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Planet Explorers Released!

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The last version of the translation include all story dialogs until the "Bury the dead" mission (1.1a):!DIZh1AyS!fu7NNNosX5hpN6BM4ms4fsh2Wfo9WvCh0bHtJRpWyTg

General Discussion / Problem with the forum (posting links)
« on: November 17, 2017, 05:46:37 PM »
I can't post here the new version of the Planet Explorers italian translation that i've loaded on Could you resolve the problem?

The forum don't allow me to post the link of the translated files... i re-try here!XIRlHLiL!qX1cpzyPXtI8K5t1hA4KwQ6HViKvDoOQH8h6YL7BsxY

In this new version of the translation i translated all the tutorial and the dynamic NPC dialogs. Unfortunately i lost all the saved games...for this i must re-begin the storymode prior to do more translations of it. In the next days i will translate all adventure mode dialogs.

In questa nuova versione della traduzione ho tradotto tutto il tutorial e tutti i dialoghi dinamici degli NPC. Sfortunatamente ho perso tutti i salvataggi...quindi devo inziare daccapo la campagna prima di andare avanti con le traduzioni di questa. Nei prossimi giorni tradurr

Sorry for the missing link! Here the link for translation compatible with 1.1 version:!fYpH2RDY!eQxbnYRp9Rgdqbi03ZYeNA5gIPFcxDKh0Ek9z-3E_3E

In the last days i can't translate this game because i must work hard (and play No Man's Sky :D ) but now i re-begin the translation project! :) Someone play now with PE?

Games / No Man's Sky
« on: August 09, 2017, 03:22:11 PM »
I simply love this game (200+ hours in steam) and I'm doing some cinematics on it!  In these days a new update will be released. Maybe is not how many expected... but is procedural generation is magnificent.

Look this video! :)

Translation compatible with version 1.0.9 now online. Sorry for the delay, i was busy in the last months (traduzione compatibile con la versione 1.0.9 ora disponibile. mi scuso per il ritarto, ma ho avuto molti impegni negli ultimi mesi)


*campaign dialogs translated until The Alfonzo Hooke meeting (Dialoghi della campagna tradotti fino all'incontro con Alfonzo Hooke)
*the translation is now compatible with 1.0.9 version of the game (traduzione resa compatibile con las versione 1.0.9 del gioco)
*fixed numerous errors and missings in previous dialogs of the campaign (corretti numerosi errore e mancanze nei dialoghi della campagna)

EDIT: This file is compatible also with 1.1.0 version of the game (Questo file e' compatibile anche con l

One HUGE problem of this game is that multiplayer server are desert. This for 2 reasons:

-the game isn't very famous

-there isn't a multiplayer community: servers haven't a spawn point where new players can interact and have a guide (similar to minecraft servers), also servers are very often "deserts of grass" because trees can't be replanted (very bad and boring landscapes). With the editor isn't impossible to do this simple thing! :)

this is my proposal: create a community-centered server! With a spawn hub where new players can understand what they can do. This server must be a creative-survival (all can kill anyone with infinite resources) in my mind for 2 reasons:

1)infinite resources allow players to express creativity
2)individual colonies can be used as anti-griefing tool
3)arenas for car racing and combats can be done and linked to the spawn with monorail and roads.

What is your opinion? if devs don't want to set up a similar server i will do it! :)

yes. all official servers (ping over 300 and lag spikes, expecially near players constructions)

Planet Explorers Bugs / Lag in multiplayer official server[marked]
« on: April 30, 2017, 03:09:02 PM »
i have 300+ ping and the game is very laggy when i 'm near buildings. I live in Italy and have an 20 Mb ADSL internet connection (all other games works fine). The cause of this is the netcode not well optimized or my slow connection?

Translation compatible with 1.0.8 version now online (traduzione compatibile con la versione 1.0.8 ora disponibile)!

DOWNLOAD ITALIAN TRANSLATION (version 1.0.8 - traduzione italiana di PE)

New version of the translation for 1.0.7 now online! Here's The Changelog (Nuova versione della traduzione 1.0.7 ora online! Ecco i cambiamenti):

-translated the NPC abilities in the training station (tradotte le abilità degli NPC del centro di addestramento)
-translated the RPS player's abilities (tradotte le abilità RPG del giocatore)
-translated all abnormal player's status (tradotti tutti gli status anomali del giocatore)
-fixed some previous translations with errors/missing (corretti alcuni errori /aggiunte alcune traduzioni mancanti)
-more story mode dialogs translated, until my last italian gameplay (tradotti altri dialoghi della modalità storia, fino al mio ultimo gameplay in italiano)

DOWNLOAD ITALIAN TRANSLATION (version 1.0.7b - traduzione italiana di PE)

Translation compatible with 1.0.7 version of PE now online! I have some offline problem in this period... because of this i do minimal progress with the translations in the last months.

Translation compatibile con la versione 1.0.7 di PE appena rilasciata! Ho avuto qualche problema offline in questo periodo... quindi ho fatto solo progressi minimi nella traduzione negli ultimi mesi.

DOWNLOAD ITALIAN TRANSLATION (version 1.0.7 - traduzione italiana di PE)

The battle music is not always reproduced when player, allies and turrets are attacked/attacking enemies... this, in my opinion, ruin partially the atmosphere around battles.

At 7.09 minute of the video below there is an example.

Planet Explorers Bugs / Sound problems: Chen music is annoying[marked]
« on: January 21, 2017, 10:14:42 PM »
In 1.0.6 version of the game is less annoying than before... but will be better if there is an option to turn off it definetely in my opinion (or to give at the player the music player the first time he meet him).

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