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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

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My Time At Portia Suggestions / Real Estate and Businesses
« on: January 13, 2019, 01:47:01 PM »
If there was one thing I liked about Grand Theft Auto series which I have frequently played, it is that you can buy businesses and plot (latter at least in GTA Vice City series, not aware of any other games in this series where you can buy an empty lot).

I suggest adding real estate aspect to this game. It would be nice to have an empty lot somewhere to set up a factory away from your home. Honestly, a factory would be, to use a common urban planning term, NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). You learn that from playing SimCity. :P Of course, placing a factory on an empty lot should be strictly optional as you would be still free to place one at your own lot. I also suggest adding a warehouse as a type of building for storing goods in for use in a factory.

If the devs is concerned about gameplay balance, I'd suggest setting a restriction where you can only have a factory on ONE lot, no more than that. But somehow I doubt this would be problematic.

Also, this is probably straying too far from the whole point of this game but I noticed there were a few missing businesses that perhaps the player could fill in. For example, a hotel would be nice to have but it would have to be designed in a way so that it doesn't require excessive micro-management. Perhaps have the operations automated (you could hire NPCs to manage it) but you can determine the interior decorations. It could have several options influencing the base structure and operations by allowing you to decide that it be a hotel, an inn, or a bed-and-breakfast. Each option could have a different upkeep cost. The hotel may be built or it may be a pre-built structure you buy although I still recommend options to customize its looks both internally and externally to allow you to personalize it.

Another possibility is buying and owning a boatyard. You could use this as a water-based workshop to construct things like boats.

I mentioned NPCs managing your businesses (probably similar to helpers you can apparently recruit at your workshop but not yet familiar with how that worked as I haven't gotten to that point yet). I noticed there were passengers from the outside area. I suggest using this way to hire NPCs from outside the Portia (perhaps by placing an ad somehow). As for the housing, you probably could build a few apartments on the lot. But to make this even more interesting, there would be only a few lots (maybe 10 or less) so land is pretty precious so you have to be careful about how you allocate lots to specific types (business or housing). In a way, this is reminiscent of an old popular game called Constructor except you aren't playing a shady gentleman (or lady). ;P

Now the businesses and property management would probably be only viable IF the time is a bit more slower in the game. Apart from that, I still strongly recommend allowing us to purchase a vacant lot to put a factory on a vacant lot and an addition of warehouse as a type of building to use with it.

Maybe add a bit to the factory system so we can get the re-industrialization going in what is apparently a post-apocalyptic world. ;)

My Time At Portia Suggestions / Re: My suggestions
« on: January 12, 2019, 05:23:43 PM »
Maybe we could raise butterflies to farm caterpillars for bait with different kinds of caterpillars more likely to attract rare fish.

Pardon me for replying to an old thread here but I wanted to correct a misconception for which I think everyone need to be aware of. The caterpillars in question also gives you cocoons. While butterfly caterpillars does produces cocoons, they are not durable and thus useless as a piece of fabric for purposes such as using it on a fishing rod in this game. The cocoons typically used in the silk production are in fact from a type of moth. Of course, it is very much possible that this is different in this world than our world here. However, there is a reason to consider different species for caterpillar as I will describe below.

That being said, I also wanted to add a suggestion here in that if game devs is willing to add types to the caterpillar so we have one for butterfly and one for silk moth (maybe to distinguish them by reusing the green caterpillar icon and then adding a different color for the second type), we could use butterfly caterpillars to raise the butterflies who then can pollinate the crops nearby, improving its quality.

Butterflies do not carry as much pollen loads as the bees does, however. But then if we add bees for both honey and pollination, then butterflies could be a cheaper way to pollinate crops although less effective. So here you have an interesting choice to make, an opportunity cost if you will. Butterflies would be ideal in the beginning but then you could switch to the bees in late game although you have to be prepared to shell out lots of money for it. Bees could require a higher maintenance cost than butterflies in this case. So you could have a trade-off here.

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