner to pinpoint the deposit... then it wouldn't be taking the scanners job but would be much nicer than having to stop constantly over and over to scan

Planet Explorers General Discussion / Re: Fancier mining tools
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:11:44 PM »
I wouldn't mind maybe a chainsaw to replace the axe and a jackhammer to replace the pickaxe

maybe some timed/remote detonated explosives for mining (which could also be used on base walls or as boobytraps)... grenades already work on terrain but are small so some larger explosives should be easy to add... just to balance make it so they have to be placed instead of thrown

Planet Explorers Suggestions / Re: Scaling UI with screen resolution
« on: June 21, 2014, 08:14:16 PM »
Now that I can play at a full 5760x1080 again (thank you patch 0.81!) I really really really would like to see the UI scale with the resolution!  What is this a UI made for ants?!  It needs to be at least ...three times that size!

that's only actually playing at 1920x1080 just with 3 monitors, so not actually increasing detail just widening POV ...   unless your monitors are really really tiny or your sitting on the other side the room there shouldn't be a problem...
I know man, the UI is very small at 1920x1080, same size at 5760x1080 because thankfully the UI sticks to the center screen.  its very small, like a learning center for ants.

the UI is "average" size at 1920x1080 (comparing it to other games), I play at work on a piddly 18 inch monitor at that resolution and can see it fine... if you honestly have problems reading it to the point you need it 3 times bigger you should get glasses because you are wasting money running that triple monitor setup when you can't even see well enough to make it worth it...
I guess a lot of us need glasses (which I already have, thanks) because there's been several posts over a long period of time about how some sections of the UI are difficult to navigate due to its shrunken form as the resolution goes above 720p.  The devs have also acknowledged they've brought in a person dedicated to the UI on account of its lackings.  its not so much the text or the bottom action bar as the inventory and buildings menus, particularly the material icons.

Kudos on playing this game at work on an 18" monitor, sounds fun.

I meant no insult to you just that if you have decent eyesight the text isn't that small and shouldn't be hard to read... it's about average as far as games go... also since you have a 3 monitor display I'm assuming you put in a good deal of money to have it so have 3 decent size nice monitors

I know for a fact my eyesight is damn near perfect (when adjusted since I get it checked to be 20/20 at least twice a year) because it's kind of required for my job ( MOS 0317 then doing the same in the private sector) so I'm using it as a baseline... again tho I'm assuming your vision is around the same and that with a 3 monitor set-up your monitors are decent size and that you are sitting at a normal distance from them (as in the chair in front of a PC)

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